February 22, 2006
Issacc Cearc

Championship Wrestling
January 7, 1984

The show starts off with Vince McMahon and ďMeanĒ Gene Okerlund making his debut from the AWA talking about upcoming matches with the debut of David Schultz, Iron Sheikís 1st appearance as WWF champ, and Bob Backlund vs. Samoan #3 in the feature match a change from the previously announced feature match of last week.

Match #1 -Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas vs. Bill Dixon & Charlie Fulton- This match is non-title and is dominated by Johnson & Atlas and Johnson pins Dixon with a sunset flip at 3:12. Even Vince mentions that is a somewhat easy win for the champs.

Match #2 -David Schultz vs. Steve Lombardi- This is Schultzís debut from the AWA. Roddy Piper is also making his debut here as Schultzís manager. He even gets some cheers from the crowd when he is introduced. Vince mentions Piper is a wrestler extraordinaire now trying his hand at managing. A very good squash as Schultz destroys Lombardi and puts him away with a 2nd rope elbow drop at 1:48. Interview Roddy Piper & David Schultz by Gene Okerlund- Piper does most of the talking here saying this is the new generation of wrestler and mentions being 28 and in his prime. This was a very good interview as Piper was already picking up major heat by the end of the interview.

Match #3- Iron Sheik vs. John Callahan- This is the Sheikís 1st appearance as WWF champ. Throughout the match the fans chant we want Backlund. Iron Sheik destroys Callahan and wins with the camel clutch at 2:14.

Promos MSG 1/23/84- Gene Okerlund is conducting the interviews replacing Vince McMahon who normally was in that role.
- Fred Blassie & Iron Sheik- The Iron Sheik is taking on Bob Backlund in a title return match. Fred Blassie says they would have to kill the Sheik before he ever thought of throwing in the towel like Arnold Skaaland did.
- Tito Santana- Tito is taking on Don Muraco for the IC title. Tito says itís a dream come true to challenge Muraco for the IC title.
- Don Muraco/Lou Albano- Muraco and Albano are so go good at this they donít say anything notable but it still ends up being very good.

Match #4- Tito Santana vs. Bob Bradley- Another great match with Santana, a basic showcase and he wins with a flying forearm at 2:14.

Victory Corner with Iron Sheik and Fred Blassie- Sheik does a lot of talking about his amateur credentials here. Not that bad of a segment.

Match #5 Masked Superstar vs. Victor Mercado- Superstar wins this one easy with a swinging neckbreaker at 1:07.

Match #6- Bob Backlund vs. Samoan #3- Instead of the tag match announced the previous week of Samoan #1 and 3 vs. Backlund and a partner, instead itís a 1 on 1 encounter. Vince explains manager Lou Albano refused to have his men go against Backlund and a mystery partner. The other Samoans and Albano are at ringside and threaten to interfere so Backlund goes to the back and reemerges with none other than Hulk Hogan, and the crowd goes absolutely wild to see Hogan make his return after a long absence and goes to Backlundís corner. Samoan 3 tries to work on Backlundís injured arm and tries an Irish whip but Backlund reverses into the chicken wing. The other Samoans and Lou Albano interfere and Hulk Hogan proceeds to basically with a little support from Backlund beat up all 3 Samoans by himself. Backlund wins by DQ at 4:34.

Interview Backlund & Hogan- Hogan thanks everyone for bringing him back to the WWF, and says itís a different Hulk Hogan thatís back and Hulkamaniaís already running wild.

Interview Backlund for MSG- Bob is very intense here as he says he found out his true friends are and promises to again be WWF Champ. Very good interview as this is one of the few times where Backlund actually promises to win a match as most of the time he just promised to do his best.

Match #7 Mr. Fuji vs. Denny Hill- Fuji wins easy as the announcers and the crowd is still buzzing about the surprise return of Hulk Hogan. Next weekís feature match is announced with Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee vs. Backlund & Hogan.

Overall this was an excellent episode. The main star here without a doubt was Hulk Hogan. Hulkamania was already running wild in just his 1st appearance back. Newcomers David Schultz just coming off a feud with Hogan in the AWA, and Roddy Piper also looked very good. Santana & The Iron Sheik also looked in championship form. Gene Okerlund was better than Pat Patterson in commentary and shined in his conducting of the house show promos. Bob Backlund even though still suffering from injury also looked very good and from his promo seemed destined to be WWF champ again very soon.

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