October 18, 2008
Alexander Settee

In Your House IV, October 22, 1995, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MB
Announcers: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

So why, of all things, have I pulled this obscure and completely forgotten show out this week? Well, aside from the fact that the thirteenth anniversary of it is coming up in a few days, itís a show that also has some sentimental value for me. This is the only PPV thatís ever been done from my hometown, and since Iím not much of a traveler, itís also the only PPV Iíve ever attended live. I know going in that itís not that good of a show, but itís still a fun memory from my younger days, so Iím going with it anyways.

We start out with WWF President Gorilla Monsoon declaring that due to his injuries or ďinjuriesĒ if you prefer, Shawn Michaels will be forced to forfeit the Intercontinental Title to his scheduled opponent Dean Douglas right here tonight. Douglas wonít get off easy though, as he will immediately be forced to defend against Razor Ramon.

Opening Match: Fatu vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Fatu is in his ďMaking a DifferenceĒ gimmick, which completely failed to make any sort of difference to his career, while Helmsley is still in the early part of his run, which means the blueblood gimmick is in full effect. Helmsley has a bottle of perfume for some reason, which he tries to spray, but Fatu just jumps him and weíre off. Fatu gets a backdrop, some punches, and then knocks Helmsley out of the ring. Fatu chases and rams him to the stairs. Back in, a corner whip is reversed, but Fatu still catches him with an elbow. Helmsley rams Fatu to the buckle, but heís Samoan so you know what that means. Fatu even breaks out a funky dance to drive the point home. Now he comes off the ropes, but Helmsley is too quick and goes to toss him, however Fatu gets his neck caught in the ropes. Helmsley works him over there until heís finally able to get loose, and follows up with a piledriver. Helmsley finally gets his shirt off at this point and bows to the crowd. Neckbreaker gets 2, but more importantly, thereís me in the crowd!! I can actually be seen quite a bit as Iím sitting pretty much in the middle facing the hard camera a few rows back, albeit behind a guy whoís quite a bit taller than I am. Back to the match as Helmsley gets a kneelift for 2 and goes to a rear chinlock. Fatu elbows out, but gets whipped to the corner and nailed with a clothesline allowing him to do his patented flip sell, and that gets 2 for Helmsley. He argues the count with the ref, but that allows Fatu to get a rollup for 2. Helmsley recovers and sets up for the Pedigree, but gets backdropped. He still gets Fatu with a DDT, but that headshot is also no sold, and Fatu gets a crescent kick. Next he uses a backdrop and clothesline, followed by a backbreaker, and a headbutt from the second rope for 2. Now, Fatu uses a Diamond Cutter, and goes up top for the splash, but he misses and that allows Helmsley to nail the Pedigree for 3 at 8:02. This was nothing special at all. Ĺ* Helmsley gets interviewed post match by Jerry Lawler, but Henry Godwin interrupts and threatens to use the slop. Helmsley uses Lawler as a shield, and is then able to successfully get away.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: The Smoking Gunns vs. Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid

Razor and The Kid were having issues in the weeks leading up to this, but as a show of solidarity they will challenge tonight for the Tag Team Titles. Billy and the Kid start out with Kid getting an armdrag. Billy then shoves him down, and the Kid kips back up. Side headlock by Kid, but Billy fires him off and gets a hiptoss. Both guys tag now, with Razor getting a wristlock on Bart, but Bart uses a firemanís carry to take Razor down. Razor goes behind, so Bart just trips him and goes to a wristlock. Razor punches out and sends Bart off the ropes, but Kid pulls the top rope down and Bart goes crashing to the floor. Razor and Kid are still the crowd favourites in spite of them playing heel so far. Kid gets him back in and Razor goes to work with a couple of corner whips and a clothesline. Series of quick tags and double team moves from the challengers now. Razor gets a fallaway slam on Bart, then tags Kid and fallaway slams him onto Bart for 2. More tags lead to a double team elbow, off which Kid gets 2. Tag back to Razor, who gets taken down by Bart and nailed with an elbow. Both guys are out, and they both end up making the tag. Billy comes in as the house afire, taking down both challengers. He slams Kid and drops an elbow for 2. Tag back to Bart who comes in with a backbreaker for 2. Tag to Billy and the Gunns use their dropkick into a suplex double team move which gets 2. Corner whip, but Billy misses the charge and both guys go down. The ref is with Razor, so Bart comes in and drags Billy on top for a pin. Now when the ref goes to put Bart out, Razor comes in and reverses it, which gets a super close 2.9 count for the Kid. Tag to Razor who takes on both Gunns without much trouble. Irish whip on Billy is reversed, but Billy puts the head down and gets caught with the Razorís Edge. Kid wants the winning pin though, so he pleads for the tag. Razor obliges, but when Kid gets on Billy for the cover, heís promptly rolled up for 3 at 12:47. The Gunns retain the belts, and while Razor shakes it off as not that big of a deal, Kid is right pissed off. He attacks the Gunns and steals the belts, but Razor makes peace and returns them. ** for the match, and this was also a pretty good angle building to the Kidís heel turn. The kind of build they could never do nowadays because Heaven forbid the fans guess what twist or turn might be coming next.

