February 5, 2007
Frank Koenen

WWF Prime Time Wrestling
April 20, 1987

-Ah it’s time to review an episode of Prime Time Wrestling from April 20, 1987. I wonder if this is going to be one of those special holiday episodes of Prime Time. Are Gorilla & Bobby going to fish bowl the studio? Read on!

Your Studio Hosts are Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

-Gorilla and Bobby chit chat to open the show about Bobby’s anniversary on the show being next week.

1) Honky Tonk Man vs. George “The Animal” Steele
Bruno Sammartino and Jesse Ventura are the announcer for this “match” from The Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV (3/21/87)

Steelee chases Honky around and Honky bails. Honky reenters the ring and does a little dance. Honky is getting insane heat for a cheesy midcard comedy act. Steele again goes after Honky, and again he bails out of the ring. We do it one more time, and Steele chases him outside and back in the ring. He bails another time, and Steele chases him outside, and FINALLY Honky attacks Steele. It took three minutes for the two to get contact. Steele gets caught in the ropes and Honky takes advantage laying in some shots. Steele comes back and performs a couple of power moves on Honky. Steele then goes after Jimmy Hart outside. Steele is then counted out. Wow, someone must of been celebrating 4-20 to feature this match on TV. What the hell was the point of this? It had no action and neither man looked good. This one was really bad. -**
WINNER: Honky Tonk Man at 4:18 by count-out

-Gorilla and Bobby argue the validity of Honky’s win and go to a break.

-We go to Update with Craig DeGeorge about Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake says Adonis is a walking waste disposal and had his haircut coming at WrestleMania III. Beefcake says he’s not afraid of taking on all of the New Dream Team (Dino Bravo, Greg Valentine, Johnny V).

-Gorilla and Bobby talk about Ken Patera. Gorilla says that Bobby should have been the one to go to jail and not Patera. WTF? I don’t remember Heenan throwing a boulder through a Wisconsin McDonalds window.

-Part III of the Ken Patera Story. Gene describes the story of Patera and the McDonalds. We then cut to Ken Patera. He says that he takes full blame, and shouldn’t have been associated with Bobby Heenan. Jesus, was it Bobby’s idea to beat up a bunch of cops? When we come back to the studio, Gorilla again blames Heenan. Heenan goes off about being blamed, I don’t blame him.

2) Outhouse Jack vs. The Raider
Gorilla and Bobby call the “action” from the Ohio Center in Columbus, OH (3/11/87)

The Raider attacks Outhouse from behind. They exchange blows, poorly. Outhouse bodyslams Raider for a two count. Raider and Outhouse continue to exchange blows. Gladiator hits a snapmare! A wrestling move! Back to Raider punching, and then Outhouse. Outhouse hits his boomerang clotheslines for win. Total wrestling moves- 2. Short enough (though it sure felt longer) to not be negative stars. DUD
WINNER: Outhouse Jack at 1:30

-Gene Okerlund interview Koko B. Ware about Danny Davis. Nothing much is said here, just a pretty decent standard interview.

3) Moondog Spot vs. B. Brian Blair
Gorilla Monsoon & Mean Gene call the action from the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland (7/20/85)

JIP. They really digged in the dumpster to find this one and it shows. Blair atomic drops Spot. Blair has a hammerlock on Spot. Spot hits Blair in the face with an elbow to get out, but Blair bodyslams Spot. Blair locks on an armbar, and takes him down with a fireman’s carry. Spot backs up Blair in the corner, and headbutt him in the chest. Blair locks on another arm bar. The crowd seems to be getting restless. Blair switches to a hammerlock and rolls over Spot for a nearfall. Blair uses a half nelson to turn Spot over again into a pinning predicament. Still in the armbar. Spot reverses it. Holy crap, something happened! Joy! Blair goes over the top of Spot to get out. Spot catches Blair with a knee. Spot hits a flying forearm from the second rope. Spot rams Blair’s head into the turnbuckle a couple of times. Spot hits Blair with a reverse atomic drop. Spot is actually getting a babyface reaction now. Knee drop by Spot for another nearfall. Spot slaps on the chinlock. Blair gets a high crossbody for a nearfall. Then Spot gets something for a nearfall of his own. We go to a break. Back from the break, Spot has a chinlock on Blair. Blair starts to fight out, but Spot yanks the hair and he back on the mat. YAWN. This chinlock has been on for about 60 minutes. God and people wonder why Meltzer was so hard on the WWF at the time. Maybe it’s because *gasp* they really sucked balls sometimes. Finally something happens when Blair gets a jawjacker on Spot. They start trading fists. Blair clotheslines Spot. He drops a couple of elbows for a nearfall. Blair goes up top and hits a sunset flip from the top. God what a terrible, boring match. I like guys in submission holds, but when your doing nothing for about ten minutes, then it becomes a rest hold. -*
WINNER: B. Brian Blair at 15:09

-Gene Okerlund interviews Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation. They talk about Danny Davis being a crooked referee. Bret claims that he is a good guy who works with the Cub Scouts. Neidhart says he was a security guard who let some kids go after stealing candy. They call the British Bulldogs a bunch of has-beens.

