March 17, 2013
Jared Doucet

The Crater Review:
ROH Better Than Our Best 2006

This is the 6th show in the Milestone Series and itís still from Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard are your commentators. This is the single largest crowd for a ROH show in their history with 1,700 fans in attendance.

We go to the preshow where Colt Cabana interrupts a womenís match to call out Homicide and tells Homicide to kill him right then and there. Derek Dempsey comes out to inform Colt that Homicide hadnít shown up yet so Colt leaves the ring.

Opening match: Six Man Mayhem: Jack Evans vs Matt Sydal vs Dave Crist vs Jake Crist vs Jimmy Jacobs w/Lacey vs Ace Steel
Jack Evansí music hits and heís set for this opening Six Man Mayhem match. Jack and Austin Aries were beaten by AJ Styles and Matt Sydal the night before where Sydal pinned Jack. Irish Airbourneís music hits and Jake and Dave Crist make their second ROH appearance. Matt Sydalís music hits and heís looking to pick up another win over fellow GeNext member Jack Evans. Sydal suffered, I believe, a broken nose the night before during the tag team match but he was still able to hit the Shooting Sydal Press on Jack for the win. Jimmy Jacobsí music hits and he comes out with Lacey for this Six Man Mayhem match. Lacey interjected Jacobs into a match between Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels to make it a Three Way Dance but Joe ended up choking Jimmy out for the win. The fans really got into Jimmyís new theme song and his love struck character. Ace Steelís music hits and he gets a nice reaction from his hometown. Steel ended his 7 month feud with Chad Collyer the night before in a First Blood match where he made Collyer bleed (weakly I might add but I guess itís the principle of the thing).

Itís Jack and Sydal picking up where they left off from the night before as they start up with a wrestling sequence where Jack controls the arm but Sydal counters to a front face lock and they continue to trade wrestling holds and show off their athleticism until they both go for left hand punches but both stop to pose to the crowd. Both men kick each other at the same time so they tag Jake and Jimmy in and Jacobs, like usual, is more focused on Lacey than the match. Jacobs grabs a headlock then they do a rope run sequence that ends with a whirlybird headscissors takedown but Jake drives his face into his knee then hits a neckbreaker for 2. Tag to Dave and they unleash a double team move on Jacobs but Ace comes in to BLAST Dave with a Lariat! Powerbomb by Ace on Dave but Dave lands a series of fancy looking arm drags but Jack comes in to slam Dave down then hits a rolling senton followed up with a standing corkscrew press for 2 that Jacobs breaks up. Jacobs hits some throat thrusts followed up with the STO for 2 that Sydal breaks up and Ace lifts Sydal up but Sydal sweeps the legs for the standing moonsault. Things have broken down and Jack, Sydal and Jimmy go up top but the Crists and Ace stop them and lift them up onto their shoulders, CHICKEN FIGHT!!! Jimmy and Sydal continue to fight until they just pull the Crists to the floor with headscissors then Ace walks over to the ropes with Jack on his shoulders, MOONSAULT OFF ACEíS SHOULDERS!!! The Crists unleash some more double team moves on Ace to keep him down then they catch Sydal springboarding in and Dave lands a springboard dropkick on Sydal. Jake gets 2 on Sydal as Jacobs sends Jack up and over into the crowd as Sydal knocks Jake off the ropes but Dave follows up with Sydal and tries to hit a Super German suplex but Sydal lands on his feet and behind Jake to hit the Leg Drop Final Cut and dropkicks Dave out of the air. Jacobs slides in and Sydal just pitches him to the floor and Sydal goes up, MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!!! Ace gets back in with Jake and he sends Jake to the buckles to hit a running dropkick to the face and hits an ugly Tiger Driver before going up top but Jimmy crotches him up top then bites him on the forehead, SUPER BACK SENTON GETS 2!! Jack lands a series of kicks on Jacobs, SPRINGBOARD 450 TO THE FLOOR ON JACOBS BY JACK!!! Ace has Sydal on the top rope on his shoulder but Dave climbs up with them, WIDOWíS PEAK/JAWBREAKER/LEG DROP OFF THE TOP BY ACE ON ALL THREE MEN BY ACE!!! Ace has the cover but the refereeís distracted by Lacey so Ace grabs Lacey by the hair but Jimmy saves her, 630 SENTON BY JACK ON JAKE!!! 1-2-3 AND JACK EVANS GETS THE WIN AT 10:10!! Jack gets to leave ROH to go back to Dragon Gate a winner. Crater rating: 6.5 out of 10. This was a fun little opener with some sloppy moments and Jack getting the win was special for him. Well, see you soon, Jack. This was Jackís last match with ROH since he was going back to Dragon Gate to get more experience and thatís actually a good thing since Jack was looking to continue to get better. The match was the usual Six Man Mayhem match where there are crazy moves all over the place and not much substance beneath the style. Jack clearly shined here in his last match with ROH for a little but Sydal wasnít far behind as he landed some good moves too but he mostly stayed in the background. Jacobs and Ace didnít add much either except bodies, which sucks considering the big match Jimmy was involved in the night before. The Crists were given the chance to shine in this one as they got to show off their tag team offense and their bumping abilities but Iím not sold on these two since outside of those two qualities, neither one impresses in single action since most of their offense consists of arm drags. Still, itís a solid way to open the show and this match is almost always a good idea to open a show.

ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette comes out with his bat, Thelma Lou, and heís going to address the crowd. The night before, Chris Hero put Cornette in a Fujiwara arm bar and made him tap out. He brings up what happened the night before and he says that Adam Pearce is going to be enforcing the doors to make sure nobody sneaks into the arena. Colt Cabana comes out and he asks Jim Cornette to sanction a match between he and Homicide tonight and he wants a Chicago Street Fight for the match. Cornette brings up all of Coltís injuries and asks him if he really wants to face Homicide but he does sanction the match and Colt says that Cornette wonít be responsible for what happens to Homicide, he will. He decides to bring out Delirious so Deliriousí music hits for him to come out and he decides to walk around the ring to which Cornette responds that heís getting dizzy. Delirious just keeps on walking as Cornette watches in amusement then he brings up how much he loved what he saw out of Delirious the night before but says that he needs to take his game to the next level because he needs to get a singles win. He doesnít want to deny the fans a chance to see Delirious so he wants Delirious to win and he tells Delirious to dig down deep to get a win so he tells Delirious that heíll let him challenge anybody but if he doesnít win, Delirious is off the ROH roster. Delirious responds (in his own way) that he wants to succeed and he ends up calling out Ricky Reyes (eventuallyÖ..through all the lizard talk).