Marty Jannetty vs. Goldust

This is the TV debut, or ďpremiereĒ as they call it for Goldust, who really was a much different character then we had ever seen before. Many seem to think that he ushered in the ďshades of greyĒ era in characterization as instead of saying ďthis is what he is, and this is why you should boo himĒ, they really left it open for interpretation. Jannetty had recently returned for yet another stint with the company, and this would actually be one of his longer ones, lasting nearly a year, but he would find no success from this point forward. Goldust charges at Jannetty, but misses, gets hit with a backdrop and is clotheslined to the floor. Back in, but he quickly bails again. Finally we get going with Jannetty going behind, but Goldust reverses and gets a rollup for 2. Some uppercuts lead to a slam attempt, but Jannetty slips out and tries a rollup, but he canít get it. He does end up getting a rana though. Now it breaks down to a slugfest leading to a reversal sequence that ends with Goldust nailing a clothesline. He rams Jannetty to the buckle and then rubs his face on the top rope. Snapmare leads to a dropped forearm for 1. Backdrop hits next, but on the cover, Jannetty is in the ropes. Now he tosses Jannetty, drops a forearm from the apron, and rams him to the stairs. Goldust gets back in, but from the apron, Jannetty snapmares him back out. Now Jannetty controls on the floor, but when he goes to post him, Goldust reverses and Jannetty takes it. Goldust suplexes him back in for 2 and goes to a rear chinlock. Jannetty fights back and gets sent off the ropes. They try something that ends up botched pretty badly, so Jannetty sends him to the corner, but misses a charge. Goldust sends him off the ropes, boots him in the gut and nails a DDT for 2. He sends Jannetty off again, but puts the head down and gets nailed with the Rocker Dropper. Goldust avoids the tope rope fistdrop, but Jannetty is able to drop an elbow anyways. Three clotheslines and a snapmare allow Jannetty to go up again, but this time he jumps into a boot. Curtain Call finishes for Goldust at 11:14. Not a spectacular debut for Goldust. Ĺ*

King Mabel (w/Sir Mo) vs. Yokozuna (w/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji)

This was originally scheduled as Mabel vs. The Undertaker, but a few weeks ago on Raw, Mabel and Yoko participated in an attack that legitimately injured Takerís face, causing him to miss this show. Gorilla Monsoon ordered that as a result, Mabel and Yoko would now have to face each other instead. Theyíre both heels, of course, but the crowd decides they like Yoko better, so he gets the face reactions throughout the match. Slugfest breaks out to start things off, with Yoko then clotheslining Mabel to the floor. Back in, Mabel controls with some shots, but an Irish whip is reversed. Mabel ducks and comes back off with a flying clothesline. Iím not sure if that sequence was live or a slow motion replay. Yoko is up in the corner with Mo providing the distraction from the floor and allowing Mabel to get a splash in the corner. Corner whip, but Yoko comes back out with a clothesline. He misses a legdrop, and then Mabel misses an elbow. They get up and trade headbutts. Mabel tries a bulldog, but canít quite connect. Both guys end up out on the floor where they brawl and are both counted out at 5:13. They look like theyíre going to keep going at it post match, but everyone makes up and weíre all friends again. Match was terrible. Iím deducting one star for the crap finish, and another one on the basis on Undertaker being one of the guys we were especially stoked about seeing giving the match a total rating of -**.

Next, we get the one moment that perhaps this show is known for. Shawn Michaels walks out with his Intercontinental Title belt so he can forfeit it to Dean Douglas. Could he have wrestled here? Weíll likely never know for sure, but seeing 2008 Shawn work at Unforgiven with a partly torn muscle, and not to mention all the other injuries heís gutted out since his 02 comeback makes you wonder a bit. At the time we were definitely pissed off that he was now the second big star being taken off the show itís always been a sore spot for me personally as well. Shawn drags out the forfeiture, so Douglas ends up just grabbing the belt and is declared the new Intercontinental Champion

Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Douglas vs. Razor Ramon

These guys had a feud going anyways as Douglas had beaten Razor at last monthís IYH to earn the Title shot here tonight. Razor charges in and attacks, so Douglas bails to regroup. Back in the ring, Razor controls with a wristlock and drives some shoulders in. Razor holds this for a bit, and then moves to an armbar. He even mocks Douglas by blatantly pulling the hair right in front of the ref. Douglas backs him to the corner and elbows out. He whips Razor to the opposite corner, but misses an elbow allowing Razor to go right back to the wristlock. Douglas tries to armdrag out, but Razor holds on. He finally backs Razor to the corner, getting the break, and uses a cheap shot to take advantage. Irish whip is reversed, so Douglas comes off and tries a bodypress, but Razor catches him, nails the fallaway slam, and then clotheslines him outside. On the apron, Douglas uses a thumb to the eye and tries to ram Razor to the buckle, but Razor blocks and Douglas takes it, falling to the floor in the process. Razor suplexes him back in, and then knocks him right back out again. Lawler offers Douglas a drink of water, but Razor comes out on the attack and ends up dumping the water all over him. Back to the wristlock, from which Douglas tries to punch out, but Razor hits him with an atomic drop. Razor tries the Edge, but Douglas backdrops him to the floor. He works Razor over with some punches and tosses him back in, but coming in off the tope rope Razor catches him by the throat and hits a chokeslam. Razor then wins a slugfest and places Douglas on the top rope for the back suplex. Douglas elbows out and tries to come off with a flying bodypress, but Razor rolls through and gets a 2 count. Dropkick by Douglas gets 2 as Razor just makes the ropes. Douglas gets a corner whip. Sending him back is reversed with Douglas hitting. Razor gets a side suplex, and even though Douglas gets his leg under the ropes, the ref counts 3 at 11:04. Thereís a minute of confusion as they figure out what happened, but Razor is announced as the winner and new champion. Iím not really a Shane Douglas fan but, at least in this case, he has a legit gripe with the Clique. Razor took about 95% of the match here, made no effort to make Douglas look good at all, and got the win on a finish that made ďThe DeanĒ look like a high school dropout. Match was really only worth maybe * anyways, but Iím deducting that for Razor being a dick. DUD

Main Event, WWF Championship Match: Diesel vs. The British Bulldog (w/Jim Cornette)

Bret Hart, who is already announced as the number one contender for Survivor Series, makes his way out to do guest commentary for the match, chasing Lawler away in the process. Back in August, Bulldog recruited Diesel to be his tag partner, only to turn on him and join up with Camp Cornette. In an effort to get people to take him seriously as a contender, Bulldog also pinned Diesel in a tag match on Raw a couple of weeks ago, which was the first time anyone had pinned Diesel since he won the belt. Didnít do much though as there was really very little excitement for this main event. They start with a lockup, and Diesel shoves him down. They try again, same result. Now Bulldog tries a side headlock, but gets fired off and runs into an elbow. Off the ropes again and Bulldog tries a bodypress, but is caught and slammed. Second slam leads to Bulldog regrouping on the floor. From there he grabs Dieselís legs around the post, but Diesel pulls back jerking Bulldog right into the post. Back in, Diesel gets a clothesline in the corner, followed by some kneelifts and elbows. Cornette provides some distraction from the floor, and that allows Bulldog to clip the knee. Bulldog goes behind, but canít get a rollup, although he still manages to kick Diesel outside. On the floor, Diesel stumbles into Bret at the commentary table and piefaces him. Before anything can come of that though, Bulldog attacks the knee of Diesel again. He gets the Champ back in and hooks what I would describe as an inverted Texas cloverleaf. Diesel hits some elbows to the head to break it, but Bulldog responds by sending him outside. He distracts the ref, which allows Cornette to get in a few shots on the floor. Bulldog is out after him now, running him to the stairs, and then he distracts the ref so Cornette can take even more shots on the knee. Back in, Bulldog gets a Boston crab, which he holds for awhile before Diesel powers out. Bulldog stays on him though, and goes to a single leg crab. He then lets that go and drops a leg for 2. To another leglock, which Diesel punches out of, but Bulldog again manages to clip him when he gets to his feet. Heís still working over Dieselís leg, but when he goes back to the leglock, Diesel is able to kick him out of the ring. Diesel tries to come back, but misses an elbow and that allows Bulldog to get right back on the leg. They get to their feet, where Bulldog tries a suplex, but Diesel blocks and gets one of his own. He follows that up with a back suplex, but Bulldog still manages to retain the advantage and he hammers Diesel down for a 2 count. He points at Bret and hooks a Sharpshooter, which is executed so badly that all the announcers are mocking it. Diesel kicks him off to escape. Bulldog tries a slam, but canít get it and Diesel gets a 2 count. Now Bulldog tries the running powerslam, but Diesel slips off, sends him off the ropes and nails a big boot. Cornette gets slung into the ring and threatened by Diesel, who then evades a charge and allows Bulldog to run right into his manager. Rope straddle hits on Bulldog, and both guys end up on the floor. Diesel gets sent to the post, and then Bulldog just turns around and nails Bret. Bret chases him into the ring and attacks drawing the bell at 18:15. Bulldog wins on a DQ, so Diesel keeps the Title. In spite of that though, Diesel is pissed at Bret for costing him the match, so now they go at it and it turns into a big pull apart to end the show. Match was mostly work on the knee by Bulldog, which ultimately had no payoff. The rest was not very good, and the finish was pretty frustrating, although it did at least setup some future programs. *

Well, sentimental value is really the only reason I even have a copy of this show. Being the one and only PPV Iíve ever been to, it has some good memories of years gone by for me, but watching it now, strictly as a show, itís pretty terrible. Match of the night tops out at a whopping **, while nothing else even breaks the barrier of being decent. Thumbs down for In Your House IV, and if youíve never seen it before, donít worry, youíre missing absolutely nothing.

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