June 20, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: April 12, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

This week, we've got footage of a big match between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik, it's Part Two of the Ken Patera vignettes, and we've got ring action from Demolition, The Killer Bees, a six man tag match featuring the British Bulldogs and Tito Santana, plus The Natural Butch Reed will also be in action.

The Gladiator, Jimmy Jack Funk and Barry O vs. The British Bulldogs and Tito Santana w/ Matilda
Everyone's favorite pooch Matilda chases the jobbers out of the ring. Heenan makes the funny observation that there are three bulldogs and a chihuahua in the ring. Before the match starts, Dangerous Danny Davis cuts a promo saying that he's not impressed with the Bulldogs and Santana, even after he beat them at WrestleMania III. Santana and O lock up, and out of that Santana gets a schoolboy for a Joey Marella two count. Hiptoss by Santana, an arm wrench follows, and a tag to Davey Boy Smith. High cross body block by Smith gets him a two count, and Smith follows it up with a hiptoss on O. Barry O tries to edge a tag to Jimmy Jack Funk, but Smith has enough power to drag O to the faces' corner, and he tags in the Dynamite Kid. Double headbutt by the Bulldogs, and Dynamite chops O in the chest. Dynamite runs O into Davey Boy Smith's boot, and tags in Santana. Tito gets a little offense in on O before he tags in Funk. JJF gets control of Santana's arm, to which Tito responds with a dropkick, sending Funk down. Side headlock by Santana, dragging Funk to the faces' corner, and Smith is tagged in. Vertical suplex by Davey Boy. Tito Santana is tagged back in, and for some reason gets a pop from the girls in the crowd. Double slingshot by Santana and Smith, and a double elbow is the result for Funk. Marella counts two on that move. Then Jimmy Jack Funk defies the odds and takes offense in the match! He drops Tito's neck across the ropes, and just as I thought that The Gladiator was being tagged in, here comes Barry O again, with the worst tights ever seen in the professional ring. Slight punch to Santana's face and The Gladiator is tagged in. He takes a shot at Santana's chest, and gets a knee lift to Tito's face. Santana gets back in with punches, sending the masked jobber down. Davey Boy Smith's tagged back in. DBS slams the Gladiator, smacks Funk's and O's heads together and rams Gladiator's head right into Dynamite's. Botched back body drop by Smith, as Santana's tagged back in. Smith gets the Irish whip in on The Gladiator, and Santana scores with the flying forearm for the victory.
Winners: The British Bulldogs and Tito Santana

The Wrestler's Rebuttal w/ Craig DeGeorge
Special Guest: Brutus Beefcake

He didn't actually call himself "The Barber" at this very point, but due to his haircutting actions on Adrian Adonis at WMIII, you may as well start calling him that from this point. Beefcake says that Adonis' hair is like a precious trophy to him and now that he's messed up Adonis' hair, it's time for him to mess up Adonis' face in a wrestling match.

The Natural Butch Reed w/ Slick vs. Sivi Afi
Some guy at ringside has a sign (easy to spot seeing as taking signs to wrestling wasn't in fashion back in 1987) saying "Slick The Dick." Didn't see that one coming. Very funny. Sivi Afi gets the first offense, a toss to the canvas, but doesn't follow up. A prerecorded promo is cut by Slick on a man we saw earlier, Tito Santana, who tore up Slick's outfit at Wrestlemania III. Reed beats on Afi who's tied in the ropes, and after an Irish whip, Reed gets an elbow on him. Reed chokes Sivi Afi on the ropes as the referee counts him, and then The Natural uses Afi's hair to take him down. Reed throws Afi out of the ring. Reed kicks Afi on the outside from inside, as Slick talks crap to Afi while he's down. Afi's back in the ring, and Reed throws him into the corner, charges with an elbow, and Afi gets out of the way, and starts kicking at Reed in the corner. Afi throws his kicks and chops at the speed of light. Chin shot by Afi gets him a one-count. Afi puts his head down, and Reed drops an elbow on the back of his neck. Press Slam by Reed gets him the traditional-standing-your-foot-on-the-jobber's-chest three count for the win.
Winner: The Natural Butch Reed

Mean Gene Okerlund brings on The Rougeau Brothers. Jacques goes off on a rant against the New Dream Team, saying that Dino Bravo's only talent is screwing people such as The Rougeaus and Brutus Beefcake, and that he's the weak link of the team, way less experienced than Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Raymond says that Bravo should go back to Canada because the Rougeau Brothers are coming after the New Dream Team and they want REVENGE!!!

