June 21, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: April 26, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Heenan comes onto the announce position with Monsoon late, as we see him arrive, the fans deride him with "Weasel" chants. As they throw to the intro, Heenan complains about his reception. After the intro Monsoon informs us that we're going to see a tag team match between The Islanders and the Rougeau Brothers, plus action from George "The Animal" Steele, The Hart Foundation, Billy Jack Haynes and The CanAm Connection. Also we've got Part Four of the Ken Patera vignettes, as Patera leaves prison to go and sort out Bobby Heenan. But now to the ring...

Steve Lombardi and Canada's Greatest Athlete Iron Mike Sharpe vs. The CanAm Connection
Rick Martel starts off with the future Brooklyn Brawler (decked out in basic red tights), tries to go for a leg based submission, but Lombardi isn't having any of it. Lombardi quickly takes offensive duties on Martel by beating on him in the heels' corner before tagging in Sharpe, the self proclaimed "Canada's Greatest Athlete". Hey, we've got our own little version of the CanAms right here in Lombardi and Sharpe! Back to the match, as Tom Zenk runs in and gets held back by Joey Marella, Sharpe holds Martel for Lombardi to take a shot at him, Martel ducks and Sharpe goes down. Martel proceeds to hold the Brawler as the Zenk goes up top and hits Lombardi with a missile dropkick. The dropkick gets two for the CanAms as Sharpe sees himself to break the count up despite the fact that he's actually the legal man. As Martel attempts to hit Lombardi with the Acid Drop (Dudley Dawg) and fails, we see Mr Fuji cut a promo on them in the corner, saying that the Demolition are intending on making the CanAms their next targets. Zenk's tagged in and so is Sharpe, and we've got Sharpe ramming Zenk in the corner. Irish whip sends Zenk tied up in the ropes right next to Lombardi, and Sharpe lays a beating on Zenk's chest right in front of Joey Marella. Before Marella reaches five, Zenk's unhooked and is loaded right into Lombardi's boot. Lombardi is tagged in, he brings Zenk down onto his knee and gets a two count for it. Tag to Mike Sharpe, he Irish whips Zenk and we have an almighty collision. Hot tags all round, Rick Martel goes flying with punches on Steve Lombardi. Back Body Drop!!! Martel follows that up by dropkicking Sharpe off of the ring apron and proceeds to dropkick Lombardi as well. Martel rams Lombardi into the CanAm's corner and tags in Zenk, who powerslams Lombardi after Martel jumps over an Irish whip. Martel's tagged, and the patented Slingshot Over The Top Rope gets the CanAms the three count victory. Monsoon wonders when they're going to get a Tag Team Title shot.
Winners: The CanAm Connection

The Wrestlers' Rebuttal w/ Craig DeGeorge
Special Guest: Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Did Hogan have some sort of vendetta against DeGeorge or what??? Anyway, Beefcake says that Adrian Adonis is a fat slob and that he's willing to finish him off, and he says he'll sort out Greg Valentine, Dino Bravo and Johnny V all in one go.

Billy Jack Haynes Vs Tiger Chung Lee
Haynes takes down Tiger's legs and goes for a headlock submission, Tiger powers out early on in the match. Haynes Irish whips Tiger, goes for a cross body but Tiger shrugs it off. Tiger's gets some offense in, putting Haynes down with a punch. Tiger chops Haynes down, and Hercules cuts a promo on the guy who's woefully getting beat down at the moment. Generic beating by Tiger gets him a two count, he goes for the Irish whip into the corner, but Billy Jack reverses, sending Tiger upside down in the corner. Hiptoss by Haynes. Hook suplex by Haynes, and once Tiger gets up, he gets hooked into the Full Nelson and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Billy Jack Haynes

Mean Gene Okerlund brings in The Colonel Jimmy Hart, and when I type in THAT nickname, you know what wrestler he's bringing on, it's our good friend The Honky Tonk Man! Time to Ban The DDT! Hart talks but then Mean Gene lets Honky do most of the talking. He says not only should the DDT be banned but so should Jake Roberts. Honky also says that the fans want to see the Shake Rattle And Roll, Peggy Sue wants to see that move, especially on Saturday nights by the jukebox and Sunday mornings before he goes to church.

