March 18, 2005
Louis Izzo

WWE Smackdown!
March 17th, 2005
Taped from Savannah, GA

- Backstory: This is Jannetty pretty much being a pawn move for the Shawn Michaels/Kurt Angle feud for Wrestlemania XXI (which will suck according to the lineup, in my opinion), where Angle stated that he would accomplish in four weeks what Shawn Michaels would in his entire career. On the March 10th, 2005 episode of Smackdown, Angle defeated some local "hero" in an obviously silly Ladder Match, then after the match, declared he would beat fight Marty Jannetty on March 17th. On the March 14th episode of Raw, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty reunited for 1 night only in a Rockers Reunion, and beat La Resistance in easy fashion, even giving Jannetty the pinfall. Originally everyone probably thought Angle would win this match in a cake walk, but after seeing his performance on Raw, will that be the same?

- Marty Jannetty vs. Kurt Angle:
I must say first, that Jannettyís ring attire just looks bad considering the times and the promotion. I guess thatís what happens when you sell off your old Rocker attire and have "Independent Company" gear instead. Oh well, it's not the clothes that make a good match, but how talented the men in the match are and how well they can gel together. Before the match, Angle says he is going to make Jannetty tape, then we get footage from Raw where "The Rockers" destroyed La Resistance in about six minutes. Marty chant from the crowd as the match starts. Lockup goes into the corner, and Angle with a surprisingly clean break, but with a shit eating grin on his face. Lockup #2, and Angle with a hammerlock. Jannetty reverses, and Angle takes Jannetty down with a firemanís carry. Jannetty counters a headlock with a head scissors, but Angle escapes, only to miss an elbow drop. Angle blocks a piledriver and applies a wristlock. Irish whip and Jannetty with a hip toss. angle mule kicks Jannetty down, but he kips up back into a neutral position. Marty chant starts up once again as the two lockup. Angle with a standing side headlock into a takeover. Irish whip to escape, but Angle takes Jannetty down with a shoulder block and takes him over with another headlock. Jannetty escapes momentarily with a modified crucifix pinning combination for a two count, but Angle turns it back into the headlock. Both men up to their feet, and Angle drops Marty with a shoulder block. Criss cross and Jannetty with a deep arm drag into an armbar. Jannetty with a knee into the elbow of Angle, and reapplies the armbar. Jannetty turns the move into a wristlock, but Angle takes Jannetty down with a modified takedown/firemanís carry, but Jannetty works over the arm once more. Angle with another clean break in the corner. Angle with a boot to the midsection, and he applies a front facelock, into a takeover for a two count. Jannetty escapes into a go-behind hammerlock, but Angle snapmares to escape. Angle applies a reverse chinlock, but Jannetty escapes and applies another hammerlock, then applies an armbar. Angle dumps Jannetty over the top rope, but he head scissors Angle out of the ring and skins the cat back in. Jannetty with a modified baseball slide, and he comes off the top rope with a double axehandle! Damn it, we have to go to a commercial break...

[Commercial Break]

We come back from the commercial, and Angle has Jannetty grounded with a reverse bear hug, and he turns it into a pin attempt for a two count. Angle floats over for another two count as Instant Replay shows Angle throwing Jannetty into the ring post (with oversell of course). Jannetty tries fighting free with elbows to the side of the head, but runs into a knee for a two count. Angle with an overhead suplex into a cover for another two count. Angle hammers away on the back of Jannetty, and connects with a back breaker for a two count once again. Angle applies a body scissors and pulls on the face of Jannetty. Angle keeps the hold applied, and applies a modified chinlock as well. Jannetty starts fighting free of the body scissors, and escapes the chinlock with a jaw breaker. Irish whip is reversed, and Angle connects with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Jannetty escapes with an arm drag takeover! Jannetty hammers away on Angle in the corner, and sends him to the corner, but misses a charge. Angle connects with a German suplex, but that only gets a series of two counts. Angle applies a front waistlock and applies a modified neck wrench but soon releases that portion of the hold. Jannetty escapes into a cover for two, but Angle turns it over and applies a modified cradle combination for a two count of his own. Angle turns the hold into a rear waistlock and then turns it into a rear chinlock while adding pressure into the lower back of Jannetty with his knee. Angle applies an underhook armbar and turns it into another pin attempt for two. Angle with a standing waistlock, but Jannetty escapes with a series of elbows and chops. Irish whip is reversed, but Jannetty connects with a DDT to put both men down for the moment. Jannetty with a series of roundhouse rights into the ropes. Irish whip, and Angle ducks a clothesline, but Jannetty bounces back with a diving back elbow. Charge into the corner, but Angle boots Jannetty in the face, but then runs into a spinning heel kick! Jannetty with mounted punches in the opposite corner of the ring, but Angle escapes, only to have it turned into a hurricanrana! Jannetty goes to the top rope, and comes off with a cross body press, but Angle reverses for a two count! Angle with a go behind and takes Jannetty down with a German suplex! Angle pulls the straps down and tries for the Angle Slam, but Jannetty escapes and rolls Angle up for two! Clothesline is ducked, but Angle tries for the Ankle Lock! Jannetty counters with a spinning kick to the chest, then rolls up Angle for a very close two count. Angle sweeps the leg up Jannetty and applies the Ankle Lock, but he rolls it into the corner, sending Angle crashing into the turnbuckles! Jannetty goes for the Rocker Dropper, but Angle with a takedown, and applies the Ankle Lock again! Jannetty tries kicking off, but Angle holds on. Jannetty tries once again, but Angle turns it around and grapevines the leg! Jannetty tries fighting free of the hold, but the pain is just too much, and he taps out at 17:56, giving Angle the victory. ****

Holy crap... I did NOT expect the match to be this well booked. The first portion of the match was very well done with lots of great chain wrestling and smart counters. Then it went into smart ground work from Angle while Jannetty fought off every chance he could. Then it evolved once more into a very heated exchange of moves and counters, until Angle was able to hook the grapevine Ankle Lock, forcing Jannetty to tap out of after doing anything he could to escape. One of my favorite TV matches so far in 2005, and if anything, this shows Jannetty, in his mid-40's, still has fire in him to be a good performer in the WWE. If people like VISCERA can get a paid for appearance contract, so should Jannetty.

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