March 1, 2006
Matt Peddycord

Breakdown 1998
September 27, 1998
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Copps Coliseum

We’re LIVE from CA-NA-DA! Your hosts are JR & King!

The theme of the night is Vince’s “Master Plan” of getting the title off of Stone Cold. This is plan #59084809, and if this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will! Here is the one and only WWF Breakdown PPV!

Edge vs. Owen Hart

This was Edge’s singles PPV debut, and how nice is it to know you’re facing one of the BEST EVER. Owen at this point seemed to just be floating through wrestlers and having decent matches, but not really doing anything of note up until he teamed with Jarrett in ‘99. Both men receive nice face pops. They start off great by trading armbars until they both end up in the corner. Owen whips Edge in the far side corner and tries a monkey flip, but Edge lands on his feet. Edge catches Owen with a drop toehold and goes back to an armbar. Edge gets thrown into the ropes and reverses a hiptoss into a rana. He follows that up by clotheslining Owen out to the floor. Owen thinks he’s avoided a high-risk move from the inside out, but turns around and gets caught with a baseball slide. Edge goes back onto the apron and comes off only to get taken down with a powerslam on the FLOOR! Owen sends Edge back in and catches him with a missile dropkick for a near-fall. He continues on the offense with a gutwrench suplex for another two-count. Owen unloads with a backbreaker, and then is all distracted by the “NUG-GET!” chants! Neckbreaker by Owen gets a two-count. Edge ducks a clothesline, but goes down to the belly-to-belly suplex for two. Owen slaps on a rear chinlock as JR hypes the PPV. Edge elbows out, but a rake of the eyes puts Owen back in control. Edge reverses a whip out of the corner, but eats boot on the other side. Owen with a victory roll for two, but Edge reverses that for a two-count of his own. Owen jumps right up and knocks Edge down with his patented spinning heel kick for another two-count. Owen works Edge over in the corner, but then gets surprised by a crossbody block off the middle turnbuckle for a near-fall. Enzuigiri by Owen, and he goes up top only to get caught for an inverted electric chair drop! Edge gets a flapjack and a swinging neckbreaker for a near-fall. Edge hits a DDT for ANOTHER near-fall. Edge flips out of a belly-to-back, and connects with a northern lights suplex for two. This time, Owen flips out of a vertical suplex and bridges Edge with a German suplex for a two-count. Owen misses a charge into the corner. Owen blocks a superplex and comes off the middle turnbuckle, but Edge gets his legs up. Owen wisely grabs them and tries a SHARPSHOOTER, but Edge counters into an inside cradle for two. Edge hits a spinning heel kick of his own and motions to the crowd. However, we see a strange person at ringside who looks kind of like Edge (it’s Christian). He distracts Edge long enough for Owen to recover and rollup Edge for the three-count. (9:18) There were 13 near-falls in that match. I bet you anything that will be the most near-falls in one match that you’ll see on this card. By the way, this was a solid little match. ***

