January 3, 2009
Alexander Settee

Championship Wrestling
October 22, 1983, Taped October 4, 1983, Agricultural Hall, Allentown, PA
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson

We’re very late in the Bob Backlund era here, in fact only a couple of months away from the end. Strangely though there’s no real indication that change is in the air as they’re busy working on building a feud between him and Masked Superstar. Let's see what else is going on at this point.

Opening Match: Ivan Putski vs. Bob Bradley

Putski shoves him off a lockup, so Bradley nails him. He works Putski over a bit and goes to a side headlock. Putski powers out, reverses and then just drops him. Bradley wants a test of strength, which Putski goes for, but once Putski has the advantage, Bradley kicks him. Putski answers by taking him over with a backdrop. To a side headlock with some punches now and then he rams Bradley to the buckle. Bradley comes back with an elbow and rams Putski to the buckle. Putski takes over again, whips him off the ropes and hits the Polish Hammer to finish at 2:59. They were actually putting Bradley over quite a bit on commentary and not really treating it like it was a total squash. ½*

Magnificent Muraco (w/Lou Albano) vs. Ken Jugan

Muraco, who is the Intercontinental Champion at this point, controls with a drop toehold and goes to work on the leg. He lets Jugan up, only to clip the leg right back out. More work on the leg and then he finishes with a reverse suplex at 2:59. DUD

The Invaders vs. Rene Goulet & Bill Dixon

#1 starts out with Goulet, and he gets sent off the ropes and hit with a flying headscissors, so he responds with one of his own on Goulet. Goulet to a side headlock, but #1 makes the tag to #2, although he also gets caught in a headlock. Goulet gets fired off, but hits a shoulderblock. Off the ropes again, but this time #2 gets a monkeyflip, followed by an armdrag to an armbar. Goulet gets to the corner and tags Dixon, who sends #2 off and gets a backdrop. Dixon then gets sent off and hit with a dropkick and #2 makes the tag. Several quick tags now by the Invaders as they work over Dixon’s arm. Dixon finally gets away and tags Goulet, who hits a slam on #1 and goes to a nerve hold. #1 gets out and hits a dropkick, but a second one misses allowing Goulet to hit a slam and tag back to Dixon. Dixon drops a knee, but #1 gets away and tags #2. A couple more quick tags and double teams now by the Invaders including a double dropkick. #1 gets a slam and tags his partner. He whips #2 off the ropes and hiptosses him on to Dixon and that gets the 3 count at 5:41. Longer than usual for a squash and it actually featured some halfway decent back and forth action. *

The Wild Samoans (w/Lou Albano) vs. SD Jones, Swede Hanson, and Steve King

This is a six man with all three Samoans, and they are clearly not in a good mood as they charge in and attack during the introductions. It turns into a pier six brawl, during which Samu hits King with a Samoan drop from the 2nd rope for the 3 count at 0:42. DUD

It’s time for Buddy Rogers Corner, with WWF Champion Bob Backlund as the guest. They start by promoting the latest Victory Magazine featuring an article on Backlund training with some children. Then Backlund announces that next week he will spend the entire show doing his wheel exercise in order to inspire Eddie Gilbert to recover from the neck injury recently suffered at the hands of the Masked Superstar.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. Tony Colon

Lockup leads to a clean break, but on the second try Colon uses a cheap shot. Snuka fires back and holds a side headlock for a bit. He gets fired off the ropes, but still controls by beating Colon to the punch. Backbreaker sets up Snuka going up and he finishes with a diving headbutt at 2:36. DUD

Ivan Koloff (w/Freddie Blassie) vs. Bob Clement

Koloff works him over with some shots, whips him to the corner and hits a slam. He then goes up and drops a knee for 3 at 0:59. DUD After the match he demands that Pat Patterson join him for a word in the interview area. Apparently Koloff has not been too happy about comments Patterson’s been making about him on commentary recently and he lets him know about it. Patterson defends his comments by claiming that they’re the truth and that leads to Koloff smacking him. Patterson chases him backstage, but Koloff gets away. As far as TV angles of the time period go, this would not be among the more memorable.

Susan Starr vs. Judy Martin

They trade holds and reversals for a couple of minutes before Starr tries a slam, but Martin rolls through and cradles her for 3 at 2:30. Starr was in the ropes at the finish, but I don’t care to see this one continue so I won’t protest it. DUD

Started good with a couple of decent squashes, but the second half really goes downhill and the big angle of the week is nothing to write home about. Thumbs in the middle.

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