September 3, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair Ė (Raw, 6/27/05)
Shawn got his win back the previous night at Vengeance from Angle in another 25 minute MOTYC. Now Flair gets to face an angry and defeated Kurt Angle. They trade headlocks and it looks like our video gets screwed up for a moment. Flair WOOS and backdrops Angle to the floor. Back in, Flair chain wrestles Angle down to the mat with a hammerlock. Angle easily counters into an Oklahoma roll where he can slap Flair around. Flair KNOWS he canít outwrestle Angle at this point in his life and goes to the cheap tricks to punish Angle. That just serves to piss off Angle as they go to the floor again. Flair smashes Angleís face on the steps, but gets led into an overhead suplex. COMMERCIALS! We come back to see Angle grabbing a keylock on Flair. Backdrop on Flair gets two. STF is applied, but Flair BITES his way out and continues to bite on Angleís thumb when heís completely free of the hold. Back to the floor, Flair chops away and then walks right into a backdrop. In the ring, Flair chops back and hits the Rolling Knee Drop. He heads up top and gets caught for a superplex, but winds up tripping and collapsing to the floor. Whoops. Back in, DOWN COME THE STRAPS for the ANGLE SLAM, which gets 1-2-NO! Angle grabs an ANKLELOCK, but then Flair applies the TESTICULAR CLAW! That leaves Angle stunned for a chop block and the FIGURE-FOUR! Angle makes the ropes and tries for a series of Germans, but Flair low-blows out of a second suplex! Flair hits a signature suplex for two. He chops some more and delivers a shinbreaker, but Angle NO-SELLS and heel trips Flair for the ANKLELOCK! Flair crawls to the ropes, but Angle brings him to the center of the ring and grapevines the leg for the sure fire submission victory. (17:09) You have to love Flair reaching into his bag of dirty tricks to beat the much more viral Kurt Angle. At this point, who hasnít Angle beaten in the WWE? ***ľ

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