Too Much vs. Al Snow & Scorpio

If you didn’t already know, Too Much is Too Cool without the hip-hop music and Rikishi. They used the names Scott Taylor (Scotty 2 Hotty) and Brian Christopher (Grandmaster Sexay). They were also just a tad on the gay side IMO. Scorpio saved Al Snow in a beatdown he received from Patterson & Brisco on the Raw before this PPV. I’m guessing it was the start of a long, beautiful relation. Or not. The crowd chant “Head!” because it’s what everybody wants! Scorpio and Taylor kicks things off by trading various basic arm holds until Scorpio spins Taylor around for an atomic drop. Scorpio decks him with a nice spin kick. Taylor flips out of a backdrop and nails an overhead pumphandle slam. Snow and Christopher tag in as the crowd still wants head. Snow hits a shoulderblock, but then popped in the face. Christopher turned his back on Snow and gets caught with his patented multiple headbutts and a clothesline. Taylor tags in and takes a backdrop. Scorpio tags in and nails Taylor with clotheslines in the corner while Snow grabs a chair. Scorpio sets it up for Snow so he can hit Air Snow! Christopher comes in and checks on Taylor, which allows Scorpio to try the same thing on both guys and he proceeds to screw it up. Snow is just walking around ringside because he’s INSANE! Scorpio hits a superkick on Taylor while Snow whiffs on a chair shot to Christopher and hits the ringpost. They brawl on the floor while Scorpio hits a top-rope splash and lifts Taylor up after two. Snow connects with a moonsault off the barricade! Scorpio gets crotched on the top turnbuckle by Christopher as he falls to the floor. Too Much double-team Scorpio like crazy until Snow comes over to stop it. Back in, Christopher tags in for a double-team backdrop. Christopher hits a running bulldog, and then tags in Taylor. Scorpio lands on his feet out of the second double-team backdrop and nails a double dropkick. Snow gets the tag and he cleans house on Too Much by using Head while the ref is busy tending to Scorpio. Snow makes one swing too many and nails Scorpio, but he rises up Head for the crowd anyways and they eat it up. Taylor takes a ball-shot from Head for a near-fall as Christopher breaks up the pin with a guillotine leg drop! Christopher covers Snow as Scorpio leaps in and breaks up the pin. He covers Christopher, but Taylor breaks it up. Taylor turns around and takes the SNOW PLOW for the win. (8:06) What an entertaining mess this was. *½

MICHAEL COLE is standing by with UT & KANE in the locker room. Cole asks them which brother will take the fall to become WWF Champion. Taker says it’s nobody’s business, so let’s just say they’ve come to an understanding. What we’re going to see is not brother against brother, oh no. We’re going to see the total annihilation of one STONE COLD STEVE AUSTINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *eyes roll back in head*

Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline) vs. The Droz

Mero starts off by pounding away on Droz in the corner until Mero comes off the ropes and gets dropped on his face. Droz dropkicks Mero out to the floor and he and Jackie attempt to leave, but Droz comes out after him. They brawl around on the floor for a bit. Back in, Droz gets stomped and then takes a knee-lift. Droz ducks a clothesline and connects with a shoulder tackle. The Droz offense is short-lived however as he gets dumped out onto the floor. Mero hits Droz with a plancha out on the floor! Back in, Droz blocks the left hook twice and hits a weird body block. JR says Droz sleeps with boa constrictors! WHAT A NUT! Inverted atomic drop by Droz is followed up with a powerslam for a near-fall. Mero connects with a clothesline and chokes on Droz with some of his unraveled athletic tape from his hands. While ref Jimmy Koderas tells Mero what he’s doing with the tape, (HE LITERALLY TELLS HIM WHAT HE’S DOING WITH IT LIKE HE DOESN’T KNOW!) Jackie leaps off the top and nails Droz in the head with her HIGH HEEL SHOE! Is this 1996 WCW or just the Russo-era? Mero then hits Droz with some MARVELOCITY (shooting star press) for the win. (5:13) Not too bad, but not too good either. ½*

Michael Cole is standing by with Bradshaw. Bradshaw is all clean-shaved and he’s got a nice haircut. Actually, if he just had his cowboy hat on, he’d look EXACTLY like he does now as JBL! He says, “Vader, It’s survival of the fittest, not survival of the fattest!” Yeah, you fat guy Vader! You’re such a fat fattie. Is that why Bradshaw wants a piece of Vader? Is it because he’s fat?

Vader vs. Bradshaw - No Holds Barred

So Vader is a face here or what? That’s weird. Bradshaw pounds on Vader in the corner. Vader ducks a clothesline and crashes into Bradshaw, sending him down hard. Vader hits a splash for two. Bradshaw comes back and sends Vader out to the floor and he follows out after him. Bradshaw sends Vader into the ringpost and then clotheslines him down. Vader goes head-first into the ring bell and then takes a short-arm clothesline for a near-fall out on the floor. Vader comes back with a short-arm clothesline of his own. He then sends Bradshaw into the steel steps and then weakly hammers the steps into Bradshaw’s back. Back in, Bradshaw fights back with rights and takes Vader down with a belly-to-back suplex. They go back out again and brawl up the entryway. Ball-shot to Bradshaw gets Vader a near-fall. Back in, Vader ROCKS Bradshaw with a middle-turnbuckle splash! Vader connects with the VADER BOMB, but Bradshaw surprisingly gets the shoulder up at two. Bradshaw comes back with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, but it only gets two! That royally pisses off Bradshaw, so he connects with another CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! He follows that up with a reverse neckbreaker for the surprising three-count. (7:56) For a “No Holds Barred” match, this was very mild and disappointing. ½*

