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For 8 years, The History of has kept the memories alive for both new and longtime wrestling fans alike. Some have used it to recall the first shows they went to as kids. Others, to settle bets over what really happened so many years ago. And there are those who have cited it as a resource for their own work documenting the wrestling industry.

As February 2010 marks the 8th anniversary of The History of WWE, we're celebrating and we want you to be part of it!

Much of the website's success is thanks to the fans that have helped make it the most accurate and complete collection of ring results in existance. So now we're putting the spotlight on you as a way to say thanks.

We want to hear your personal stories. You can go any direction and be as long or short as you want. The only criteria is that they be your own personal experiences.

Examples of what subjects you could cover: Have you had a life-changing experience because of being a fan? How has The History of benefitted you? Why are you a wrestling fan? What's your best memory of being a fan? Did meeting a wrestler leave a lasting impression? Did you break into the business? What's your favorite piece of memorabilia?

E-mail your stories - along with your name and where you're from - to From now until the end of the month, we will compile your entries and post them to the site. At the end of the month, the entry that stands out the most will win an exclusive prize package courtesy of The History of

I've been a wrestling fan for the better part of the last 30 yrs,the first match I remember seeing on TV was Johnson & Atlas def. The Wild Samoans for the WWF Tag titles,first live event was at the Michigan State Fairgrounds under the stars watching Hulk Hogan defend the WWF title against Greg Valentine in 1985.I was there the night Ronnie Garvin beat Ric Flair for the NWA title in 87.I was there the night Austin came out driving a Zamboni to attack McMahon in 1998.
However,my most memorable wrestling moments come not from the big promotions,but the local indy groups here in Michigan.One month after the fairgrounds show,there was a indy show at the local high school (the same one I would graduate from seven years later).At this show were some legends in the twilight of their careers (Bobo Brazil,The Original Sheik,Cowboy Frankie Laine,Luis Martinez,Ricky "Crusher" Cortez) as well as local talent such as Sweet Daddy Malcom Monroe,and a youngster just starting out named Terry S.R.(more on him later).Pops even got Luis to autograph the program that night. Anyway,this particular night one of the wrestlers sons was sitting near us and chatted with my father & I during the show.After one of the matches the boy said he had to go to the dressing room area because his dad would be looking for him.We said our goodbyes and went home and thought nothing more about it. Flash forward 20 years later,I go to another indy show,the only one I'd been to since that high school show,low & behold the main star & promoter turns out to be that young boy my dad & I had talked to years earlier.He was the son of the by now deceased Sweet Daddy & wrestled as The DBA. Pops & I have gotten to be good friends with the Monroe family now,even being invited to a memorial picnic for Sweet Daddy on Belle Isle,which was a tremendous honor for two simple fans.One night I brought the program from that show years earlier and showed DBA & the boys in the locker room.The guys were blown away and asked if we could make copies of it for them.We readily agreed.One of the guys(Chris "The Fly" Monroe,DBA's brother) looked at the card inside that program and asked if I knew who Terry S.R. was.I said no I didn't and when he told me who Terry was I about fell on the floor.Terry S.R. was the name first used by the one & only "Suicidal,Homicidal,Genocidal maniac"SABU!!What astounding info to find out that I was at one of the first ever matches of a future ECW & hardcore icon. When we brought the copies,another one of the guys,Amazing N8 Mattson,used it in a promo that night.A few months go by,I walk into the same venue and there to my wonderous surprise standing there talking to DBA is none other than Sabu himself. I grabbed my buddy,who was the cameraman for the league, and asked him to take me home so I could retrieve that program to see if I could get Sabu to sign it. He did and because of my friendship with the wrestlers I was able to get Sabu to sign and he himself gave me a bit of insider info as to the meaning of the S.R. in his original ring name.It was given to him by his legendary uncle and stood for "Sheik's Revenge".So from the very beginning Sabu was trained to be a sadistic madman just like his uncle,The Original Sheik.That was just the beginning of a string of memorable moments for me on the local indy scene.
I've gotten to meet & take pictures with many of my childhood faves(Jake Roberts,Bobby Heenan,Tito Santana,Greg Valentine,amongst others) & some later years ones (Raven,Buff Bagwell),all for a nominal fee of course.Only one gave me an autograph(he signed a bend 'em figure I had of him) at ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER.That man was none other than Al Snow.After he signed it with both his & Head's signatures I started to reach for my wallet and he said "You don't owe me anything".I was so shocked I asked if I could shake his hand 'cause he was the only star I'd met who never charged for a signature.These are the reasons why I've been a fan all these years,though my loyalty is frail to the big leagues,I'll go to my grave being a die-hard indy wrestling fan as that is where the true talent and innovators in the sport lie.
Don R. Willhite,Jr

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