November 26, 2011
Taha Ercoskun

CM Punk (w. Mason Ryan) vs. John Cena
March 13th, 2011 - Oklahoma City, OK
Via fancam

Before the match, Mason Ryan says something but I don't understand even a bit of it. CM Punk takes the mic and says that Mason Ryan just said "CM Punk is the greatest man that has ever lived" in Welsh. Punk refers to summer of 2008 when he won his first World Heavyweight Championship in Oklahoma City. Punk says he loves Oklahoma City so much that when he's done beating up John Cena tonight, he's going to buy a realestate right here in Oklahoma City. "I will be your neighbour and we will live happily ever after", he says. John Cena's music hits and Cena comes to the ring. Referee checks both guys and the bell rings.

Punk grabs a headlock to start the match. Cena rolls and grabs a headlock of his own. Punk moves Cena to the corner to break the move. Cena pushes him to the ropes and Punk hits a shoulderblock. Punk does the "You Can't See Me" taunt and runs but Cena gets up and hits an arm drag. Cena adds a dropkick and Punk bails to the floor. When Punk gets back to the ring, he quickly kicks Cena down and takes the control. Cena reverses an Irish whip and hits a bulldog. Mason Ryan distracts Cena and Punk regains control by kicking him multiple times. Punk drops an elbow (a la Scott Steiner) but Cena kicks out at two. Cena suddenly lifts Punk for an AA but Punk reverses and hits a DDT for another two count. Punk locks a Figure-4 head lock immediately after a vertical suplex. Cena does not quit and lifts Punk but Punk slips out and sends Cena to the floor. When referee tries to keep Punk in the ring, Mason Ryan kicks Cena in the head. Cena crawls back to the ring and hits multiple punches. When Cena jumps for a shoulder-block, Punk moves and Cena falls down. Cena gets up and Punk takes him down with an awesome Roundhouse kick. Punk locks the Figure-4 head lock once again but Cena breaks free and goes for an STF. Punk breaks free either and they clothesline each other. They both get up at 9-count and Cena hits a clothesline. Shoulder block and Proto-Bomb follows. You Can't See Me! Five Knuckle Shuffle is followed by an unsuccesful Attitude Adjustment attempt when Mason Ryan appears on the apron. Cena pushes Ryan to the floor and lifts Punk again but this time Punk hangs to the ropes. Meanwhile, referee is down because of Punk's crazy legs. Punk kicks Cena in the belly and lifts him for a GTS. Cena suddenly reverses into an STF but there's no referee to end the match. Cue The Miz with his WWE Championship belt. Miz tells Ryan to hold Cena up and tries to hit him with his belt but Cena breaks free and Miz smashes Ryan with the belt. Cena sends Miz to the floor and turns his back to find Punk on the top rope. Punk dives but Cena catches him in the air and hits an Attitude Adjustment! Cena quickly pins Punk and wins the match. (14:10) The Miz gets back to the ring and attacks Cena. Randy Orton rushes to the ring and RKOs Punk! He gives another RKO to Ryan! Cena lifts The Miz and hits an Attitude Adjustment! Cena and Orton celebrate in the ring to end the show.

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