Match 2: Delirious vs Ricky Reyes w/Julius Smokes
Ricky Reyesí music hits and he comes out with Julius Smokes and he has the chance to take Delirious out of ROH. The night before, Reyes put Delirious down in a Four Corner Survival with the Dragon Sleeper then continued to berate Delirious after the match. Delirious nails a baseball slide on Reyes to kick things off and he lands some stiff shots on the floor before sending Reyes into the guardrail. Delirious continues to be all over Reyes and grabs a front choke but Smokes rakes his back to break it up so Delirious decks Smokes. Reyes gets the advantage by pounding on Delirious to get back inside but Delirious continues to just unload with shots on Reyes but Reyes slides through his legs so Delirious mocks him but Reyes comes back with a spin kick then a corkscrew neckbreaker. Regular neckbreaker by Reyes is next then he goes for the Dragon Sleeper but Delirious gets his foot on the ropes so Reyes decides to choke Delirious with his tassels then lands a back suplex for 1. Delirious counters a Fishermanís Buster into an inside cradle for 2 but Reyes catches him with a clothesline then just stands on his face. Reyes lands some hard shots but Delirious refuses to go down so Reyes sends him sternum first to the buckles then lands a hard kick to the back before going for the Dragon Sleeper but Delirious lifts himself onto the top ropes to break. Delirious elbows Reyes away then gets a boot up on a charge, SHADOWS OVER HELL!!! BIZARRO DRIVER GETS 2!!! Reyes gets a knee up on a charge and lands a series of corkscrew neckbreakers before landing the Fishermanís Buster for 2 so Smokes and Reyes argue with the referee but he goes for the Dragon Sleeper again but Delirious snapmares him, COBRA STRECH!!!!! SMOKES HAS THE REFEREE DISTRACTS WHILE REYES TAPS BUT THE OFFICIAL TURNS AROUND TO SEE RICKY REYES TAPPING AND DELIRIOUS GETS THE WIN AT 7:21 AND DELIRIOUS GETS TO STAY IN RING OF HONOR!!! Delirious celebrates his first ever singles victory in ROH.

Crater rating: 6.5 out of 10. This was a solid little match between these two and it has Delirious getting his first official victory in ROH but it was way too short. WellÖ.Delirious finally gets a win. The match had a unique feel to it because it was a match where if Delirious lost, he would be out of ROH. I liked how Delirious attacked Reyes right at the onset to put over how much his career really meant him in ROH so he wanted to do whatever he could to get his win. Reyes did a competent job in targeting the neck and his overreliance of the Dragon Sleeper ended up costing him as Delirious was able to counter to the Cobra Stretch. The match was more about Delirious than Reyesí undefeated streak up to that point and it was surprising to see Reyes tap out so suddenly like he did and that would end up hurting him as fans just didnít buy him anymore as a threat since he lost to a comedy mid-card act like Delirious so decisively. Delirious would have a hell of a year in 2006 for ROH since he went from comedy mid-card act to a wrestler to be taken seriously since he put on some great performances throughout the year so this was just the beginning of that.

Match 3: Dragon Gate Trios match: Do FIXER vs The Embassy & Masato Yoshino w/Prince Nana and Daizee Haze
The Embassyís music hits and Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley and Masato Yoshino come out with Prince Nana and Daizee Haze to take on Do FIXER. Rave and Shelley were undefeated at this point of the weekend with wins over Bryan Danielson and Delirious the first night and Claudio Castagnoli and Jimmy Yang the night before. Masato Yoshino, a member of Blood Generation, was involved in one of the greatest matches in ROH history as Blood Generation and Do FIXER showed the ROH fans what they were all about in a classic Trios match with Do FIXER getting the win. The TP shower does follow and Yoshino knows whatís going on as he wastes no time in chucking some TP at fans. Do FIXERís music hits and they are looking to finish out the weekend here. Ryo Saito defeated Jimmy Yang the first night while Dragon Kid and Genki Horiguchi lost to AJ Styles and Matt Sydal in a tag match but they made up for it by beating Blood Generation in the epic Trios match.

Itís Saito starting off with Shelley and Yoshino, like a fucking dick, throws a roll of TP right at Saitoís head and itís so much of an asshole move itís awesome. Saito and Shelley do a chain wrestling sequence ending in a standoff then Shelley controls with a top wrist lock but Saito comes back by trying to work the legs but Shelley shows that heís no stranger to that as he starts controlling Saitoís legs. Both men go for arm drags at the same time but Shelley uses that to control the arm but Saitoís counter with a hip toss then knocks Yoshino off the apron so Shelley crawls over for comfort with Yoshino. Kid and Yoshino tag in now to renew acquaintances as Kid lands on his feet on a snapmare and these two pick up the pace with Kid landing an arm drag then a headscissors takedown to send Yoshino out then Kid fakes him out on a dive. Genki comes in with Rave now and Rave proceeds to stall until they decide to lock up and that transitions into a rope run sequence with Genki landing a pair of dropkicks and Rave has to bail to the floor. Yoshino comes in but Genki controls him and Kid goes up top to land an elbow to the back then lands a knee drop on him for 1 that Shelley breaks up. Saito tags in and they land a double back elbow on Yoshino before landing a double team sequence on him and to make it worse, Saito is given that same roll of TP and throws it at Yoshinoís head twice. Shelley tags in to land some stiff strikes and kicks but Saito blocks a suplex and he drives Shelley to the corner to tag in Kid, where he slowly continues to dominate Shelley. We get a strike exchange between the two until Kid just dropkicks Shelley in the face then Saito tags in so Kid can swing around Saito into a dropkick on Shelley then they hit a triple dropkick on Shelley! Genki grabs Shelleyís arm but Yoshino pulls Genki off with what little hair he has and Shelley thumbs him in the eye before snapmaring him so he can tag Rave in. Rave puts the boots to Genki for 2 then Rave slams Genki down then Yoshino hits a super quick dropkick to the head. Yoshino gets a boot up on a charge, HANGING FIGURE FOUR NECKLOCK!!! Shelley in now and he proceeds to talk shit to the fans before slamming Genki down, LIONSAULT GETS 2!!! Shelley spits at Saito before grabbing the abdominal stretch and Yoshino lands a dropkick to the face so Shelley can hit a neckbreaker and Rave makes things worse with another dropkick. Shelley slams Genki down then grabs a chin lock but Genki fights out of it so he charges into an inverted atomic drop but Shelley takes time to play around and runs into a back elbow. Hot tag to Saito and he hits the belly to belly throw on Rave, D…Jņ VU HEADSCISSORS ON YOSHINO!!!