D-Lo Brown vs. Gangrel

D-Lo is fresh after losing his 1st of four European Championships that he would hold to X-Pac on the Raw prior to this event. Sometimes you can be fresh after losing a title, look at Cena! They kick things off by running the ropes, ending with Gangrel nailing D-Lo with a running back elbow. Gangrel counters a hiptoss into an overhead double-arm suplex. He follows that up with a pair of corkscrew elbows for two. This is during D-Lo’s chest protector days. I don’t remember how long he had that thing, but he had for a good six months. D-Lo reverses a whip and connects with a jumping heel kick. “YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE!” D-Lo comes off the second rope for an elbow drop, but nobody there. Gangrel tries for what appeared to be a tiger suplex, but D-Lo lowblows out of it. Of course, the ref saw nothing of the sort. D-Lo sends Gangrel crashing HARD into the corner. D-Lo follows up with a nice running powerbomb for two. D-Lo legdrop gets two. D-Lo misses a charge in the corner, but shoves off a Gangrel swinging DDT out of the corner. D-Lo hits a vertical suplex for two. D-Lo starts to put the badmouth on him, so Gangrel fights back. Just as I say that, Gangrel ducks low and gets kicked for a two-count. Gangrel shoves off a superplex attempt by D-Lo and covers for two. D-Lo hits a modified belly-to-back suplex for a few near-falls. D-Lo goes to the chinlock, but Gangrel fights up and tries for a hotshot that they TOTALLY blow. Oh man, D-Lo could’ve broken his neck. MARK HENRY waddles out as Gangrel hits a backdrop. He goes up top and nails an awkward-looking top-rope clothesline for a near-fall. D-Lo reverses a whip, which enables Henry to pull down the ropes and bring Gangrel out to the floor. D-Lo distracts the ref long enough for Henry to drive Gangrel back-first into the ringpost. Henry rolls him back in for the SKY-HIGH and the pin. (7:52) They didn’t seem to mesh very well at certain points to make everything good here. Post-match, Gangrel spits “blood” in Henry’s face, and hits the IMPLANT DDT on D-Lo. *

Michael Cole is standing by with KEN SHAMROCK in the backstage area. Shamrock says he’s going to take his frustrations out on Rock & Mankind! OH DEAR!

MICHAEL PS HAYES is standing by with THE ROCK in the locker room. Rock says the usual stuff he’d say. Except no, “IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLL”

KEVIN KELLY is standing by with MANKIND in the basement area. Foley makes a presidential joke as Slick Willy seemed to be the center of modern humor in 1998, when he mentions “stupid things”. The stupidest, however, is the People’s Elbow! Foley ~ “If you think Mankind is going to sell that move, then you’re even stupider than I look!” He’s ready for Shamrock too! Mankind mentions something about sugar-coated testes.

Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind vs. The Rock - Triple-Threat Cage Match to determine the #1 Contender to the WWF Title

