February 5, 2007
Frank Koenen

WWE In Your House 2: Electric Boogaloo
July 23, 1995

-WWE 24/7 is offering this PPV up this month, so letís go back to 1995. It was one of the worst years in wrestling as both major American promotions were catering and appealing to people under the age of 10. This would be the second 2-hour In Your House PPV that the WWF presented. Well, enough of my yakkiní, letís boogie.

Live from the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee
Hosted by Vince McMahon & Jerry Lawler

-The opening video package intersperses the scenery of Nashville along with action from the WWF. They play a country version of the In Your House theme, because itís from Nashville. ÖAnd they said that WCW was hick.

The In Your House graphic house number is 1624, wonder if it has any significance. The graphic for the show erroneously dates the show to 1985. Vince & Lawler are dressed as a couple of cowboys.


Sorry, I thought we had a problem. Letís get to the ring.

1) The 1-2-3 Kid vs. The Roadie Dogg
D-Generation X EXPLODES! The Roadie put the Kid out of action earlier in the year. Kid attacks the Roadie outside of the ring and then throws him in. Kid gets Roadie in the corner and lays in some well placed kicks. Kid gets a flying headscissors which sends the Roadie to the outside. There are some audio problems, Iím not sure if itís 24/7, the original broadcast, or my TV. Kid hits a pescado on Roadie. Kid gets a Stinger Splash. He goes for a crossbody, but Roadie catches him, and slams him down. In the back, Double J is not even watching the match between Kid and Roadie, because he has ego you see, and seeds were being planted for a JJ-Roadie feud. More on that later. Roadie clotheslines Kid to the outside. Roadie puts him headfirst into the corner post. Roadie with a couple of legdrops on Kid. Roadie back body drops Kid. Roadie showboats to the crowd, and then goes in for a cover. Roadie has a nerve hold on Kid in the ring, while in the back Jarrett talks to his back up singers. Kid starts to fight out, but is still down. Roadie goes up top for a splash, but Kid moves out of the way. Kid starts to make his comeback. He hits a spinning back kick to Roadie for a two count. Kid dropkicks Roadie in the corner, followed by a bodyslam. Kid hits a frog splash for a two count. Roadie catches Kid and powerbombs him for a nearfall. Roadie misses a charge into the corner. Kid goes up top, but Roadie catches him. Roadie gives him a piledriver from the second rope, which is scary considering Waltman I think did have neck problems, but a nice little piece of psychology. Roadie covers Kid for the pin. The Roadie goes over to the stage where Jeff Jarrett will perform and does mic checks. A very good match, Brian James has always been an underrated performer. Waltman has too, just not to the same degree. ***
WINNER: The Roadie at 7:25

-In the back, Todd Pettengill interviews Ted DiBiaseís Million Dollar Corporation. After a good match, which makes me think ďGee, maybe WWF in 1995 wasnít so badĒ we go to the cartoony land that is the Million Dollar Corporation. They all talk about taking down Diesel. Silly Sid gives one of his classic interviews. Too bad we never got that Warrior-Sid program in 1992, it would have been worth it for the promos alone. Fans would have paid to go to the shows so maybe they could figure out what the hell the two said.

-Some super fan (Charlie Minn?) or something interviews the babyfaces who say about one word. Diesel & Shawn look like a couple of fags wearing matching T-Shirts with their faces on it. Seriously, that has to be the faggiest thing to do.

