June 21, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: May 10, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and The Outlaw Ron Bass

Ron Bass is on commentary. Gorilla says that Bobby Heenan got his neck rung, and we'll see highlights of that later, as it occurred during his debate with his former charge, the just-out-of-prison former Intercontinental champion Ken Patera. Also on the show today, we've got three big matches, first off the Demolition face the Rougeau Brothers, then Brutus Beefcake meets Luscious Johnny V and also the Honky Tonk Man takes on George "The Animal" Steele, plus Macho Man Randy Savage in singles action.

Nick Kiniski vs. Macho Man Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth
It doesn't help Savage's mood as he enters the ring that the ring announcer proclaims him as the former Intercontinental champion, so Nick Kiniski uses his head and ducks out of the ring as Randy storms around in a hissy fit. Lockup to start the match, which Kiniski initially takes an advantage in, but Savage uses his experience to turn the advantage around, but Kiniski has his mind set on the match and hiptosses the Macho Man. Modified Fireman's carry by Kiniski, and you can tell the story of this match, as all Savage is thinking about is getting his IC title back from Ricky Steamboat, therefore he's overlooking his opponent, leaving himself open to too many surprises. As the two lockup again, a prerecorded promo by Elizabeth is shown. Out of the lockup, Savage Irish whips Kiniski, but is caught by a Kiniski bodyslam that gets two from the ref. Another hiptoss by Kiniski. A dropkick by Kiniski sends Savage out of the ring to regroup. Savage uses Elizabeth as a shield once again, and gains the advantage in the match this way by hammering on Kiniski as he comes back into the ring. Kiniski, however, sends Savage into the turnbuckle and charges at him, but Savage moves out of the way, making Kiniski eat turnbuckle. The Macho Man clotheslines Kiniski out of the ring, goes up top and hits Kiniski on the outside with a double axe handle. Bodyslam back in the ring by Savage sets the Macho Man up for the Savage Elbow Drop which gets the three count.
Winner: Macho Man Randy Savage

Demolition w/ Mr Fuji vs. The Rougeau Brothers
Ax and Raymond start the match off, and Ax takes the advantage for the Demos by hammering on Raymond and bodyslamming him. Ax misses an elbow, allowing Raymond to work on his arm and to tag in Jacques. The future Mountie Irish whips Ax, Raymond jumps over the top rope and dropkicks Ax in the back, which Jacques follows up with a bodypress. Raymond stops Smash from coming into the ring by dropkicking him out of the ring. With the illegal men out of the way, Jacques wrings on Ax's arm, but Ax gets out of it with a punch, and tags in Smash. Jacques brings Smash over to the Rougeaus' corner and tags in Raymond, who kicks Smash in the midriff, and tags in Jacques again. They trade punches, but Smash's are stronger, as Jacques is forced into the Demos' corner, and Smash tags in Ax. The Demos double team Jacques in the corner, with Ax tagging Smash back in as Jacques is powerless in the corner. Raymond comes in the ring illegally and breaks up the double team, sorting out the other illegal man, Ax. Jacques works on Smash in one corner, Raymond works on Ax in the other, double Irish whip and the Demos collide into each other, setting the Rougeaus up for their double dropkick that sends everyone out of the ring, including the Rougeaus, for the inevitable double countout. Both teams come back into the ring to carry on the fight, and it seems the Demos win as they throw the Rougeaus out of the ring.
Double Countout

Mean Gene Okerlund has Hacksaw Jim Duggan with him, and Duggan's off on an incoherent rant about Volkoff and the Iron Sheik.

Johnny V cuts a promo before his match with Brutus Beefcake, saying he's so confident of beating the former member of the Dream Team that he's given the New Dream Team the night off.

