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For 8 years, The History of has kept the memories alive for both new and longtime wrestling fans alike. Some have used it to recall the first shows they went to as kids. Others, to settle bets over what really happened so many years ago. And there are those who have cited it as a resource for their own work documenting the wrestling industry.

As February 2010 marks the 8th anniversary of The History of WWE, we're celebrating and we want you to be part of it!

Much of the website's success is thanks to the fans that have helped make it the most accurate and complete collection of ring results in existance. So now we're putting the spotlight on you as a way to say thanks.

We want to hear your personal stories. You can go any direction and be as long or short as you want. The only criteria is that they be your own personal experiences.

Examples of what subjects you could cover: Have you had a life-changing experience because of being a fan? How has The History of benefitted you? Why are you a wrestling fan? What's your best memory of being a fan? Did meeting a wrestler leave a lasting impression? Did you break into the business? What's your favorite piece of memorabilia?

E-mail your stories - along with your name and where you're from - to From now until the end of the month, we will compile your entries and post them to the site. At the end of the month, the entry that stands out the most will win an exclusive prize package courtesy of The History of

Passion. You always hear especially from the WWE, the word passion. I would describe my fandom my love for the sport we all know and love as pro wrestling as a passion. I think and have always thought of Pro Wrestling as my passion. My earliest memories come from the mid to late eighties. At 28 years old I was old enough to experience Hulkamania at its earliest roots in the WWF. I remember watching the early WrestleManias as my grandfather who hated pro-wrestling and once called Andre The Giant and old soup hound and Dick the Bruiser The Dick Bruiser, used to order them for my older cousin Tim. WrestleMania always fell on or around my grandmothers birthday and would be going on in the background around the birthday celebration. I would always stop for the two wrestlers who originally drew me in as a fan Junkyard Dog and Hulk Hogan. From the moment I saw both men and the exuding charisma each possessed I was hooked. I soon found myself watching Rock N Wrestling the cartoon and everything with my two favorites. However I would still consider myself casual at that point as a kid lots of interests occupy your time. However as you get older the cartoons you grew up with and sitcoms you remember start fading. Falling victim to cancellation or just the simple fact they have ran their course. There is one constant though pro wrestling and with it being the only show from my early childhood I stuck with it. Once my cousin outgrew his LJN figures I inherited them and I was hooked. I always had long admired the LJN line but as I had so many other collections of action figures my parents had put a limitation on my collecting. Upon receiving the fine line of LJN grapplers in near mint condition (bar Terry Funk who my cousin used red food coloring on to portray blood) reinvigorated my love for WWF and I soon became a diehard fan for the end of 1990 and into 1991.

What a year to fully become immersed into WWF. Sure nowadays WrestleCrap and others have fun with the cartoony and outlandishness of the gimmicks, but some real storylines were being told and some great in ring action. The Rockers Hart Foundation Bushwhackers Demolition, Orient Express, Power and Glory, The Nasty Boys and Legion of Doom were putting on tag team displays in the last great year of tag team wrestling in its purest form in the WWF. Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan stood tall for America against the evil turncoat Sgt Slaughter. Randy Savage displayed why he was the ORIGINAL MR WRESTLEMANIA at VII. The storylines and drama and rise of Bret Hart to singles stardom that summer captivated a 10 year old boy from Lyons IL. My best friend and I, who only lived a block apart spent the rest of 1991 and early part of 1992 as inseparable. We would watch it all Superstars, All American Wrestling, Challenge, and Primetime. We were exclusive to the WWF as WCW was viewed as minor leagues to us. So much that when Steamboat returned to WCW my best friend tore up his Steamboat poster he had just received in the mail via the WWF catalogue. We would also book our own events and play out the matches ourselves. Our greatest achievement was having a 30 kid Royal Rumble in my front yard complete with two minute intervals. It didn’t stop there as we were both in little league on separate teams. His dad managed a team sponsored by the local video store New Wave Video and they got free rentals. Coliseum Video here we come. Of course the Hasbro line soon got attacked and almost resulted in the end of our friendship as our first real fight occurred over who would buy the last Texas Tornado figure from our local Venture store. To think now that I would have thrown away a 6 year friendship over an action figure is ridiciculous but should give you an idea of how much I was into WWF. Subscriptions to the magazine followed and DIEHARD could not be described better to a T.