2) Men on a Mission vs. Razor Ramon (Not Hard or Gay) & Savio Vega
Mabel beat the Puerto Rican Legend Savio in the King of the Ring finals, in a match mostly remembered for a thunderous ECW chant. Razor got involved, because Vega is his friend because theyíre both good guys. Razor then got a fat fucking legdrop from Mabel. Anyway, Razor takes off the wrap off his ribs and throws it at Mabel. Razor starts with Mo, they throw toothpicks and slap each other before getting to a collar and elbow tie up. Lou Thesz vs. Verne Gagne matches always started with toothpick throwing and slapping before they got to the collar and elbow. Razor hits Mo with a fall away slam which is pretty impressive. Savio is in with Mo. Mo misses a clothesline, and Savio comes back with a couple of chops. Savio clotheslines Mo. Mabel is tagged in, and they do some spot in the corner so slowly Razor went to rehab, came back, and had another relapse. It looks like we have a Puerto Rican Ricky Morton. Mabel clears the ring of Savio, and Mo beats down on him. Back in, Mabel hits Savio with forearms. He whips him into the corner posts, and gets a two count. Mo tags in and MOM double clotheslines Savio. Mo suplexes Savio. Mabel back in beats down on Savio. Mabel gets on a nerve hold to thrill the crowd. Savio gets back up and chops Mabel then goes for a bodyslam, but falls back and Mabel gets a nearfall. Mabel with a suplex. Hey, Mabelís moveset has just moved up...to one. Nah, heís not THAT bad of a big man wrestler, but heís no Bruiser Brody thatís for sure. Savio tries the tag, but Mo knocks Razor off the apron. Mabel back in legdrops Savio. Razor comes in with a kick on Mabel. Mabel bodyslams Savio. Mo takes forever to get up top and get in position for a moonsault. Of course he misses it. The race for the tag is on, and Savio finally gets it. Razor throws right fists at Mo. Razor with a side suplex from the top. Mabel tries coming in the ring, but Razor catches him with a right hand. Mo gets the advantage back, and Mabel is tagged back in. Mabel goes up top, but Razor gets up and slams Mabel. Mo catches Razor with a knee and Mabel DDTs Razor. Mabel goes for a splash, but there is no one there. Mo comes in and kicks at Razor, Savio clotheslines him to the outside. Razor throws right fists at Mabel. Mabel Avalanches Razor in the corner. Then the FAT FUCKING BELLY TO BELLY. Mable covers Razor for the win. Thus the Mabel push continues. The match had a couple of good looking moves, no real blown spots, but it was dull and nothing special. *
WINNER: Men on a Mission at 10:10

-Todd Pettengill interviews the people on Jeff Jarrettís stage near the entranceway and cracks TERRIBLE jokes.

-Doc Hendrix interviews the babyface lumberjacks, apparently the Corporation has paid off one of the babyface lumberjacks. Mountain Rock says DiBiaseís money is dirty money. Well the storyline is he got it from an inheritance from his dad. Iím no historian, but I think Mike DiBiase never really did anything scummy. Maybe itís from DiBiaseís biological father. Or maybe Iím just searching too much to find continuity in WWF storylines. They all say they didnít take the money. Man Mountain Rock noticeably hits a light when they start handing out high fives.

-Jeff Jarrett performs ďWith My Baby Tonight.Ē Jarrett does a terrible lip synching job. The words were actually recorded by The Roadie. Footage was shot before the event of the Roadie singing the lyrics before the show, and they were going to have a feud. The two left the promotion after this show, so the storyline was dropped. The whole entire scenario was brought up the next year during the ďReal JJĒ segments, where they promised to unveil the ďReal JJ.Ē They used some of the footage from before tonightís show then. As far as Jamesí performance, Iím not really a country fan, and Jarrett didnít help change my opinion. Jarrett gloats before and after his performance.

-Promo for Summerslam 1995 with a couple of old guys in a gas station somewhere in the desert watching TV, then becoming young watching WWF, then changing the channel and becoming old fart knockers again. Also Diesel picks up some girl at the gas station.

-Todd Pettengill interviews fans about the performance of JJ. Iíll just say I despise that man.

3) Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Henry Orpheus Godwinn
Yes, the O actually did stand for something according to the WWF Magazine. At this point HOG was trying to get into the Million Dollar Corporation, and Bam Bam was the ticket in. Bigelow hits a few side suplexes, then tackles HOG outside. Bigelow shoulder blocks HOG a couple of times. HOG pulls down the rope, and Bigelow goes outside. HOG attacks Bigelow on the outside and rams his head into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Bigelow sends himself into the turnbuckle. HOG locks on a chinlock to wear down Bigelow. The fans are cheering on Bigelow, itís too bad he never got that one really great push. He got some good pushes but never the great one he deserved. Bigelow hits a high crossbody press. HOG gets back on top right away. HOG keeps working over Bigelow. HOG bodyslams Bigelow, and follows with an elbow drop for two. HOG does a finger stomp. He whips Bigelow into the corner, but he comes out with a clothesline. Bigelow headbutts HOG a couple of times. Bigelow goes up top and goes for a diving headbutt which misses. Now HOG goes to the second rope and misses whatever, he sells an injured knee and Bigelow covers him for the win. A pretty meh match. *1/2
WINNER: Bam Bam Bigelow at 5:33

-Bob Backlund is in the crowd talking to young Ďuns.

