June 2004
Matt Peddycord

Backlash 2004
April 18, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Rexall Place

Your Hosts are Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

We kick this PPV off promoting the main event. All three men keep saying something about “Lightning in a Bottle”. Whatever that means.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair

This is your basic match where they try and get the new guy over Ric Flair to make him a star, but Flair’s just too old for something that great to happen out of this. Flair’s just looking too old and slow to match up against Benjamin who’s really young and really fast. After some basic stuff in the ring, they head outside and brawl for a bit with Shelton in control and back in they go. Flair draws Shelton into the corner and pokes him in the eyes, followed by a chop. Flair goes up top and we all know the result of this action. Shelton shoots Flair into the ropes but, ahh, Flair’s just too slow and Shelton miss-timed the dropkick. Just kidding. Flair holds onto the ropes while Shelton goes for the dropkick. Flair tries a figure-four, but gets cradled for two. Flair goes to work on the left leg of Shelton. Nothing fancy, just some knee-drops on it and stuff. This time around, Flair gets the figure-four without much trouble only to get it reversed. Flair reverses the pressure back in his favor and just grabs a hold of the ropes just to inflict as much pain as he can before he has to break it up. Back up, Flair just chops him down hard and gets a two count. Flair goes out and gets a chair and brings it in the ring only to get it taken away by the ref. That was odd because nothing really resolved from that. They trade some blows and Shelton does that cool spinning heel kick which is pretty much the high spot of the match. Shelton goes up top and hits a flying clothesline for the pin. * (9:26) No real reaction for Shelton’s win because everyone was all “WOO!” the entire match so you know they didn’t really care about anybody but the ‘Natch even though Flair looked really old and slow which hurt the match a lot. Did I mention he looked old?

Randy Orton interview: Orton talks about being the longest reigning IC Champ in 7 years. Which is really more like 6 ¼ years because for 8 months, the title was extinct back from 10/2002-5/2003! Anyways, Orton keeps talking about how he’ll put Foley into retirement once and for all, and he’s not scared! He also thinks Mick’s an old, sad, toothless dog who needs to be put out of his misery. Ooo! Foley got BURNED!

Coach vs. Tajiri

Coach starts off with an armdrag and they exchange waistlocks. Tajiri tries his kicks, so Coach decides to run away. Tajiri tries a kick on Coach when he’s standing up against the ringpost, but that’s a bad idea because Coach decides to duck as Tajiri kicks the ringpost. Tajiri goes back in the ring, but Coach stays outside and wraps Tajiri’s leg around the post a couple times. Coach gets in the ring and covers for a two count. Coach focuses on the leg. Shinbreaker, followed by a legbar! Coach is all, “You don’t mess with Coach!” Legbar is reversed into a half crab by Tajiri, but Coach makes the ropes. Coach goes for another shinbreaker, but Tajiri flips out of it into a sunset flip for a two count. Coach goes back to the legbar, but Tajiri uses his leg that’s free to kick out of it. Coach takes a risk and goes up top, only to get crotched on the top turnbuckle. Tajiri pulls Coach across the turnbuckles into a tree of woe position and delivers a running dropkick to the back of Coach’s head! OH SNAP! That gets a 2 count! Tajiri with a handspring elbow, followed up by a front dropkick. A series of kicks and punches sends Coach into the corner. Tajiri tries a monkey flip, but Coach shrugs it off. He rolls up Tajiri for a two count. Coach thinks he’s won the match, but no sirree! Coach goes after Tajiri again and gets the Tarantula. Tajiri has Coach set up for the Tajiri Kick, but Garrison Cade just HAD to be on PPV so he nails Tajiri in the back of the head, which allows Coach to roll up Tajiri for the pin. * (6:28) Sounds like the ingredients for a “CRAP” match, but it actually wasn’t too bad and Coach gave it a good effort.

We see that Triple H is here-ah!

