Have a product or service you want to direct market to wrestling fans? Let The History of customize an advertising campaign to your needs.

Why advertise with this website?

The History of has a loyal worldwide fanbase following that visits the site day after day and spends hours at a time scouring through results and reviews that took the better part of 10 years to compile. Once readers are on the site, they stay on the site.

Our Facebook following, as of January 2011, numbers at more than 7,000 spanning the US, England, Canada, South America, Australia, and dozens of other countries.

The website has received praise from and is frequented by many in the business, including those in Stamford, CT.

The History of has conducted interviews with several legendary names in the industry. That includes a 36-minute interview with Tully Blanchard that was downloaded more than 300 times within the first 48 hours it was online.

Who should I contact?

E-mail Editor and Webmaster Graham Cawthon for more information at

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