August 14, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect – (Madison Square Garden, 4/24/89)
Bret’s first singles push is near the end here. As for Perfect, he’s been back with the WWF for a little over six months now and still remains undefeated. By the way, this match is on the WWF’s Mr. Perfect DVD set. Because of that, I wish they had put the match these two had in Toronto instead that everybody raves about. Rather lengthy feeling out process to start where Bret sticks with a headlock and frustrates Perfect. Crucifix from Bret gets two. After they do the spot where they kick each other down from off their backsides, Bret clotheslines Perfect to the floor. Perfect jaws with the crowd to slow down the momentum. Back in, Perfect catches Bret with a knee lift and sends him out to the floor. He beats Bret on the apron and eventually knocks him off onto the guardrail. Once he’s finally back in, Perfect reverses a whip and sends Bret into the corner for his chest-first bump for two. Standing dropkick puts Bret out on the floor again. Back inside, Perfect cranks on Bret’s neck. He gives up on that and goes for a spinning toe hold. Bret kicks him off into the ringpost and goes after the shoulder LIKE A MAN POSSESSED! Bret goes for another crucifix, but Perfect sees it coming and drops backwards on top of Bret. Perfect counters an ab stretch attempt with a hiptoss and gets an O’Connor roll, but Bret kicks him off through the ropes to the floor. Pescado by Bret! Back in the ring, inverted atomic drop leads to a snap suplex. Backbreaker sets up the Flying Vertical Elbow Drop for 1-2-NO! And the bell sounds to signal a 20-minute time limit draw. (19:00) Silly timekeeper. Bret wants five more minutes, but Perfect says that five more minutes wouldn’t make a mistake since you couldn’t beat him in twenty minutes. Bret turns his back on Perfect and gets nailed from behind. Oh, that’s unfortunate. Bret comes back by crotching Perfect up top. He then kicks Perfect all along the ropes and destroys him in the corner. Out you go, Mr. Perfect. Certainly not one of the more dramatic matches they will ever have as these match doesn’t even hold a candle to their pair of PPV classics. ***¼

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