August 11, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: November 29, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Here on Wrestling Challenge the first annual Survivor Series has come and gone. In the Survivor Series main event, Andre the Giant was the sole survivor, lastly pinning Bam Bam Bigelow. Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan was counted out during the match.

Our hosts for today are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Challenge is coming this week from the Omaha Civic Auditorium, in Nebraska, and in several weeks time will host rock concerts for The Cars, Oprah Winfrey and Def Leppard! The opening video runs, and on today's show will be The British Bulldogs, Ted DiBiase, Jim Duggan, Butch Reed, and The Ultimate Warrior.

The British Bulldogs vs. The Conquistadors
Before the bout, Monsoon requests of Heenan, "Give me an idea as to who the Conquistadors are", to which Heenan responds by saying, "they're the two masked guys!" Matilda the bulldog is cleared out of the ring, the bell sounds, and we are officially underway. Conquistador I takes down Davey Boy with a hammerlock to start off, but as they lock up, Davey Boy momentarily locks on a full nelson, before being thrown to the canvas. They lock up once again and Conquistador I nails Davey Boy with successive right hands, followed by a shoulder block which sends Davey Boy down once again. Conquistador I runs the ropes but is caught by Davey Boy, who hoists Conquistador I over his head, and tosses him onto Conquistador II as he enters to try and make the save. The Dynamite Kid tags in and delivers an armdrag to Conquistador II, followed by a shoulder block. Davey Boy then delivers a snap suplex, and Conquistador II rolls to the outside. A shot of Matilda is shown, and Heenan sums up the feelings of the majority by asking, "Why are they wasting our valuable television time showing us a profile of that miserable dog?" Dynamite shoulder blocks Conquistador II to the mat upon his return, followed by a headscissors. He locks in an armlock, but Conquistador II makes the tag to Conquistador I, who begins to take control with right hands. Both Bulldogs enter and deliver a double clothesline, and Dynamite then delivers a headbutt to Conquistador I, followed by some rams to the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Monsoon and Heenan begin to look forward to the Slammy Awards, which are coming up on December 19. The Conquistadors are double teaming Dynamite. The Conquistadors, all in gold, deliver a double backdrop to Dynamite, and Conquistador II nails Dynamite with some knees to the midsection. Conquistador I tags in but gets on the wrong end of a suplex, as Davey Boy tags in and delivers another, and more impressive, suplex. Davey Boy sets Conquistador II up for a running powerslam, nails it and scores the three count - but only just. Right before the three count the Conquistador kicked out, either in a complete lack of professionalism, or otherwise to enhance the toughness of the Conquistadors - take your pick. The referee let it go anyway, and in my opinion, the three count shouldn't have counted, as the shoulder was way up before the three. Controversy reigns supreme!
Winners - The British Bulldogs via pinfall, at 05:06

Special Report
It's now time for the weekly Special Report with Craig DeGeorge, who is looking forward to the upcoming Slammy Awards in Atlantic City. He says that it is the ultimate awards program, and the categories are man of the year, woman of the year, song of the year, video of the year, Hulk Hogan real american award, best animal performance, high fashion award, best scalp and best personal hygiene awards. In addition to the awards there will be live performances from Koko B. Ware and the Honky Tonk Man, who will be performing their songs.

Ted DiBiase (w/ Virgil) vs. Sonny Rogers
The bell sounds and they lock up, and after a quick reversal, Rogers manages to score a two count, before DiBiase kicks out, and they break. DiBiase attacks Rogers with venom and pounds his head into the turnbuckle, and follows this up with right hands. DiBiase whips Rogers to the opposite corner, and then delivers an elbow to Rogers from the second rope. DiBiase whips Rogers to the ropes and delivers a clothesline. We go to pre-recorded comments from DiBiase, who says that everyone has their price, including the man at the very top in the WWF. Back between the ropes, DiBiase delivers a reverse elbow from the middle rope to Rogers, and scores the easy count of three. After the bell, Virgil enters the ring and flashes the dollar bills all around the place.
Winner - Ted DiBiase via pinfall, at 01:17

Mean Gene Okerlund is now standing by, and brings in Outlaw Ron Bass as his special guest. Okerlund says that he has been very impressive in his outings in the WWF, and Bass then talks about his whip, and shouts at the speed of light. Bass says that when people see him and his whip walk down the street, they run for their lives. He claims to have thrown out challenges to Hogan, Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat, among others, but they have run. Bass is becoming increasingly impatient, and is looking to take his frustrations out on someone.