Kid ducks an elbow from Shelley to land a Tope on Yoshino while Genki and Saito land a double team move on Shelley. ROLLING FISHERMANíS SUPLEXES!!! Shelley avoids the third, hits a step up enziguri, BRAINBUSTER GETS 2!!! SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA BY KID!!! Kid goes up and over to the apron, FLIPPING JAWBREAKER!!! Rave cuts him off with the Spear, lands a gutbuster then plants Kid with the DDT for 2. KID FLIPS OUT OF A SUPLEX AND HITS A STUNNER!!! Rave gets a boot up on all of Do FIXER but Yoshino leaps off into a triple dropkick and Saito lands a splash off the top on Yoshino then lands a spinebuster on him, SPRINGBOARD ARABIAN PRESS BY KID GETS 2!!!! Yoshino comes back with the hooking clothesline on Saito then boots Rave but Shelley hits the super kick, Spear/clothesline combo, DOPPLER EFFECT GETS 2 THAT GENKI BREAKS UP!!!! Chop combo by Yoshino but Saito counters a headscissors with a sidewalk slam then elbows out of a German suplex but Nana trips him up and holds Saito but Yoshino accidentally knocks him off the apron and lands the bridging German suplex for 2, SPRINGBOARD SNAP HURRICANRANA!!!! 1-2-SHELLEY BREAKS IT UP!!! Kid goes for the Dragonrana but Yoshino shoves the referee into the ropes to break it up, SUPER ACE CRUSHER BY SHELLEY!!! STEREO GHANAREAS BY RAVE AND YOSHINO!!!! 1-2-GENKI BREAKS IT UP!!! BACKSLIDE FROM HEAVEN, 1-2-NO!!!! Rave floors Genki with a Lariat, GREETINGS FROM GHANA!!!! 1-2-3 AND THE EMBASSY AND MASATO YOSHINO GET THE WIN AT 16:13!!! The Embassy go 3-0 on the entire triple shot weekend and you have to think that a ROH Tag Team title shot is in their future.

Crater rating: 8.0 out of 10. This was another fine match from the DG guys although this one took a little while to get going. WellÖ.the Embassy had a triple shot sweep as they won all their tag matches. It was really interesting to see Shelley and Rave working with the DG guys since Shelley is a guy who can work with anybody but Rave is homegrown ROH so it was nice to see how well they were able to pick up the pace with the DG guys. Rave and Shelley have the chickenshit heel roles down pat and Yoshino more than helped out in that department as he upped the dickheadedness to another level and these guys did a good job in isolating Genki. The final couple of minutes were awesome but, as in most Shelley and Rave tag matches, it took too long to get there as they controlled Genki for way too long but the spots came and this match was helped out by it. Do FIXER are a great team but I actually prefer Blood Generation since they have cooler tag team moves and make everybody look good and while Do FIXER are great in their own right and have their own awesome moves, I pick Blood Generation over them. Still, this was a hell of a weekend for the Embassy and many thought that a Tag title reign was in their future but Shelley would soon be gone as well as Nana so it was just left to Jimmy Rave and he was pretty much shot back down to the mid-card for most of the year. However, this is still a great match and it sucks that the DG guys were leaving after this.

We go to Lance Storm who says that he thought he wrestled his last match against Chris Jericho at ECW One Night Stand but two things brought him back: Ring of Honor and a shot at the ROH World title. He says that when he watched Danielson wrestle in December, it lit a fire under him and heís been training his ass off for this title shot and heís going to give Dragon his best. Heís never held a World title and heís coming 100% for it. That was probably one of Stormís better promos of his career.

Match 4: Four Corner Survival: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger vs Jimmy Yang
Jimmy Yangís music hits and heís looking to pick up his biggest ROH win in a match with three of ROHís best. Yang is no stranger to wrestling Christopher Daniels since Daniels beat him at Unforgettable in 2005. AJ Stylesí music hits and heís sporting some new yellow attire for this one and he wants to win this. AJ, Joe and Daniels spent most of 2005 in TNA fighting each other so this should be a walk in the park for them. Samoa Joeís music hits and heís looking to finally end this feud with Daniels since this was being billed as their final ROH match against each other. Christopher Danielsí music hits and he comes out with Allison Danger and he was looking to get just one more win over Samoa Joe or even pick up a win over his other main nemesis in AJ. This was probably one of the bigger Four Corner Survival matches in ROH history. Yang and Daniels are going to start and they lock up tightly before Yang grabs a waist lock but Daniels counters to a hammerlock but Yang comes back with a wrist lock. Both men keep focusing on the arm until Yang grabs a headlock takeover but Daniels counters to his own and they pick up the pace with a speed exchange until Yang starts chopping Daniels down but Daniels blocks a kick, ducks a leaping spin kick and lands some chops of his own and they trade arm drags for a standoff. Yang tags in Joe and Joe opens up on Daniels in the buckles but Daniels fights back and grabs a headlock but Daniels canít take Joe off his feet with a shoulder tackle then Joe comes back with an inverted atomic drop but Daniels tags AJ in to cut off Joeís momentum. AJ backs Joe to the corner and breaks clean but Joe wins a kick exchange until AJ sweeps the leg after ducking a kick and goes to work on Joe then tags in Daniels so he can put the boots to Joe in the corner. Leg lariat followed up with a headscissors takedown by Daniels then Yang tags in so they can hit a double back elbow then Yang lands a standing moonsault and sends him to the buckles for the moonsault kick then the super kick. Yang chokes Joe over the middle rope before tagging AJ in and they hit a double suplex on Joe then AJ lands his leaping knee drop for 1 but Joe comes back with some knee lifts so AJ lands his dropkick sequence for 2 when Joe gets his foot on the ropes. AJ backs Joe to the buckles then drives his shoulder into Joeís gut but Joe elevates him to the apron and AJ tries to springboard in BUT JOE KICKS AJ OUT OF MIDAIR!!! Tag to Yang and he hits a kick combo on AJ in the buckles and Yang tries to block a headscissors but AJ just rolls him up for 2 but Yang comes back with a martial arts kick from the middle rope!! Daniels doesnít want to tag in so Yang sends AJ sternum first to the buckles for 2 then grabs a hammerlock but AJ gets to the ropes so Yang back drops him. Yang just toys with AJ but AJ comes back with some stiff shots but Yang ducks under a whip to land another kick then a suplex for 2.

Joe tags in and he just murders AJ with some kicks then hits the climbing knee strike in the corner and someoneís gotta dirty face and he knocks Daniels off the apron, RUNNING FACEWASH!!! Tag to Yang and he hits a leaping back heel kick to the back of AJís head and Yang knocks Daniels off the apron but that was a tag so Daniels comes in and AJ lands some shot so Daniels catches him with the STO for 2. Yang blind tags in and sends AJ to the buckles, RUNNING CORNER WHEEL KICK AND SKINS THE CAT!!! Tag to Joe and Joe lands another hard series of kicks on AJ as heís trying to turn AJís body to mush and Joe hits some disrespectful kicks so AJ comes back with some hard strikes so Joe slaps him, PELE KICK!!!! Tags to Daniels and Yang and Daniels cleans house then hits a springboard back elbow on Yang, BLUE THUNDER BOMB GETS 2!!! Daniels gets a boot up on a charge but he runs into a wheel kick so Daniels blocks a suplex and they fight over in, SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!! AJ cleans house on both men but Joe grabs his leg so AJ kicks him into the guardrail and he goes for a springboard move BUT YANG SHAKES THE TOP ROPE TO MAKE AJ CRASH AND BURN!!! Double clothesline by Yang and Daniels as Joe roughly sits AJ down and goes for the Ole kick but AJ tries to cut it off with a clothesline but Joe ducks and kicks AJ into the guardrail!! Yang ducks a clothesline in the ring, NO HANDS PLANCHA ON JOE!! ARABIAN PRESS TO THE FLOOR BY DANIELS!!! Yang counters the Urinage Slam with an arm drag and lands his kick combination for 2 then goes up top but Daniels cuts off Yang Time and they fight on the ropes, REVERSE HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP BY DANIELS!!!!!! 1-2-NO!!!! Daniels backflips off the ropes, MOONSAULT PRESS BY YANG GETS 2 THAT JOE BREAKS UP!!! Joe starts cleaning house on Daniels and Yang, SNAP POWERSLAM ON YANG GETS 2 THAT AJ BREAKS UP!!! AJ gets an elbow up on a charge, MOONSAULT REVERSE DDT GETS 2!!!! Joe front suplexes AJ down then he does a sunset flip before rolling around the mat with AJ, LARIAT BY JOE!!! 1-2-YANG AND DANIELS BREAKS IT UP!!! Joe ducks a double team and wipes Yang out with a leaping kick, KOJI CLUTCH BY DANIELS!! AJ BREAKS IT UP!!! Daniels ducks under AJís roaring elbow, AJ slips out of Last Rites, Daniels avoids the Styles Clash and AJ lands on his feet on Angelís Wings and back drops Daniels into a pin but Daniels bridges up at 2 but AJ slips out and tries to roll Daniels up but Daniels sits down so AJ rolls through and goes for the Styles Clash but Daniels kicks him off, awesome sequence!!! Joe goes for the Choke on AJ and they both back drop Daniels to the floor and AJ goes up top, RUNNING KICK BY JOE!!!! MUSCLE BUSTER!!!! 1-2-3 AND SAMOA JOE GETS THE WIN AT 18:30!!!

