August 7, 2004
Mark Tomol

New York, New York
Madison Square Garden
June 16, 1975
Waldo Von Erich (w/Fred Blassie) vs. Bruno Sammartino (w/Arnold Skoaland)
Referee: Terry Terranova
WWWF Title

This one was a rematch. The previous month at MSG, Waldo bloodied Bruno badly and they had to stop the match.

Waldo comes out first with Blassie followed quickly by Bruno and Arnie. Ring announcer Bob Freed introduces Waldo as the "European Champion". Guess Davey Boy Smith would have been surprised to find out that he wasn't the first European champ in the WWF. Also, twenty nine years before JBL did it, Waldo through a crisp Heil Hitler Nazi salute to the Garden crowd. It's mind boggling looking back on these tapes how politically incorrect wrestling was in regards to racism, sexism, and just plain bad taste. Next up, Arnie Skoaland is introduced as "a nice guy". I kid you not. Referee Terranova is showing Von Erich Bruno's belt when Waldo snatches it and slams it against Bruno's arm.

The match begins. Waldo is then handed a Abdullah like foreign object by Blassie and begins to stab Bruno's arm with it. Bruno blades his right arm (he did that in the Zybysko cage match at Shea also). Waldo continues to stab at the arm. The ref steps in to take a look and Bruno explodes on Waldo. Punch Kick Punch Kick. Finally, the big finish. Bruno throws Von Erich into the ropes, kicks him in the gut when he comes off.......and then pins him. The time 4:12. The Garden crowd couldn't care less as they popped HUGE for the finish. Gotta remember one thing, the people LOVED Bruno and he could do no worong.

Interesting match for the political incorrectness, a rare blading of a bodypart besides the forehead, and the out of nowhere finish. On a side note, Waldo Von Erich was Bruno's number one opponent in regards to amount of times wrestled. They hooked up close to ninety times.

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