June 28, 2005
Michael Silvers

Original Airdate: August 2, 1987
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Our hosts, as always, are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Heenan is once again escorted by two beautiful women, as Heenan informs us that Ken Patera has caused him a great deal of pain. However, there is a new member of the Heenan family, which leaves Heenan able to concentrate on his managerial skills. The neckbrace is removed, and the opening video rolls.

Coming up in the next hour will be Koko B. Ware, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, The Hart Foundation, and Superstar Billy Graham will be in action.

Macho Man Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) vs. Brady Boone
We are reminded of Savage's quest for the World Heavyweight Title, as the two lock up. Boone locks in a headlock, but is forced to break as he is backed into the ropes. Savage is whipped into the opposite corner, but reverses the momentum and instead it is Boone who goes face first into the turnbuckle. Savage attempts to squash Boone from behind, but he manages to get out of the way, and performs a double back-flip before dropkicking Savage to the outside. They lock up once again, and Savage sends Boone to the ropes. As Boone attempts the hurricanrana, he gets caught, but somehow manages to reverse it into a headscissors, before Savage once again goes to the outside. They lock up, and Boone shoulder blocks Savage down to the canvas. Boone tries another flying headscissors, gets caught once again, and this time Savage manages to counter it into a powerbomb. Savage begins choking his opponent on the ropes, before dropping a kneedrop into the sternum area. Savage sends him to the outside, before leaping over the top rope onto the mat, and then throwing Boone back in for the kill. Boone isn't quite done yet though, and does a backflip from the top rope, lands on his feet, but gets clotheslined right down by Savage. Randy once again sends him to the outside, before going to the top rope and delivering a double axehandle to Boone. Back in the ring, he delivers a scoop slam, followed by the flying elbow for the pinfall victory.
Winner - Macho Man Randy Savage

Special Report
Craig DeGeorge has a special report on the return of Superstar Billy Graham. We see the man in question claiming that he will come back, as DeGeorge says that the superstar has overcome great odds to return to the ring. Footage is then shown of Graham returning on Superstars and he gets a standing ovation. More comments from Graham reveal nothing new, except that he continues to wrestle for the fans.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Rick Renslow
They lock up as Jake runs the ropes and delivers a kneelift to the face of Renslow. He then delivers a snapmare takedown, and rolls under the bottom rope and levels Renslow's head back across the ring. He then jumps off the ring apron and levels him once again, as the fans begin to call for the DDT. Jake drives the cranium of Renslow right into the canvas, and then once again sends him out of the ring. Jake struggles to lift his opponent for the bodyslam, and so slams him into the ring apron, before delivering a right-hand upper cut back in the ring. He applies the DDT for the finish, as the crowd erupts. Jake then goes over to his green bag in the corner, and unleashes his python, Damian, onto the prone body of Renslow.
Winner - Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage with Danny Davis, who is part of the Hart Foundation. Okerlund proclaims him to be a specialist in agitating people, but Davis says that he only upsets people because he does things his way, and the way he thinks that things should be done. However, Okerlund raises an instance in which Davis cost the British Bulldogs the tag team titles, but Davis disregards the question and says that one day he will become a title holder.

The August edition of the WWF Magazine is advertised by Gorilla Monsoon, and it features a competition in which you can win lunch with Hulk Hogan.

The Hart Foundation vs. Special Delivery Jones & Sivi Afi
The Hart Foundation are currently the reigning WWF Tag Team champions, but this is a non-title match (of course). Bret begins the match with Afi, and Bret forces him back into the ropes, but makes a clean break. Pre-recorded comments from Jimmy Hart are shown, and he says that Bam Bam Bigelow is the last piece in his puzzle. Heenan denies this though, and says that Bigelow belongs to the Heenan Family. Back in the ring the Hitman tags in Jim Neidhart, who begins biting the forehead of Afi. He drops him into the middle rope, before tagging Bret back in. Bret whips Afi into the ropes, and Bret kicks him in the midsection once he collides in the center of the ring. The Anvil is tagged in and executes an amazing dropkick to Afi, and then lifts Afi off the mat after a count of only one. Bret begins choking Afi behind the referee's back, as Neidhart distracts the referee. Bret tags back in an delivers an atomic drop, and then drops an elbow. Afi manages to roll over and makes the tag to Jones though, and delivers a headbutt to Bret. He then gets caught by Bret and is on the receiving end of a backbreaker, as the Anvil holds up Jones while Bret runs the ropes and delivers the Hart Attack.
Winners - The Hart Foundation

Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage once again, and introduces the Australian native, Outback Jack. He says that it is summertime here in America, and things could not get much hotter here in the WWF. He commends World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan. Outback Jack begins ripping into the Honky Tonk Man. We are reminded that Killer Khan recently spit the "Mongolian mist" into Jack's face.