Crater rating: 8.5 out of 10. This was one of the better Four Corner Survivals and probably would have been better had it had something on the line like a title or a title shot. Well, you got four of ROHís top guys in a match, itís going to be good. Yep, a match of this magnitude needed something else to truly elevate it to the next level because without it, itís just a regular Four Corner Survival but itís a damn good one. The good thing about this match is that it never fell into the trap that most of these matches fall into: turning into a tag match. This match never resembled a tag team match since all three men worked over Joe to start but when they realized AJ was the better target, they all worked over AJ in an effort to wear him down so one of them could put him away (it seems like only the top guys know how to truly work this match) but then the match just broke down and got chaotic!! The final couple of minutes are awesome with the best part being AJ and Danielsí sequence of countering each otherís finishers, showing their amazing familiarity with each other. This was a big match for Yang, the #2 in the Top 5 rankings, because he had to prove that he didnít just get up there with a fluke and a win here would have been huge for him and the good thing is that Yang never truly looked out of place against these guys (despite his one dimensional offense) and thatís a good thing. AJ sort of took a backseat in this one to let the other guys shine but he took a lot of punishment in the match so he doesnít look weak in the loss thanks to all the abuse that he suffered. Daniels looked great as usual and was clearly the star as he busted out some great moves throughout and Joe was just Joe: awesome as usual. Still, the Four Corner Survival matches were getting played out by this point so leave it to these four to revitalize it in a big way with a great match.

Samoa Joe gets on the mike to bring up how he entered the company and how not long after, he won the ROH title. He says that he made it a World title and says that heís been on hiatus but heís throwing down the challenge: heís coming back for the ROH World title! Joe says that Dragon claims to be the best wrestler in the world but heís the baddest motherfucker in the company and he tells Dragon to come on down and accept his challenge. The ROH World champion, Bryan Danielson, does make his way out to ďJoeís gonna kill youĒ chants and he asks if theyíre done and the crowd hilariously shouts ďNOĒ and resumes the chant, haha. Dragon says that Joe will be killing no one then says that the ROH World title made him and if it wasnít for ROH, heíd still be in Samoa climbing coconut trees trying to get food for his family (DAMN!!!!!). The crowd wants Joe to fuck him up but Dragon clears his throat and tells them to start chanting ďLose some weight, Joe, lose some weightĒ but the crowd starts the chant but just back to telling Joe to fuck him up. Dragon asks if he can be serious for a moment (haha) and he cannot guarantee how long heíll be ROH champion but says that everybody sees him as an ROH icon but the truth is that they had the highest attendance at a ROH show when Bryan Danielson was champion (good point)! He asks Joe who the real ROH icon is and Dragon says itís not him before shoving Joe and he says that after he kicks the crap out of Lance Storm before getting a dig on him and promises to make Storm tap out then tells Joe to go ahead and bring it, jerk. He gets a dig on a fan by saying nice Sandman T-shirt asshole. That was an awesome segment with Dragon being flat out gold on the mike.

Chris Hero and Necro Butcher somehow make it into the arena and Hero dumps Joe out of the ring but Pearce comes out to doing some enforcing and Joe kicks Necroís ass to the back as Pearce sends Hero rolling on top of a table and into the guardrail. Pearce hip tosses Hero into the crowd and lands a chair shot but Hero fights back with some chair shots of his own and they pretty much just keep doing that: hitting each other with chairs and throwing each other into chairs. They finally make it back to ringside and Necroís back so that the CZW boys can double team Pearce but Pearce fights back with some stiff punches as Claudio comes out with Cornette and Claudio goes for the running Swiss uppercut BUT HERO MOVES AND CLAUDIO NAILS PEARCE WITH IT!!! Cornette tosses the bat to Claudio but Hero sends Claudio to the floor, hurting Claudioís knee. Cornette tries to check on him but Hero rolls Cornette in so he can slap the taste out of his match (and Cornette sells it AWESOMELY). They stop Pearce from coming in as Hero starts kicking Cornetteís injured arm then Hero grabs a chair and rams it into Cornetteís injured arm then Hero holds Cornette for Necro but BJ Whitmer slides in to take the fight to them BUT HERO CLIPS THE BAD ANKLE!!!!! CHAIR SHOT ON THE ANKLE BY HERO!!!! Pearce tries to cover BJ, HARD CHAIR SHOT TO PEARCE!!!!! ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT TO THE INJURED ANKLE!!! Someone throws toilet paper at Necro as Hero drives the point of the chair into BJís injured ankle but the ROH guys run out to chase them off but the damage has been done. Aside from the crowd brawling, this was a very effective segment where Hero and Butcher were able to take out some of ROHís top defenders. The point was to make CZW look strong heading into the big match the next night (something WWE never did during the Invasion feud) and they systematically injured Claudioís knee, attacked Cornetteís injured shoulder, attacked BJís injured leg and took out Adam Pearce (we donít know what happened to Joe) so it was nice to see Hero and Butcher finally get a victory over the ROH guys.

We go to Dave Prazak, whoís with the Embassy, and these guys are truly happy and Shelley and Rave are on the same page thanks to the money. Rave calls himself a future International superstar and Nana says that they are going to bring the ROH Tag Team titles back to Ghana and Shelleyís awesome when he says, like a little kid, weíre going to get laid by hookers.