Hillbilly Jim and Outback Jack are together. They're talking about animals, as Hillbilly Jim brings up raccoons, Jack talks about emus and the eggs that they lay. Educational and Informational... all in one go.

Non Title Match
Nick Kiniski and Joe Mirto vs. The Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart and Dangerous Danny Davis

Gorilla Monsoon questions why all of a sudden the Hart Foundation have only been wrestling in non-title matches, and Heenan replies by saying that Kiniski and Mirto aren't ready for a title shot yet. Jim Neidhart and Nick Kiniski start off, The Anvil throws Kiniski to the corner, but Kiniski gets out of the way and Neidhart eats turnbuckle. Crossbody by Kiniski gets two from Joey Marella, he drags The Anvil to the faces' corner and tags in Joe Mirto. Eye rake and bodyslam by Neidhart, and Bret Hart gets the tag. The Hitman goes to the second rope and pulls off a nice elbow on Mirto. Bret plays to the crowd a bit as Mirto stirs to his feet but not enough so that he can cheapshot The Hitman, as Bret goes back to work on him. Monsoon and Heenan spend the match talking about the previous Hillbilly Jim and Outback Jack promo, and they hit on a comment about turkeys. Neidhart chokes Mirto with the tag rope, allowing The Hitman to take a shot to Mirto's midsection. The Anvil's tagged back in, distracts Joey Marella, allowing Bret to choke Mirto out again with the tag rope. Neidhart punks Mirto out in the corner, and Bret's tagged in again. All Bret does here is basically beat the crap out of Mirto, prompting Monsoon to use the moniker that only HE used back in 1987 - the Excellence of Execution. Neidhart's tagged back in, and we see exactly why the Hart Foundation are Tag Team Champions, as they're very clearly cutting the ring in half, preventing Mirto from getting the tag to Kiniski. All The Anvil does here is hold Mirto in position, tags in The Hitman, we see the Hart Attack and Marella counts three for the win. Solid win for The Hart Foundation, as Danny Davis (wearing referee colored pants and boots) continues a beating of Mirto on the canvas.
Winners: The Hart Foundation

Mean Gene's back, and his guest is Koko B Ware and his parrot Frankie! Koko has a few words for Danny Davis, saying that the BirdMan's not hard to find and that he's ready for a match.

The Islanders vs. The Rougeau Brothers
Incidentally, the fans have crowned the Islanders as the faces in this match, as I heard a few boos for the Rougeaus. Bobby Heenan says that the Rougeaus' outfits are cheap rip-offs of his clothes, Monsoon says that the Rougeaus' clothes have class unlike Heenan's. Haku starts off with Raymond, Haku gets a back elbow in, Raymond gets a punch, Irish whip and Raymond gets the Lou Thesz Press (without punches) for two. Raymond puts Haku in a side headlock and tags in Jacques. Sunset flip by Haku gets two, which he follows up with a hiptoss and a tag to Tama. Plenty of Irish whip rebounds follow, and Jacques gets a nice monkey flip kick on Tama which brings Monsoon to excitement. Without any further action, both men walk to their corners, tagging in their partners. So it's back to Raymond Rougeau and Haku, and it's Haku who takes advantage, wringing very hard on Raymond's arm. Tama's tagged back in and he jumps off the top rope and hammers into Raymond's back. While holding Raymond, Tama tags Haku back in, double Irish whip and a double chop to the chest by the Islanders. Haku shrugs off an attempt at a sleeperhold by Raymond, throwing him down to the canvas. Haku brings Raymond to the corner and chops him repeatedly. Raymond finally gets his sleeperhold on Haku but doesn't quite bring him down. Tama goes up top and hammers into Raymond's back, breaking the hold and saving his partner. Tama is tagged in as Bobby Heenan says that he doesn't care who wins the match. Raymond attempts a sunset flip on Tama, but Tama's just too strong and manages to punch Raymond out of it. Tama gets a side suplex on Raymond before tagging Haku back in. Monsoon at this point predicts a Rougeaus victory, leaving Heenan to pick the Islanders for the win. Could end up being a double count-out then or something. Double headbutt by the Islanders, Irish whip, and Raymond gets a crossbody on Haku for the two-count. Reverse thrust kick by Haku and Raymond's back in The Islanders' corner. Tama's tagged, and he takes Raymond down for a two-count that is broken up by Jacques. Raymond tags in Jacques to absolutely no reaction, proving that the fans see the Islanders as the faces in this match. Flying dropkick by Jacques on Tama is followed up by a knee drop on the canvas. Bodyslam by Jacques gets two, and Jacques pulls off an abdominal stretch, but leaves himself open to a Haku punch. The match at this point completely falls apart and ends with a double count-out. And the crowd don't like it one bit.
Double Count-Out

