August 23, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs – (10/7/88 from Paris, France)
The classic Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan double-team this one on commentary. There’s no Mr. Fuji and nobody knows why. On the same card and show, Rockin’ Robin won the WWF women’s title. When Bobby goes to ask her if he’s invited to the party after the show, he comes back to the announce booth with a slap across his face, says Gorilla. Great stuff. This is towards the very end of the British Bulldogs run in the WWF as a tag team. They would come back to the US to compete at Survivor Series on Thanksgiving and that would be it for them. Then again, this was taped on 10/7/88, so they had about seven weeks to go. This crowd is super hot for the Bulldogs. Onto the match. Early on, the Bulldogs pull the old switcheroo behind the ref’s back while they work an armbar on Smash. This goes on for a good five minutes, but the French crowd eats it up. After Smash dumps Davey Boy out to stop the armbars, Ax gets a tag and hammers DBS down. Meanwhile, Gorilla Monsoon speaks TRUTH~! When Heenan wonders what’s going on in the US presidential election, Gorilla shatters every young boy’s dreams by telling us that big business is what runs America and not one single man in a suit. Funny how WWE started ‘Smackdown Your Vote’ after Monsoon passed away. Davey Boy Smith plays face-in-peril for a while as the Demos work a nerve hold/armbar. Hot tag to Dynamite, Smash shuts him down with a blow from the apron as he came off the ropes. Now Dynamite plays face-in-peril as the Demos give him the same treatment. Out on the floor, Smash makes sure Dynamite Kid eats the ringpost. Smash brings Dynamite back in with a suplex. DBS gets drawn in as Demolition whips Dynamite and sends him chest-first into the corner. Dynamite breaks free from the nerve hold and delivers a desperation SNAP SUPLEX on Ax! Oh, but Smash goes over and brings Davey Boy off the apron to prevent the tag. Now the Demos work on Dynamite’s back by trading off on a Boston crab. When that doesn’t get the submission they want, Smash grabs a bearhug for a while. Dynamite breaks free from a chinlock by Ax with a jawbreaker and hot tags Davey Boy Smith! Crowd goes nuts for everything. He gets a few nearfalls on the champs and tags in Dynamite again. SNAP SUPLEX to Smash. It breaks down with everybody in the ring. As ref Tim White is getting Davey Boy out of the ring, Ax breaks up Dynamite’s Octopus Stretch on Smash with a clothesline. Smash covers and gets the 1-2-3. (23:07) Long enough formula tag match to really build up the hot tag at the end, but the match itself was nothing special. **

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