March 24, 2006
John Johnson

WWE Smackdown!
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz

For the past few weeks, there was a mini-tournament of sorts to determine the new #1 contender for John Cena’s WWE Heavyweight Title. John "Bradshaw" Layfield advanced by beating Rey Mysterio while Kurt Angle made it to the dance by beating Eddie Guerrero. Tonight, the mini-tourney continues as Booker T takes on the Big Show, with the winner meeting JBL & Angle in a triple threat match next week in England for the #1 contendership. Speaking of the WWE Champion, John Cena will face US Champion Orlando Jordan in a non-title champion vs. champion match. Will lightning strike twice as OJ looks to make it 2-0 or will the Dr. of Thuganomics finally redeem himself?

Opening video package airs as we’re emanating this week from the mother ship of professional wrestling, Madison Square Garden. From Jimmy Snuka’s leap off the steel cage to the 1st Wrestlemania, what historic event will take place tonight?

Match 1
Booker T vs. Big Show (winner advances to finals)

Before the match kicks off, JBL (bringing the original WWE title with, feeling either confident or cocky) joins Cole & Tazz for color commentary before being joined also by Kurt Angle. This whole bout is mainly concentrated on JBL’s & Angle’s commentary, who do nothing but badmouth each other, rather than the match itself. During the closing moments of the match, JBL & Angle beat the hell out of Show & T, resulting in the match being ruled a double disqualification.
Double DQ (No winner)

Because both men got eliminated, JBL & Angle assumed that next week will be a one-on-one match between each other, but guess again, guys. SD! General Manager Theodore Long comes to announce that due to outside interference, next week’s mini-tourney finals will not be a triple threat match. Instead, it will be a Fatal 4-way match featuring JBL, Angle, Booker T, and Big Show. But that’s not all. As punishment for sticking their nose in the wrong place, JBL & Angle must team up to take on T & Show later on tonight.

Commercial Break

We’re back with Carlito, who’s in the ring for another edition of Carlito’s Cabana. Carlito’s guest this week is Eddie Guerrero. CCC reviews footage of last week’s Cabana when Guerrero’s tag team partner, Rey Mysterio, was the guest where he got jumped by the tag team called MNM (are they named after the rapper or the candy?) But Eddie failed to appear to make the save. When asked where he was at, Eddie stated he had car trouble. Guerrero then asks his partner to come to the Cabana to patch things up. MNM then shows up on the Titantron to issue a challenge to the WWE Tag Team Titles, which the champs quickly accepted before having their low-rider vandalized by this brash, cocky team. How can John Cena get arrested for vandalism while MNM get off the hook?

Commercial Break

Steve Romero interviews the returning Matt Morgan, who seems to be having a lot of difficulty pronouncing some words. Morgan basically says that the world will remember his name. Yeah, they remember his name all right, when his name, along with 20 other names, was on the unemployed list Backstage in the locker room, Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan takes charge & reminds the Bashams about what will happen if they don’t get the job done, much to the chagrin to Danny Basham, who’s obviously sick of being JBL’s whipping boy.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Matt Morgan vs. a jobber

The poor jobber’s looking so scared; it looks as if he pissed on himself. Morgan destroys him with a vertical suplex/Book End combo (I refuse to acknowledge that move as the Rock Bottom) for the win.
Winner by pinfall: Matt Morgan

This match was so quick; we didn’t even get the jobber’s name. Oh well. ˝ star

Next we see JBL & Kurt Angle arguing with each other about their upcoming match

Commercial Break

Match 3
JBL & Kurt Angle vs. Booker T & Big Show

The Olympic gold medalist & the loud mouth Texan are clear not on the same page, let alone the same book ( Long Live JR!!!) as they’re being completely dominated. It got so bad, Kurt Angle even decided to ditch JBL & leave him behind. One chokeslam & scissors kick later, JBL falls at the mercy of Show & T.
Winners by pinfall: Booker T & Big Show

I won’t consider this a tag team classic, but any match where JBL’s partner abandoning him is all right by me. 1 ˝ stars

Commercial Break

Next up, we have everyone’s favorite psycho, Heidenreich!!! Still on his quest in looking for that special friend, Heidi introduces New York’s favorite jobber, the Brooklyn Brawler!! Now we are treated to another one of Heidi’s disasterpiece poems, with the topic being on MSG. Brawler, however, wasn’t all that intrigued with the poem, & rightfully calls it garbage. He then rips on New York for their Dodgers "choking" on the 2004 World Series & put the final nail in the coffin by disassociating himself from NY by rechristening himself the Boston Brawler (what can I say? Maybe he likes Boston Cream Pie) This didn’t sit well with the marching psycho who proceeded to beat the living hell out of Brawler. Let this be a lesson to you all: when a psycho asks to be your friend, DO NOT SAY NO!!! JUST GO WITH THE FLOW!!!

Commercial Break

Match 4
WWE Tag Team Championship
Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio (champions) vs. MNM (w/ Melina)

The Champs look to get revenge on this hot, new tag team, who make their official in-ring debut. Mysterio & Guerrero are definitely on the same page (unlike Layfield & Angle) as the take these young punks to school, despite their recent troubles. The champs had things going their way before, Melina (damn, she looks good!!!!) Makes good use of herself, being tied up with Eddie while Mysterio suffers a flapjack/DDT combo ( a move later named the Snapshot) 3 seconds later, we have brand new Tag Team Champs.
Winners by pinfall and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM

Not bad for a debut match. MNM would go on to be 3-time champs by the end of 2005. Meanwhile, on the opposition, Guerrero argues with Mysterio over the loss before shoving him on his fanny. Mysterio returns the favor by slapping the taste out of Latino Heat’s mouth. This is peanuts compared to what these 2 men would do to each other for the remainder of 2005. 2 ˝ stars.

Commercial Break

Backstage, MNM are surrounded by the paparazzi before departing MSG, courtesy of a limo. Now, that’s how you ride in style but that ain’t nothing on Eddie Guerrero’s low rider (RIP Eddie)

Match 5
Champ vs Champ
WWE Champion John Cena vs. US Champ Orlando Jordan (w/ Doug Basham)

Before the bout begins, Cena graces us with a promo about the NYC crowd & OJ (Ordinary Jobber), who literally stole the United States Title from him, thanks to JBL. OJ may have Doug Basham on his side but he definitely doesn’t have 20,000 strong behind him like his opponent. Just when it looked like the other Basham would no longer associate himself with the Cabinet, Danny Basham came down to aid his chief-of staff but it eventually backfired as Cena took out both Bashams and polished off the paper champion (that’s right!!! I said it!!! Jordan is a paper champion) with the FU to finally prove to every that OJ’s victory last month against Cena was a damn fluke.
Winner by pinfall: John Cena

It’s about damn time someone decided to put OJ in his place. Isn’t it ironic that OJ losses in non-title bouts outweigh his successful title defenses & has the audacity to call himself a champion? Thank God Benoit beat him in 25 seconds to win the title. 1 ˝ stars

Next week on SD!, Birmingham, England will host SD! As the championship series continues as JBL, Kurt Angle, Booker T, & Big Show get it on in a 4-way match to determine who will be John Cena’s next challenger for the WWE Heavyweight Title. Also, have we seen the end of the Guerrero/Mysterio tag team dynasty?

Show Analysis: This was a pretty decent show. It would eventually go on as the last show WWE held in MSG as they couldn’t afford the outrageous booking fees, but they damn sure made the most of it with this episode of SD! Rating : B+

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