Y2J/Christian & Trish Build-Up Video -

Christian & Trish vs. Chris Jericho- Handicap Match

JR & King talk about Trish and her cleavage which is funny because JR says, “Have you seen a woman’s breasts before?!” to King. Guess ya had to hear it for yourself because it was FUNNY! Jericho chases Trish around the ring to start. The “Slut” chant starts up almost immediately and it is LOUD! Jericho begins to pound away on Christian. Jericho suplex gets two. Now Christian goes after Jericho, but gets tossed outside for his efforts. Christian tries to get back in the ring, but Jericho nails him with the springboard dropkick. “YEAH BABY!” Jericho goes after Christian and Jericho beats down on him on the outside and brings him back in the ring. Jericho goes up for a reverse elbow off the top for a two count. Jericho “inadvertedly” knocks Trish off the apron while running the ropes. Jericho gets nailed to the floor and Christian follows up with a suplex onto the safety barricade by Christian. Back into the ring they go, Christian tags in Trish and Christian holds Jericho as Trish SLAPS Jericho three or four times, followed by a high kick. Trish tags out and Christian goes for a reverse chinlock. “Y2J” chant starts up as Jericho fights out of the hold. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Christian kicks him off into the corner, which sends Jericho down headfirst in Christian’s balls. Jericho rolls up Christian for two. Flashback by Jericho gets two. Northern Lights suplex gets a two count. Christian whips him into his corner, which allows Trish to slap Jericho. Christian nails a nice elevated inverted DDT out of the corner that gets two. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho on Christian, but Trish tries to break it up only to get caught by Jericho and spanked for her troubles for being a bad, bad girl. Christian gets the Unprettier and tags in Trish, but she only can get a two count out of it. Christian tags back in and only gets a two. Trish comes back in the ring and just gets DECKED with a clothesline from Jericho and then, Jericho & Christian do a double-team clothesline. Everybody’s down! Jericho and Christian exchange blows. Jericho gets a flying forearm, which leads to a Bossman straddle. Bulldog by Jericho, but Christian gets the knees up when Jericho tries a Lionsault. Texas Cloverleaf by Christian! I love that move! Jericho powers out of it and applies the Walls of Jericho! He lets go of it and puts it on Trish instead! Christian rolls up Jericho out of that for two. Christian goes for the Unprettier by Jericho ain’t having it! Enzuigiri by Jericho! Jericho wins! **** (11:11) I thought this was a VERY entertaining match and although their WM XX match was great, I predicted the Trish heel turn before the match even started. This match had the entertainment aspect, and their WM XX match was more of a wrestling match. I couldn’t complain about this feud even if I wanted to.

Eugene’s checking out the latest Diva’s Magazine as he wonders into the women’s locker room. Molly & Gail Kim are in there so let’s everybody SCREAM!

They show a montage of Benoit being honored in his hometown of Edmonton.

Chris Benoit is in the arena as WWE stars applaud him entering the Rexall Place!

WWE Women’s Champion Victoria vs. Lita Lita’s Titantron is very weird to me and she DEFINITELY cannot sing. But that’s just my opinion. Lita hits some armdrags to start off this match. They lock up and fall to the floor, but that leads nowhere as they just get back in the ring. They trade a sloppy near-fall pin sequence. Victoria gets a slam and a gyrating standing moonsault, which was totally not appealing to me. Victoria goes for a reverse chinlock which leads to a snap suplex for a two count. Victoria tries a surfboard which leads to a fireman’s carry. Lita reverses it into a headscissors as Lita tries a comeback. But Lita tries to put us all asleep and tries a sleeper hold on Victoria. Thankfully, Victoria gets to the ropes. Victoria hits that fireman’s carry-side slam move she was trying earlier for a two count. Victoria goes up and tries a moonsault that sort of misses. Lita rolls up Victoria for a two count. Lita hits a Twist of Fate for two. Lita tries the Twist of Fate again, but Victoria rolls her up for the win. CRAP (7:27) Lita REALLY sucks as this whole match was sloppy and dull. Gail & Molly come out and beat on both Victoria and Lita for having such a crappy match, I’m sure.

Orton/Foley Build-up Video. Foley’s one tough son-of-a-gun who’s gonna HURT Orton…and he’s gonna love doing it too!

WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley - No Holds Barred

Orton brings a trashcan full of weapons including a dinky 2X4 wrapped in barb wire. Mick just brings “Barbie” with him. He’s also in Cactus Jack attire tonight! UHH OHH RANDY! Cactus threatens Orton with Barbie as Orton holds up a trashcan to avoid getting hit with it. This causes Orton to bail outside, but he can’t escape Foley tonight because he’s coming right after him. They fight over Barbie for a bit and Mick wins. Orton grabs his trashcan and destroys it over Foley’s head a couple times. Orton tries to run at Mick, but Foley gets his boot up and catches him in the jaw. Mick nails Orton with the trashcan. Back in, the usual from Foley, a choke, kneelift, legdrop which gets two. Mick baseball slides into Orton, sending him crashing to the floor which is followed up by a neckbreaker from Mick. Foley goes up top, but Orton runs away before Cactus can take the plunge. Foley follows Orton up the rampway only to get backdropped on it. Kinda scary to hear King thinks that’s so funny. Orton with a backslide for two. Orton just slams Foley’s head back down onto the rampway for another two. Orton then takes Foley to the steps. Back in the ring, Orton gets Barbie only and tries to harm Foley with it, but only to get low-blowed for trying. Here comes SOCKO! But the Barbie chant is too loud for Foley to ignore it, so he chooses to play with Barbie instead. Foley runs at Orton with Barbie as Orton has began to bleed! Foley drops an elbow along with the bat onto Orton’s face. Foley takes Orton into the corner and pounds away, which leads to a running knee to Orton’s face. Cactus grinds Barbie into Orton’s forehead as Orton looks TOTALLY freaked out here. Awesome. Mick does some more awesome stuff and just legdrops Orton between the legs, only Barbie happened to get in the way and it was really ugly. Foley goes under the ring and pulls out a gasoline can and begins to pour gas all over Barbie! He’s got a lighter too! Bischoff is out immediately and tells Foley if he lights Barbie, the fire marshal will shut this show down. So Mick decides not to do it. Instead, he nails Orton with a HUGE cookie sheet. Foley goes under the ring again and pulls out a sheet of plywood with A LOT of barb-wire stapled to it and he takes it into the ring. Orton surprises us all and throws powder in Mick’s face! Orton slams Mick onto the barbed wire! But that only gets two! Orton sets it up in the corner, and two whip-reversals later, Foley is sent into the barbed wire again! Mick’s arm is all bloody now! After all that, Orton goes over and pulls out a sack of thumb tacks and pours them all over the center of the ring. Orton tries an RKO but Foley shrugs him off onto the tacks! THAT WAS CRAZY! Orton, thriving in pain, slowly rolls out and goes up the rampway, but Mick goes after him and he aint done with him yet! Foley tosses Orton off the stage and through a table! Can you IMAGINE what that feels like to fly off a stage through a table? Not to mention you are falling on your back that has about a hundred THUMBTACKS STUCK TO IT! The refs try and restrain Mick, but no way. Mick flies off the stage and drops an elbow onto Orton gets a two count?! AWESOME! After a half of a minute of understandable resting, they head back into the ring. Foley hits a double-arm DDT that just gets a two count?! Oh, COME ON! Orton rolls outside and gets Barbie and bashes Mick in the face with it which opens up Mick! Orton hits him across the back a couple times! Orton tries to hit him again, but gets a Mandible Claw instead! Orton counters out of it with a low blow which follows up to an RKO! But he only gets two! RKO onto Barbie! Maybe that’ll do it! YES IT WILL! **** (23:03) Awesome brawl, bad finish.

John Cena Word Life DVD ad! Boo

Triple H congratulates Orton on his big win, and is then stopped by some interview guy named Todd. Triple H says, “Don’t bet against the Game!”

La Resistance vs. Hurricane & Rosey

Hurricane and Rob Conway start it off and they trade some basic moves. Hurricane gets a headscissors takedown. Rosey comes in and they double-team La Resistance. Hurricane goes up top and gets a swinging neckbreaker off the top for even having such a crazy idea as going to the top rope. Grenier gets tagged in. Sideslam gets a two. Grenier puts Hurricane in a bear hug as Eugene makes his way down the aisle. Rosey gets a tag and he clotheslines and side slams La Resistance. Meanwhile, Eugene plays with the Quebec flag. Hurricane leaps onto La Resistance on the outside. Eugene runs the ropes for his pointless role of the night. Hurricane & Conway back in and the Eye of the Hurricane wins it. CRAP (5:09) Crap is only mildly the word for what my opinion was of this match.

Well what is Shawn Michaels doing here?!

Kane/Edge Buildup video is shown

Kane vs. Edge

The stipulation here was, if Edge uses his cast, he’ll be DQ’ed. The ref is Earl Hebner, but not that it means anything in Canada, right? Edge punches Kane a bunch, and Kane chokes Edge a bunch for the first minute and a half. Edge hits a missile dropkick. Edge goes for a spear, but Kane just leaves and Edge follows. Edge gets his “broken” hand smashed on the steel steps. Back in, Kane hurts Edge’s hand a lot. Kane gets a side slam. But Edge is up and does a spinning heel kick, but then gets a BOOT. Kane goes for his top rope clothesline but Edge ducks it. DDT by Edge which is followed up by a spear attempt that sends Earl scurrying to the outside. This is Edge’s opportunity to nail Kane with the cast without being seen so he does it and spears Kane for the win. CRAP (6:30) I didn’t really miss Edge for him to come back.

