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For 8 years, The History of has kept the memories alive for both new and longtime wrestling fans alike. Some have used it to recall the first shows they went to as kids. Others, to settle bets over what really happened so many years ago. And there are those who have cited it as a resource for their own work documenting the wrestling industry.

As February 2010 marks the 8th anniversary of The History of WWE, we're celebrating and we want you to be part of it!

Much of the website's success is thanks to the fans that have helped make it the most accurate and complete collection of ring results in existance. So now we're putting the spotlight on you as a way to say thanks.

We want to hear your personal stories. You can go any direction and be as long or short as you want. The only criteria is that they be your own personal experiences.

Examples of what subjects you could cover: Have you had a life-changing experience because of being a fan? How has The History of benefitted you? Why are you a wrestling fan? What's your best memory of being a fan? Did meeting a wrestler leave a lasting impression? Did you break into the business? What's your favorite piece of memorabilia?

E-mail your stories - along with your name and where you're from - to From now until the end of the month, we will compile your entries and post them to the site. At the end of the month, the entry that stands out the most will win an exclusive prize package courtesy of The History of

I grew up in Johnstown, PA and started watching Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling around 1966. I attended my first live show in Feb 1970 (Bruno Sammartino & Battman vs Prof Tanaka & Ivan Koloff)I was hooked on wrestling ever since. After the Pittsburgh territory was absorbed by the WWWF I continued to watch the WWWF shows in Johnstown, eventually working for Promoter Gene Dargen (putting posters, calling in radio shows, etc) I met other young fans like Ken Jugan and Brian Hildebrand (decased ref Mark Curtis)and got involved in indy wrestling. 30 years later I am still promoting indy shows (now in North Carolina with GOUGE-Gimmicks Only Underground Grappeling Entertainment) and occassionally still managing as Count Grog. I remain a fan of wrestling -though more of the past than the current product. I am a historian and avd results collector. The History of the WWE site has been a valuable asset in my research over the years.
Greg Mosorjak
Fuquay-Varina, NC

I'm a 37 year old, married man of 11 years and father of 3 beautiful children.
My journey as a wrestling fan dates back to around 1984 or so when my father and brother met the Magnificent Muraco in the Newark Airport. I just missed him, but that night we watched Muraco compete at Madison Square Garden (on the MSG network). My friends & I in 6th grade began emulating the wrestlers including one friend who looked just like Roddy Piper. At our 6th grade talent show he even put on his own version of Piper's Pit and won first place. The set was identical including another kid playing the part of Cowboy Bob Orton and all.
The one moment that will forever stick in my mind is when my father took my brother and I to see WrestleMania on closed circuit tv- March 31, 1985. There we were sardined in my local high school watching on the big screen tv's they set up. It was incredible, but the greatest memory is when Andre the Giant scooped up Big John Studd and bodyslammed him down on the Garden canvas. The fans at the Garden became unglued, Gorilla Monsoon's voice popped and the fans in the high school watching this on the big screen went nuts. But even better was my father (God rest his soul), not a very excitable man, jumped up and became ecstatic that Andre won the match. I never saw my father react that way to's was incredible and awesome. It was at that moment that I knew I'd be a wrestling fan for life!
From that moment I continued to watch wrestling with passion and addiction. My love for Andre, Bobby Heenan, Randy Savage, George Steele, all the way through Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, UT, Randy Orton, etc. goes unmatched. My son was even born on 3.16 (even considered naming him Austin after that). My youngest son and I watch wrestling on Demand and I relive the classics every Sat. morning.
I've met everyone from Ric Flair to Bam Bam Bigelow to King Kong Bundy to Howard Finkel, Paul Bearer and Gorilla Monsoon. Over the years I have been to WrestleMania 4 in Atlantic City, watching Rick Martel turn, Rick Rude bring gold to the Heenan Family and Hulk Hogan win the belt for a 2nd time. I've attended WrestleMania 20 in the first row witnessing Guerrero and Benoit's embrace. I've been to Royal Rumbles, SummerSlams and witnessed the tv tapings in 1987 when Andre first started turning on Hulk Hogan during Piper's Pit. I saw the original Demolition (with Moondog Rex). I've even lived a stone's throw away from former diva Sunny-Tammy Sytch.
Reliving the WWE/WWF memories is magical for me and I could never do it without help from your website. It's something I even have saved secretly under my favorites at my work and re-read during my lunch time. It's opened doors to information that I knew or even thought I knew regarding tv tapings, results, segments, etc. It's not only history at my fingertips, but memories that I can relive forever. I honestly don't know what I would do without the website. It's a source like none other and I thank you for the dedication to bringing this to us.
Thank you,
Doug Garrison
Howell, NJ

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