June 20, 2005
Michael Silvers

WWF Wrestling Challenge
July 17, 1993

Hosts - Jim Ross and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

The show opens with highlights of the Headshrinkers & Bam Bam Bigelow vs The Smoking Gunns & Tatanka from last week. They've rewound the tape a little and Bart Gunn is getting beat upon. Bart gets the hot tag to Billy and Billy goes nuts on all three opponents. Billy whips a Headshrinker into the buckle and the Headshrinker hits the post, but LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU BILLY! Awww... too bad. Billy got a kick to the head from the other 'Shrinker and got pinned. Tatanka had no part in the last half of this match.

Heenan and Ross are shown as this week's show officially begins.

Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes.

The "Lex Express" bus is going to be starting its "Call to Action" campaign in Philly real soon. Lex is going to go coast-to-coast, stopping in various locations in an attempt to remind the American public just how great the USA really is (and, as much as possible, to establish Lex as the new "American Hero" top face draw in the World Wrestling Federation. Lex has asked for a title shot from WWF president Jack Tunney and we will have word from the president's office next week. He's knocked out every wrestler he's wrestled except for one (and he bodyslammed HIM).

Doink vs Ken Hamilton. Doink wins with the Whoopie Cushion from the top rope.

SummerSlam promo. Feel the Heat August 30th!

Face to Face (yawn)

Mr Hughes (with Harvey Whippleman) vs Marty Jannetty in this week's feature match. Marty goes for Hughes' leg twice, but is shaken off. A body block attempt failed and Marty went down. Marty scores, however on a dropkick and two armdrags. Hughes slows things down with a request for a test of strength. Marty debates this forever before locking up with one hand and turning it into a wristlock. Hughes tries an Irish whip twice, but Marty hangs on and twists Hughes' arm. Hughes hits a bodyslam, but misses an elbow drop. As Marty is running, Hughes grabs a handful of hair and plants a knee into Marty's back. We'll be back after this commercial break...

We're back. Marty is crawling around the mats at ringside. Hughes tries to ram his head to the post, but Marty shoves him off into the steel. Still at ringside, Marty tries a flying head scissors, but Hughes dumps Marty on his side (ribs) onto the guard rail. Inside the ring, Marty gets suplexed. Two count. Marty gets a couple punches in, but gets his eyes raked. Irish whip to the buckle hard. Another and Hughes charges in, but Marty isn't there. Again Marty gets whipped and Marty gets his feet up this time. Marty goes to the second and hits Hughes with a face plant. Jannetty is on a roll now. Hughes attempts a backdrop and Jannetty flips over and connects with a thrust kick. Two consecutive dropkicks from the top rope find their mark. A running shoulderblock sends Hughes out, through the ropes. Marty is back on top and connects with a flying axehandle to the floor. Hughes is back in and that Jannetty is back on the top rope again! He gets caught in a powerslam and that gets Hughes the three count.

Summerslam Report. A new match has been signed! The Undertaker and Giant Gonzalez will meet in a "Rest in Peace" match.

Matches so far on the Card...

Bret "Hitman" Hart vs Jerry "King" Lawler
Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales (RIP match)

Crush vs Yokozuna footage from RAW is shown. This is where Yoko squashes Crush a handful of times.

King's Court: Lawler brings Owen Hart in this week. Owen comes in looking intense, but proves that he needs to work on his interview skills. Owen PROMISED Bret and his parents that as much as he wanted to rip Lawler's face off, he wouldn't and would leave that for Bret at Summerslam. Lawler has some fun with little Owen's promise to Mommy and Daddy and before you know it, Lawler has insulted the Hart family. No one does that. Owen challenges Lawler to a match next week on Challenge and Lawler accepts.

IC Champ, Shawn Michaels (with Diesel) vs Chris Hahn. Michaels wins with a piledriver.

Face to Face.

Next week: Men On a Mission (MOM)
Mr Perfect
DEBUT: Ludwig Borga
FEATURE: "Rocket" Owen Hart vs "King" Jerry Lawler

Overall not too shabby of a Challenge especially since they were the "B" Show.

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