Yet another promo by Brutus Beefcake, and this time he turns his attention to his former tag team, the New Dream Team, saying that he'll single-handedly turn them into a nightmare.

Rick Renslow and Dave Wagner vs. The Killer Bees
The Bees aren't wearing their masks this week, uh oh they're now on. Renslow starts for the jobbers, and by determining the hair that's hanging out of the back of the masks, I'm hedging a bet that it's Brunzell in there with him. Brunzell wrenches on Renslow's arm, and Heenan says it's Blair currently in the ring, but Blair has more hair than Brunzell, and the guy with hair sticking out is on the apron, so I'm calling Brunzell and I'm staying with my call. Flip kick by Brunzell, but Renslow nails him in the eyes and back. Renslow charges at Brunzell, but the Jumpin' One reveals who he is by, what else, jumping in the air, as Renslow runs into Blair, who hammers the jobber one. Bodyslam by Brunzell, and Blair comes in to bodyslam the other illegal man, Dave Wagner, right onto Renslow. As Brunzell advances, Renslow rolls out of the ring, and Monsoon pulls out a ranking system and rates the Bees in his top five. Looks like Wagner tagged in, they showed a replay of the double bodyslams, and Blair's tagged in too, they show that, so I know damnit! Double slingshot, double elbow by the Bees. Blair drops an elbow, picks Wagner up, brings him over to Brunzell, who claps him, Wagner's Irish whipped to the other corner and Renslow is tagged in. Bee Bumper by Blair gets a two count by Joey Marella as Wagner runs in to fall on his own partner. Headbutt in the corner by Brunzell, who's tagged in, as Blair gives Renslow an Irish whip, and Brunzell gets his patented elevated dropkick for the victory, and only at that point do Monsoon and Heenan recognise which one's which, as it is Brunzell who has the reputation for the elevated dropkick.
Winners: The Killer Bees

Mean Gene's back, and he's got the Steve Lombardi with him. Lombardi goes on a rant about Paul Roma, saying he has no chance against Lombardi. Mean Gene then asks him how he felt about Danny Davis' sacking, and Lombardi said that he was a fair ref and that the other WWF officials were jealous of him, and that Davis will now be a great wrestler.

The Ken Patera Story
Part Two

Once again, Mean Gene narrates the story. Last week, we saw Patera's credentials as a golden boy in weightlifting and his early wrestling career, but then he signed with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and became one of the WWF's most despised heel wrestlers. A clip is shown of Patera and Heenan being interviewed on Tuesday Night Titans, saying that he is undefeated and that he wants to become the WWF Champion. Heenan said to Patera when they initially hooked up that he would lead Patera to fame, fortune and the WWF Title, he got the title opportunities, but he never hit it off with the fans and there was ONE place that Heenan led Patera... right into prison. Part Three will air next week.

Jim Young vs. The King Harley Race w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Once again for matches where Bobby Heenan is at ringside, Luscious Johnny V comes in to commentate with Gorilla Monsoon. Heenan takes the mic and demands that everyone in the arena stand for The King. Young Irish whips Race to the corner, but The King comes out and clotheslines Young. Suplex and a couple of elbow drops by Harley Race, followed by a neckbreaker, and we get a promo from Outback Jack. He runs down Harley Race, and says he's more like a Queen. And as I say that, Harley Race hits the Cradle Suplex for the three count. Johnny V says he has a huge announcement to make coming soon.
Winner: The King Harley Race

The Snake Pit w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Special Guest: The Outlaw Ron Bass

Bass goes on a rant about how people get nicknames, saying that he is a true Outlaw, but Jake Roberts reckons that Blackjack Mulligan can stop him. Bass says that he's challenged Mulligan many times, but claims that Mulligan is too chicken to face him in the ring.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs The Iron Sheik w/ Slick
Taken from WWF Superstars Of Wrestling