-Bobby introduces “the only decent part of this program” (so far I would say a kick in the pants would be decent compared to what’s been on today’s show), Fuji Goes to Hollywood. First there is a shot of Don Muraco and Mr. Fuji standing outside Mann’s Chinese Theater talking about how they will make their big break. The Wonder Twins go to some Jewish Hollywood agent. (I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch the last name, but I know it ended in -stein) Muraco introduces the two as “wrestlers, actors, directors, producers, and cartoon stars.” I wish I could do that. They go through their credentials of “Fuji General” and “Fuji Bandito.” They show the agent one of their shows and he laughs at it and shows them out. The two then go to a park and talk. Muraco decides they should shop around the things they shot, but they can’t get in anywhere because they don’t have an appointment. Muraco says they have been to MGM, Paramount, etc. Probably should have tried the Lion’s Gate, they love all that crap. They try one more studio and try bribing the security guard. Muraco and Fuji decide to crash the taping of Hulk Hogan’s cartoon. I’m guessing it’s for the wraparound segments. Mean Gene is there, and he says that there’s no room for them on the show that week. The producer or director or best boy or maybe the key grip suddenly has an idea for them. They read a fan letter sent in to Muraco & Fuji (to Hulk Hogan’s show?) and gives them a present. A book entitled “Helpful Tips for Bad Actors.” I can hear the slide whistle now. The segment mercifully ends.

-Craig DeGeorge interviews Miss Elizabeth. Elizabeth says Randy is despondent over losing the IC title.

-Ricky Steamboat gives an interview from his house with his wife Bonnie present. Oh shit, I mean Richard Blood gives an interview from what is now probably Bonnie’s house, with the succubus present. They make the announcement that the succubus is pregnant, which ironically may have lead to the end of Blood’s IC title reign. Blood says Savage will not take his title back.

-Craig DeGeorge interviews Randy Savage. Savage says that he’s going to take the belt back.

-Gorilla brings in a cake to celebrate Bobby’s first anniversary on the show. Cake on a wrestling show. So how long until Heenan’s face goes into it? The cake has a weasel on it, which the Brain does not appreciate.

4) Elimination Match: Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, & Billy Jack Haynes vs. Paul Orndorff, Adrian Adonis, & Hercules Hernandez (w/Bobby Heenan)
Gorilla Monsoon calls the action from the Garden in Boston, MA. (3/7/87)

It’s a pier six brawl to begin and all guys go at it in the ring. Hogan throws Adonis into Hercules. Crowd is way into Roddy and he wants Adonis in the ring. Hogan starts with Hercules. Hercules gets a knee to the midsection, and then Hogan reverses a whip and clotheslines Hercules in the corner. Hogan tags Billy Jack, who stomps Hercules in the corner. He gets a knee lift on Hercules. Hercules tags in Orndorff. Haynes gets a high crossbody on Orndorff for a two count. Haynes armdrags Orndorff then locks on a head scissors. Orndorff headlocks Haynes then tags Adonis. Adonis hits a shoulder block. Haynes back body drops Adonis then gives him a bodyslam and tags in Roddy. Adonis immediately tags in Orndorff. We end up going to a break. Back from the break, they do a test of strength. Orndorff gets Piper on his knees, but Piper fights out and tags in Hogan. Hogan gets an armringer on Orndorff and yanks his arm over the top rope. Hogan tags in Haynes. Piper flips off Adonis in a funny spot. Steve Austin ripped him off! Hercules is tagged in, and begins to work over Haynes. He rams Haynes head into the turnbuckle. He tries it again, but Billy Jack does it himself, and starts chopping away. Hercules reverses a whip and gets a clothesline. Adonis is tagged in, and he hits an elbow on Haynes. He then starts to work over Haynes’ leg. Adonis goes over and gives Piper a cheap shot. Adonis bodyslams Haynes. Adonis hits an atomic drop, but Haynes gets close enough to make a tag to Piper. Piper starts laying in left and rights on Adonis. It turns again into a pier six brawl and everybody goes outside. Piper and Adonis are both counted out at 11:25. Adonis hits Piper with a chair. Piper refuses to leave and sits in the chair in the ring until he gets Adonis. Adonis leaves, and Hogan raises Piper’s hand in what was thought to be his last match in the Boston Garden. We then go to a break. Orndorff distracts Hogan with a chair and Hercules jumps him from behind. They start to work over Hogan. Orndorff is in and starts dropping elbows on Hogan. But a couple of elbows miss, Hogan knocks the heels heads together. Orndorff gets back in control. Orndorff drops a elbow to Hogan’s midsection. Hercules holds Hogan for Orndorff, but Hogan ducks and Orndorff nails Hercules then gets rolled up by Hogan and pinned at 15:26. Orndorff continues attacking Hogan after being eliminated. Hercules pins Haynes after a small package at 16:23. Hercules puts Hogan in a torture rack, he puts him down, then covers for two. It’s Up Chuck time as Hogan makes his big comeback. He rams Hercules head into the turnbuckle. Hogan hits a clothesline followed by a legdrop for the pin. This was a pretty fun match. ***
WINNERS: Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, & Billy Jack Haynes at 18:04

-Monsoon and Heenan close the show about ready to eat the cake. Someone from the bakery calls telling them the cake is full of baking soda instead of flower. Heenan doesn’t believe it and goes in to get a better smell. Suddenly Jack Tunney calls and Gorilla knocks Heenan’s face into the cake.

Comments: The last match saved it, the rest of it was shit. Even if you were celebrating 4-20, you would have had a tough time enjoying this show until the last match. I’m guessing they put on a pretty weak show because they knew people would stay in to watch Hogan’s match, no matter how shitty it got. Well it got pretty shitty. If you see this on 24/7, fast forward to the end, believe me. Now after this 4-20 episode of Prime Time, I need to smoke a bowl to forget this crappy show.

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