January 4, 2005
Justin Lijoi

Championship Wrestling
7/7/84- Hosted by Vince McMahon & Gene Okerlund

1. Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana vs. Tiger Chung Lee
Santana comes out with some quick arm drags and arm bars and continues to work the arm for the first few minutes but Lee cuts him off and begins to work nerve holds and karate thrusts, The finish comes when Lee sends Santana in and gets hit with the forearm at 5.55.

Mr. Fuji is interviewed by Mean Gene next as Fuji prepares George Steele for Ivan Putski for a match in Boston. Fuji says he can control Steele to which Okerlund replies "You mean telepathically?" As I ask myself What the hell?

2. Bob Orton vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Back and forth arm work as Bellomo has control after 3 minutes Orton takes over with a cheap shot in the ropes. Orton hits a drop kick at 5 a Bellomo comeback is cut off and Orton finishes with a second rope Vader bomb at 6.04.

Mean Gene talks with Tag Team Champion Dick Murdoch. Murdoch runs down the fans of Boston and many of the faces.

3. Paul Orndorff vs. Brian Blair
The match is joined in progress with Orndorff on the floor screaming at the fans. Back in he takes over on Blair but Blair quickly comes back with a sunset flip and arm drags. After working the arm for a few minutes Orndorff breaks free but gets hit with dropkicks and the fists fly. Orndorff bails and when Blair follows he gets dropped throat first on the guard rail and as Mean Gene puts it he doesn't have a snowballs chance.

Back in a Blair kicks out of a belly to back. Orndorff then sets up Blair like he was going for a Rude Awakening and picks Blair up in a submission! Almost like a Gory Special only on the neck instead of the arms. Blair flips of the turnbuckle out of the move and hits a vertical suplex and Blair is back in control, Blair hits the ropes and gets caught with a stun gun and pinned. Great match.

Mean Gene talks with Jimmy Snuka about his match with Roddy Piper coming up in Boston on the 14th.

WWF Update w/ Vince McMahon: Greg Valentine and the Figure-Four leglock

Pipers Pit: Roddy Piper cuts a promo on Cyndi Lauper and footage of Lou Albano and Fabulous Moolah is shown. According to Albano, Moolah is on a diet of "unborn virgin goats milk"

4. Andre the Giant vs. Samoan #3
You know the drill. Andre headbutts, chops and ass bumps the Samoan. Andre ducks for a back drop and the Samoan headbutts him in the back of the head and Andre bumps! Samoan goes up top leaps for a headbutt and Andre gets his foot up and gets the pin in 6.00. This looked sick as the Samoan was horizontal in the air when his face slammed into Andres face and his next snapped back.

Mean Gene talks to World Champion Hulk Hogan who rants about how he's god or something like that and how he's going to beat Paul Orndorff and retain the title on the 14th.

I thought this show was good. I figured first two matches to be squashes the second for sure but they weren't and were pretty good matches. Orndorff vs. Blair was awesome and very fast paced. Andre’s match was...an Andre match

Highlight: Orndorff vs. Blair

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