The Snake Pit w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Special Guest: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan cuts a promo about Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik. Jake inquires why Duggan brings a 2x4 down with him to the ring, and Duggan says it's his equalizer. Volkoff and the Sheik don't play by the rules, so Hacksaw Jim Duggan won't either. "USA" strikes up.

Mr Fuji has Kamala, Sika and Kim Chee with him, and says that Sika has great strength because he eats raw fish, and sure enough Sika tucks in to a large raw fish, causing jealous reactions from Kamala, who wants his fish.

Alex Knight and S.D. Jones Vs Kamala and Sika w/ Mr Fuji and Kim Chee
Sika starts off with S.D. Jones, puts his head down too quickly, Jones gets a few shots in, but Sika is just too big-boned so the attacks are ineffective. Kamala is tagged in, he Irish whips Jones and gives him a reverse thrust kick. As Sika is tagged back in, kicking the hell out of Jones, the CanAms issue a challenge to Kamala and Sika for next week on Wrestling Challenge. Knight is tagged in, and Kamala's back in as well, Kamala bodyslams Knight. Belly splash by Kamala puts Knight away for three, He's going up top but Kim Chee stops him from Air Kamala!
Winners: Kamala and Sika

Monsoon's about to throw to Part Four of the Ken Patera vignettes, at the very mention of them, Bobby Heenan protests against its broadcast and storms off the announce position. As Heenan leaves, Monsoon finally throws to...

The Ken Patera Story
Part Four

We see Mean Gene outside of Ken Patera's prison, and sure enough, Patera meets him outside the prison. Patera says he's free in two senses, the obvious sense of being out of prison, and he's also free from the false guidance of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. We cut to Ken Patera in a gym getting back in shape, he says that everyone thought that he was finished, but he's back bigger and stronger than ever. He's also out to set two things straight, that he can come back from a fall and that he can be a role model for everyone to follow. We see him in the end showing off in front of a mirror saying that he's coming back soon.

Jesse Cortez Vs George "The Animal" Steele
Steele charges right into the ring and takes a bite of Cortez's arm. Steele then throws Cortez into a couple of turnbuckles... uhoh, you know what happens with George Steele and turnbuckles! As per usual, he's savaging one of them. The Animal then hooks in the Flying Hammerlock, which Cortez submits to pretty easily, and a quick match is over. George then takes down the ref and hugs him like a maniac.
Winner: George "The Animal" Steele

Mean Gene has Johnny V with him. He brings on Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo, the New Dream Team. Bravo claims that when the Old Dream Team were Tag Team Champions, Greg Valentine more or less held the belts by himself because Brutus Beefcake wasn't justifying his ends. The Hammer calls his ex-partner "Fruitcake" and says that he had to carry Beefcake through all their wars over the years. He says that Beefcake's on the outside looking in, and when he's looking in the mirror, the New Dream Team will be behind him to beat the crap out of him. Dino Bravo says he'll give Beefcake the Canadian Backbreaker and he also said that the New Dream Team are the best team in the WWF and that they'll be Tag Champions soon.

Craig DeGeorge is in Kamala and Sika's lockerroom, and Mr Fuji accepts the CanAm Connection's challenge to a tag team match next week on Wrestling Challenge, saying that Sika will tear them limb from limb and that Kamala will eat the limbs.

Next week on WWF Wrestling Challenge we'll see Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, in a non-title match. Also, "The King" Harley Race and the team of Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik will be in action and the Feature Match will be the Can-Am Connection taking on Kamala and Sika.

Good show. You know this was about 8 months since Wrestling Challenge debuted (formally All-Star Wrestling) and the WWF, for the most part, put some thought into this show. While Superstars was the main program that had all the angles, they just didn't relegate this show as nothing but squash matches. That came later.

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