Judgment Day ad

Benoit/Triple H/Michaels Buildup

World Champion Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels - Triple Threat Match

Triple H’s crowd reaction was pretty good, Shawn Michaels’ crowd reaction was ALL boo’s as you would expect in Canada, and Chris Benoit’s crowd reaction was HUGE! Benoit gets in the ring and holds the title in both challengers’ faces which was AWESOME. Benoit & Michaels start to double-team Triple H. Triple H gets clotheslined out of the ring as Benoit & Michaels start to chop away at each other. Clothesline by Benoit to Michaels. Triple H is back in as Benoit gets a neckbreaker. Triple H gets a high knee on Michaels. Benoit gets thrown out by Triple H as he slugs away on Michaels in the corner. But Michaels hits an atomic drop on Triple H. Benoit tries to get back in, but is knocked back down outside. Michaels turns around as Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but Michaels gets away just in time. Triple H & Michaels hit each other some more as Benoit runs in and gets Germans on both men! Then they both get chopped down! Michaels takes control and chops at Benoit in the corner, only to get sent out of the ring by Benoit. H comes off the second turnbuckle and Benoit catches him and puts on the Crossface! The moment Benoit sees Michaels come up onto the apron, he lets go of Triple H and knocks down Michaels and goes out after him. He slams Michaels back against the safety wall and then goes up top after Triple H. Triple H catches him on the top rope and he tries a superplex, but Michaels comes up and nails Triple H from behind which makes Benoit fall to the floor. Michaels with an electric chair drop on Triple H that gets two. He punches at HHH, but walks into a Facebuster. Benoit is back up and he heads to the top rope for a Swandive headbutt on Michaels! It gets only two as HHH breaks it up. Triple H is tossed out of the ring by Benoit. The ref gets hit by Michaels when he tries a flying forearm. Triple H comes back in and tries a Pedigree on Benoit that is countered into a Sharpshooter! Benoit lets go as Michaels is back in and applies the Crossface to him! Benoit releases the hold and tries to revive the ref, and then gets put in the Sharpshooter by Michaels. Out comes Earl Hebner as the new ref! OH MY GOSH! The crowd HATES this as Triple H has to break it up before a riot ensues. Shawn starts to take the “You screwed Bret” chants personally. So Benoit puts Michaels in the Crossface to get Michaels even more mad. But Triple H breaks up another submission hold. Triple H DDTs Benoit for two. HHH begins to work Benoit over in the corner as the “You tapped out” chants begin! WOAH THIS IS CROWD IS NUTZ! Benoit comes back with some chops and whips HHH out of the ring. Michaels gets up and clotheslines Benoit for two. Benoit goes out with HHH and Michaels gets so pissed off at these “You Screwed Bret” chants, that he climbs the top turnbuckle and while attempting to jump onto Benoit & HHH, he over does it and lands hard onto the Spanish announce table. Shawn, meet gravity. HHH takes Benoit into the steel steps. Back in they go as HHH pounds away on Benoit. Benoit is sent shoulder first into the ring post, on both sides of the ring and then he hits the floor off the second one. Back in the ring, Triple H applies a camel clutch to Benoit. HHH unloads on Benoit in the corner, only to get dropped jaw-first onto the top turnbuckle. Rolling German suplexes! Benoit goes up for the Swandive, but it misses. Pedigree on Benoit, but Michaels comes out of nowhere to break up the pin. HHH & Michaels slug it out. Michaels hits a flying forearm, and the kip-up. Michaels up top for the elbow on HHH, and he connects! Sweet Chin Music for HHH? Nope, he goes for Benoit instead and knocks him off the apron. Triple H gets a low blow on Michaels for two. HHH then goes for a Pedigree on Michaels, but gets backdropped to the floor where he finds his trusty sledgehammer hiding underneath the ring. As Michaels goes over to beat on Benoit, HHH nails him in the back with it. Benoit pulls HHH out of the ring to the floor, but gets thrown into the steps again. HHH goes for a Pedigree onto the steps but Benoit counters and catapults HHH into the ring post. The impact then sends him into the front row! Benoit goes back into the ring. Michaels tries for Sweet Chin Music, but Benoit counters and locks in the SHARPSHOOTER! HHH tries to crawl back in to break up the hold, but it’s too late! SHAWN MICHAELS TAPS OUT! (30:07) ***** HUUUGE POP! Anytime you have two of your top guys in the company being Benoit’s beeyotches for 30 minutes is a definite five-star classic from me. Although it was pretty obvious that if Benoit didn’t walk out of Edmonton as the World Champion, there was going to be trouble, so you had to know he would retain. In any event, Benoit celebrates with the Canadian flag as we fade out.

Final Thoughts: The matches that sold the PPV were AWESOME, the rest was just killing time in between the good stuff. You should definitely get this PPV, I totally recommend it!

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