June 20, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: April 5, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

This week on Wrestling Challenge, we'll have the first part of a series of vignettes to reintroduce Ken Patera to WWF fans, and Kamala, the Honky Tonk Man, the Islanders and Billy Jack Haynes will all be in action.

Al Navarro and Iron Mike Sharpe vs. The Islanders
Haku and Sharpe lockup, and Sharpe seems to get the early advantage. Sharpe gets a headlock and whips Haku, they collide and go again, and Haku gets a delayed bodyslam. As a prerecorded promo cut by the Islanders is shown in the corner of the screen, both Haku and Tama are in and they atomic drop their opponents in sync. Tama heads to the top rope and chops down on Sharpe's arm that Haku was working on. Monsoon is saying the Islanders are possible challengers to the Hart Foundation's tag team titles. Sharpe rams Tama into his corner and tags in Navarro. Tama with a flying body press on Navarro. Monsoon lists through all the good points about the Islanders, and Heenan adds another one, they don't have to worry about a gameplan because they can't remember one! Tama tags in Haku, they whip Navarro into the ropes and deliver a double chop to the chest. Open fist to the face by Haku on Navarro, followed by a whip to the ropes and a dropkick by Haku. Tama is tagged in, whips Navarro to the ropes and this time gives Navarro a single chop to the chest, sending Navarro down. Flying head takedown by Tama, and the Polynesian senses that the match is almost over. Haku is tagged in, he chops Navarro's chest and gives him a reverse crescent kick. Haku throws Navarro back into his own corner and Navarro tags in Sharpe. Tama is tagged in, and Sharpe actually gets offense in, chopping Tama in the back. Tama is thrown to the jobbers' corner, and Navarro is tagged in. They double team Tama for a little while, but only for long enough so that Dave Hebner isn't irritated, and quickly Tama gets the advantage back for his team. Bodyslam by Tama, and Haku is tagged in. A kick by Haku, Navarro is whipped into the ropes, and Haku gets a clothesline. Tama is tagged in, and goes up top again. Vertical suplex by Haku sets up a flying splash by Tama, and Navarro is pinned for the three count.
Winners: The Islanders

The Wrestler's Rebuttal with Craig DeGeorge
Special Guest: "Macho Man" Randy Savage

Randy is pissed after having lost his IC title to Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III, and challenges everyone from Steamboat to Hulk Hogan to even WWF President Jack Tunney to a match with Savage so that he can show his aggression to the entire world.

The Ken Patera Story
Part One
Monsoon introduces him as one of the greatest Olympians ever to enter the WWF. Mean Gene Okerlund is the narrator for the story, which starts out with Patera's achievements at school in sports such as shotputting, which at one point he was third in the world at. Once at Brigham Young University, he directed his attention towards weightlifting. He won five gold medals in the Pan-American games, and got the bronze medal in the Munich Games of 1972. To Tuesday Night Titans where Vince McMahon marvels at Patera's medals, which Patera got in a World Championship tournament in Lima, Peru. Lord Alfred Hayes is in the background as Patera was bending a steel bar with just his neck. Patera is later shown using just his legs to hold a large car back in a parking lot. Mean Gene then acknowledged Patera's previous WWF run, said that he competed with his brother Dennis at Brigham Young and that his brother Jack was once the coach of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks. Patera formed an awesome tag team in the early 80s with Big John Studd, but his career would end up being ruined by having Bobby "The Brain" Heenan as his manager. Part Two of the story'll probably be shown next week.

Sivi Afi vs. The Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart
Monsoon is relieved as Honky's not going to start off the match by singing. Heenan denies any wrongdoing involving Ken Patera as Monsoon pressures him over the situation. Sivi Afi gets the first offense in by chopping HTM's chest and bodyslamming him. Over the course of a prerecorded Honky Tonk Man promo in which he says that he has his guitar with him because Jake Roberts brings a snake with him to ringside, HTM takes over on offense. Honky uses the ropes to choke Afi out, then HTM starts hammering on Afi's back. Monsoon says that HTM already has a snake with him at ringside - Jimmy Hart. You can tell how Hart is nicknamed "The Colonel" for Honky Tonk Man matches and "The Mouth Of The South" for matches involving The Hart Foundation and Adrian Adonis, he'll have just the guitar for Honky, but his megaphone for his other charges. HTM uses the ropes again as he drops to the outside choking Afi in the inside. Chants of "We Want Jake" erupt throughout the arena, Heenan says the fans are chanting "We Want You To Play (The Guitar)". Afi blocks HTM's punches and goes on a torrant of his own. Chops to Honky's chest, but HTM pushes Afi off as he attempts a flip in the corner. HTM signals for Shake, Rattle and Roll, and gets it for the win. Honky mimes his song for the crowd, and also mimes playing the guitar.
Winner: The Honky Tonk Man

Mean Gene is with Outback Jack. OJ has shown up in the USA!!! Jack says that Hulk Hogan's been looking after him since he's been in the States, but Jack's still been eating his kanga pies. The two of them talk about the fact that the WWF is worldwide and that a lot of the talent in the WWF impresses Jack.

