August 27, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit Ė Cage Match Ė (Raw is War, 6/11/01)
As if this match isnít PRO enough, Stone Cold Steve Austin is helping JR and Heyman out on commentary. He hates every move Benoit does. Pinfalls, submissions, and escapes are all ways to win. Angle jumps Benoit right at the bell and gives him a couple overhead belly to belly suplexes. He tries one more and Benoit tries to bring him down into the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE. Angle rolls out, but charges right into another attempt. Angle gets him off that kick by sending him into the cage. Benoit fights back with chops, but gets launched off into the cage again. More chops, and this time Benoit hits a snap suplex. He holds for another, but Angle stops a third with knee strikes and a gutwrench suplex. He delivers TWO MORE and starts to climb out. Benoit pops up and meets Angle on the top rope for a GERMAN SUPERPLEX to the mat! Austin is speechless! He is without speech. Benoit tries to climb out, but Angle shoves him down and hits a flying elbow drop. Yes, a flying elbow drop. They exchange blows and Benoit reverses a whip to send Angle into the cage. How about one more time. Do it a third time. Benoit begins to climb, but Angle low-blows him down. ANGLE SLAM! Now Angle is heading out. Once he gets to the top, he decides to MOONSAULT ON BENOIT FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Oh, but he completely misses and lands SUPER hard on the canvas. Benoit delivers a kitchen sink on Angle, but Angle grabs Benoit and drives his head into the cage again. Ouch, he lifts Benoit and sends him into the cage like a battering ram. Benoit shoves off a second and catches Angle for a German Suplex! Heís holding onto Angle! Count Ďem with me! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX GERMAN SUPLEXES! Benoit starts to walk out, but sidesteps a charge from Angle who goes right into the cage. MORE GERMAN SUPLEXES! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE GERMAN SUPLEXES! Now Benoit tries to climb out, but Austin gets up from the table and starts swinging a chair right where Benoit would land. So instead, he turns around and looks at Angle and decides since he canít climb out, that heíll give Kurt a SWANDIVE HEADBUTT OFF THE CAGE! Austinís eyes are like saucers now. Benoit heads for the door, but Austin stands in his way again. He kicks the door back, causing Austin to fall backwards. That allows Angle to hook an ANKLELOCK. Benoit counters with an enziguri and heads for the open door, but Austin slams it back in his face. Meanwhile, Angle climbs out on the other side and picks up the win. (14:30) Austin gets in the ring and wears Benoit out with a chair and then heads up the ramp way clutching his WWF title. But you gotta know thereíll be HELL TO PAY! After this performance and the way things were going between Austin and Benoit, they probably could have just done that match over again for the King of the Ring main event and probably got the same buyrate. In reality, Benoit was on his way out to get reconstructive neck surgery that would put him out of action for a year right after the PPV, so you needed somebody like Chris Jericho (who seemingly never gets injured) in the match to pick up any slack. Of course, it adds to the drama of the match too. All the same, this match was pure excellence to close out part one of the Benoit/Angle feud with lots of cringe-worthy moments. Makes you wonder how in the world Angle didnít take a year off shortly after this match as well, but thatís Kurt Angle for you. ****Ĺ

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