Shamrock and Rock start off by trading blows while Mankind just sits in the corner, Raven-style. Mankind’s trying to be super-smart and just walk out the door while Rock is busy with Shamrock! Rock’s not that dumb and stops Mankind from leaving. Rock punishes Mankind for trying that until Shamrock comes over and goes back to pounding on Rock. “ROCKY!” Mankind goes after Shamrock while Rock rests in the corner. Mankind pounds on Shamrock until he falls to the mat for Mick to nail his running knee into the corner. Mick turns around and eats a clothesline from Rock. Rock tries walking out the door, but Shamrock stops that. Shamrock hits a nice roundhouse kick off the ropes on Rock. Mankind gets worked over in the corner by Shamrock. They do an ACTUAL wrestling move as Shamrock puts on an ab stretch to Mankind. You shouldn’t need a rest hold with three guys in the ring. But then you couldn’t see Rock sneak up behind Shamrock to slap on the ab stretch on him! Shamrock hiptosses Rock, and then Mick hiptosses Shamrock. They all stand to a stale-mate. Mankind “makes a deal” with Rock to beat up Shamrock, but two steps later Rock NAILS Foley. Shamrock comes over and punches away on Rock. Mankind takes Shamrock’s head to the buckle. Mankind tries to climb out, but Rock is there to stop that non-sense. Shamrock stops Rock’s offense temporarily and then slams Mankind on his way out the door. Rock is over to try and prevent Shamrock from winning, but he keeps kicking Rock away until Mankind comes over and grabs that loose foot. Rock and Foley put the loafers to him as the crowd cheers. They send Shamrock head-first to the cage. Rock and Mankind keep on the double-teaming. All of that made Mankind too happy, so Rock decided to just end it by nailing him in the face and stomping Foley in the corner. Rock tries to climb out until Shamrock comes by and pulls him back down. Now Shamrock and Rock are working over Mankind together. They connect on a double-team clothesline and keep on the stomp down to Foley. Shamrock slaps on the ANKLELOCK to Foley! But Rock ain’t having that and nails Shamrock from behind. What was Ken THINKING? Rock goes to punching on Shamrock, so Mankind gets up and they double-team Rock. “ROCKY!” Not too long after, Shamrock clotheslines Mankind in the corner. But nevertheless Mankind and Shamrock pull of a double-team backdrop to Rock. They hit a double-team suplex on Rock as the crowd starts to boo like crazy. Rock tries to come back with a clothesline on Mankind, but gets dropped by a clothesline from Shamrock. Mankind tells Shamrock to step aside so he can hurt Rock some more. Foley whips Rock into the ropes and ducks his head to take a DDT. Rock hits a hurricane-DDT on Shamrock! He slams Shamrock AND Foley for the DOUBLE PEOPLE’S ELBOW! What a POP that made! Rock tries climbing out even though USING THE DOOR WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER! He gets all the way up, but Mankind and Shamrock scramble up and yank Rock back in. Rock gets crotched on his way back down! Does anybody think Flair taught him that one? Mankind just stands and waits BY THE DOOR while Shamrock takes a lowblow from Rock. Mankind runs right into a ROCK BOTTOM for a two-count! Shamrock pulled off Rock from the pin and then delivers a running back elbow to Rock. “Shamrock sucks!” He lets it get to him too much and gets nailed by a Rock clothesline. Rock pounds on Shamrock in the corner all the way to the mat. Shamrock ducks a clothesline and sends Rock down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Shamrock applies the ANKLELOCK on Rock to a chorus of boos! Foley stops that with a STOMP and tries to climb out! Mankind is over on the other side of the cage wall, but Rock pulls him back onto the top of the cage by his TIE! Shamrock climbs up to join in, but gets knocked back down. Rock and Mankind brawl up there until Rock’s face gets slammed into the cage and he falls back down as well. Mankind thinks he’s Jimmy Snuka and tries a dive on Rock, but hits nothing but canvas. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! Everybody is down and out. Shamrock tries to climb out the cage door, but Mankind pulls him back in. Along with Shamrock comes a chair! Shamrock runs at Mankind and swings, but hits the cage! He turns around and takes a DOUBLE-ARM DDT from Foley! Mankind grabs the chair and DECKS Shamrock with a sick unprotected chair shot. Mankind decides to climb out the cage like an idiot! Rock simply rolls over and covers Shamrock for the three-count before Foley can reach the floor! (18:50) Know your role and shut your mouth, Mankind! While we’re on the subject of stupid things, I believe you’ve just done the stupidest thing ever. Anyways, that was as entertaining a triple-threat cage match as you’ll find in ’98 WWF. *** ½

