November 26, 2011
Taha Ercoskun

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Sheamus
Wheeling, WV - June 27th, 2010
Via fancam

Referee starts the match and a huge "CENA" chant begins. Cena grabs a headlock and Sheamus pushes him to the cage and punches him a few times. Cena fights back and rams Sheamus into the corner. Cena hits a quick suplex for a 2-count. Sheamus whips Cena and Cena flies for a shoulder-block but Sheamus ducks and Cena falls to the ground. Sheamus tries to escape the cage but Cena pulls him back. Sheamus knees Cena's back. Sheamus sends Cena to corner hard and climbs but Cena holds him and hits a bulldog off the top! Sheamus kicks out at two. Cena lifts Sheamus for Attitude Adjustment but fails and tries to lock STF. Sheamus pushes him with his feet but Cena, once again, lifts him to his shoulder. This time Sheamus elbows out and hits a DDT for a 2-count. Sheamus taunts and sends Cena to the cage wall. Sheamus tries to suplex Cena but Cena blocks and hits a suplex of his own. Sheamus regains the control with kicks. Sheamus hits a backbreaker for another 2-count. Cena comes back with punches and sends Sheamus to the corner but Sheamus moves and Cena hits the corner instead. Sheamus ties Cena's arms to the ropes and opens the cage door but Cena breaks free and stops Sheamus. Sheamus hits a running clothesline and waits for Cena to stand up just to send him to the cage wall. Cena finally comes back and sends Sheamus to the cage wall - twice. Cena hits a ProtoBomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle follows. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Sheamus holds the cage and climbs. Cena stops him and they trade punches on top of the cage. Cena rams Sheamus' head to the cage and Sheamus falls to the ring.

But then, some shit happens and video freezes (but the audio still works) and I can't see anything for about 70-75 seconds. Guy who shoots the video says "Damn i missed a few minutes" so i know that problem is not because of me. Anyway, video continues and Sheamus has the upper hand in the ring. Sheamus does his chest-hitting taunt and lifts Cena for a crucifix powerbomb but Cena doesn't let it happen so Sheamus clotheslines Cena. Sheamus lifts Cena and goes for a Super Crucifix Powerbomb but Cena breaks free and locks STF. All of a sudden, NEXUS rush to the ring to attack Cena. They knock out referee and Sheamus as well, so the match goes to a no-contest. (15:57) Sheamus escapes to he backstage and i have no idea where the referee is. Tarver and Otunga sends Cena to the cage wall. Skip Sheffield hits a lariat. Kofi Kingston comes and hits a flying clothesline to Heath Slater. Evan Bourne dives onto Sheffield, Otunga and Tarver! Remaining guys beat the shit out of them. Meanwhile; William Regal, Ted DiBiase and a couple of other guys come to the ring. Cena is up as well. There's a huge brawl in the ring and Nexus escapes. Faces follow them and brawl continues on the entrance ramp. Faces, once again, gain the upper hand and Nexus escape to the backstage. Faces raise their arms as the show ends.

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