Match 5: ROH Tag Team title match: Generation Next © vs Blood Generation w/Masato Yoshino
Blood Generationís music hits and they have the chance to return to Dragon Gate with the ROH Tag Team titles. They earned this title shot when they beat Generation Next in a Dragon Gate Trios match two shows prior but Blood Generation is coming off losing the Dragon Gate Trios match to Do FIXER the night before in a classic. The music of the ROH Tag Team champions, Generation Next, hits and they are looking at a tough challenge against Blood Generation. Aries and Strong didnít have a great night the night before as Aries and Jack Evans lost a tag team match to AJ Styles and Matt Sydal while Roderick Strong failed to win the ROH World title from Bryan Danielson in his third try. Aries was easily one of the most over guys on the roster at this point and everybody does follow the code to start. Itís Strong vs Doi to start and Strong goes after Doiís arm to start but Doi counters to his own arm bar so Strong trips Doi up and grabs his leg but Doi gets out of it with a headscissors. Strong slips out of it and bridges up with Doiís leg but Doi comes back with a headlock takeover but Strong backs him to the ropes. Tempers starting to flare a little bit from Doi and itís Aries and CIMA now and they both slingshot into the ring and the fans are split for both of these guys. Chain wrestling sequence by Aries and CIMA and CIMA eventually traps the arm but Aries grabs a headscissors to escape but CIMA escapes and grabs his own headscissors but CIMA just doesnít realize YOU CANíT HEADSCISSORS AUSTIN ARIES!!! Strong tags in to hit a huge forearm shot then works over CIMAís arm but CIMA kicks him off into a standoff so Strong comes back with a headlock but Aries tags in and hits the slingshot elbow and the Frog Elbow drop for 2. Aries grabs a chin lock to keep things slowed down but Strong tags in to land a LOUD chop that CIMA sells awesomely!!! Strong slams CIMA down and hits a knee drop for 2 before tagging Aries in, HART ATTACK GETS 2 THAT DOI BREAKS UP!!! Tag to Strong and he lands a STIFF forearm shot before faking CIMA out on a chop to just land a forearm so CIMA boots him away but Strong comes back with a running kick and A 1 MINUTE DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX, MOST IMPRESSIVE!!! Tag to Aries and he hits the slingshot twisting body press for 2, QUEBRADA GETS 2!!! Aries nails a chop but he realizes that heís not the one to do that so he tags in the master AND HE FUCKING MURDERS CIMA WITH A CHOP!!!!! Even the ref felt that one! CIMA comes back with a headscissors into the middle buckle but Aries comes in so CIMA drop toeholds and leaps off Aries back and tags in Doi, who cleans house, but Strong cuts him off with a back suplex but Doi avoids both men and they clothesline each other then Blood Generation dropkick the champs out of the ring, STEREO DIVES BY THE CHALLENGERS!!! Aries is bleeding badly from the nose and the champs decide to take advantage AND CIMA JUST PUNTS ARIES RIGHT IN THE NOSE!!!!

Doi cuts Aries off from the tag before putting the boots to Aries in the corner, RUNNING SOMERSAULT SENTON IN THE CORNER BY DOI!!!! Doi toys with Aries and CIMA tags in to just double stomp the fucking nose like a douchebag and he does it again as this match gets nasty but Aries tries to fight back so CIMA rips at Ariesí nose and wipes the blood on the referee!! CIMA gets cocky so Strong nails him from behind but CIMA continues to rip at Ariesí bloody nose and they tie Aries up in the corner, DROPKICK TO THE ASS!!! Aries tries to fight back but Doi goes back to the nose and Doi gets a boot up on a charge and they hit a missile dropkick/back suplex combo on Aries!! Aries tries to fight back but Doi just slams him down and goes up top so Aries catches him with some shots and wants a superplex but Doi fights out of it but Aries holds onto the ropes on a Sunset Flip Bomb attempt SO DOI JUST HITS A RUNNING BUCKLE BOMB TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING!!!! Tag to CIMA as Strong continues to try and come in but the referee stops him and they sit Aries up for the leapfrog attack, DOUBLE STOMP OFF THE TOP BY CIMA!!! 1-2-ARIES KICKS OUT!!! Aries tries to fight back with chops but CIMA cuts him off with some hard kicks but Aries catches a kick, KNEEBREAKER/BACK SUPLEX COMBO ON CIMA!!!! HOT TAG TO STRONG!!!! Strong cleans house in a huge way on the challengers and lands a beautiful dropkick on Doi and he lands a hard chop on Doi then GeNext hit some double team moves but CIMA cuts off the slingshot back elbow and CIMA pulls Strong down for the double stomp, PERFECT DRIVER GETS 2!!! Aries tries to springboard in BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH THE ACE CRUSHER!!!! CIMA sets Aries up in the buckles then sends Strong into him and he goes for the Lung Blower BUT STRONG PULLS CIMA OFF INTO A BACKBREAKER!!!!! Doi comes back in, RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON ARIES WHO WAS ON THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!!!! Strong plants Doi with a release suplex drop then lands some shots on CIMA but CIMA shoves Strong into Aries to crotch him on the top rope then super kicks

Strong and hangs Aries down, VAN CIMANATOR!!!!! Venus strike by CIMA then he lands the Iconoclasm, FROG SPLASH INTO ARIESí KNEES!!!!! DEATH BY RODERICK!!!!! DOI 555!!!!! RUNNING KICK BY DOI!!!! 1-2-ARIES BREAKS IT UP WITH A PUNT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!! BRAINBUSTER!!!! PERFECT DRIVER!!!! 1-2-STRONG BREAKS IT UP!!! CIMA hits the shotgun knees on Strong but Strong blocks and lifts CIMA up, MISSILE DROPKICK/POWERBOMB COMBO!!!!! HALF NELSON BACKBREAKER!!!! 450 SPLASH!!!! 1-2-3 AND GENERATION NEXT GETS THE WIN AT 20:22 TO RETAIN THE ROH TAG TEAM TITLES!!!! The fans chant ďPlease Come BackĒ at Blood Generation and they all hug and shake hands. CIMA gets on the mike to say that he loves ROH in his broken English.

Crater rating: 9.0 out of 10. That was another fantastic match by the Blood Generation boys as this one kicked into a whole other gear once Aries started bleeding. Man, first Sydal then Aries, GeNext did not have a good weekend as far as bloody noses go. While it was sad to see the DG guys go, these guys brought out the best in everybody they worked with, which is just awesome, and the fact that this one looked like a regular Tag title match that the challengers didnít even earn turned into something special. The opening couple of minutes of isolation on CIMA was solid if unspectacular with the best points being Strongís loud chops and CIMA selling them like death but aside from that, that segment was nothing special. However, sometime after that, Aries got smacked in the nose and thatís when the match got REALLY good. Blood Generation lived up to their name as they proceeded to butcher Ariesí nose and they really did an awesome job of really isolating him and cutting him off from the tag while the fans were boiling to the point where they just couldnít wait any longer for the tag. Once the hot tag came, the match broke down in usual Dragon Gate fashion as these guys unleashed moves on each other like crazy and it had to take drastic measures from the champs to finally put the challengers away, who looked like legitimate threats to the titles once Ariesí nose got busted open. Iím not sure which match I prefer: this one or the Trios match involving Yoshino and Jack because that match had more spots but this one was more important so Iíll give the edge to this one, making it the second best DG match of the weekend. Strong and Aries continue to just get better together and they had yet to have a weak defense so people had no qualms with these guys remaining champs for a long time. As for Blood Generation, they would be back (not together though) in the near future and the fans were ready to welcome them back with open arms.

