January 14, 2006
Blackjack Parsons

Monday Night Raw
November 10, 1997
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

-The arena is dark, and a new video starts the show on the Titan Tron. The Tron flashes, "Degeneration X", and shots follow of Shawn Michaels, and the crowd boos. "Ravishing" Rick Rude comes out to the ring. Rude announces that Shawn Michaels beat Bret Hart for the WWF last night. The crowd chants "Bullshit", and I'm pretty sure the WWF even turned up the volume on the chants. From the broadcast booth, Jim Ross tells the fans that the match was indeed controversial, and Bret Hart has left the WWF.

-Shawn comes out and lays it on thick, will various chants begin of "Faggot" and "We Want Bret". Shawn says he beat Bret for the title in his home country, with his own finishing hold, and "Ran his ass down south with the rest of the dinosaurs." As for the guys who aren't dinosaurs and are his friends, Shawn promises they're going to kick Bret's ass. Shawn goes on about having the "will" to be champion, and doesn't need to beat up a 52-year old man, in reference to Hart punching Vince McMahon after the match.

-Cue Ken Shamrock, who accepts Shawn's open challenge. Shawn was so busy putting himself over, he never got to the open challenge. Oops! Shamrock knocks each member of DX, including calling Chyna a "Female.... male.... or whatever the hell you are", which gets a pop from the crowd.

-Commissioner Slaughter comes to the ring and says Shawn will face Shamrock at a later date, but will face Triple H tonight, and all DX members are banned from ringside. Just to make sure, he promises to sit ringside so there is no interference.

-After all that, they go to break, and hype the Survivor Series replay, asking "What made Bret snap?" However, the showed footage of Bret destroying TV equipment after the show was over.

Match #1: Marc Mero -vs- Ahmed Johnson
As fat boxing oddity, Butterbean, watches from ringside, the match begins, and it's nothing but punches as Mero takes on the man who's entire body is pretty much covered by padding at this point. Ahmed sets Mero up for the Pearl River Plunge, but Mero delivers a low blow, and the ref calls for the DQ. After the bout, Mero tries to get Ahmed up for the TKO but drops him. Ahmed was sucking worthless, it's amazing. He helped NOBODY! Mero tries to get him up again, and drops him. He finally says screw it, and leaves the ring.
Winner: Ahmed Johnson via DQ.

Match #2: Taka Michinoku -vs- Devon Storm in a LHW Tournament Match
This may have been the worst tournament of all-time. Decent match, but the crowd doesn't know Storm, and could care less. Brian Christopher tries to interfere, but Taka dropkicks him off the apron. He then nails Storm with the Michinoku Driver, then dives to the outside, onto Christopher after the match.
Winner: Taka Michinoku

-They announce Taka will face Aguila next week, with the finals being held at the December IYH PPV.

-Goldust comes to the ring for an interview wearing a smoking jacket, pajamas, and FU painted on his face. He calls his father a "fatass", and says he left Marlena because he found someone else. They show clips from last night, and Goldust walking out on Team USA. He says he left because the doctors never cleared him to wrestle, due to his broken arm. Vader comes out and asks Goldust why he walked out on the team. Goldust can come up with a good answer, and catches a good hit and a powerbomb from the big man.

Match #3: The Truth Commission -vs- The Headbangers
Headbangers pick up the win in this terrible match. Kurrgan The Interrogator comes in, which prompts the three members of DOA in attendance to come in and a brawl ensues. Ugh.
Winners: The Headbangers

-Jim Ross announces that something is going on in the back. It's Blackjack Windham! He's down and has been attacked by somebody. In reality, it wasn't Windham, as he's one of the people who boycotted the show.

-Clips are shown of Steve Austin regaining the IC title from Owen Hart. Austin comes out, and doesn't mention Owen Hart at all, but just mentions the fact that he took 2 months off, and was able to win the title at the snap of his fingers. Rocky Maivia comes out to challenge Austin to a future match. Austin challenges Maivia to get a decent haircut. Har har...

-Jim Ross interviews Steve Blackman. The interview is quickly cut short as Jose Castillo & Jose Estrada, Jr. attack him. Blackman holds his own against the "other" members of Los Boriquas before several referees break it up.

Match #4: Blackjack Bradshaw -vs- Jesse James & Billy Gunn in a Bunkhouse Match
Fun match, but too short. Bradshaw gets the better of the two, including breaking the time keeper's table over Gunn. Bradshaw places a chair in the ring, and appears to setup for a suplex to Gunn. Gunn reverses it, and nails Bradshaw with a DDT on the chair for the win.
Winners: "Road Dogg" Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn

-Part 2 of the 3-part sit-down interview with Jeff Jarrett is shown, and it's word association. Jarrett is careful to not step on anyone's toes, with the exception of calling Triple H a "tag-a-long".

-Michael Cole interviews Butterbean. Marc Mero interrupts. Mero wants Butterbean to quick looking at Sable, and then says he can beat him in 4 rounds or less. Boy, this was a terrible setup.

Match #5: The Undertaker -vs- Kama Mustafa
This one is underway for about 2 minutes before Taker sends Kama to the floor, then.... the lights go out. Red lights kick on in a sea of red, and Paul Bearer is standing on stage. Undertaker *knows* that there is still some good in Kane, and will not fight him. Bearer says anything that happens from here on out, will be The Undertaker's fault, as Kane signals for the pyro to go off on the ring corners.
Winner: No-contest, apparently.

Match #6: Triple H -vs- Ken Shamrock
Just as promised, Commissioner Slaughter sends Michaels, Chyna, & Rude to the back. The WWF is Hart-less for the time being, and Shamrock was thrust into the spotlight big-time to fill the void. The match would've been good had it happened with a little house show build-up. It started off pretty slow, with both guys not looking comfortable in the ring together. They didn't blow anything, but just didn't mesh well. DX re-enters the ringside area. Slaughter is too busy trying to keep Rude & Chyna out of the ring to notice Shawn slide in the other side. He uses a steel briefcase to knock Shamrock senseless. The referee counts 1....2....show is off the air. Booooo!! I think it's safe to assume that Triple H won, as Shamrock was knocked silly with the case.
Winner: Triple H

Terrible show to follow up the PPV with. However, the WWF was obviously missing several big names that night, and did as best as they could, given the circumstances.

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