January 4, 2005
Justin Lijoi

Championship Wrestling
7/14/84- Hosted by Vince McMahon & Gene Okerlund

1. The Wild Samoans vs. Lanny Kean & Rene Goulet
Sika pinned Kean in 3.40 with a Samoan Drop.

Mean Gene interviews Hulk Hogan who asks Paul Orndorff to come out and piledrive him on the concrete floor and claims he would get right back up and shove his 24 inch pythons into Orndorff’s face...yea that sounds about right

2. Ivan Putski vs. Jerry Valiant
Polish hammer in 5.30, nothing much more to say about the match.

Mean Gene interviews Jesse Ventura. Ventura runs down the Boston fans and lots of the faces and says he wants Larry Bird in the ring.

Ventura: "You like the hair"

Okerlund: "I like any hair"

3. Iron Sheik vs. Billy Travis
So after beating on Travis for 3 minutes Sheik decides to take him outside and completely ROCK him over the head with a chair in response to the "We want Slaughter" chants from the fans. He then goes back out again and breaks the chair over Travis' back. Back in with a painful looking belly to back and finishes it off with the camel clutch in 5.20 and remember "Iran #1, Iran #1 USA *SPIT*"

Mean Gene with Roddy Piper as Piper blames the fans for him beating Snuka down

WWF Update w/ Vince McMahon: Big John Studd beats up two guys and wrestles Hogan

Pipers Pit: Piper shows clips of Wendi Richter training with Cyndi Lauper and a bunch of ugly broads as Richter claims to have "new blood" as I'm assuming she had a transfusion of some sort

4. Dick Murdoch vs. SD Jones
Match joined in progress seems as if we're pretending SD is good again here as he's getting way to much offense in. Murdoch punches when he's on offense and Jones headbutts and punches when he's on offense. This goes on for 6 minutes when Murdoch takes Jones to the buckle goes up top and drives Jones into the mat with a knee to the back followed by an elbow drop. Jones goes to the floor Murdoch follows and they brawl as Murdoch just beats the 10 count at 6.41.

Mean Gene finishes us off with an interview with Paul Orndorff who can't help being buff and hot according to himself. Mean Gene attempts to quote someone and says: "...making the condom. ehh comment" so much for a second take.

What we learned from this promo: Orndorff is buff and hot and Hogan likes fat chicks with bigger arms than he has.

This episode was crap compared to last week’s.

Highlight: Sheik killing Travis with a chair shot over the head

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