June 21, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: May 17, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Heenan shows up at the commentary position wearing a neck brace, which he claims to be the work of Ken Patera from last week. This week, The Islanders go up against The Killer Bees, we have a match between two debutants as Outback Jack takes on Mr Fuji's Killer Khan, and in the main event, Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Ricky Steamboat goes one on one with The Natural Butch Reed in a non-title bout. Also Koko B Ware and The Hart Foundation are in action.

Non-Title Match
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. The Natural Butch Reed w/ Slick

Steamboat takes a little while to show up, prompting fears amongst the crowd that Randy Savage may have done him up backstage, but he shows up and does a pose in the corner that with the IC Title, but this proves to be a mistake as Butch Reed powerslams him off the top turnbuckle to start the match. Irish whip by The Natural, and a knee to the abs takes The Dragon down. Heenan says that due to the early offense of Butch Reed, Steamboat's IC title reign is about to end, Monsoon quickly reminds him that it's non-title. Reed has Steamboat standing on the apron, hooks him up and suplexes him from the outside into the ring. And all this with Steamboat still wearing his entrance coat. Reed then takes the coat off of The Dragon and chokes him with it. Looks like Reed's pissed that it's not for the title. Heenan's not putting the match over, as he's talking about what Ken Patera did to him last week on Superstars of Wrestling. Reed makes Steamboat eat turnbuckle and hammers him in the back. First offense by Steamboat sees The Dragon deliver a knife-edged chop to Reed's chest, but Reed cuts that down and high-chokes Steamboat. The high-choke got Butch Reed a two count. The Natural throws Steamboat over the top rope, and Slick goes up to Steamboat looking as though he's going to hit him with his cane, attracting the ref's attention, so that Reed can take a quick shot at him. Irish whip sees Steamboat take offense by punching his opponent, Reed eye-rakes him and Irish whips him again, only for Steamboat to duck underneath and start chopping at him. Irish whip by Steamboat, but the champ ducks early, allowing Butch Reed to kick him in the face. Clothesline by Reed, and Slick shows his approval. Arrogant cover by Reed only gets him two. Bodyslam by Reed is followed by an elbow drop (Reed's throwin' them 'bows), but Reed refuses to cover, instead he goes for his Gorilla Press Slam, but The Dragon reverses and suplexes Reed. Both men are down, but they get up again, Steamboat gets the punches in, Irish whip and a collision sends both men down again. Monsoon's happy, as when Heenan tries to do stuff other than speaking, his neck hurts, allowing Monsoon a bit of peace. Reed finds enough strength to go up top, but Steamboat sees this and gets up, powerslamming Reed off the top in a bit of revenge from the start of the match. Slick steps up onto the apron, but Steamboat sees him, and goes out of the ring to chase Slick around, Slick goes into the ring, Steamboat follows him, but Butch Reed's still dazed, so The Dragon starts unleashing and as a result both men go over the top rope and out to the floor. Steamboat beats the count back in, Reed doesn't, and we have a winner via Count Out.
Winner by Count Out: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

The Wrestler's Rebuttal w/ Craig DeGeorge
Special Guests: Billy Jack Haynes and Ken Patera

Haynes said that his nemesis, Hercules, used his chains to bloody Haynes in a recent encounter, and he'll get his revenge soon. DeGeorge throws to footage from Superstars Of Wrestling, as we see Hercules beat Billy Anderson with the Full Nelson. After the footage, we see DeGeorge with Ken Patera, who says that Hercules is just one of Bobby Heenan's "cancers" that he'll rid of the WWF before he gets to Heenan.

Non-Title Match
Joe Mirto and Jack Miller vs. The Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart

Jim Neidhart starts the match off with Joe Mirto, The Anvil pounds on Mirto for a while before being bodyslammed by the jobber and worked over himself. A Danny Davis promo airs, saying that he's not at ringside with the Foundation this week because he's setting up his own Academy Of Refereeing. Mirto tags in Jack Miller and The Anvil quickly beats on him, dropping him onto the ropes at one point. Miller is taken over to the Foundation's corner, where Neidhart tags in Bret Hart. The Hitman pulls off a backbreaker on Miller, as Heenan says that Miller looks like a little troll. Bret pulls off a low-blow on Miller before he tags in Neidhart again, and The Anvil's simply holding Jack Miller in place as he tags Bret in again, and we've got ourselves a short match as The Hitman hits the Hart Attack for the three count.
Winners: The Hart Foundation

Mean Gene Okerlund introduces Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. Mean Gene compliments Beefcake on the fine hair job he did on Luscious Johnny V last week on Superstars Of Wrestling, and Beefcake says it was the "Punk Rock Special". Beefcake says that cutting Johnny V's hair wasn't the end of the feud, as he had more planned for him and the New Dream Team of Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo. Beefcake finishes the promo by willingly cutting Mean Gene's hair.