We see footage of Sherri Martel defeating The Fabulous Moolah in Houston, Texas, and thus becoming WWF Women’s Champion in the process. As it happens, Sherri was thrown into the ring, but managed to execute a small package to get the surprising victory. Even Sherri seemed shocked.

Koko B. Ware vs. Terry Gibbs
Koko comes to the ring with his mascot Frankie, as Heenan proclaims that he doesn't like Koko's Country and Western theme music. Gibbs locks in a headlock initially, but gets sent to the ropes which allows Koko to deliver a hiptoss. He drags Gibbs away from the corner, and winds up his arm. Gibbs comes back and delivers a kick to the midsection, but a kick to the head doesn't phase Koko in any way at all. Koko delivers a headbutt and scores a count of one, but Gibbs bounces back and delivers some heavy shots in the corner. He begins stomping away as the fans try to encourage Koko, who leaps to the second turnbuckle and delivers a big dropkick. He then applies the finishing Ghostbuster, and scores the simple victory.
Winner - Koko B. Ware

Craig DeGeorge is conducting an interview inside the arena, with the Outlaw Ron Bass. The Outlaw demands that the people in attendance should be quiet, as he begins ranting. He talks about his whip, named Betsy, who should be treated like a woman. He shouts for what seems like an eternity.

Hercules (w/ Bobby Heenan) vs. Jerry Allen
Joining Monsoon in the commentary booth is Johnny V., and the Gorilla claims that Johnny's hair is somewhat strange at the moment. Hercules begins pounding away, and a dropkick by Allen has little to no effect whatsoever. Hercules delivers a huge scoopslam, and drops an elbow to the fallen foe. Hercules lifts Allen off his feet, and Allen begins fighting back momentarily, but to no avail. We see the footage of Bam Bam Bigelow once again, as Hercules executes the full nelson for the win.
Winner - Hercules

Mean Gene Okerlund lets us know of the WWF's recent fund raising charity events, and if you would like to make a contribution, contact: WWF Fund Raisers, PO Box 3858, Stamford, CT, 06905.

The Killer Bees & Junkyard Dog vs. Tiger Chung Lee, Joe Mertoe & Dave Labner
JYD enters wearing a Killer Bees mask, and Heenan thinks that it is the best that he has ever looked. B. Brian Blair begins the match with Tiger Chung, who is on the receiving end of a reverse monkey-flip. Brunzell tags in as the Bees deliver a double elbow, knocking Mertoe down to the mat. JYD tags in and backs Mertoe into a corner, before tagging Blair back in. Blair delivers a dropkick as Brunzell re-enters, and delivers some right-hands on Labner. The Bees double-team once again, and nail Labner down to the canvas. JYD comes back in and winds up the arm. He then delivers the Thump powerslam to Labner, and scores the pinfall. After the bell, the incredible threesome dance around in the ring, much to the delight of those in the arena.
Winners - The Killer Bees & Junkyard Dog

Mean Gene Okerlund is standing by with the Rougeaus Brothers, who say that good things come to those who wait. They have stood by and watched, but now they are looking to take the Tag Team Belts away from the current champions, the Hart Foundation. They believe that they are not being talked about because people are worried about them. They will keep fighting until they achieve their goal. Okerlund invites them to speak in French, and they do so.

The show comes to an end...

Next week on WWF Wrestling Challenge... The Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Honky Tonk Man, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Hillbilly Jim and Tito Santana will be in action. Tag Team matches with The Islanders and The Rougeau Brothers. The Battle for Bam Bam continues. Plus, a big surprise from Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Squash a roo... Show sucked... No DiBiase vignettes and we saw highlights of Superstar Billy Graham's comeback which lasted all of a few weeks. The Battle for Bam Bam can't end quick enough.

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