The new generation started and we enjoyed the evil Doink Diesel, HBK, Bret Hart and the man I had convinced my cousin to drive me to meet at the local mall LEX LUGER. There it was the Lex Express in all its glory parked outside of North Riverside Park Mall in North Riverside IL. We waited for over two hours as the line stretched throughout the mall. The double doors swung open and out stepped Lex cutting through the line right behind us. We patted him on the back as he made his way to the podium. As we got closer my cousin said “Okay I m going to confront him about why he challenged Ric Flair and why wouldn’t he keep his mouth shut and just stay a horseman. Then you hit him with his chair as he gets in my face and I will put the figure four on him and we will shout horseman and flash the four fingers. Well as a nervous 11 year old I could barely speak to my hero as my cousin goaded him by saying all of our money was going on Yokozuna to win. I didn’t suffer that same problem the following summer with my hero Randy Savage. Randy was there to promote Summerslam 1994 at the brand new United Center and my dad took me to meet him as he had gone to school with Lanny Poffo. I remember Macho Man saying “Is that right?” I went back after the autograph and said if you ever got your hands on Hogan again you would beat him he bellowed out “OH YEAH” to the crowds delight. I felt so much remorse once he jumped to WCW later that year as if one single comment from a just turned 13 year old boy would sway his decision. Not that I hadn’t been watching as Pillman Austin Sting and Cactus Jack along with THE NATURAL DUSTIN RHODES and become my guilty pleasures. Once Hogan and Savage showed up it became a poor man’s WWF once again.

In 1995 on my 14th birthday we moved to Wisconsin and I was devastated my friends were four hours away and I missed the whole summer of wrestling. We had our cable hooked up in the last few weeks of August and while switching around there was Summerslam live on our TV without even ordering it. We didn’t have a blackbox or anything but somehow received both Summerslam and Fall Brawl 1995 free. I tried to tape In Your House 3 and as soon as I hit record it went scrambled and we never received a PPV for free again. I watched the next few years as my favorite had grown to be Bret Hart ever since Hogan had left after 8. I almost swore off wrestling when Michaels defeated him at 12 but was too big of a Warrior to stop. We moved to a house that summer and were so far out in the sticks we couldn’t get cable. I went another summer without wrestling except for the magazine and couldn’t believe how WCW and WWF had basically swapped talent. With Razor Diesel and The Kid to WCW while Pillman Austin Vader Dustin Rhodes Windham Simmons and Johnny B Badd now Marc Mero were making waves in the new look WWF

We got Dish Network my sophomore year of high school just in time to see the return of Bret Hart. It was tremendous and while others watched their beloved New World Order (you know how hard it is to say now with spell check ?) I stayed true to Bret Hart and I loved when he reformed The HART FOUNDATION. I remember rushing home from JV games just to watch the Hitman and his family. When he got screwed and left for WCW I was finally ready to abandon WWF. I watched Nitro just waiting to see The Hitman debut. It was going to be awesome to see the New World Order get theirs our get a major boost. I waited and waited and he didn’t show. They announced he would be a Special Referee and I switched over to WWF to find that Owen Hart returned. I was back Owen Austin Shamrock whoever would get the belt off of Michaels would be my new hero. The attitude era made it exceptable to be a fan. Nowadays I still watch because of my youth and the fact the Hitman is back but I am also a strong Cena supporter my friends and I order the PPVS and I make something out of the WWF cookbook. Like I said a true wrestling nerd. I travel to meet wrestlers including Hogan Hitman Million Dollar Man Jericho Stephanie McMahon Show Credible, D-Von, Hardys, Lita. I will always remember meeting Matt Hardy as we stood outside a freezing house show and yelled V1aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Matt came ouver and said who said that? WE DID. HE signed autographs and talked with us in the freezing January cold all while he was supposed to be a heel. So why am I a fan it is the greatest form of sports entertainment and theatrics the lifestyle is interesting and I love it absolutely love it. I cry when the heroes of my youth get inducted at Hall of Fame or when we lose someone way to soon. Your website helps remind me of my youth my love, my passion and also helps prove I m right in most disputes. Thankyou for all you do. It is truly an invaluable resource.

Michael Radtke
Wisconsin Dells, WI

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