January 4, 2009
Alexander Settee

Championship Wrestling
March 10, 1984, Taped February 14, 1984, Agricultural Hall, Allentown, PA
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Gene Okerlund

By this point, ring announcer Joe McHugh is no longer introducing the officials.

Opening Match: Paul Orndorff (w/Rowdy Roddy Piper) vs. Rocco Verona

Orndorff nails Verona in the corner, and then takes him down with a snapmare and drops an elbow. Double underhook suplex gets 2 as Orndorff pulls him up. Irish whip leads to an elbow, and then Orndorff stomps and tosses Verona. Back in the ring, Orndorff gets a gourdbuster and drops a knee. Irish whip and clothesline setup the piledriver which finishes at 2:30. DUD

Tito Santana vs. Israel Matia

Tito just won the IC Title from Magnificent Muraco a few days before this taping so fans are excited to see him as champ. Santana controls with an armdrag and armbar. Matia escapes by sending Santana off the ropes, but Santana leapfrogs and gets back to the arm. Matia tries to slam out of it, but Santana holds on. Some punches break the hold and he whips Santana to the buckle, but Tito gets the boots up on the charge and follows up with the 2nd rope flying forearm to finish at 2:05. DUD

Greg Valentine (w/Lou Albano) vs. Jose Luis Rivera

Rivera is being hyped as undefeated, but something tells me that won’t last long. I notice that he did win his own squash on the previous week’s show, but somehow doubt he was meant for any kind of a push. Valentine shoves him back off a lockup and then does it a second time. Drop toehold by Valentine leads to them trading reversals, followed by Valentine taking control with elbows. Stomachbreaker and he tosses Rivera outside. Albano puts him back in where Valentine hammers him down. Side Russian legsweep gets 2 as he pulls Rivera up. Valentine gets some uppercuts, but Rivera comes back and nails two dropkicks, but misses a third and flying into the corner. Valentine goes after the leg, dropping some elbows on it and hooks the figure four for the submission at 2:41. He keeps beating on Rivera after the match and reapplies the hold twice so that Rivera has to be stretchered out. So much for that streak. ˝*

Midget Match: Tiger Jackson & The Haiti Kid vs. Pancho Boy & Dana Carpenter

Lucky us, we get a midget match here tonight. Haiti and Pancho start out and Haiti takes him down with a side headlock. He’s also grabbing the nose, which I guess is supposed to add some “comedy” to the match. Pancho sends him off the ropes, but gets shoulderblocked twice, and then Haiti gets a couple of single leg takedowns. Pancho follows that with a double leg takedown and catapults Haiti. They both tag off and Carpenter dropkicks Jackson. Tag back to Pancho who wristlocks Jackson and takes him down, but Jackson is back up with a couple of dropkicks, a flying headscissors, and a flying bodypress from the 2nd rope for the 3 count at 1:41. DUD

Piper’s Pit with IC Champion Tito Santana is next. Piper insults him and claims he hasn’t faced anybody for the belt. Santana stands up for himself well, pointing out that he just won the belt, so of course he hasn’t defended it yet, and that he’d be happy to face Orndorff, or even Piper himself.

“Dr. D” David Schultz (w/Rowdy Roddy Piper) vs. Steve Lombardi

Lombardi grabs a side headlock, but Shultz shoulders him to escape, and then whips him off the ropes and hits an elbow. He chokes Lombardi on the ropes and hits a backbreaker followed by a knee. Slam, neckbreaker and another slam setup two 2nd rope elbowsmashes to finish Lombardi off at 2:13. DUD Schultz is interviewed after the match by Gene Okerlund and he issues threats to Hulk Hogan. Okerlund has substantially more hair here than he would have, even a year later.

Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson & SD Jones vs. Goldie Rogers, Ron Butler & Charlie Fulton

Funny moment during introductions as Joe McHugh goes over to the jobber corner to ask Rogers what his name is. Rogers then has this look on his face that says “Maybe this was a bad career choice after all”. Atlas and Johnson are, of course, the WWF Tag Team Champions at this point. Johnson and Butler start out and Johnson grabs a side headlock, but gets fired off the ropes. He shoulderblocks Butler and tags Jones who also gets fired off the ropes and nails a shoulderblock. Tag to Atlas who gets a backdrop and a slam before tagging Johnson back in. Butler is able to tag Fulton in the meantime. Johnson gets a hammerlock and tags Jones who hits a knee. Fulton tries to fire back, but Jones headbutts him down. Tag is made to Rogers, who Vince makes sure to note is not related to Buddy Rogers. At least Vince knew his name though. Jones gets a snapmare and tags Johnson. Kind of funny hearing him called “The Rock” by Okerlund. He gets a quick armdrag and single leg takedown and then makes the tag to Atlas. Atlas grabs the legs and holds Rogers spread eagle for awhile without actually doing anything with it. Tag to Jones who drops a leg and tags Atlas right back in as Rogers makes it to his corner and tags Butler. Atlas quickly gets a press slam followed by a splash to get 3 at 4:31. Good fast pace makes it rather enjoyable. ˝*

B. Brian Blair & Tony Garea vs. Bill Dixon & Frank Williams

Oh yeah, it’s The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Frankie Williams in action! Also, Garea is moving back up in the world, having been on a jobber team in the 83 episode (see: Championship Wrestling 8-27-83 review). Garea and Williams start and Williams knees him in the corner. Corner whip is reversed and Garea gets a hiptoss and armdrag, and then tags Blair. Blair elbows the head and takes him down with a snapmare. Irish whip and elbow followed by a tag to Garea. Wristlock, but Williams fires back and tags Dixon. Garea makes the tag o Blair who quickly grabs a wristlock and takes Dixon down with a drop toehold. Tag to Garea who gets a snapmare and drops a knee before hooking an armbar. Dixon fires out and tags Williams who is nailed by Garea. Tag to Blair who nails a dropkick and immediately tags back to Garea who hooks an abdominal stretch which gets the submission at 2:43. DUD

Pretty run of the mill show here. Nothing memorable at all, but the action was ok for TV in this time period. Thumbs in the middle.

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