Dave Wagner vs. Koko B Ware w/ Frankie
Monsoon: "And there's one of our lovely Federettes!". Heenan: "What, on Koko's hand?". After a Monsoon no... Heenan: "Oh, it's that filthy pigeon again." - yes it's Koko B Ware and his parrot Frankie. After Heenan makes claims about how cheap Koko's robe is ("It was made with gum wrappers welded together!"), Koko and Wagner lockup to start the match. Armdrag by Koko, and after a minute, none of them really have the advantage, at the minute mark there's a test of strength, won by Koko who turns it into a monkey flip. As we see Bobby Heenan in his neck brace hurt himself by turning his head towards Monsoon, Wagner has the advantage on Koko over in a corner. Bodyslam by The Bird Man as he gets the advantage back. Irish whip and a big clothesline by Koko B Ware puts Dave Wagner down. Koko goes up top and dropkicks Wagner in the face, which sets The Bird Man up for the Ghostbuster, which gets three. Heenan cringes, as he knows what damage that move does to the neck. Koko brings Frankie into the ring, he initially places Frankie onto the ref's shoulder, then moves him onto the top rope.
Winner: Koko B Ware

Mean Gene brings in Jimmy Hart and The Honky Tonk Man. Honky says that he feels naked without his guitar, busted open last week on the program by George "The Animal" Steele. Mean Gene says that he was ripped off when HTM didn't play his song the last time he was on his segment, and HTM says that he loves giving people empty feelings, people such as Jake "The Snake" Roberts who knows about empty feelings from the Honky Tonk Man. Mean Gene once again tries to bring up Elvis Presley, but Honky's having none of it, and promises Peggy Sue that Mean Gene isn't going to insult the good name of the Honky Tonk Man, and both he and Jimmy Hart storm off the set.

Outback Jack talks about his upcoming match against Killer Khan later in the show, saying that Khan wrestled in Australia a couple of years previously and ripped the competition apart, and Outback Jack's willing to stop that rut in the WWF.

The Snake Pit w/ Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Special Guests: The New Dream Team and Luscious Johnny V

Valentine and Bravo initially come out without Johnny V, but we see him in the background holding his head, so Jake Roberts forces him onto the set. Roberts suggests that with Johnny V's new haircut and with Dino Bravo's hair dye, Greg Valentine will be the next victim of Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, but Bravo says that Johnny V's hair is the furthest that Beefcake's going to go on his spree. Johnny V says that Beefcake was the weakest link in the Dream Team, and that Dino Bravo and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine were going to stop him once and for all. Jake Roberts ends the segment by saying that Johnny V now looks like that 80s icon Max Headroom.