The Gladiator vs. Billy Jack Haynes
Gladiator gets a few blows on Haynes, but Haynes isn't selling them. Kicks and chops by the Oregon native, an Irish whip to the ropes and an elbow to the chest by Haynes. It appears that after his feud with Hercules, BJH has a new rival in "The Natural" Butch Reed, as he and his manager Slick cut a promo on Haynes in the corner of the screen as Haynes gives Gladiator a dropkick. Haynes claps Gladiator's ears between his thick arms, and works on him in the corner. At this point, Monsoon and Heenan announce that WWF Magazine as of that time now comes out monthly, and has come out monthly ever since. Chops to the chest by Haynes, sends Gladiator springing to the other corner, and Haynes locks on the Full Nelson, to which Joey Marella doesn't hesitate in calling for the bell.
Winner: Billy Jack Haynes

Mean Gene's back, and he's bringing in Paul Roma. Mean Gene believes that Paul Roma will be a champion in the WWF. Roma mainly talks about his training regime, nothing else interesting to report.

Sam Cody vs. Kamala w/ Mr Fuji and Kim Chee
This is Mr Fuji's first match as Kamala's manager. "The Wizard" is shown in the corner of the screen in a promo handing power of Kamala over to Mr Fuji. Monsoon and Heenan are now plugging WWF Ice Cream Bars. Short summary of the match... Kamala basically kills Sam Cody, splashes him, goes up top, hits Air Kamala, gets the victory. After the match, Kamala goes up top for another Air Kamala, but Kim Chee and Mr Fuji stop him.
Winner: Kamala

The Snake Pit w/ Jake The Snake Roberts
Special Guest: Blackjack Mulligan

And Blackjack Mulligan... plugs WWF Ice Cream Bars.

"The Outlaw" Ron Bass vs. Joe Mirto
Hip toss by Bass, an elbow drop, a whip to the ropes and basic buttkicking by Ron Bass here. Monsoon and Heenan spend the entire match STILL talking about those Ice Cream bars. Bass spends most of the match using brute force on Mirto, even biting him at one point. Bass whips Mirto across the ring and elbows him down to the canvas. Another elbow gets the job done for the pinfall win.
Winner: "The Outlaw" Ron Bass

It's Mean Gene Okerlund with a WrestleMania III recap. All the events from WMIII are shown, some of the endings complete, others are just stills. They didn't show Hogan bodyslam Andre, but they did show the rollup that gave Ricky Steamboat the IC Title.

Outback Jack is shown outside some sort of complex taking off his clothes ready to dip into a harbor, and a policeman stops him.

Jerry Allen vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ Luscious Johnny V and Dino Bravo
And they STILL talk about Ice Cream Bars. As Allen takes control of the match early on, the former member of the Dream Team, Brutus Beefcake cuts a promo on Valentine, Bravo and Johnny V in the corner of the screen. Bodyslam by Valentine and a fist to the canvas by The Hammer. Two-count on Allen by Joey Marella. Valentine misses an elbow, and Allen takes advantage by whipping The Hammer into the corner and whipping his arse. Flip kick by Allen gets two by Marella. Valentine gives a beg-off. Allen uses the ropes to propel Valentine back down to the canvas, and that gets Allen a two-count. Allen misses a leg drop, letting The Hammer back into the match, while Monsoon and Heenan talk about the WWF Fan Club. Allen goes for another flip in the corner, but Valentine gets an inverted atomic drop in instead. Vertical bodyslam by Valentine, and this sets up the Figure Four Leglock for the submission victory. As Valentine and Johnny V celebrate, Dino Bravo lays a kicking into Jerry Allen. As that is shown, Monsoon throws to Mean Gene.
Winner: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

Mean Gene's got "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart with him. Hart wants to talk about his accolades in 1987, but Mean Gene says that his suit looks as though it's from 1954. Jimmy Hart brings on "Dangerous" Danny Davis, the former referee who was sacked by the WWF for favoring the heels in big title matches and has resorted to being a wrestler. Davis brags about pinning Davey Boy Smith in the big six-man tag at WrestleMania III, and decides to challenge Koko B Ware next. Davis says that he must be good if Jimmy Hart signed him up to be a wrestler. Mean Gene questions Hart's reasoning for signing Davis up, and Hart says that Mean Gene's going too far, and the interview ends with Hart and Davis threatening to knock Mean Gene's block off.

Next week : Part 2 of the Ken Patera Story. Highlights of recent Iron Sheik/Hacksaw Jim Duggan match. Demolition, Butch Reed and The Killer Bees will be in action.

Show was bad... All squash matches. Show was taped prior to Wrestlemania 3, but shown after.

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