August 21, 2011
Alexander Settee

Anarchy Rulz 1999, September 19, 1999, Odeum Sports & Expo Center, Villa Park, IL
Announcers: Joey Styles & Cyrus

The show opens with Masato Tanaka arriving at the building and being interviewed about his Title shot tonight. Jeff Jones interrupts and says Tanaka shouldn't be getting the shot because there are plenty of Americans more deserving, so Tanaka shoves him down into the limo. Jones promises that Tanaka will pay the price and that price will be "Awesome".

We then go to Joey and Cyrus in the ring for the intro. Cyrus proclaims himself the greatest colour commentator of all time and promises to make Joey a star. Joey is disgusted, so he throws to the opening video.

Opening Match: Lance Storm (w/Dawn Marie) vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn is sporting some taped up ribs courtesy of the Impact Players so he's coming back for revenge here tonight. The feeling out process leads to Lynn getting a headscissors and moving into working a headlock. Storm escapes, but Lynn puts him out to the floor with a springboard dropkick. Storm catches him coming in, but Lynn quickly takes over again. Storm finally gains control with a hotshot and works in a dropkick and handspring elbow. Lynn gets a flurry in which Storm cuts off with a lowblow which gets 2. Lynn manages to take it back to the floor and nails a dive off the top. Back in he gets a missile dropkick for 2. He then retailiates with a low blow of his own and tries the cradle piledriver, but Storm escapes and they go into a pinfall reversal sequence that sees each guy get multiple 2 counts, and culminates with Lynn getting a German for another 2. Storm hits the Superkick and collapes into a weird cover as the ref doesn't even realize it's a cover. It does get 2 in the end, as does an inverted DDT. Dawn Marie hands Storm a chair which he wedges in the ropes, but Lynn reverses the whip. They fight up top and Lynn sunset flips him for 2 with Marie breaking the pin up. Lynn tries using the chair, which is countered, but he counters the counter and hits a DDT on it for yet another 2, with Marie putting Storm's foot on the ropes. Lynn then misses a charge and hits the post ribs first, which finally gives Storm the opening to work them over. Lynn counters a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and hits a Stunner for 2. He follows with a rana for 2 again, but is in so much pain to the point where Storm knees him in the ribs again and pins him with a three quarter nelson at 16:38. This was a really good match to start things off here, and though the finish was kind of anti-climactic, and clearly no one expected it to be the finish, it did fit within the story of the match so that's fine. ***1/2

Out comes Simon Diamond in need of a tag team partner. He invites Tom Marquez into the ring, but sadly he didn't say "Simon Says" so Tom has to sit back down. Jazz comes out, but he wants nothing to do with her, noting that all women in wrestling are useless. She shoves him, so he sics Marquez on her (and this time Simon does say so) and apparently we have a match.

Jazz vs. Tom Marquez
Marquez hits her with a powerslam, but makes the mistake of standing over her with his legs open and takes the testicular claw. She then hits the Jazz Stinger and has the match won, but Tony Devito pulls the ref out at 2 and then he and Diamond double team her. This match just ends I guess at 0:53. DUD Nova and Chris Chetti make the save and clear the ring which immediately leads into the next match.

Simon Diamond & Tony Devito vs. Nova & Chris Chetti
Nova hits a pescado on both guys on the floor and then starts working Diamond over. Devito hits a low blow and takes over including a sloppy powerbomb. Diamond comes in with a couple of suplexes. We see that Chetti is down on the floor and the trainers are working on him so he must have gotten hurt legit in that brawl. Devito then botches a urinage and now out comes Danny Doring, Roadkill, and Miss Congenality to attack Diamond which results in the match being thrown out around 4:00 or so. DUD

After disposing of Diamond they turn their attention to Jazz and set her up for a second rope splash by Roadkill, but that draws out a bunch of goofballs to put a stop to it. This of course triggers another brawl, and that cues up New Jack with his can full of weapons and he kills everyone, including Rod Price getting shot multiple times with a staple gun and then getting killed with a guitar.

Little Guido (w/Big Sal) vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy
They all trade stuff early on. Guido and Tajiri seemingly form an alliance, but Tajiri kicks him in the face to end that. Guido and Crazy go into the crowd, so Tajiri follows them in with an Asai moonsault. Sal gets involved and powerslams Tajiri, followed by a powerbomb on Crazy. This gives Guido the advantage on both, but it's short lived as Tajiri gets him with a German suplex for 2. Now they go into the crowd and Crazy one ups Tajiri by moonsaulting from the top rope onto them. He then knocks Big Sal off the apron through a table. Tajiri hooks Crazy in the Tarantula, but Guido breaks that up. Crazy works a surfboard into a Dragon sleeper on Tajiri, but lets him go and then he and Guido go at it. Guido ends up tied in the Tree of Woe where Tajiri kicks him, and then Crazy follows with a moonsault and gets the pin at 9:23. So now it's Crazy and Tajiri one on one. They've feuded for much of the year, including two previous PPV matches, but the crowd is still excited about seeing them go. Crazy takes it to him, hitting a sitout powerbomb for 2. He tries it again, but Tajiri counters to a swinging DDT for a 2 of his own. Crazy gets in inverted tornado DDT for a delayed 2, and then tries following with his triple moonsault, but Tajiri gets the knees up and takes over again with his kicks. Next he gets Crazy with a brainbuster and that gets the 3 count at 14:39. This wasn't much of a match, but it was at least a good collection of spots. **