The Islanders vs. The Killer Bees
The Islanders are treated as the heels by the crowd for this match. B Brian Blair starts the match off with Tama. Hiptoss by Tama gets the early advantage for the Islanders, but Blair turns it around with an armdrag. Irish whip, and Tama decapitates Blair's leg, putting the Islanders back ahead in match terms. Though Tama's working on Blair's arm at this point, Blair has enough momentum to get to his corner and tag in Jim Brunzell. He and Tama trade arm locks all the way to the Islanders' corner, and Tama gets brief parity so that he can tag in Haku. Brunzell continues the armdrags, as neither team really gets a defined advantage early on. Both men go for hiptosses, both hiptoss attempts are neutralized. Irish whip takes ages to resolve before Haku gets a sunset flip on Jumpin' Jim for a two count. Haku backs Brunzell up to the Islanders' corner to tag in Tama, and the Islanders double team Brunzell by Irish whipping him and double chopping him to the canvas. Jim Brunzell is in trouble as Tama continues the abuse, tagging in Haku, who beats on Brunzell some more before tagging in Tama again. Brunzell tries for a sunset flip, which Tama blocks by punching the Jumpin' One. Tama picks Brunzell up and tags in Haku, the Islanders Irish whip Brunzell and both of them elbow him. Haku holds Brunzell and tags Tama in, who goes up top and hits Brunzell with a flying fist which gets the Islanders two. As Tama debates the two count, Brunzell picks him up and drops him, and finds enough strength to make the hot tag to B Brian Blair. Triple B knocks Tama down and tries for a submission, but Tama kicks Blair off into Haku, whose rock-hard body is strong enough to keep him on the apron and knocks down Blair. Haku's tagged in, and beats on Blair a little while before BBB goes and gets a few punches on Haku, then Tama drags BBB back into the corner so that Blair can be pounded on some more, and Haku tags Tama in again. Irish whip, and Triple B pulls off the Bee Bumper before tagging in Jumpin' Jim Brunzell, who pulls off his patented high dropkick for what looks like three, but Haku runs in and saves his partner from defeat. Haku and Triple B trade which the ref tries to break up, meanwhile Brunzell rolls up Tama and gets two, Haku once again breaking the count up. As the ref starts reprimanding Haku for all the breakups, Haku pushes the ref over so that The Islanders can get a clean double team on Brunzell, but the ref is conscious enough to call for the bell, disqualifying the Islanders for the shove.
Winners by DQ: The Killer Bees

"Canada's Greatest Athlete" Iron Mike Sharpe Vs Billy Jack Haynes
Lockup starts the match, and Sharpe uses his brute strength to fend off BJH early on. Sharpe then charges, but ends up being bodyslammed by Haynes. Sharpe goes for a clothesline, but Haynes lifts him up and gives him an atomic drop. Chop to the chest gets Haynes a two count. As Haynes puts Mike Sharpe in a chinlock, we see a pre-recorded Haynes promo, as he says he's prepared to give Bobby Heenan a little "neck adjustment" with the Full Nelson. Sharpe gets his strength back though, and makes Haynes eat turnbuckle. Sharpe then uses the ropes to choke Haynes out, then pulls off an Irish whip and then hits Haynes with a standing clothesline. Elbow drop misses however, allowing Haynes to make a comeback with a few punches, an Irish whip and a clothesline. Billy Jack hits his elbow drop and gets two for it, but Sharpe uses his strength to force Haynes into a corner. While the ref checks on BJH, Sharpe pulls a foreign object out of his tights and puts it into his arm cast. Sharpe then attempts to smack Haynes down with the loaded cast, but Haynes ducks and locks the Full Nelson onto Sharpe for the submission victory. Time's running out on this broadcast, where the hell is that Killer Khan/Outback Jack match???
Winner: Billy Jack Haynes

Mean Gene runs through some of the challengers to the current champions of the WWF before bringing on Mr Fuji, Kim Chee and Kamala!!! Mean Gene says that Mr Fuji has made a challenge to Hulk Hogan for the Hulkster to defend the WWF Title against Kamala but Fuji says that Hogan keeps ducking under those challenges, but he believes that with the right training and diet Kamala will be champion of the world!

Apparently, we're not going to see that Outback Jack/Killer Khan match, I presume Khan messed the Aussie up.

Next week on WWF Wrestling Challenge... The debut of the One Man Gang. Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ken Patera will be in singles competition. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan will be a guest in The Snake Pit and in the Feature Match, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake matches wits against Dino Bravo.

We go to Beefcake and he is shown talking about how Dino Bravo is the next guy to get his hair chopped courtesy of "The Barber", while Bravo says that Beefcake isn't coming close and that he'll shut The Barber down next week on Challenge. Most of his promo was in French. Also it turns out that the Outback Jack/Killer Khan match was censored, as in the closing sequence with the collage of events happening in the show, we see Khan and Mr Fuji choke Outback Jack out with Fuji's cane.

Not good but not bad.... the first match was supposed to be the pre-cursor to a Butch Reed title victory but a no-show allowed the Honky Tonk Man to step in and win the strap. Also as advertised in next week's show Heenan is supposed to be in the Snake Pit and he was... only it was moved to Superstars of Wrestling (The A Show). And we start to see The Islanders change their ways a little.

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