We join the match in progress, as Duggan lays into the Iron Sheik with a couple of fists. Sheik comes back and kicks Duggan in the back a couple of times, dumping him outside in front of Slick. Nikolai Volkoff comes out and lays out Duggan with Slick's cane. He throws Duggan into the ring, and it's a triple team on Duggan, drawing the blatant disqualification. The Killer Bees and Sivi Afi run in to get the foreigners and Slick out of the ring, Duggan's busted open as he heads into the crowd and onto a railing, starting a USA chant.
Winner by DQ: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Nikolai Volkoff w/ The Iron Sheik and Slick Vs Rick Hunter
Taken from WWF Superstars Of Wrestling

Vince McMahon says there is no match as all three heels beat on Hunter and throw him out of the ring. Volkoff, as he does before every single match, starts to sing the Soviet National Anthem, but Jim Duggan's back with his 2x4, and chases Volkoff, Sheik and Slick out of the ring. Duggan picks up the mic and says that he will not quit in his war with Volkoff, Sheik and Slick, and leads the crowd into another USA chant.

Johnny V gets around to making his big announcement, and it involves Mr Fuji suddenly hitting the big time as a manager. Before WrestleMania III, he only had Bob Orton and Don Muraco. Last week, he bagged Kamala. This week, Mr Fuji has acquired... DEMOLITION. The reason for Johnny V giving up Demolition is due to him wishing to concentrate on managing the New Dream Team of Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo. And they're next up on Wrestling Challenge!

Billy Anderson and Leapin' Lanny Poffo Vs Demolition w/ Mr Fuji
And I quote Lanny Poffo and his poem directly...

It's Demolition Derby time with Fuji on the side
They say that we should've stay in bed, but we've got too much pride
But those colourful complexions, hey, what's this all about
They don't need to paint their faces to gross the people out

Lanny spoke over Demolition's theme. Fuji, as fans of the Demos will well know, has his face painted just like them when he manages them, his face isn't painted once he takes charge of his other wrestlers. Looks as though it's Ax starting off with Billy Anderson, and Anderson is manhandled pretty easily. Irish whip and back elbow by Ax. Tag to Smash who bodyslams Anderson, and Mr Fuji cuts a promo in the corner of the screen, saying that he plans on making the Demos the most vicious team in the WWF. Looks like he did that job pretty well. Smash tosses Anderson by the neck into the corner, and Lanny Poffo comes in. Smash smacks around Poffo, but Lanny leaps back up and takes a couple of shots to Smash. But Smash comes back, lifting Poffo up and bringing him back down to the canvas, and he tags in Ax. Big slam on Poffo by Ax, and a knee lift to follow up. Before Poffo could go and tag in Anderson, Ax punches Anderson in the corner, and drags Poffo over to the Demos' corner and right into Smash's boot. Smash is tagged in, and he sends Poffo into his own corner, and Anderson is tagged in. Smash grapples Anderson down to the canvas and lays a few punches in. Tag to Ax, who rams Anderson's head into Smash's boot, and Smash is tagged in again. Smash only gets to hold Anderson before tagging Ax in again, and this so happens to set up Demolition Decapitation as Joey Marella counts to three. Poffo's thrown out of the ring, and Mr Fuji goes 1-0 as manager of the Demos.
Winners: Demolition

Mean Gene brings in the CanAm Connection. Rick Martel says that they've been working hard as a team, coming up with innovative moves all the time to surprise their opponents, and Martel also says that the fan's support has helped them a great deal. Tom Zenk says that teamwork is very important in tag team wrestling, and they're very good at it. He says they love the fans and with the stuff they use... Stuff they use? Must have been this promo that made wrestlers think twice before they pumped horse steroids into their bodies. Martel makes a challenge to the Hart Foundation for a WWF Tag Team Title shot, and also says that in their spare time, Martel takes Zenk to Canada and Zenk takes Martel to the States, and crossborder relations have never been happier!

Next week : Part 3 of The Ken Patera Story. Why did he get arrested thanks to Bobby Heenan? Koko B. Ware, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Honky Tonk Man and Jake "The Snake" Roberts will be in action. Plus, comments by new Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and the former titleist, Randy "Macho Man' Savage.

Not bad. Matches from Superstars really show that Challenge was never really important.

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