Most important matches from 1984 and onwards?

Re: Most important matches from 1984 and onwards?

Postby Woozie666 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:13 am

I think people get too bogged down in what drew money and what was "great".

Andre/Hogan drew F-loads at WM3 but that was a shit match. In fact Hulk Hogan drew bucket loads and all but maybe a handful of his matches were any good.

As for stuff that's actually "important", all the stuff I listed are important in retrospect and thats the way we have to view things because we don't have time machines.

Was the first match at WrestleMania important? Yes, if there wasn't a "first" match, there would be no PPV, doesn't matter whom the contestants were.

The first PPV Royal Rumble was the same, it was the first to be seen worldwide and VHS release this made the WWE know they had gold.

Harts/Bulldogs were ARGUEBLY the greatest feud of the '80s... and in my opinion, it was. They had the best tag team matches I've ever seen from that decade. As big fan of tag team wrestling, I've seen everything you guys listed... Harts/Bulldogs win and as of today, right now, they've had the most influence... yes they are important.

My mistake on Strike Force, although they were a good team. As for Demolition's Title Reign not being important... WTF!!!!?
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