Dustin Runnels vs. Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels)

I’m guessing Venis is the face? Dustin is an evil preacher, right? I’m lost. Anyways, Terri made a couple sex videos with Venis and now Runnels is all mad because he’s her husband or something. Runnels charges and takes a spinebuster to kick things off. Venis whips Runnels into the ropes, but ducks too soon and eats the mat. Dustin fights back with a powerbomb and goes to pounding on Venis. They go to the floor where Dustin does his 360-degree clothesline sell. Back in, Venis comes off the ropes and takes a backdrop. Runnels takes a boot to the face as he charges at Venis in the corner. Venis fights back with running knee strikes and then hits a Russian legsweep. Val gyrates over top of Dustin and puts on a camel clutch. Dustin reverses a vertical suplex into one of his own, but then misses an elbow drop. Venis slaps on the chinlock. Runnels fights out but gets sent down with a clothesline for two. Dustin comes back with a DDT, but gets caught up on the top rope. Venis tries a superplex, but instead just drops Dustin out onto the floor. Val gets dumped out beside Terri. She tries to get Val to rise to the occasion and win this match. Venis comes in and surprises Dustin with a rollup for two. Dustin hits a bulldog and covers for two, but Venis didn’t actually get his shoulder up. Venis gets a powerslam on Runnels and hits the MONEY SHOT for the three-count. (9:09) Val and Terri make out in the ring while Dustin pouts back out to the dressing room. This was dull stuff for the most part. *

Jeff Jarrett & Southern Justice vs. Billy Gunn, Road Dogg & X-Pac

Southern Justice is just the Godwinns repackaged into southern lawmen. X-Pac makes his entrance and then the Outlaws sneak attack the heels from coming over the barricade. DX cleans house and then corner poses for the crowd. Gunn even goes out and grabs a mic just to say, “We’ve got two words for them!” Yeah, we know Billy. We know. Jarrett and X-Pac trade blows once order is restored. Jarrett hits a nice dropkick, but gets caught the second time and takes a powerbomb. Road Dogg gets tagged in, but gets nailed with a running knee off the ropes. Road Dogg comes back and gets an inverted atomic drop and his inverted running straddle across the middle rope. Wiggly-wobbly knee drop by Road Dogg gets two. Canterbury nails Road Dogg off a whip, which allows Jarrett to tag in Dennis Knight. Knight does some punching and then tags in Canterbury. Canterbury nails a running elbow drop for two. Canterbury counters the “Shake, Rattle and Roll” with a clothesline and tags in Jarrett. Jarrett hits a DDT for a near-fall. They do a double-knockdown out of the corner. Road Dogg makes the tag to X-Pac, who comes in with a spinning heel kick. Canterbury comes in and catches X-Pac in mid-air and drops him with a powerbomb. Knight hits a nice delayed vertical suplex for two. Jarrett tags in and surprises X-Pac with a powerslam for two. Canterbury tags in and hits a splash for two. Jarrett comes in illegally, but the ref allows it. X-Pac reverses a whip in the corner and tries to come back, but misses a charge. Jarrett tags in Canterbury hits a face slam for a near-fall as Gunn breaks it up. Southern Justice do a switch-a-roo as Knight comes in to put the boots to X-Pac. Jarrett tags in and puts on a sleeper. X-Pac fights back finally into a sleeper of his own and then hits a belly-to-back suplex and then slowly makes the HOT tag to Billy Gunn. He’s a HOUSE OF FIRE on the heels here and gives them all crotch chops and tells them to suck it. Gunn hits a press slam on Jarrett, which leads into a bronco buster by X-Pac. Canterbury blocks the X-Factor with a clothesline. Gunn takes the guitar away from Jarrett and tries to nail Canterbury with it, but ref Tim White stops him from doing so. Jarrett gets the guitar back and nails X-Pac in the head with it on the outside! Meanwhile in the ring, Gunn hits the FAMOUSER for the win! (11:15) This wasn’t completely terrible. *