Match 6: ROH World title match: Bryan Danielson © vs Lance Storm
Lance Stormís music hits and heís ready for his shot at the ROH World title in his first match since wrestling Chris Jericho at ECWís One Night Stand back in June of 2005. At Steel Cage Warfare, Storm came out to appreciate Dragonís skills and he would love to come out of retirement to face him. Storm signed one of Dragonís open contracts to get this title shot (the right call instead of just giving him one). The music of the ROH World champion, Bryan Danielson, hits and heís looking to best his more experienced foe who can hang with him every step of the way on the mat. Dragonís chest is still blistered and bruised from his match the previous night against Roderick Strong where he was able to retain the title after a 56 minute war. Storm used to tag with William Regal, one of Dragonís teachers, in WWE back in 2002-3 so this is going to be an interesting match between the champion and someone who is damn near Dragonís equal on the mat. Dragon tells the ring announcer to tell the fans that heís too good to wrestle in front of these pricks, haha. Dragon oozes heel heat for this one.

Stormís in amazing shape for this one and they do shake hands and they lock up before breaking clean and Dragon tries to work over Stormís arm but Storm comes back with his own arm bar then controls Dragon by his wrist. Stormís done his homework as he avoids Dragonís dropkick after his sequence then Storm works over Dragonís wrist as Gabe joins commentary to just say hello as Storm snapmares Dragon but Dragon holds onto Stormís arm in a hammerlock. Storm comes back with a firemanís carry into the arm bar so Dragon backs him to the buckles so he can slap Storm and Storm doesnít like that as they tie up again but Storm comes back with a waist lock takedown into a front face lock and Storm drives Dragon into the corner and slaps Dragon (itís a weak one though). Storm grabs a single leg into a pin and Dragon tries to get the advantage but Storm spins out into his own hammerlock and Storm has been outwrestling the younger and less experienced Dragon so Dragon sits out and lands a dropkick. Dragon snapmares Storm for a knee drop and gets 1 then Dragon grabs a front face lock but Storm comes back with a forearm shot then lands a beautiful dropkick to make Dragon go to the floor to recuperate. Prazak brings up a great point that Dragon just had a near hour long match the night before so he might not be 100% while Storm had been preparing for weeks and Storm muscles Dragon down in a knuckle lock but he canít break Dragonís bridge so Dragon goes to monkey flip Storm but Storm nicely cartwheels out of it and gets ďyou still got itĒ chants! Dragon takes Storm down with a waist lock takedown and drives his knee into Stormís head while talking trash to the fans but Storm turns him over into a pin for 2 but Dragon goes back to a reverse waist lock. Dragon backs Storm to the buckles to land a cheap shot and a chop before landing a European uppercut and takes Storm off his feet with a back elbow for 2. Dragon starts disrespecting Storm then rakes his boot across Stormís face but Storm slides through his legs and hits a back elbow before landing a 16 second delayed vertical suplex for 2 then grabs a half nelson with a chin lock. Dragon backs Storm to the buckles to drive his shoulder into Stormís gut and lands a big headbutt before choking Storm with his boot and he has to let that damn referee know how long he has. Dragon backflips off the top rope BUT STORM CATCHES HIM WITH THE ROLLING HALF CRAB AND DRAGON INSTANTLY GETS TO THE ROPES!!! The fans actually went nuts for that. Storm lands some chops on the floor then sends Dragon into the guardrails and he lands a clothesline in the corner for 2.

Storm keeps the advantage by clubbing away on Dragon then gets an elbow up on a charge and goes to the middle rope but Dragon knocks him to the floor with a running forearm smash! Dragon sends Storm into the guardrails and lands some chops of his own then lands a European uppercut before getting 2 back inside. Dragon drives his knee into Stormís back multiple times then hits a leaping knee drop to the back before pulling back on Stormís neck with his knee firmly in Stormís back. Storm fights out of it but runs into a clothesline for 2 then grabs the surfboard on Storm but Storm gets to his feet AND HITS A MULE KICK TO KICK OUT OF IT!!! They trade forearms until Dragon lands a European uppercut and he starts tearing at Stormís nose before continuing the back work with a backbreaker. Dragon drives Stormís knees into the mat then sets Storm up again, MEXICAN SURFBOARD!!!! Storm tries to muscle his way out of it but Dragon switches it to a chin lock and Storm tries to fight out again so Dragon goes back to the nose to cut Storm off. The fans are split as Dragon puts the boots to Storm and Storm starts fighting back but Dragon goes to the face again but Storm hits the leg lariat! Storm drops the leg across the neck for 2 then sends Dragon off the ropes but Dragon catches him for a suplex and gets a series of two counts as Prazak tried to berate Dragon for not hooking the leg (let the guy wrestle) before putting Storm back in the surfboard. Dragon grinds his knuckles into Stormís ribcage but Storm floats out of a tilt a whirl and lands the enziguri and Storm starts building momentum and land the leg lariat again for 2!! Sloppy Tiger Driver gets 2 for Storm and Dragon punts him but runs into a powerslam for 2 so Dragon slides through Stormís legs and Storm goes for a hurricanrana BUT ITíS COUNTERED WITH A FOLDING POWERBOMB FOR 2!!!! Bow and arrow lock by Dragon so Storm elbows out of it and Dragon drives his knee into Stormís back and wants the Regal Plex but Storm fights out of it then goes for the Crossface Chickenwing but once again, Storm counters it then he runs up the buckles to back flip off of them, STORM KICK GETS 2!!! Storm sits Dragon on the top buckle and wants a superplex but Dragon fights out of it but Storm blocks the Sunset Bomb so Dragon nails him hard in the back, BELLY TO BACK SUPERPLEX!!!! 1-2-NO!!!! Dragon canít believe it, CROSSFACE CHICKENWING!!!! Storm tries to maneuver to the ropes AND HE GETS TO THE ROPES!!! Dragon goes up top, SWANDIVE HEADBUTT MISSES!!!! CRADLE PILEDRIVER BY STORM!!!!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!!! SINGLE LEG CRAB!!!!! Dragon rolls through it AND PULLS STORM INTO THE SAME ROLL UP THAT HE USED TO BEAT STRONG, 1-2-NO!!!! Dragon ducks the super kick then catches it, ROARING ELBOW!!!! REGAL PLEX, 1-2-NO!!!! CATTLE MUTILATION BUT STORM ROLLS THROUGH INTO A PIN, 1-2-NO!!!!! Dragon gets to his feet with Storm, TIGER SUPLEX GETS 2!!!! CATTLE MUTILATION!!!!! LANCE STORM TAPS OUT TO GIVE BRYAN DANIELSON THE WIN AT 26:25 TO RETAIN THE ROH WORLD TITLE!!! You can add Lance Storm to the list of people Dragon had successfully retained the title against. The fans give both men some applause and give Lance some ďThank YouĒ chants and Dragon offers his hand in respect and Storm does shake it and they hug.