Gorilla Monsoon informs us that Jim Duggan and Harley Race are still feuding, and we go to footage from Saturday Night's Main Event, where Race is seen dressed in his royal robes. Hacksaw marches out in an attempt to get his robes, and threatens Race with his 2x4. He eventually knocks him down with said device, and climbs into the ring where his opponent awaits. Later in the evening, Race comes back out, enters the ring with a chair, but gets clobbered by Hacksaw, with help from the 2x4 - again. Duggan regains his robes and struts his stuff in the ring, accompanied by Jerry Lawler's theme music. At a later date we see Heenan calling Duggan a "thief" during an interview, and from behind, Race attacks Duggan and knocks him down to the floor, with the wooden plank. After the highlights package finishes, Monsoon tells us that we have not seen the last of this feud.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Barry Horowitz
Duggan enters alongside the 2x4, and the fans again go nuts. We are notified that Duggan will take on Hercules on the upcoming episode of Saturday Night's Main Event. The bell rings and Horowitz backs off from Duggan, who reverts to shouting "Hooooo". They eventually lock up and Horowitz is backed into the ropes, and runs into a bodyslam from Duggan, who then drops an elbow. Duggan runs the ropes and delivers a flying knee, before ramming Horowitz to the turnbuckle. Horowitz fights back with a thumb to the eye, followed by right hands, but Duggan knocks him right back down. Duggan stomps away in the corner, and then delivers a hiptoss to Horowitz. We go to pre-recorded comments from Duggan who insinuates that Race should back off, and also suggests that Heenan should stay out of his business. While this is going on, Horowitz leapfrogs Duggan, but only to walk right into a clothesline. Duggan sets up for the three point stance, and delivers the finishing clothesline.
Winner - Hacksaw Jim Duggan via pinfall, at 02:05

Mean Gene Okerlund is now alongside Dino Bravo, who says that a lot has been happening to him recently. However, he feels that 1988 is going to be his year, and intends to compete against nothing but the best, including Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat and Don Muraco. He says that he can take them down, and intends to win every match in 1988, in order to meet Hulk Hogan and defeat him for the WWF Title. Okerlund reminds Bravo that he has had a great 1987 as it is, and says that it is his purpose to get his hands on Federation gold.

A 1987 Slammy Awards advert is shown, and the event will take place on December 19th. Allegedly it will be the 37th annual edition, and could even feature some dancing from the likes of Vince McMahon!

Killer Khan (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. Mike Richards
Khan begins with his traditional sumo posedown, and then pounds away on the back of Richards with ease. He sends Richards to the ropes and karate chops him down, before raking the eyes. Khan sends Richards head to the turnbuckle, and as he tries to fight back, only ends up being chopped down by Khan once again. And again. Khan delivers a reverse thrust kick, delivers the green mist to the eyes of Richards whilst Fuji distracts the referee, and delivers a backbreaker. Khan then goes to the middle rope and delivers the kneedrop, scoring the victory.
Winner - Killer Khan via pinfall, at 02:13

Craig DeGeorge is standing by in the arena with Slick, alongside Butch Reed. They dance for a short while "Jive Soul Bro" plays, before DeGeorge has to tell them to stop. Slick says that they are celebrating because anytime the music "Jive Soul Bro" plays, then it is time to party, because Reed eliminated Superstar Billy Graham once and for all, a few weeks back. DeGeorge raises the issue of Don Muraco, but Reed dismisses him, and says that he can do to him exactly what he did to Billy Graham. The song plays again, which leads to more incessant jiving. Apparently, next week, there will be a huge announcement regarding Superstar Billy Graham.

Next, we go to comments from the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Honky Tonk Man. He says that he has an article featured in the new copy of the WWF Magazine, and then introduces his music video from the Piledriver album. Well, it's his theme music, and we see a clip of the famous "Hollywood" sign up in the hills. Except, it's been changed to "Honkywood". Amusing. Honky persists and plays the guitar behind his head, and jives into the night, all the while wearing his title belt.

The Ultimate Warrior vs. Brian Costello
The Warrior now has entrance music for the first time, and is the one and only entrance theme that he ever used in the WWF. He still doesn't seem to have the energy to run down the aisle though, and instead leisurely steps into the ring. Monsoon again suggests that the Warrior makes Rick Rude look rather average, but Heenan, rather unsurprisingly, disagrees. The bell sounds and the Warrior knocks Costello down in the corner, before whipping him and sending him to the other corner. The Warrior shoulder blocks Costello down and then elbows him, before delivering a suplex. Costello is on the end of a hard clothesline, and the Warrior delivers a gorilla press slam and scores the pinfall.
Winner - The Ultimate Warrior via pinfall, at 01:56

Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes vs. Dave Wagner & Rick Renslow
Patera and Haynes have recently formed, thanks to a common enemy in Demolition. Patera starts out with Renslow, and hiptosses him down. Patera then delivers a bodyslam, and tags in Haynes. Haynes delivers a kneelift to Renslow, before both he and Patera deliver a double chop to Renslow. We go to pre-recorded comments from Demolition who give their new opponents credit, yet still feel they will be able to overcome them nevertheless. Both Wagner and Renslow have attempted to make their mark simultaneously, but end up being dropkicked out of the ring by Haynes. Patera tags in and chops Renslow, who then tags in Wagner. He gets bodyslammed by Patera, and Haynes then tags in and clothesline Wagner. Renslow enters but to no avail, as Haynes locks in the full nelson on Wagner for the submission victory.
Winners - Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes via submission, at 01:47

Mean Gene Okerlund is now alongside Don Muraco, who has irritated a lot of people in his career. But he says that he didn't get to where he is today by minding his own business. He says that he has heard the roar of the crowd so many times, and intends to hear it again, whether it be positive or negative. He goes on to disrespect Butch Reed in more ways than one.

That's it for this week's edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge...

On next week's show, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake will take on Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ravishing Rick Rude, The Hart Foundation, Don Muraco and Ted DiBiase will also be in the house. We close with comments from The Hart Foundation, as Bret Hart prepares to go one-on-one with Randy Savage this Saturday Night on SNME.

Lots of matches... lots of squashes, but good promos.

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