May 9, 2010
Alexander Settee

In Your House #1, May 14, 1995, On Center, Syracuse, NY
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Dok Hendrix

With WCW adopting a format of monthly PPV’s in 1995, the WWF felt they had to follow suit. But in order to keep the major PPV’s special, it was decided that all the added shows would carry the same In Your House branding as opposed to giving them their own identities, only run two hours in length, and generally feature lesser matches than the big ones. And so with this show we saw the birth of the WWF B Show PPV, which celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this week. To commemorate that milestone, here’s a look back at that first extra drip on the road to watering down the PPV bucket.

Opening Match: Hakushi (w/Shinja) vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart
After he had already signed for this match, Jerry Lawler announced that Bret was ducking him because he had put out an open contract for a match on this show. But as it turned out, Bret was just fine with wrestling Lawler as well, so this is his first of two matches here tonight. They start off trading holds with Hakushi also working in some gymnastics. Hakushi shoulderblocks him down for 2 and starts working the arm. Bret comes back and gets a rollup for 2 and then throws Hakushi around with a hiptoss and a couple of armdrags until Hakushi bails. He gets back in and reverses a corner whip, sending Bret to the buckle chest first. He follows with a slam and a pump splash for 2. They show Lawler watching the match in the locker room, and he’s very excited about the damage Hakushi is inflicting. He stomps Bret in the corner and even hits a Bronco Buster, although he doesn’t ride him at all. Bret escapes a slam and tries a rollup, but Hakushi ducks and sends Bret to the floor where Shinja gets in a few shots. He and Hakushi then trade off distracting the ref while the other works Bret over for a bit. Hakushi gets a corner whip followed by a handspring elbow. Bret fires back, but his whip is reversed and Hakushi counters a backbreaker to a tilt-a-whirl slam for 2. He goes up and nails a diving headbutt for 2, but a springboard splash misses. Now Bret gets the comeback going with a Russian legsweep for 2, and a bulldog for another 2. He hits the backbreaker and 2nd rope elbow to setup the Sharpshooter, but Shinja gets on the apron and Bret goes for him. Hakushi tries from behind, but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Bret goes for the ropes, but Shinja again gets involved, this time tripping him up. Bret’s had about enough of that, so he just dives on Shinja and pounds him down. As he gets back in though, Hakushi catches him with a dropkick for 2. Suplex is blocked and Bret reverses to a suplex that takes them both over the top to the floor. As they go to get back in, Shinja grabs Bret’s leg so Bret goes for him again, but that allows Hakushi to connect with an Asai moonsault. Bret just beats the count in and they go through a sequence of reversals that ends with Bret hooking him in a rollup for the 3 count at 14:42. It started slow, and at first it appeared they weren’t on the same page, but they did get going and it turned into a pretty good match. ***1/4 Bret celebrates after the match, but as he hops out of the ring, he appears to land badly and injure his knee, forcing him to limp to the back. We’ll have to wait and see how that affects his match with Lawler later on.

Stephanie Wiand hypes up the big drawing coming up later. To generate interest in In Your House, the WWF held a contest where they gave away an actual house in Orlando, Florida. All the entries, of which there are 370,000 they say, are sitting in a large bin near the entrance so that the winner can be picked later on. One of them was mine, but sadly they didn’t pick it.

