June 28, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: July 26, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Our hosts for today are, as always, the formidable team of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Today's show comes from Lake Placid, New York, the location for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. The crowd erupts into a "weasel" chant, which Heenan proclaims distracts him from doing his job properly. The opening video package rolls, and we get underway.

On today's show we have Ken Patera, George "The Animal" Steele, Demolition, Killer Khan and the One Man Gang. The Federettes are at ringside and are looking as glamorous as always, as the ring announcer introduces us to the opening match.

Ken Patera vs. Al Navarro
The former Olympian gets a rousing ovation, as we are reminded of Patera's feud with Heenan, which has been reaching a climax in recent weeks. For the record, Heenan still has his neckbrace on - it's been approximately two months now! The bell sounds and Navarro is sent to the ropes, but bounces straight off Patera. Navarro puts Patera in a headlock, but it is reversed as Ken sends him flying over the top rope. Patera then rolls out and pulls his opponent back in, before delivering a highly impressive jerkslam. He points at Heenan for symbolism, before executing a shoulder-breaker. Patera locks on a swinging neckbreaker, which has allegedly caused multiple neck injuries over the years. Navarro gives up, and Patera is declared the victor.
Winner - Ken Patera

Special Report
Craig DeGeorge is going to discuss the Can-Am Connection. What's this? It seems that Tom Zenk has quit the partnership, and Rick Martel is left alone. Martel claims that he is determined to defeat The Islanders nonetheless, but comments from Heenan suggest otherwise. But the bottom line is this - The Can-Am Connection no longer exists.

Demolition (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. Scott Casey & Steve Douglas
Ax begins and starts pounding away but his opponent begins firing back with rights, as Smash tags in. Casey gets a big backdrop followed by a snapmare delivered to him, as the saga of Bam Bam Bigelow progresses. Heenan showed inconclusive video footage of him last week, but Fuji also claims to have acquired Bigelow's services. Douglas has tagged in but gets chopped down, and then Smash drives him into the mat. Ax tags in again, and tosses Douglas down as if he was a child. Smash comes back in and clotheslines Douglas straight to the canvas, before locking in a bearhug. He falls back and slingshots him into the rope, as Demolition perform the Decapitation, allowing Smash to pin Douglas.
Winners Demolition

Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage admiring the talents of Ravishing Rick Rude, who is making his debut here on Wrestling Challenge! He has an association with Bobby Heenan already, basically because of the cash that he receives, allowing him to travel around in limousines. Everyone has a price for Bobby Heenan. But Okerlund reminds us of Heenan's promises of the past not following through, but Rude states that the past doesn't count, and the future does. He will turn back any challenge that waits him, whether it be Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, or anyone.

We go to footage of the Million Dollar Man in the ring following a match, as DiBiase narrates us through it. He called up the closest thing to a gorgeous young lady to the ring, and gave her a $100 bill. And why? To show that everyone has their price. She tries hugging him, but he's having none of it.

George "The Animal" Steele vs. The Gladiator
The Gladiator tries to attack Steele before the bell sounds, but to no avail. Steele begins tossing him around, before biting off the turnbuckle and throwing all the stuffing out. He turns around and whacks the Gladiator in the face, before trying to rip his mask off. He drags him around then ring by his mask, but when he realises that he can't get the mask off, throws him over the top rope. Steele then rams the Gladiator's elbow onto the exposed turnbuckle, then Steele locks in a flying hammerlock, and gets the submission victory.
Winner - George "The Animal" Steele

Mean Gene Okerlund is once again backstage, and brings in Koko B. Ware, along with his parrot Frankie, and a harmonica. Koko apparently has unfinished business with Danny Davis, but he doesn't seem to care. Koko sings pretty much throughout the interview.