Over to Steve Corino, who had promised a mystery team to challenge for the Tag Team Titles tonight. He says it was supposed to be the Insane Clown Posse, but they got scared over the idea of facing Dreamer and Raven. So Corino steps up himself and announces that he and Rhino will go for the belts tonight.

Justin Credible (w/Jason) vs. Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso)
Sabu had recently been banned from the ring following some petitioning from the Impact Players, but was reinstated in time for tonight. Credible declares that he has a restraining order banning Sabu from the building, which Jim Molineaux looks over and he determines that it's valid. But tonight there is no law and order because Anarchy Rulz so so the match will go on. Bob Artese goes to make the announcement, but Credible cracks him with the Singapore cane. The light go out, and when they come back on Sabu is there. He kills Credible with his usual stuff, which soon spills to the floor where Sabu kills him with a chair. a table gets brought onto the ramp, but Credible takes over and lays him on it, then puts him through it with a splash off the top. Sabu comes back and knocks him into the crowd, then follows with a sommersault plancha off the top rope. Another table gets involved, but Credible gets off before Sabu gets there. But in good time he gets Credible back on there with Fonzie's help and breaks it with two legdrops. Credible is busted open, so Sabu continues killing him. Jason ends up providing enough of a distraction so Credible can hit a superkick for 2. Credible works a camel clutch for a bit, with Sabu eventually reversing to one of his own. Jason tries interfering again, but gets kicked. Credible grabs the cane and lays Sabu out to save Jason from going through a table. The table gets setup in the corner, but not used yet. Credible dropkicks a chair in Sabu's face for 2. Sabu hits a springboard DDT for 2, but then gets cracked with the cane for 2 as well. Credible uses a Stunner and then puts Sabu through the table with a bulldog, but Sabu drops the remains on him and gets 2. Triple jump moonsault hits , followed by a triple jump legdrop, but Credible kicks out again. The crowd heat seems to have disappeared by this point. Credible trips him onto the chair and goes for That's Incredible, but Sabu reverses. That draws Jason in and he nails Sabu with the cane. Fonzie lays Jason out, but Credible re-reverses and gets his piledriver . He covers, but Sabu kicks out at 2 again. Credible avoids the Arabian Facebuster and they fight over That's Incredible again with Credible hitting in the end, on a chair, and that gets the 3 count at 14:06. Credible was a guy they were looking to make into a big deal going forward, so he gets the clean win, much to the shock of pretty much everyone. The match was another spotfest, and not quite as good as the previous one because of Sabu's sloppiness. *1/2

ECW World Title Match: Taz vs. Masato Tanaka
Tanaka is the reigning FMW World Champion and so he comes to America tonight to face Taz for the ECW version. He's been in ECW before on a limited basis, including having held the Tag Team Titles at one point. The crowd is right on Taz with the "You Sold Out" chants as he had just recently signed with the WWF. Did the fans really expect these guys to turn down a shot at the big time when they were given one? Because I'm sure not a single one of them would turn down a chance to change jobs for way more money. What a bunch of clowns. Anyways, Taz grabs the mic and starts issuing a challenge to someone in the crowd who turns out to be Mike Awesome. Joey lets us know that Awesome is here and pissed at Tanaka because ECW has been using footage of his matches against Tanaka to build him up, but it's Taz who calls him out. Paul Heyman comes out to handle the situation with Taz demanding that he allow Awesome into the match. Heyman agrees and now we have a new match:

ECW World Title Match: Taz vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome (w/Judge Jeff Jones)
Tanaka immediately dives on Awesome and they go right at it whie Taz stands by. They finally gang up on him instead, and he holds his own, but the double team ends up being too much in the end. Tanaka hits the Roaring Elbow and Awesome follws with the top rope splash and they both pin him at 2:02. So Taz is out and now it's down to Awesome and Tanaka to determine the new champion. The whole locker room is out on the ramp watching this to stress the importance, which is a really nice touch. Awesome clotheslines him to the floor and follws with a tope. Top rope clothesline gets 2, as does a sitout powerbomb. A table gets set on the floor, but Tanaka slips out of another powerbomb and dropkicks Awesome to the floor. They fight to the ramp where Tanaka runs the entire length of it to hit a chairshot and then he gets a tornado DDT as well. Back in he gets another tonado DDT on a chair for 2, and drops a chair assisted elbow for another nearfall. Now he tries a powerbombo, but it's countered and Awesome bombs him from the ring through the table on the floor. a spinebuster sets up the top rope splash, but Tanaka kick out at 2. Jones throws in a chair and Awesome cracks him on the head three times, but Tanaka does his patented no sell and boots it back in his face. He hits a sommersault stunner, but now Awesome just kicks out at 2. He goes for the Roaring Elbow, but Awesome ducks and hits a German followed by a spear for 2. A top rope chairshot gives him the chance to setup a table. He puts Tanaka on it and goes up, but Tanaka fights back. He goes for a superplex, but Awesome fights it off and hits a top rope Awesome Bomb through the table. That gets the pin and Awesome is the new ECW Champion at 13:49. Taz returns and grabs the belt, which he then presents to Awesome and shakes his hand. Good match here, with tons of heat and even though t may sound like a spotfest from the description, it was really worked much better then the earlier ones as they actually built some heat and set up the dramatic near falls well as opposed to just doing moves. ***1/2

Next we get a Raven pretaped promo from the playground as he recaps his history with Tommy Dreamer from the beginning until he left ECW. Now he's back to give Dreamer's life meaning again, and his first step was, surprisingly, to win the Tag Team Titles with him. Then we go to the ring where Joel Gertner comes out to interview Dreamer about the situation. He says he's not here to cut a babyface promo, but then he goes ahead and cuts a babyface promo anyways promising that he's not going anywhere and basically that he'll fight for the fans of ECW until the day he dies. Steve Corino, accompanied by Rhino and Jack Victory interrupts, and our match gets underway.

ECW Tag Team Title Match: Raven & Tommy Dreamer (w/Francine) vs. Steve Corino & Rhino (w/Jack Victory)
Raven is of course not out here, so Dreamer starst out getting killed by Rhino. He comes back with a necbreaker and stalks Corino, who flees to the back, so he and Francine lay out Victory instead. Back in teh ring he takes it to Rhino, but Rhino gets him with a spinebuster and stomps away. Corino returns with a ladder, but Rhino ends up getting whipped to it. Rhino gets him with a DDT anyways and then he powerslams Francine. Now Raven runs in and DDT's Rhino. The Champions briefly tease going at it, but end up nailing stereo DDT's on Corino and Victory and Dreamer pins Corino to retain at 3:26. Not much to it. DUD

Next we have Axl Rotten out in the ring. He issues a challenge to Mike Awesome, but instead the Impact Players and Johnny Smith come out. Smith will be challenging RVD for the TV Title here next and they tell Axl to get lost or they'll take him out. He attacks, but it's 3 on 1 so he takes a beating. Balls Mahoney and Spike Dudley make the save with Dawn Marie taking an Acid Drop. Balls lays Smith out with a chairshot as they clear the ring. So with Smith gone, Axl challenges RVD to come out and put the Title on the line against Balls instead.

Main Event, ECW Television Title Match: Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso) vs. Balls Mahoney
Balls uses him power advantage to control early on and works him over. RVD workd in some flips here and there and then dropkicks him to the floor. Out there RVD gets whipped to the barrier a couple of times. They go into the crowd where Balls counters the Van Daminator by throwing the chair at him. Back in, Balls hits the chanting punches, follwoed by a suplex, and then he takes it back to the floor with a spin kick. In the crowd again, Balls brings a chair, but this time can't avoid having it kicked in his face. RVD then follws up with a sommersault dive into the crowd. He gets Balls back in teh ring for 2, but then Balls takes over again with a powerslam. He goes up, but RVD kicks him. Balls knock him down and hits a 2nd rope legdrop for 2. Sitout spinebuster sets up Ball going up again and he hits his frog splash, but RVD kicks out at 2. He goes up again, bvut RVD catches him and hits a superplex. He then dropkicks a chair in Balls' face for 2. Rolling Thunder with a chair gets another 2. He tries a monkey flip, but ends up powerbombed on a chair. Balls can't follow up quickly enough though and end up only getting 2. DDT on a chair gets another 2. Next he hits a piledriver, but again RVD kicks out at 2. He hits a superkick and grabs the chair then cracks RVD in the head. He covers, but Fonzie makes the save. Balls stalks him with the chair, but wlaks into a Van Daminator off the top. RVD covers, but Balls kick out. He goes up again and the frog splash connects. Cover, and RVD retains at 19:40. RVD could have good matches with good wrestlers, but Balls doesn't really fit the bill, and I have no idea why Johnny Smith was taken out of the match, as obviously he was here, and didn't appear to be hurt or anything. I know they put this last because they wanted to position RVD as their top guy, but this doens't really stand up as a main event level match. *1/2

Overall Thoughts: Not that great of a show overall, but there were two notably good matches in the opener and the World Title match. However neither of them are so great that you need to go out of your way to see them, so while I'll give the show a Thumbs in the Middle, it's not really anything you need to track down.

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