January 10, 2009
Matt Peddycord

Bret Hart vs. Hakushi (w/Shinja) - (Monday Night Raw – 7/24/95)

Since neither man saw PPV time the night before at In Your House 2, they get this opportunity to shine. Shinja distracts Bret after he gives a kid his shades. That brings Bret to the floor so Hakushi can attack from behind. He sends Bret into the ringpost a couple times and drops him on the guardrail. Into the ring, Hakushi’s pump splash hits knees. An inverted atomic drop sets up a clothesline Bret continues to keep Hakushi grounded until he reverses a corner whip to send Bret sliding back first into the ringpost. Commercial break! Hakushi whips Bret across for a Handspring Elbow. Lawler makes a Stridex joke directed at the 1-2-3 Kid just as Hakushi gives Bret a bronco buster. Bret comes back with a Russian legsweep, but Hakushi mule kicks him back down. Hakushi flips out of a backbreaker attempt and nails Bret with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 1-2-NO! Hard whip into the corner for Bret. Hakushi drags Bret over for a Flying Headbutt to the back! Cover, 1-2-NO! Nerve hold is applied. Bret elbows out, but gets tossed out to the floor. Another commercial break. Just as we come back, Hakushi delivers America’s first ever televised SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP! Incredible! Bret regroups and gives Hakushi and Shinja a double noggin knocker. Bret gives them both a pump splash off the apron to knock them out. Back in, Bret hits the backbreaker and the flying vertical elbow drop gets two. Shinja gets nailed off the apron. Bulldog to Hakushi gets another two-count. Small package gets a third two-count. Hakushi surprises Bret with a back suplex, but misses a second Flying Headbutt. Bret hits a top-rope superplex and applies the SHARPSHOOTER for the submission. (9:22) Excellent TV match. Bret beats up Shinja afterwards and gives him a Piledriver. ***˝

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