Crater rating: 8.0 out of 10. That was a great match with Lance Storm showing that he still got it and Dragon helping him every step of the way. Not bad for a retired guy! The reason why this was not the main event was because ROH was worried that Storm was going to end up being rusty so they panicked and put this match as the co-main event and saved the Colt/Cide blow off for last and it ended up being a smart idea if for the wrong reasons. Storm was hardly rusty since I didnít see him mess up anything too badly (aside from the Tiger Driver) and the fans were really buying into Storm having a chance to dethrone Dragon but it was not meant to be. I liked the story these two told as Dragon tried to outwrestle Lance on the mat but Lance, being a veteran, was not only able to hang with the younger Dragon on the mat, he outwrestled the self-proclaimed Best Wrestler in the World by schooling him so Dragon had to play dirty and work over Stormís back to get the advantage. The final couple of minutes were really good as Storm kept countering everything Dragon threw at him so Dragon finally put Storm down with a combination and that was it for olí Lance. I actually put this match above most of Dragonís one and done challengers (the rest of them were Corino, Sabin, Marufuji, Romero and Xavier) because of the fact that it had the added importance of Storm coming out of retirement to challenge Dragon and while Lance didnít have much of a chance to take the title from Dragon (although ROH would not be a stranger to giving the title to old guys since they gave it to the 45 year old Jerry Lynn) but the fans began to believe during the match since Storm was every bit of Dragonís equal on the mat but Dragon just had one too many tricks up his sleeve (this also was Stormís longest match of his career too). Storm would actually come back a couple of times to ROH in the future to engage in a couple of little feuds so he wasnít fully done with wrestling just yet at this point but this was probably his best match in the company and one that he should be proud of to this day.

Main Event: Chicago Street Fight: Colt Cabana vs Homicide w/Julius Smokes
We get a video package of how this whole feud started and it started when Colt made the mistake of disrespecting Homicide at Dragon Gate Invasion during Good Times, Great Memories and that led to Cide jumping him in the parking lot after the show. These two wrestled at Glory By Honor IV in a long and boring match where both men just didnít show any intensity towards each other at all and Colt won the match by DQ when Cide threw a chair at his head and Joe came out to help Colt fend off the Rottweilers so Colt decided to call up his buddy, Steve Corino, to help him with Homicide. Colt beat Ricky Reyes in a Survival of the Fittest qualification match but he failed to win the match so at Joe vs Kobashi, Colt took on Claudio Castagnoli but some Rottweilers showed up in the crowd to keep distracting Colt and it eventually cost him the match but he got revenge later in the night when he showed up during Homicideís match with Jack Evans and busted a rap out on him, including calling him Konnanís bitch, and that allowed Jack to sneak out a win on Homicide. At Unforgettable, Colt took on Jack in a singles match but Colt was able to beat him so Smokes came out and told Colt that he got a free pass on the night because of Cideís match later in the show. Corino came back at Enter The Dragon and was pissed to find out he was teaming with Colt but in reality, Colt was a little worried about what Homicide would do to him and they had a tag match, involving Low Ki, later in the night with Corino pinning Homicide to get the win. At Buffalo Stampede, Cide cost Colt his match with Low Ki by calling him CM Punkís bitch but things FINALLY picked up at This Means War when Colt beat B-Boy in a match and Cide came out to pick a fight with him and ended with Cide giving Colt an Ace Crusher through a table off the apron! At Showdown in Motown, it was supposed to be Colt and Cide facing Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe in a Four Corner Survival but instead, Colt and Cide decided to take that opportunity to come out fighting and they brawled for a good long time until finally, Colt hit an INSANE suplex off the bleachers to put himself and Cide through a table, taking both men out of the match. At Vendetta, they one upped that by beating the crap out of each other in the ring until Cide got the advantage by stabbing Colt in the head with a fork then tried to cut out Coltís fucking tongue with scissors until Ace Steel scared the Rottweilers away and that forced Colt to turn from his happy go lucky self to the emo version that we see at this point. So at A Night of Tribute, these two met in a No Disqualification that ended with Cide strangling Colt with a coat hanger and Colt couldnít continue anymore so Cide took a breather from Colt after that to renew his feud with Steve Corino at Steel Cage Warfare where Cide suffered a dislocated shoulder but Colt, in a mask, came out to cost Cide the match. At Final Battle, Cide told Colt not to interfere with what he was going to do to Corino but Colt decided to not to listen so Cide poured Drain-O down his throat in one of the sickest things ever as Colt had to make himself vomit. Cornette gave these two a cool off period for the start of 2006 but Colt attacked Cide during his FIP title defense, costing him the title, and Colt was able to beat Grim Reefa at Unscripted II. At the 4th Anniversary Show, Homicide tried to kill Colt numerous times throughout the match in a Ghetto Street Fight until the referee finally had to end it after Cide piledrove Colt onto a table off the apron that did not break. They finally fought again at Dragon Gate Challenge in a Falls Count Anywhere match where Cide gave Colt a concussion then at Supercard of Honor, Cide beat the crap out of Colt again so Colt asked for this match and it must end here. Homicideís music hits and he comes out with Julius Smokes and heís looking to end Colt Cabanaís life in this match. Colt Cabanaís music hits and heís looking to finally end this feud with Homicide and find peace. Coltís going into this match with a concussion, a broken nose and a black eye.

The Chicago faithful are behind Colt and the match starts with Colt avoiding a charge and unloading with right hands before choking Homicide with his ring jacket. Colt lands a back drop then unloads with right hands and sends Cide to the floor before following out to land some right hands then Colt blocks a hip toss back inside and clotheslines Cide. Cide avoids the butt-butt butt but runs into a Yakuza kick then decides to let the fans decide on what to do (why donít you just attack Homicide and beat him to end this instead of playing around with the fans?) and Cide keeps the assault up on Homicide as they go up the aisle and Colt continues to land right hands. Colt puts the boots to Cide in the ring but Cide drives his elbow into Coltís head then lands a leaping back elbow then sends Colt head first into the guardrail then chokes him over the guardrail before sending him into it again. Cide cracks a chair hard across Coltís back then Cide looks under the ring to grab the coat hanger and he starts attacking Colt with it but Colt blocks AND STARTS CHOKING CIDE WITH THE COAT HANGER!!! Cide sends Colt to the floor to stop that, TOPE CON HILO!!!! Cide ended up in the third row as Smokes talks shit to an old lady and Cide puts Colt on the apron and wants the Ace Crusher but Colt fights out of it and Cide blocks a piledriver then Colt .45 off the apron so Colt just knocks him down with a bionic elbow before looking under the ring and pulls a ladder out but Cide attacks him but Colt hits the Alabama Slam and catapults Cide into the ladder then Colt splashes him into the ladder for 2!! Colt shoves the ladder down across Cideís back but Cide kicks him, TORNADO DDT ONTO THE LADDER GETS 2!!! Colt fights back with right hands then scoops him up but Cide shoves Colt head first into the ring post to drape Colt on the table and Cide goes up top, SPLASH OFF THE TOP THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Coltís hurting as Smokes hits some headbutts then pitches Colt inside for Cide to cover and gets 2. Cide pitches Colt to the floor then pulls out a board covered in barbed wire (or a bed of barbed wire) and Smokes drapes it in the corner as Cide nails Colt in the head with the ladder then throws the ladder at Coltís back and he sets the ladder up in the corner but Colt blocks a suplex AND SUPLEXES CIDE ONTO THE LADDER TO BREAK IT!!!! That ladder is just done as Colt pulls Cide but Cide falls down to avoid the barbed wire so Colt pulls Cideís jersey off and scoops him up but Cide gets out of it and hits the Russian leg sweep. Cide tries to force Coltís face into the barbed wire but Colt tries to do it to him but Cide bites his way out of that and boots Colt in the head then hits some shots but Colt gets fired up as he keeps asking for more and he lands some punches of his own and he pulls Cideís fork out but Cide kicks him off so Colt avoids a dropkick AND STABS CIDE IN THE FOREHEAD WITH IT TO BUST CIDE OPEN!!!! HE REPEATEDLY STABS HOMICIDE IN THE HEAD WITH IT AND DIGS IT INTO HIS FOREHEAD!!!!