Luscious Johnny V vs. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
Taken From WWF Superstars Of Wrestling
Commentators: Vince McMahon and Jesse "The Body" Ventura

As Beefcake puts his haircutting utensils away, Johnny V attacks from behind, kicking The Barber a few times. Vince puts over that Johnny V is a former WWF Tag Team champion, but that doesn't save him from eating turnbuckle after a charge and Beefcake bodyslams him. The Barber winds up and punches Johnny V over the top rope and out to the floor. As Beefcake beats the crap out of Johnny V on the outside, a prerecorded promo by Beefcake is shown, with him explaining why he's now called The Barber. Both men are back in the ring, and Johnny V's begging for mercy. This is a false sense of security for Beefcake, as Johnny V gets a brief period of offense in, but Beefcake Irish whips him and puts him in a sleeperhold, which Johnny V tries to fight out of, but eventually gives into, and Brutus Beefcake gets the submission victory. Beefcake goes to the outside and puts on his barber's coat, pulls out his clippers and shaves Johnny V's hair off. After he's done doing that, he pulls Johnny V up and kicks him in the back.
Winner: Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Mean Gene brings in The Iron Sheik. He says that he's only willing to do good across every city in America, but all the Americans are showing prejudice against him. He says that in his and Nikolai Volkoff's match at WrestleMania III against the Killer Bees, he had Jim Brunzell seconds from defeat with the Camel Clutch, but Jim Duggan ran in and hit him with his 2x4. Now, sooner or later, Duggan's gonna run into the Iron Sheik and he's gonna pay.

Tiger Chung Lee, Ace Cowboy Bob Orton and The Magnificent Muraco vs. Paul Roma, Tito Santana and Jim Powers
Bob Orton starts with Paul Roma, and Orton takes the Roma down, prompting a series of exchanges. Lockup is taken advantage of by Roma, who goes behind on Orton and rolls him up for a two count broken up by Don Muraco, prompting Tito Santana to run in and take out Muraco. Roma has Orton in an armlock, brings him to the faces' corner and tags in Jim Powers, who comes off the second rope with a double axe handle on Orton. Powers continues the armlock on Orton, but the Ace Irish whips Powers, however Powers comes back with an armdrag. Orton takes the advantage back for the heels though with a mighty dropkick. Muraco's tagged in, he goes to the second rope and punches Powers. Ron Bass is putting his feud with Blackjack Mulligan over rather than the match. Muraco looks to ram Powers into the turnbuckle, but Powers turns it into a full nelson, bringing Bob Orton into the ring to try and break it up, and he does without having to use his body, as some way Muraco forces his way out of it. Muraco gets a full nelson of his own on Powers, and brings Powers to the heels' corner for Tiger Chung Lee to chop Powers, but Powers ducks and Chung Lee ends up chopping the Magnificent One instead. Muraco is pissed and tags Chung Lee in with the hardest tag you'll ever see. Chung Lee kicks Powers in the back of the head and bodyslams him, but at this point, Orton and Muraco give up on the match, leaving Chung Lee stranded. Chung Lee misses an elbow, allowing Powers to tag Tito Santana in legally for the first time in the match, and the crowd starts to get hype. Chung Lee still doesn't realize that his partners have left him for dead, and he's left open to Santana's Flying Forearm for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Paul Roma, Tito Santana and Jim Powers

The Snake Pit w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Special Guest: Mr Fuji

Fuji comes on with a new wrestler from Mongolia, Killer Khan. Jake Roberts says that none of Mr Fuji's charges (the Demos, Kamala, Sika and Killer Khan) are good-looking, but they have what it takes to get the job done in the ring, and Mr Fuji agrees, saying that all of his wrestlers will soon be at the top of the wrestling world. The Snake finishes the segment off by saying that if you throw mud, even though you may miss the target, you still get your hands dirty.

Before Monsoon throws to the Ken Patera/Bobby Heenan debate, we look back at all the events that were shown in the series of vignettes that have run recently. Bobby Heenan is asked about Patera, and Heenan denies all responsibility for what happened to Patera, saying that all of Patera's success in the WWF, including his IC Title win, was down to Bobby Heenan. Outside of the ring, Heenan has no control over Ken Patera, he's a grown man and Patera shouldn't be blaming what he did in Wisconsin on Bobby Heenan because that was out of the ring and NOT Heenan's responsibility.