-Backstage Todd Pettengill interviews Shawn Michaels. He says heís going to get a day late birthday present with the IC title.

4) WWF Intercontinental Champion Mr. TNA Jeff Jarrett vs. Shawn Michaels
The Roadie works the mic for a little bit, and introduces JJ. JJ is wearing a suit that lights up, I wonder where you get one of those. Do they have them in 4XL? Jarrett enters first, which is not fitting of a champion. Shawn gets a good reaction in Jarrettís home town. The crowd which has been hot all night, is hotter here than they were before. Jarrett really gets good heat for being in his hometown. Michaels steals the IC belt and looks at himself in it. They lock up, Jarrett gets him back to the corner and throws a right fist. Shawn throws one back and Jarrett begs him off. Shawn props himself up in the corner and waits for Jarrett. Jarrett armdrags Shawn after another lockup, and gloats. Lockup again and Jarrett gets an arm ringer, Shawn reverses into one of his own. Jarrett catches Michaels with a fist in the corner. Jarrett now props himself up in the corner, mocking Michaels. Jarrett headlocks Michaels. They both try hiptosses and Michaels catches him with a poke in the eye. Michaels gets a right hand followed by a hiptoss. Michaels clothesline Jarrett outside, skins the cat back in, and struts. Jarrett has had enough and he is going to walk out of the arena. Michaels however goes over to the referee and helps him count Jarrett out. It seems to have bruised Jarrettís ego enough for him to comeback. Jarrett continues to stall rolling into the ring at nine to break the count and then rolling out. He does it again, and Michaels goes after him and throws him in the ring. Michaels goes up top, but Jarrett catches him coming off. Jarrett misses a dropkick. Jarrett whips Michaels into the Roadie, but Roadie misses his punch and Michaels gives him one of his own. He then sends Jarrett over the top rope and Roadie and Jarrett collide. Michaels hits a plancha on Jarrett & Roadie. Back in the ring, Jarrett avoids something by Michaels, but Michaels sees it and stops HIMSELF. Then turns around and gets Jarrett. Jarrett back body drops Michaels over the top rope and he takes a MANLY bump. Yeah, I know he posed in Playgirl, but the bumps he takes reminds me heís fucking a Nitro Girl every night. Jarrett throws Michaels face first into the steel steps, and then go back in the ring. Jarrett suplexes Michaels for a nearfall. Jarrett continues working over Michaels. Jarrett locks on an abdominal stretch, and uses the Roadie on the outside for leverage. Referee sees it, breaks it up and Michaels hiptosses Jarrett. Jarrett catches Michaels with a DDT for a nearfall. Vince McMahonís mic goes out at ringside. Jarrett chokes Michaels on the ropes, and then while the referee is distracted The Roadie does as well. They do it again, but Michaels puts Roadie harms way and Jarrett goes to jump on Michaels, but gets the Roadie instead. Vinceís mic comes back. Michael is whipped over the top rope and goes to the floor again. The Roadie gives Michaels a flying clothesline from the apron while the referee is distracted. Michaels sells on the outside and as the referee gets to nine, Michaels gets back in the ring. Jarrett goes up top, goes for a high crossbody, but Michaels reverses it. Jarrett does the crucifix and tries a sunset flip, but Michaels sits down and gets a nearfall. Then Michaels gets one and then Jarrett. Michaels runs the ropes a couple times before Jarrett catches him and locks on a sleeper. Fuck if Jarrett had this match every time out, Iíd be the biggest TNA fan. Itís too bad, Jarrett is a really good wrestler (look at this match with Michaels along with the brawl with Jerry Lawler against the Moondogs as two examples of CLASSICS he had) and he wasnít terrible as a headliner, I think he needed someone else though to be by his side like Roadie or Lawler. He was not a great babyface though. Michaels works his way out of the sleeper with a side suplex. Michaels rolls over and gets a nearfall. Michaels hits a couple of flying clothesline, then kips up. Michaels keeps on JJ. Michaels hits a double axe handle on Jarrett. Michaels bodyslams Jarrett and hits an elbow drop from the top rope. Mitchels whips Jarrett into the turnbuckle then crotches him on the ringpost. Micheals goes up top, but the Roadie shakes the ropes, making Michaels go gonad first into the top turnbuckle. Jarrett goes up top and hits a superplex. Jarrett continues to gloat. Jarrett tries the figure four, but Michaels gets a small package. Jarrett again tries the figure four, but Michaels kicks out of it. It knocks Jarrett into the referee, and we got a ref bump. Michaels is about ready to deliver sweet chin music, but the Roadie runs in the ring and clips him. The Roadie helps the referee get back up. Jarrett hits a high cross body on Michaels for a two count. Jarrett tells the Roadie to trip Michaels. Michaels reverses an Irish whip, and Jarrett gets tripped by the Roadie on mistake. He doesnít even notice. Jarrett asks whatís going on, but when he turns around he gets sweet chin music. Michaels covers for the win. See kids, donít listen to everything you hear on the internet, Jeff Jarrett CAN be an entertaining wrestler. I really donít want to be known as a guy who hands out five star matches like candy, but I canít find a flaw. The crowd was hot, it delivered in the ring, and had excellent psychology. *****
WINNER: and NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels at 19:59

