August 13, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWE U.S. Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay – non-title match (WWE Smackdown 11/24/06)
Nothing’s missing from this video, it just begins right at the bell. This takes place two days before Benoit defends the US title against Chavo Guerrero at Survivor Series. Finlay will be in a Survivor Series match as a part of Team Big Show, but that’s not really relevant here. Ironically enough, this match takes place in the Nassau Coliseum, which is the same arena as the Finlay/Benoit match above in 1998. They go from a really strong tie-up to a really strong Finlay headlock to start. Benoit escapes with a back suplex. Benoit bridges out of a test of strength, but Finlay grabs a hold of the traps. From there, he hooks on a chinlock. Benoit flips out of a slam and hits a German suplex that puts Finlay on the floor, setting up a SUICIDE DIVE~! After the break, Finlay’s working on the leg while the crowd chants “Finlay sucks” just like eight years earlier. Benoit fights back and sends Finlay to the floor with an enziguri. Finlay avoids a baseball slide and shoves Benoit into the steel steps to scrape Benoit’s side! Back in the ring, Finlay goes back to the leg. Elevated half-crab is applied. Benoit gets to the ropes and snaps off a leg whip to try for the Sharpshooter, but Finlay goes to the eyes and trips Benoit up to do further damage on the leg. Benoit starts to chop, so Finlay kicks him in the knee. Nice. Finlay slaps Benoit across the face and then kicks him in the knee while he’s in the corner. Finlay fights off a German with headbutts, but eats a boot as he comes off the middle-rope. Benoit follows up with the Three Amigos and the Hat Trick of Germans. Swandive Headbutt! Here comes Chavo and Vickie Guerrero. Benoit knocks Chavo off the apron while the Little Bastard/Hornswoggle shows up and sneaks in a shillelagh to Finlay. WHACK! Benoit goes down. It’s Celtic Cross time and Finlay picks up the win. (17:21) Good work from Finlay, but I think Benoit could have had a little more offense in this one. Nevertheless, the heels go strong into the PPV as Chavo does a number on Benoit with a pair of Frog Splashes. ***½

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