October 14, 2008
Matt Peddycord

WWF World Champion Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund Ė (WWF Superstars 7/30/94)

This is Bobby Backlundís first WWF title match on TV at least since he lost the belt to the Iron Sheik in December of 1983 against his will because his manager Arnold Skaaland throwing in the towel for him. Who knows why he didnít get pissed about this sooner, but this was actually a pretty well hyped match for WWF Superstars. HUGE ovation for the Hitman, which was par for the course back then. JR and King are on commentary, which is great because Lawler is so anti-Bret that even though Backlund is still considered a babyface, he finds himself cheering for Backlund just merely because he wants to see Bret beaten so badly. They start off very cautious with one another. Backlund surprises Bret with a few aggressive nearfalls. Bret looks to slow Backlund down and goes to work on the arm. Backlund sells really well and keeps it all very interesting with escapes that wind up going nowhere for him. Backlund finally connects with a nice forearm and rolls Bret over with a body scissors for two. They exchange headbutts as Backlund delivers a piledriver for two. Bret backdrops out of a second piledriver and slams Backlund down for the standing legdrop. Backlund nicely counters Bretís attempt at an ab stretch for one of his own. Bret counters Backlundís ab stretch, but quickly takes a hiptoss. Backlund tries to roll Bret over out of a waistlock for a pin attempt and they wind up on the floor. Back in, Bret starts pounding on the back, but Backlund reverses a hard cross corner whip. He follows up with a hard slam for two. Backlund whips out a POWER move by applying a Canadian backbreaker. Bret counters out into a backslide for another nearfall. He looks to reapply the backbreaker, but Bret backdrops him over and falls on top for 1-2-NO! Backlund bridges out back into the standing position and they repeat the sequence into a backslide from Backlund for 1-2-NO! I like that. Lawler reprimands Backlund for not having a killer instinct because heís not being aggressive and following up on Bret. Now itís Bret who reverses a cross corner whip and hits a backbreaker for two. Backlund avoids the SHARPSHOOTER and takes an elbow drop instead. Bret gets tripped as he runs off the ropes and falls out to the floor. Backlund brings him back in and slowly covers for two. Back suplex by Backlund, but he doesnít capitalize. He counters a suplex into a small package for another nearfall on the champ. Backlund thinks heís won, but no siree Bob. Bret rattles Backlund with a small package and holds on for the three-count to retain. (14:07) Bret shakes hands with Backlund and hits all four corners to celebrate with his fans before going back over to Backlund for another handshake. BACKLUND DOESNíT LIKE TO BE TOUCHED! Bob rejects a second handshake and proceeds to slap Bret across the face and then maniacally puts the champ in the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! A troupe of referees run down to get Backlund off Bret, but Bob Backlund leaves only when heís good and ready. He finally releases the hold and looks down at his hands with guilt and shame over what he had just done. This was supposed to lead to the return of Papa Shango as to say that Bob Backlund was acting this way because he was under Papa Shangoís spell, but that idea was scratched in favor of Backlund just being out of touch and bitter. Kind of ironic if you think about it in Bretís case. Good story told here as far as the match goes with a monumental post-match segment that would kickstart a feud that would last through WrestleMania. ***Ĺ

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