January 28, 2012
Graham Cawthon

Your Royal Rumble Memories

On the eve of the 2012 Royal Rumble, we asked on our Facebook page what your favorite Rumble moments are. Here's what you had to say:

Chris DePetrillo Favorite Rumble memories: The Flair win in 1992, the Snuka/Piper nostalgia bit in 2008, the randomness of 2005 (Simon Dean's schtick, everyone ganging up on Hassan, Paul London's bump off a Snitsky clothesline), and Hogan and Warrior facing off in '90.

Travis Wiley My favorite rumble is when flair won. Why, u ask is bcause it changed the title landscape in wwf.

Tony Brown My favorite is when stone cold won 3 royal rumbles and when ray mysterio won a royal rumble

Callum Leslie The Rock eliminating Big Show in 1999, first wrestling match I ever watched.

Jason Evans ?'94 with Bret Hart & Lex Luger going over at the same time. That's the way PPV's are supposed to be, exciting and leaving you wanting more!!!

Jonathan Hadef its hard to say there been so many memorable moments my personal favorite is the 1994 royal rumble when both bret hart and lex luger won the reason this is my favorite is becuase this was unprecident it was the first time it happened and the only time thus far

Myke Hess The 1988 Royal Rumble because I was their!! Plus I got to see one of my favorite wrestlers, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Win the whole thing!! I was 13 at the time and was crazy about wrestling. In 2008, I got the chance to meet my childhood hero and he autographed my copy of the VHS of the '88 Rumble for me!!

Matt Rhea Warrior and Hogan facing off in '90. That bit with the double clothesline spot is one of my favorite memories of wrestling. I was 6 and lost my little mind. :)

Sepehr Rad one of the most hilarious and favourite moments would have to have been when jerry lawler entered the 1997 royal rumble from the announce table, got in the ring for 4 seconds, gets eliminated, and acted like nothing happened :P

Adam Fenwick Kane ruling the 2001 rumble was just outstanding. Still my favorite rumble of all time.

Matthew J. George Mine was royal rumble 1992. Ric Flair's perfomance was awesome. Bobby Heenan's color commentary was hysterical. " thats not fair to flair ! "

Joshua Brown ?"With a tear in my eye, this is the greatest moment in my life." - Ric Flair, RR '92.

Kris Russell the Very FIRST Roya l Rumble with Hacksaw Jim Duggan winning. So long ago now! So glad it is still going. I had the honour and the pleasure of meeting Jim Duggan this summer last in Madison - a true gentleman!

Leo Celino Royal Rumble 2000, my 1st wwe dvd! Strenghten my admiration to Mick Foley, controversial rumble ending between The Rock & Big Show! Dudley vs Hardy rocked that night too!

Michael McDonald ?"Yes there two superstars The Rock is concerned with. Number 1 is...Crash Holly and number is...Headbanger Mosh, and The Rock thinks if he can get by tose two then he might have a shot at winning the Royal Rumble" ahhh first PPV ever aired LIVE into Australia :

Peter Dominick Edge returning!!!

RudoReels Hard to pick. There are so many. I can't recall what years most of these were, but: Punk's promos between eliminations, Piper/Snuka, Edge winning, Taker winning, Rey winning, and still marking out for Cena's surprise return DESPITE hating him at the time. Legitimate surprises bring out the kids in all of us. I really dug the AAA workers in the 1997 Rumble, too. LUCHA!

Matt Coyle The 1992 Royal Rumble is my all time favorite. I was 15 years old and a huge fan of both WWF & WCW. Ric Flair was my favorite wrestler at that time and I was super excited to see him jump over to WWF. Flair lasted well over an hour to win the real "Real World Championship" It was cool to see him face off against former foes like Kerry Von Erich and Roddy Piper. The Rumble match also featured Randy Savage and Jake Roberts facing off just weeks after Savage was bitten by Jake"s cobra. The ending of the match was awesome with Flair, Hogan and Sid being the final 3. It was so hard to pick a winner but in the end, my main man the Nature Boy Ric Flair reigned supreme.WHOOOOOO

Jim Hayes My favorite Royal Rumble moment was last year when Diesel returned and got a massive pop!

Michael Grote ?"Only ONE of Shawn Michaels' feet hit the floor.."- Howard Finkel announcing the winner of the 1995 Royal Rumble. Bad rumble match, but awesome ending that is iconic thanks to The Fink's announcing skills.

Carl Wallace my favorite memories of rrumble r.. 89 ax/smash started it off & there a tag team.. 94 co winners bret hart/lex lugar wins! 95 both #1 (hbk) #2 british bulldog last all the way 2 the end w/hbk 1 foot hit the floor. winning the 95 rumble.. 97 austin being thrown out w/o the refs seeing it sliding back in & winning it.. 2000 who really won looks like big show won but rocky won, end result they all go 2 wm.. 2008 most surprised shocking return of john cena.. those r the most memorable moments that would stick w/any fan & also ric flair winning the 1992 rumble, that had 2 been the most star studded rumble w/big time names.. those r memorable moments!!!

Bethany Sage Leggin My all time Royal Rumble moment was when Undertaker became the first man to enter the Rumble in the #30 slot and WIN..............Why because EVERY year that The Deadman has entered the Rumble, he has NEVER won! He is the FIRST man in Royal Rumble history to enter the Rumble from the #30 slot to WIN!! Throwing HBK over the top rope to win doesnt hurt either!!! If ya'll remember, he also became one of the %55 of the men to win the Rumble and win a World title at that year's Wrestlemania, WM23 to be exact!! I cried and screamed when he won!!

Michael Seawell Okay.. fave RR moment. When Rey Mysterio lasted 62 minutes. They said it couldn't be done, and Rey proved them wrong..

Christopher Mudd My favorite was when I rented the Royal Rumble VHS tape from my local video store and got to watch Big John Studd win the Rumble. First time watching the Rumble and I loved it!

Rob Wellman Lol Mine is the one where our local boy Mike Shaw (Bastion Booger) was supposed to be in the 94 Rumble. Never did find out why he wasnt entered.

Aaron Levin Favorite Royal Rumble moment-My first royal rumble witnessing HBK and the Undertaker going at it in what was the most epic battle in Royal Rumble history. So unpredictable, I never knew who was going to win and left me standing on my feet marking out the whole time.

Sal Licon Royal rumble 2000 mae young showing her "puppies" in the bikini contest! Gross but hilarious ...right up there with her giving birth to a hand lmao

Mark Stultz Favorite Rumble moment definitely was Ric Flair's title win in 92. A great post match speech & great commentary from Brain & Gorilla was the icing on the cake.

Keith Lagasse It's easy. Ric Flair becoming WWF champion in 1992!

Barry Dean Hooks My favorite was when ric flair brought the wcw title to the wwf and won the royal rumble.I remember they would block showing the wcw title.Was definately a big thing to talk about back then.

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