Colt does the same thing on other side of the ring and Colt wipes Cideís blood across his face like war paint and Colt stabs Cide in the head again as Cide continues to swing wildly AND COLT STARTS DIGGING THE FORK INTO CIDEíS EYE THEN BACK INTO CIDEíS FOREHEAD TO MAKE CIDE A BLOODY MESS!!!! Cide finally sends Colt to the floor and he crawls under the ring to pull out the Drain-O and throws it into the ring and they both go after it but Colt beats Cide down with punches then chokes him with his boot but Cide thumbs him in the eye but Colt lifts him up, ROPE HUNG ACE CRUSHER!!!! Colt pulls out rubbing alcohol but Smokes gets in the ring so Colt nails him AND POURS RUBBING ALCOHOL ON HOMICIDEíS FACE!!!!! Cide has to use a shirt to wipe it out of his head as Colt follows to the floor and he sends Cide back inside but Cide calls for a timeout and he wants a handshake so Colt gives him none but Cide slips out of the Colt .45 and kicks him in the nuts! Cide tosses a chair into the ring and he tells the fans to throw some chairs into the ring, CHAIR THROWING MAYHEM!!!! The ring is completely filled up with chairs, just like in the previous Chicago Street Fight (between the Second City Saints and the Prophecy in 2003), and one actually hits Colt in the head but Colt starts throwing chairs at Cide then sets him up on the top rope, SUPERPLEX ONTO THE SEA OF CHAIRS!!!!! 1-2-NO!!!! The fans are digging this match as Colt sits Cide onto the top rope and climbs up again but Cide fights back with a low blow, PEPSI PLUNGE!!!! CM PUNKíS FINISHER!!!! 1-2-NO!!!! Cide takes off the elbow pad but Colt ducks the first Lariat BUT NOT THE SECOND ONE!!! 1-2-NO!!! Cide rams Coltís head into the buckles and he calls for Smokes in the ring and Smokes charges but accidentally nails Cide so Colt takes out Smokes, CRADLE DDT!!!! Colt looks under the ring for something but then he pulls off some tape and he ties Smokes to the top rope (the problem is that he has an arm free) as Colt pulls a table out and drags it into the ring as Cide also has a table in the ring and Colt sets up the table over the bed of barbed wire and Cide throws a chair at Coltís head then sits him on the top rope to follow up and Cide has to bite Colt and goes for a hurricanrana, SUPER BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE ONTO THE BED OF BARBED WIRE!!!!!! 1-2-NO!!!!! LARIAT BY COLT!!!! 1-2-NO!!!! COLT .45!!!! 1-2-3 AND COLT CABANA GETS THE WIN AT 26:35 TO FINALLY END THIS FEUD AND GIVE COLT CABANA PEACE!!!! Colt was practically begging Homicide to stay down and he celebrates the win as the fans cheer him on. However, Reyes and Smokes decide to jump colt and try to tie a noose around his neck to hang him but Cide gets to his feet to tell them to stop and Smokes is relentless so Cide tells him to fucking stop. He tells them to get behind him and he gets into an argument with Smokes before telling Smokes that they had kicked his ass for six months and give him the respect for beating an ROH legend. Smokes keeps trying to attack but Cide tells him the back the fuck off and Cide tells him heíll give Colt his peace so he drops the chair and extends his hand!!! Cide tells Colt that he respects him and apologizes for everything heís done and Colt finally shakes his hand AND THEY HUG IT OUT AS CONFETTI FALLS AND COLT FINALLY HAS HIS PEACE!!! Colt finally has a smile on his face as he starts dancing to his music and the old Colt Cabana is back.

Crater rating: 8.5 out of 10. This match had some crazy spots but lacked the ďI want to fucking kill youĒ intensity that the 4th Anniversary Show match had. WellÖ.Coltís finally found peace! After this match, Colt would go back to his old ways and Homicide would on the road to a face turn and to the beginning of his run to the ROH World title. This match basically did everything a big blow off match should do: it tied up the loose ends, Colt finally got to turn the tables on Cide from the past, Colt finally got to beat Cide and make him stay down. The chair throwing mayhem spot was fun and some of the spots were pretty crazy but I didnít FEEL the hatred that these two had for each other. The match took a while to get going too since they were setting up for the crazy finale but once the blood was flowing from Homicideís head, it got really good. Iím torn between this match and the 4th Anniversary Show match as the best match in the feud and while the intensity from that match was off the charts, this match had bigger spots and was the final resolution to the long feud that ate up over six months of these two menís careers and it was fitting that Colt controlled most of this match since Cide had controlled the entire feud. At the end of the day, this was a fitting end to the triple shot weekend and the Colt/Cide feud in general.

We get a shot of Bryan Danielson talking to ROH owner Cary Silkin about something but the show ends before we find out about what.


According to the rating, I have given ROH Better Than Our Best a 79, an A+, a 9.5 out of 10 and itís one of the greatest shows in ROH history. I canít lie with that since this match had zero bad matches on the entire card and everything just escalated to the final match in the Colt/Homicide feud. While Supercard of Honor had the two MOTYCs candidates, this comes off as a better all-around show since itís shorter, has fewer matches (which helps out a lot) and there was something for everyone on here. The opener was a nice send off for Jack before going back to Dragon Gate, Delirious ended Ricky Reyesí undefeated streak to finally get a win, the Embassy went 3-0 for the entire weekend in tag matches, the Four Corner Survival was awesome, the ROH Tag Team title match was amazing, Lance Storm came out of retirement to have his best match in years with Bryan Danielson and Colt Cabana finally ended his feud with Homicide. This was one of the biggest weekends of ROHís run since it established that they mean business and didnít mind running up against WWE for the weekend and at the end of the day, ROH blew Wrestlemania out of the water in terms of wrestling. The Milestone Series had one show left before things would settle down so to speak for them but I wouldnít be surprised to see this show at the end of the year as the best show of the year (itís going to be hard to beat) so consider this show the front runner.

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