Handicap Match: Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie vs. Razor Ramon
1-2-3 Kid was scheduled to be Razor’s partner here, but he injured himself so Razor is forced to go it alone. Jarrett starts and uses distraction by Roadie to his advantage by attacking. He works him over for a bit until Razor comes back and knocks him to the floor. They go again with Jarrett missing a dropkick and getting clotheslined back out. This time Jarrett drags him out with him, but that goes badly as well as he’s rammed to the apron, but Roadie comes from behind and nails Razor with a double ax. Jarrett rolls him in for a couple of corner whips and an ensiguiri. Irish whip is reversed with Jarrett coming off for a bodypress, but he’s caught and hit with a fallaway slam for 2. Roadie made the save on that and now he gets the tag. He nails a clothesline and drops a few elbows before tagging out again. Jarrett goes for a sunset flip, but Razor nails him and falls on top for 2. Jarrett then finishes the flip and gets his own 2. He goes for a suplex, but Razor small packages him for 2. Clothesline by Jarrett and he tags Roadie. Roadie stomps him, but when Razor fires back, Jarrett nails him from behind to keep control. Tag to Jarrett, who’s caught coming off the 2nd rope and hit with an atomic drop. Razor sets up the Edge, but does it right in front of the ropes which means he gets backdropped to the floor. Jarrett distracts the ref which allows Roadie to come off the 2nd rope with a clothesline on to Razor on the floor. They try for the countout, but Razor makes it in. Jarrett goes for a top rope bodypress, but Razor rolls through and gets 2. Jarrett is immediately up with a dropkick for 2. Irish whip is reversed, but Razor puts his head down and takes a neckbreaker. He chokes Razor on the ropes, but misses a straddle. They then collide coming off the ropes and both guys go down. When they recover, Jarrett misses a shot and takes a back suplex to put them both down again. Jarrett makes the tag though with Roadie dropping a knee off the 2nd rope for 2. Razor elbows out of a rear chinlock and faceplants Roadie, but Jarrett gets the tag. Razor blocks some shots and then whips Jarrett into Roadie. Roadie then takes the back suplex off the top, but Jarrett is still the legal man and he clips the knee, which has been the target since this feud began. He goes for the figure four, but Razor shoves him off into Roadies, knocking Roadie off the apron. He then goes for the Razor’s Edge on Jarrett and nails it. That gets the 3 count at 12:41. Razor overcame the odds, but immediately gets double teamed for his troubles. Aldo Montoya runs out, but is about as effective as you might expect. The beatdown continues until another man comes out. Nobody knows who he is, but he manages to clear the ring of the heels before being escorted out himself. ***

We go backstage to Jerry Lawler who wants his match with Bret to start now because of the injury. He’s told he has to wait because it’s not scheduled until later.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Mabel (w/Mo) vs. Adam Bomb
Mabel uses distraction from Mo to attack before the bell. Once it rings he hits an Avalanche. He whips Bomb to the opposite corner, but misses a charge. Bomb shoulderblocks him to the floor and then follows with a pescado. He rolls Mabel in, but a slingshot clothesline only gets 1. Bomb goes up, but a clothesline from there also only gets 1. Corner whip is reversed and Mabel then connects with a spin kick that hits roughly waist high, if that. He whips Bomb off the ropes with Bomb ducking, but getting caught on the rebound with a powerslam and pinned at 1:53. Mabel qualifies for the tournament that he would ultimately go on to win. DUD

Todd Pettengill interviews Razor Ramon who introduces his longtime friend Savio Vega as the man who made the save earlier on. He had been Kwang prior to this if anybody cares.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Owen Hart & Yokozuna (w/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) vs. The Smoking Gunns
Before the match, Jerry Lawler comes out, again wanting his match to get going right away, but he’s sent to the back. Meanwhile, Bret is shown backstage with an icepack on his knee. So, at Wrestlemania, Owen brought Yokozuna out as a mystery partner and they squashed the Gunns for the belts, so here they get their rematch with no surprise as to who they’re facing. Yoko and Billy start with Billy getting sent off and Yoko nailing a shoulderblock. Billy tries a couple of dropkicks that can’t put Yoko down and then he tags Bart who nails Yoko off the top coming in. Yoko fires back with a headbutt and tags Owen. Owen gets whipped to the corner and takes a press slam, followed by a dropkick. Tag to Billy and the Gunns do their suplex/dropkick combo for 2. Billy makes the mistake of yelling at Fuji though and takes an ensiguiri. Tag to Yoko with Own whipping Billy into Yoko’s clothesline. Tag back to Owen who hits a neckbreaker for 2. Billy comes back with a sunset flip for 2, but then gets spinkicked to the floor. Yoko charges at him, but he moves and Yoko hits the post to put him down for a bit. Back in the ring, Owen misses a charge and Bart gets the tag. He nails a back elbow and a slam for 2. Back suplex follows, and then Billy comes in for the elevated neckbreaker for another 2. Bart then tries a bodypress, but Owen ducks and he goes flying to the floor where a now recovered Yoko drops a leg on him. Yoko rolls him in and Owen covers for the 3 count to retain at 5:46. A pretty dominant performance by the Champs here to build them up while the Gunns were getting rapidly shuffled down the ranks at this point in favour of the Allied Powers. *1/2

Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart
Lawler comes out with his “Mother”, who is apparently a young model, and promises to win the match for her. Bret then gets his pre-match interview where he reveals that the knee injury was actually a ruse, and that he’s fine. Lawler panics when he sees this and tries to run, but Bret is right on him and starts beating him down. Lawler escapes to the floor, but Bret follows and rams him to the barrier. Back in the ring, Bret gets a snapmare and legdrop, followed by a backdrop. He puts his head down on a whip and Lawler gets him with a piledriver, but Bret basically just no sells it and continues the beating, including nailing a piledriver of his own. Lawler rakes the eyes and goes up top, but Bret nails him coming down. Shinja comes out and distracts the ref now, which ends up with the ref tied in the ropes and dangling to the floor after Lawler is whipped into them. Bret hits a Russian legsweep and the 2nd rope elbow, but now Hakushi comes out as well and nails Bret off the top. He then follows with two diving headbutts off the top while Shinja gets the referee back in so Lawler can cover Bret and get the 3 count at 5:04. Bret clears everyone out of the ring afterwards, and is obviously pissed. He would demand a rematch with Lawler at King of the Ring which would turn out to be the infamous Kiss My Foot Match, but at least it finally brought some closure to this feud. As for this match, it was short and not that great, but its purpose was to set up the next match more than anything else, and so that’s all right. *

Todd and Stephanie do the big drawing for the house and then call the winner who sounds pretty stoked about it. I wonder what he ended up doing with it. My guess would be that he sold it and kept the cash, which is what I would have done.

Main Event, WWF Championship Match: Diesel vs. Sid (w/Ted Dibiase)
This was set up by Sid turning on Shawn Michaels the night after Wrestlemania and Diesel making the save, thus turning Shawn face in the process and making him and Diesel friends again, so now Diesel wants revenge. Also, Diesel may or may not have an injured back coming in here due to an attack by Corporation hired goon Henry Godwin this week on Superstars. He claims to be alright for what it’s worth. They start with a staredown and the Diesel shoves him down. He beats on Sid with punches and a couple of corner clotheslines. Sid bails, but Diesel drops a double ax from the apron on him and gets him back in. A running clothesline gets a 1 count and Sid goes out again. This time he drags Diesel to the floor, but still gets nailed. Back in, Dibiase distracts Diesel which allows an attach from behind to send Diesel to the floor again. Sid drops him on the apron, runs him to the post and then hits a running boot to the head. Back in, Sid pounds on him, and while the match was fine up to this point, it goes downhill fast now. After watching Diesel get worked over for a bit, we get a two minute camel clutch where literally nothing happens other than them sitting there. Finally Diesel starts to fight back so Sid drops on him and then hits a legdrop for 2. Then he goes back to the camel clutch again and they sit there for awhile longer. Diesel successfully breaks it this time, but walks into a chokeslam. Sid then hits the powerbomb, but stalls on going for the cover and it only ends up getting 2. Sid whips him to the corner, but misses a charge and takes Snake Eyes. Diesel follows with the big boot and Jackknife, but Tatanka runs in for the disqualification at 11:30. The beatdown is on until Bam Bam Bigelow makes the save and there’s your King of the Ring main event. *

Man, that started really good, but then fell off the cliff pretty hard. The first two matches delivered very nicely with Bret/Hakushi just edging out Razor/JJ&Roadie for match of the night, but from there it became pretty much a waste of time. The Tag Title match was fine for putting the Champs over, but nothing special, while Mabel/Bomb was under two minutes so they really add nothing to the show. Then the last two matches were more focused on setting up future matches then delivering anything satisfying and that makes the whole show seem pointless. Welcome to the B Show era, I guess. Thumbs Down for In Your House #1.

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