-In the back I think Charlie Minn interviews Michaels in Dieselís locker room. Aldo Montoya is happy for him, but cries on the inside knowing he wears a jockstrap on his head.

-In the back, Dok Hendrix acts like jackass for no reason I can understand. He starts screaming about the JJ and Roadie situation. Maybe it was a rib.

5) WWF Tag-Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna (w/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) vs. The Allied Powers (Davey Boy Smith & Lex Luger)
Itís Canada & Japan vs. America & England, just like World War I....uh, the Korean War.....Persian Gulf? Okay, I flunked out of history. The point is the Allied Powers was a tag-team good on paper, but not in delivery. Both of them were muscular, were big singles stars, and had kids as flag bearers (okay, that was just corny). They just kind of seem to be thrown together since neither of them had anything else to do. I would say neither man was interesting enough to carry the load of dullness for the other half of the team. Where is Sting & Dynamite Kid when you need them? Yokozuna & Owen were not a good tag-team champions, as wacky mismatched partners as champions only work short term, they were champions for about half of the year. To start Luger & Yoko lock up, and Yoko sends Luger into the corner. Luger rams Yokoís head into the corner eight times. Luger continues throwing fists trying to knock Yoko down which he does right into Owen, and Yoko squashes Owenís feet. The champions start to argue with each other. Owen shoves Yoko, and then Yoko shoves Owen down. However it all ends in a hug. Wouldnít that be nice if someday, Edge just came out and started to talk out his difference with John Cena. I want feuds to end with hugs god dammit, not steel cages! Owen is in with Luger. Luger gets a shoulder block, and then a hiptoss. Luger armdrags Owen and then has an armringer on Owen. Smith then tags in and copies Luger by doing an arm ringer of his own. Owen is able to get out of it and get a armringer of his own. Owen yanks the hair to bring Smith down. Smith puts Owen in a hammerlock, but Owen gets out. Smith gorilla slams Owen. Smith catapults Owen into the turnbuckle, and Luger gives him a few shots. Smith puts a chinlock on Owen. Smith uses a headlock on Owen. Luger with his back to the match almost gets knocked off the apron when they Smith and Owen run the ropes. Yoko catches Smith with a fist. Yoko now tags in. Yoko headbutts Smith in the shoulder. Yoko locks on a nerve hold on Smith. Smith fights up with a couple of elbows, but Yoko catches him with a clothesline. Owen tags back in, and he hits Smith with a nice spinning back kick. Smith sunset flips Owen and Owenís head sickly bounces off of the mat. Owen gets an enzuguri. Smith moves out of the corner and Owen eats the middle turnbuckle. The crowd starts chanting USA, which is funny with one guy from Canada and one guy from England. Who are they chanting for? They have the race for the tag is on with Smith and Owen. Both guys get their tags, Luger comes in and cleans house. Owen is slammed off the top by Luger. He then Gorilla Press Slams Owen into Yoko. The Allied Powers do a couple of double clothelines on their opponents. Luger goes for the cover, and Owen breaks it up. All four guys are in the ring. Yoko goes for an avalanche on Davey Boy, but he moves. The Allied Powers give Yokozuna a double side suplex to a big pop, Luger covers him. Owen goes up top and hits Luger from behind. Yoko then hits the FAT FUCKING LEGDROP! He covers Lex for the win. This match wasnít bad, but I would say itís barely two stars. **
WINNER: and still WWF Tag-Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna

-The Lumberjacks start making their way down.

6) Lumberjack Match: WWF World Champion Diesel vs. Silly Sid
Silly Sid was Shawn Michaelsí bodyguard and turned on him, Diesel came out to save. So now they had a match with a cool poster of two tall guys staring each other down but canít produce much in the ring. Sid then injured Diesel at the first In Your House due to some blown moves. Diesel comes out with Michaels, geez, picking favorites with the Lumberjacks! They start throwing fists, and Sid goes out to the babyface side, and they throw him back in. Diesel sends him out again and of course they send him in. Diesel bodyslams Sid. Sid goes to his side finally, the big dope. Diesel is sent to the outside and the heel lumberjacks attack him, the babyfaces rush over and the sides get into a minor scuffle. Sid now begins to work on Diesel. Sid kicks the mid section of Diesel. Sid clotheslines Diesel. Sid kicks him to the injured arm. He should get a hammerlock or a Fujiwara armbar, or a kimura. Instead he sends him to the heels again so they can beat him up some more. Sid hits a big boot on Diesel. Sid tries a right hand, but Diesel blocks it. Well Sid never does a good worked punch anyway, so I donít know what Dieselís big deal was. Diesel hits one of his own. Sid sells for maybe two seconds with a goofy face, and then went to business as usual. Diesel drops a couple of elbow on Sid. Instead of going to cover the guy he has in the title fight, Diesel does a pescado on the heel lumberjacks! AIR NASH! Diesel is now in control. Diesel gets the snake eyes on Sid. Mable catches Diesel, and brings him outside, he Avalanches him on the apron. Meanwhile all the lumberjacks are brawling. Mable then bodyslams and legdrops him. Mable sends him back in to Sid. Thus the worst Summerslam main event is setup. Sid kicks Diesel to the gut. Sid gets an uppercut on Diesel followed by a big boot for a two count. Sid then goes into resthold #532. Crowd chants for Diesel. Sid powerbombs Diesel, and starts to give everyone high five. Silly Sid. He covers him, and Diesel kicks out. Diesel back body drops out of Sidís powerbomb attempt. The faces are hitting the mat to get Diesel up, so Sid goes outside and starts to brawl with the face lumberjacks during his title match, once again proving Sid is The Biggest Idiot in Wrestling. Now Shawn hits Sid with a plancha, thus setting up the first taped RAW match where the results were given on Nitro. Diesel is about to go for a powerbomb, but a bunch of wacky cartoony heels comes in and get knocked out of the ring. Diesel then fucks up a big boot on Sid and covers him for the win. Match was okay for the first five minutes, but it went downhill after AIR NASH as the lumberjacks became too involved, the psychology of them putting themselves in harms way during a title match was dumb, and Nash blew the finish. *1/2
WINNER: and still WWF World Champion Diesel at 10:33

-Highlight Package similar to the one see at the top of the show plays now with footage from the show.

Comments: It was an alright show. Nothing in the negative star region, though Iím sure there could be an argument for Diesel-Sid. It was a nice quick paced WWF PPV at two hours. It was 1995 and cartoony land in the WWF. Seriously did they ever think of just having a...wrestler. I would say get it or view it if you havenít seen Michaels-Jarrett, plus you can see the Roadie-Kid match. Maybe watch it on a rainy day.

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