September 13, 2008
Joshua Powell

WWF Championship Wrestling
March 6, 1979

Vince McMahon and "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino (wearing matching canary yellow jackets) welcome us to the show and will be our commentators. George Zahorian is the attending ringside physician. Well at least we know the wrestlers are in good hands.

Ted DiBiase vs Frank "The Gypsy" Rodriguez for the North American Heavyweight title

DiBiase is defending his title here. It's a back and forth match in the very beginning but quickly goes Ted's way. He powerslams Rodriguez and gets the pin to retain his title in 1:53. It was just a quick squash for the the most part.

S.D. Jones vs "The One Man Riot Squad" Bulldog Brower (with Captain Lou Albano)

Jones just punches and headbutts Brower over and over again for a while until Brower retaliates with some punches of his own. He kneedrops S.D. three times and then goes to the top rope to drop another knee for the pin in 1:54. Post match a bunch of jobbers come out to help Jones, but Bulldog fights them off and goes nuts, slamming a wooden chair into his own head. Brower certainly had the crazy eyes look down.

Greg Valentine (with The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) vs Mark Poll (?)

The match is just a squash in which Valentine brutalizes the poor sap for a couple minutes before finshing him with a couple elbowdrops in 2:34. That was a strange finish considering the commentators heavily put over the figure four at the beginning of the match so I would've expected that to end it.

The Great Hossein Arab(with Fred Blassie) vs Frankie Williams

Hossein would later more famously be known as the Iron Sheik. It's the same character though. Williams is the jobber that Roddy Piper made fun of and smacked around on an early Piper's Pit about five years after this. This is just a total squash with Sheik destroying Williams before finishing him with an elbowdrop in 3:41.

Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko vs "Luscious" Johnny & "Gentleman" Jerry Valiant (with "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant and Captain Lou Albano) for the WWWF Tag Team titles

Garea and Zbyszko are your tag team champions. The tag ropes are ridiculously long and allow a wrestler to almost walk down the whole side of the ring. It doesn't help that the ring seems tiny. Jimmy and Captain Lou interrupt commentary a few times to spout some funny nonsense. The Valiants take control early and beat down Garea with double team moves, quick tags, and of course cheating for a large part of the match. Watching Jimmy on the outside of the ring is entertaining by itself as he kind of acts out the match. The match breaks down at various points as the referee has a hard time controlling things. There is always something going on, and there are no dull patches during the match. Zbyszko goes for a leapfrog, but Jerry Valiant's shoulder/head hits Larry in the groin. Confusion ensues, Jimmy pulls Jerry out of the ring, and Johnny pins Zbyszko to win the tag team titles at 10:54. The crowd starts tossing garbage in the ring as a result. It was a fun, old-school style match.

"Flying" Fred Curry vs Mr. X

Mr. X is wearing ugly black and white striped mask. Curry lives up to his name by executing a plethora of flying moves(mostly headscissors variations). It's strange because he definitely doesn't look like someone who should be wrestling that way. Mr. X misses a charge into the corner, Curry leaps over him and pins X with a sunset flip in 4:38. It wasn't a total squash, but it was a Fred Curry showcase for the most part.

Vince interviews new WWWF Tag Team Champions the Valiant Brothers at ringside. Jimmy has on different clothes than earlier haha. Jerry didn't get a word in. The crowd surrounds the ring, pounds the mat, and boos the Brothers.

Vince and Bruno discuss the night's events and close out the show.

Favorite Match: Garea & Zbyszko v the Valiant Brothers

Overall Thoughts: It was interesting to take a look back to see a 1979 WWWF tv show. The fun tag team title match makes this worth a viewing I think.

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