The Ken Patera/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Debate
Host: Mean Gene Okerlund
Taken From WWF Superstars Of Wrestling

Heenan calls Patera an ex-con and says that the key should have been thrown away for good for what Patera did in Wisconsin. Patera responds by saying that he's paid his debts to society, and that he's proud of his amateur credentials, including his bronze medal at the Munich Olympics, and his pro-achievements, including the Intercontinental Title. Mean Gene invites Heenan to state his case, but as he does, the producers of the program are forced to censor his comments due to their heinous nature. After the producers take their fingers off the button, Heenan says that Patera is a vicious and violent animal who should be kept behind bars. Patera says that he's through with Bobby Heenan and his weasel family. Patera says that Heenan had promised that he'd support Patera while in prison, but he didn't visit, didn't write any letters and didn't make any phone calls. Heenan didn't even come to the court case. Heenan didn't even visit Patera's wife and children. Heenan says that he's a businessman and that he's got to deal with his other wrestlers, he's not a babysitter, and he doesn't care for Patera's wife and "snot-nosed children". Patera's closing comments detail his wish to rid the WWF of Bobby Heenan, and Heenan responds by saying that all Patera cared about was winning the WWF Title and pressing weights, and Heenan says that he'll focus all of his wrestlers to put Patera out of the WWF. At this point, Heenan resorts to violence, taking off his belt and whipping Patera with it but Patera's too strong, and he forces Heenan to the corner and beats on him by choking him out with the belt and smacking him with it.

Backstage at Wrestling Challenge, Mean Gene has Bobby Heenan with him, and The Brain's got a neckbrace on. Bobby Heenan sells his injury like his neck's been broken, but Mean Gene informs us that it's just a sprained neck. Heenan's in real pain, and Patera's gonna pay for that thanks to such men as Hercules, King Kong Bundy, The King Harley Race and even Andre The Giant. Heenan leaves the lockerroom in real pain.

The Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. George "The Animal" Steele
Honky tries to play his song to George Steele, but the Animal's having none of it, and chases after HTM. During the chase, Honky accidentally drops his guitar, and Steele ends up picking it up to the delight of the fans. Honky falls over outside the ring, and Steele goes to clock him one with the guitar, but HTM ducks and Steele ends up catching the edge of the ring, busting the guitar to pieces. Honky and Jimmy Hart run away as George Steele goes beserk, and for some reason, it was ruled that the match was underway and that the Honky Tonk Man had won by disqualification. Monsoon complains that the match officially didn't start, and I second that, but the decision was made. Steele decides to take his aggression out on one of the turnbuckles, ripping it open like he always does.
Winner by DQ: The Honky Tonk Man

Mean Gene brings on a man who we saw earlier on in the show, Macho Man Randy Savage. The former IC champion blames WWF President Jack Tunney for Ricky Steamboat taking Savage's title at WrestleMania III. Savage says that he's now going to let that lie, and his focus will now be on Hulk Hogan's WWF World title, and he's challenging Jack Tunney to make that match happen. Savage proclaims himself the cream of the crop in the WWF, and even has a few small cups of cream that he plays with during the promo. Mean Gene inquires about Elizabeth's absence and Savage says that it doesn't matter about Elizabeth.

Next week on Wrestling Challenge... the Islanders face The Killer Bees, Outback Jack will test Killer Khan and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat goes against "The Natural" Butch Reed. And at this point, we get comments from the two participants in the title match. Steamboat says that he's breathing fire, and that's "Natural" about him. Butch Reed says that he's gonna knock Steamboat's door down and he's going to take Steamboat's IC Title. Plus, Koko B. Ware will be in action and the WWF Tag Team Champions, The Hart Foundation compete in a non-title match.

Decent show.... thought Honky/Steele would have at least went longer. Good stuff from the debate from Superstars (A-Show) where everything happened.

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