WWF Champion Steve Austin vs. Kane vs. Undertaker - Triple-Threat match

Austin attacks Taker with a steel chair during his ring entrance with Kane already in the ring. Kane comes down to fight, but gets nailed with the chair. Austin leaves Taker back at the entryway, but takes Kane with him to the ring. Kane slams Austin, but side-steps the top-rope clothesline. Taker is walking down the aisle with the chair in hand. Austin gets dumped out in front of Taker to get beat up. Austin reverses a whip into the steel steps, and then posts Kane for good measure. Back in, Austin hits the STUNNER, but Taker pulls Austin out to the floor after two! Taker sends Austin face-first into the ringpost. Back in, Taker goes to work on Austin. Taker runs into an elbow, but comes back with a running clothesline for two. Austin hits the Thesz press and the elbow while Kane just sits there and watches. Austin dumps Kane out to the floor, but turns around into a clothesline by Taker. Taker ducks too soon off a whip, and nails a swinging neckbreaker for two. Austin makes sure Kane is left on the outside. It doesn’t work for too long as Kane pulls Austin out to the floor with him to FIGHT. Taker comes out and misses a punch to Austin and nails Kane. Taker is all like, “What?” Austin comes up behind Taker and shoves him into Kane! They choke on each other with cables and beat on Austin with various items around ringside. Kane and Taker continue the beatdown all around the ring. Vince’s cronies (Slaughter, Patterson & Brisco) watch on from the entryway. Once they get out to the entryway, Austin fights back! He even tries to deliver a quick piledriver to Taker that leads a backdrop. They continue the mauling of Austin, but out of nowhere he sprints over to Brisco and beats the crap out of him! Taker & Kane stop that and drag Austin back out to ringside. Back in, Taker works the leg while Kane chokes Austin. Austin fights back and stomps a mud hole in Kane, then turns around to nail on Taker. That leads nowhere as he ducks low and takes a throat thrust. Austin rolls out and grabs the chair! Kane leans over the top to bring Austin back in and gets NAILED in the face with the chair! Austin covers Kane, but Taker breaks up the pin with a chair shot to the back. He covers Austin and Kane pulls him off! They go face-to-face, but then goes back to stomping on Austin. Kane hammers Austin from the top and covers, but Taker pulls HIM off Austin! Taker says something like, “It’s going to be you and me.” Kane nods and turns his back on Taker, and then gets nailed in the back by Taker! Taker is working over on Kane, but then eats boot off a whip. Kane & Austin take turns punching away on Taker! They whip Taker into the ropes. Kane delivers a big boot, and Austin clotheslines Taker out to the floor. Austin goes right back after Kane and hits a Russian legsweep for two. Taker is back in and he and Kane are back together. To the outside, Kane and Austin brawl all over the place. Taker comes out and brings Austin back in. Kane & Taker then fight over two counts until Taker nails Kane. Kane fights back, yet the double-knockdown is inevitable. Austin is up and he wants somebody to get up and take a STUNNER. They are both up at the same time! Austin whips Kane into Taker, sending Taker out to the floor. Austin is up on Kane’s shoulders, but he escapes and shoves Kane into the very corner that Taker is climbing up to crotch him. Austin tries a STUNNER on Kane, but gets shoved off into Taker’s big boot. Now Kane & Taker hit a double chokeslam on Austin! They both cover for the double pin and the three-count. (22:04) Post-match, Finkel doesn’t announce who the new champion is because he hasn’t a clue. VINCE MCMAHON comes down and takes the belt from ref Earl Hebner and LEAVES. Austin levels Gerald Brisco on his way to get to Vince. Vince high-tails it out of there while Slaughter and Patterson try and stop Austin to no luck. Vince stands by his limo flicking Austin off and then he leaves with the belt. *

Final Thoughts: Two good matches do not a PPV make. People were paying MONEY for this stuff, but at the time, people were eating this Austin/McMahon feud like it was manna from Heaven. Anyways, you’re either a fan of the Attitude era or you’re not. This seemed more like an extended episode of a ’98 Raw to me. I didn’t see anything that was a must-see so you can just pass on this one.

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