March 4, 2005
Louis Izzo

Wrestling Challenge from February 13th, 1990:

- This week’s hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Tony Schiavone, a.k.a Mr. I can't spell his name to save my life. Besides, I've never liked face-face commentary teams...ruins the argument potential, oh well, Challenge was the C-Show of the WWF. Anyway, this week on Challenge...the WrestleMania VI Main Event announced, Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart in the feature match, Highlights from Jake Roberts vs. Ted Dibiase from the Superstars of Wrestling episode on February 12th, and Brutus Beefcake and Colossal Connection will be in action.

- Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs. Pete Sanchez:
Why is it on the episodes I have with Beefcake in action, why does he always open the show? Oh well...we get an insert promo from Mr. Perfect and the Genius, who has gotten his hair cut about 582 times from December 1989 through the present episode. They lockup, and we get a clean break. Another lockup, and Sanchez with a knee lift and some weak jobber offense that doesn't really stand out. Beefcake comes back by whipping Sanchez to the corner and back dropping him. Neck snap by Beefcake followed by an elbow to the back of the neck. Irish whip, and Beefcake locks in the sleeper hold for the victory at 1:48. DUD Nothing Squash. Afterwards, Beefcake gives his napping opponent a brief trim and we go to a special report.

- It's time for a Special Report, brought to you from the pages of the WWF Magazine. We get promos from WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and WWF Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior. Then we go to President Jack Tunney's office (with oversized pictures of the former behind him) and announces that Hogan vs. Warrior will be the WM VI Main Event! However, he has not decided on which championship will be on the line. To order tickets to WrestleMania VI, call 416-872-1111...what’s with all the ones? Commercial time...and it's Honey Combs...with ANDRE THE GIANT!? Wow...must've been an old one because Andre was still a heel at the time. Still funny though to see him act like a funny guy.

- Rhythm & Blues (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Billy & Tony Mulkey:
We get an insert promo from the newly formed Rhythm & Blues...Honky has the rhythm, and Valentine brings the blues apparently. Honky beats on Tony and elbows him across the head. He rams Mulkey into Valentines boot and the Hammer tags in for some double teaming and a super chop. Scoop slam and Honky tags in for more punishment in the corner. Valentine in with a shoulder breaker, and the other Mulkey tags in to take a beating. Irish whip and Hammer with a back body drop. Honky tags back in and quickly finishes it with the Shake Rattle & Roll at 2:29. 1/2* At least it was quick. Afterwards, Valentine dances...very, very, VERY badly.

- It's time for the Event Center with everyone's favorite person, Sean Mooney. He hypes a show coming to Nashville, TN and we get a few interviews. First, Rick Martel cuts one on Brutus Beefcake, and mentions how Beefcake trimmed up a jacket of his on WWF T.V. The second is from the new-comer, Tugboat Thomas...who cuts the ABSOLUTE WORST PROMO EVER on the Brooklyn Brawler, and actually admits he's shit as a wrestler, except he didn't use those words. Following is the Slam of the Night, and it's Dusty Rhodes dropping a fat-assed elbow on some poor Jobber.

- Koko B. Ware (w/ Frankie) vs. Jerry Lou:
Ware still has his funky hair that’s bleached blonde and has the sides painted like a Parrot. Lockup and Irish whip, Ware is put down with a shoulder block. Irish whip and Ware with a series of arm drag takeovers followed by a headbutt and back body drop. Ware with a snapmare followed by a rake of the eyes with his feet. Scoop slam by Koko followed by a sweet missile dropkick. He calls for the end and drops Lou with the Ghostbuster (Brain Buster) for three at 1:44. 3/4* Koko use to rule...too bad he got fat and out of shape...even more.

- Mean Gene Okerlund with a special interview with Bad News Brown. He brags about his performance in the 1990 Rumble Match (which actually wasn't good) and then goes into insulting Piper, who ends up coming out. Brown tells him he should shave his legs if he wants to wear skirts, so Piper has had enough and we get a brawl around the arena, with about 20 jobbers failing at breaking it apart. This was somewhat highlighted in their brief recap on the WrestleMania VI event.

- Bret "Hitman" Hart (w/ Jim Neidhart) vs. Shawn Michaels (w/ Marty Jannetty):
Earl Hebner is the referee for the match...oh-no...wait, this was almost eight years before the incident happened, and both were still tag team attractions. Lockup and we get a clean break. Hart with a wristlock and Michaels with an arm drag to escape. Both men exchange wristlocks and Hart applies a go-behind hammerlock. Michaels with an elbow to the side of the head followed by a shoulderblock. Criss cross sequence and Hart catches Michaels with an inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Snapmare by Hart and he misses an elbow drop. Michaels with a standing side headlock followed by a dropkick to the face. Michaels goes to the top rope and Hart slams him off. Hart with a series of stiff European uppercuts but Michaels catches him with a backslide for two. Hart with an elbow to the head followed by an irish whip. Michaels flips through a back breaker and slams Hart followed by a leg drop. Irish whip and a double head collision occurs. Jannetty gets on the apron and nails Hart, so Anvil comes in to brawl with Michaels, so it's a Double-DQ at 4:09. *** Pretty good, fast paced match, but lacked something I think.

- Canadian Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Jim Evans:
Evans charges and is simply knocked over by the huge Earthquake. Irish whip and Quake with a delayed scoop slam. Clothesline by Earthquake followed by a big forearm and a powerslam. Earthquake with a big fat elbow drop, and he signals for the end. One Vertical Splash later and Evans is D-O-N-E at 1:01. DUD Earthquake gives him another for good measure, and a stretcher job.

- Back to the Event Center, and we get promos from Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who targets his opponent Mr. Perfect. Then we get one from the Macho King, Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri, who spends most of the 40 seconds screaming and crying at the same time. Fast Forward material all the way.

- Highlights from Jake Roberts vs. Ted Dibiase from the day earlier's Superstars of Wrestling. Match barely starts when Big Bossman comes out and handcuffs Roberts to the ropes, and steals the bag containing Damien and the Million Dollar Belt. Slick, Dibiase, and himself then go to the Brother Love show, where Dibiase says he paid off Slick and Bossman to retrieve his property. Bossman however, becomes mad that he was "paid off", and insults Dibiase, then gives Roberts the bag back. To solidify the turn, he knocks Slick on his ass, and we get a Bossman promo afterwards.

- The Colossal Connection (w/ Bobby Heenan) vs. Rico Frederico & Jim Gorman:
They must be rushing this, because we don't even get introductions. Haku starts with Jobber #1, who is assigned as Frederico. Haku beats him up for a while with kicks and chops to the body and connects with an inverted atomic drop and Gorman tags in and is kicked in the head. Andre tags in with a big headbutt and chokes a little. Haku comes in with a reverse crescent kick and Andre drops an elbow for three at a quick 1:16. DUD Nothing squash again.

- Final Event Center for the day to continue the hyping. We get an incoherent promo from the Bolsheviks, who are out to destroy the Bushwhackers, and one from Mr. Americana himself, Dusty Rhodes, and we can all guess how gay it would be. With Bolsheviks vs. Whackers AND Tugboat vs. Brawler on one show, who WOULDN'T go?

- Next Week: In Action are Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dino Bravo, we get more matches from WrestleMania VI announced, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior comments, the Powers of Pain in action, and Dusty Rhodes vs. Rick Martel in the feature match, and we get promos from both. I don't have this episode, but it doesn't sound interesting.

Final Thoughts: Good Feature Match, although short, between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Boring squash matches pretty much, but nice to see the announcement for the WrestleMania VI Main Event.

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