Killer Khan (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. David Stoudemire
Killer Khan begins his ritual as the bell sounds, and begins his sumo-style traditions. He knees Stoudemire in the midsection, before raking his eyes. He stomps away on the back of his head, before delivering some sumo-like chops. If there is such a thing. He does the same again, before elbowing him down to the mat. Khan then delivers a reverse thrust kick. Khan then spits the liquid into the face of Stoudemire, before delivering a backbreaker. He then goes to the very top rope and delivers a knee to the face.
Winner - Killer Khan

We go to footage from Superstars, in which Jake Roberts' special guest on the 'Snake Pit' is Mr. T. He says that he has had hundreds of guests on this show, which could be a slight exaggeration. Regardless, Mr. T has been licensed to the WWF by President Jack Tunney, and Mr. T says they called him in to be an enforcer, because their referee's are so pathetic. He says that if any wrestler has a problem with any decision he makes, he will lock them in a full nelson. Danny Davis interrupts the proceedings, and begins arguing with Mr. T, who says that Davis was nothing as a referee, and nothing as a wrestler. Mr. T turns his back on Davis, as Roberts provokes him to assault him. However, as he approaches, Roberts grabs his snake and frightens the death out of him, leading Davis to flee like a wounded animal.

Jim Powers & Paul Roma vs. Steve Lombardi & Barry Horowitz
It is Lombardi who begins with Powers, and they exchange arm locks. Powers leapfrogs over Lombardi, before delivering a hiptoss. Roma tags in, as does Horowitz. Roma bodyslams him, and Lombardi then tags back in. Lombardi delivers a leapfrog of his own, and as Roma lays down, he simply gets kicked in the face. Horowitz tags back in and delivers a reverse thrust kick, and scores a two-count by doing so. Some good tag team continuity by the underdogs, and Lombardi scores another two-count following a strong clothesline. Horowitz then executes a backbreaker as Lombardi is back in, and drops a leg across the throat of Roma, who appears to be in trouble at this stage. He misses another legdrop though, and thus allowing Roma to make the tag. Powers unloads with lefts and rights on Horowitz, and delivers a dropkick. He delivers a powerslam and gets a two-count, but Lombardi makes the save. Horowitz locks in a front face-lock, but Roma goes to the top rope and sunset flips over Horowitz to score the pinfall victory. Amazingly this was an incredibly entertaining match.
Winners - Jim Powers & Paul Roma

Craig DeGeorge is standing by in the arena with Bobby Heenan, who makes DeGeorge call him Mr. Heenan, not Bobby. Anyway, he introduces King Harley Race, and demands that everybody should rise from their seats. They don't. DeGeorge begins asking questions, but Race interrupts him, and demands that everyone gets up off their backsides, and show proper respect for the King of professional wrestling. Heenan goes on to say that Race has accomplished more in his career than any other 100 superstars have put together.

One Man Gang (w/ Slick) vs. Eric Cooper
The Gang gets meaner by the week, and begins destroying Cooper. He send him into the corner and then clotheslines him down as he comes out. We go to pre-recorded comments from Slick, who also claims to be the manager of Bam Bam Bigelow. I hope we all find out soon as to who it is. The Gang progresses to pound away on the poor guy in the ring, and delivers a front suplex. He drapes a knee over his face and scores a pinfall.
Winner - One Man Gang

Mean Gene Okerlund is still backstage with Jimmy Hart, who lists all the major tag teams in the WWF today. The champions themselves are brought in, who are of course the Hart Foundation. Okerlund raises some names, but they dismiss each team one by one. They walk off and the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion struts in with his guitar, he is the Honky Tonk Man. He says that nobody could beat him, not even Ricky Steamboat, Tito Santana or Jake Roberts.

That's wraps it up...

Next Week on WWF Wrestling Challenge... Singles action with Koko B. Ware, Randy "Macho Man' Savage and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. In addition, the WWF Tag Team Champions, The Hart Foundation will have a match. Also, it's the return to the ring of Superstar Billy Graham. The Battle for Bam Bam continues...

Squash fest... More DiBiase vignettes (Funny)... The Can-Am Connection situation was good.

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