January 4, 2009
Alexander Settee

Championship Wrestling
April 20, 1985, Taped March 26, 1985, Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bruno Sammartino

Ok, so we just saw Bret make his WWF debut (see: Maple Leaf Wrestling 9-15-84 review), but he really wouldn’t make much of an impact in his first few months with the company. Next we’re going to see him move on to a gimmick that would give him his first chance to shine as well as see an early match featuring a team they would go on to have a classic rivalry with.

Opening Match: The British Bulldogs vs. Steve Lombardi & Barry O

Barry O is the brother of Bob Orton and the uncle of Randy Orton if you didn’t know. O and Kid start out with Kid going to a side headlock. He gets fired off, but nails a shoulderblock. They do that same sequence again, and then Kid gets him with a hiptoss and an armdrag. Tag to Davey, who hooks a wristlock. He and O trade holds from there until Davey gets fired off and gets a bodypress for 2. He gets fired off again, but this time runs into a clothesline by O for 1. Irish whip leads to Dave getting a crucifix for 2 and then both guys tag. Dynamite hits Lombardi with a back suplex and then the snap suplex before tagging again. The Bulldogs hit a double shoulderblock and Davey then gets a powerslam for 2. Tag to Kid, who hooks a sleeper, but O comes in off the top and breaks it up. Lombardi tags hit partner who comes in dropping a forearm and hitting a powerslam before tagging right back to Lombardi. Lombardi holds Kid as O goes up, but Davey comes in and knocks O back down. They use a double corner whip on Lombardi, and then Davey presses Kid on to him and that gets 3 at 4:06. Good showing by the Bulldogs. *

Update with Lord Al Hayes. He talks about King Kong Bundy’s demand to win matches via a five count and shows us highlights of a recent squashing of Paul Roma.

Brutus Beefacke (w/Johnny Valiant) vs. Ron Dee

Beefcake slams him out of a lockup and covers, but pulls him up at 1. He works Dee over with a kneelift, backdrop, gutbuster, and clothesline before finishing him off with the high knee at 2:58. DUD

Brett Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Mario Mancini & SD Jones

Here they are again with the extra “t”. It really took them awhile to get that one straight. In any case, what we have here is another historic Bret Hart moment as this is the debut match of the Hart Foundation, except that they don’t actually have that name yet and Bret doesn’t have the “Hitman” nickname yet either. Both would follow shortly after. In his book Bret says that when he pitched the idea of this team to George Scott he already had the Hart Foundation name in mind so either he’s remembering wrong or for whatever reason they decided not use it at first. Anvil and Jones are in first with Anvil shoving him off of a couple lockup attempts. They trade holds for a bit until Jones tags Mancini, who grabs a wristlock, but Anvil knocks him down. Tag to Bret, who comes in with a dropkick then a kneelift and headbutt. Bret whips Mancini off the ropes and the Anvil comes in illegally and nails a shoulderblock. Now he tags Anvil, who works over Mancini for a bit before tagging right back to Bret and they hit the Hart Attack for the 3 count at 2:37. Not really a spectacular debut at all for the Foundation. DUD

Magnificent Muraco vs. Sal G

Muraco picks G up and drops him on the ropes, then uses a jumping neck snap and a snapmare to a rear chinlock. He rams G to the buckle then goes up and rides him down with a knee. Tombstone finishes at 2:53. DUD

Next is Piper’s Pit which was taped in the dressing room at MSG following Wrestlemania instead of here in the arena. Jesse Ventura is the guest, with Cowboy Bob Orton hanging around as usual, and this is a decent one as they rant about the incompetent refereeing job by both “Jack” Patterson and Ali at Mania. Then they go off on what a useless partner Orndorff was and how if Ventura had been on their team they’d have won for sure. Good stuff.

And we also get to visit Hillbilly Jim, who’s at home recovering from a broken leg suffered at the hands of Brutus Beefacke and Johnny Valiant. Did that feud ever go anywhere? Anyways, he answers some fan mail, plays the guitar, and assures us all that he’ll be back. Lucky us I suppose.

Tito Santana & The Junkyard Dog vs. RT Reynolds & Mr. X

What’s with all the single letter last names for the jobbers on this show? We’ve had Barry O, Sal G and now Mr. X. And Ron Dee’s name sounds like it could be a single letter, so that’s really four out of five matches featuring one. No one wants to be a TV star I guess. JYD and X kick things off with JYD shoving him down, grabbing a wristlock and tagging Tito. X fires back and tags Reynolds, but Tito makes it over and tags as well. JYD goes with a snapmare to a rear chinlock. Tag to Tito who takes Reynolds down for 2 and then tags back to JYD who hooks an abdominal stretch. Reynolds hiptosses out and covers for 1. Both guys tag and Tito and X trade shots. Tag back to JYD, who sends X off the ropes and nails him with a fist. Thump powerslam then finishes X off at 4:15. Once again, we’ve got nothing special here. DUD

Well, the Bulldogs were impressive, but other than that, take a pass. Thumbs down.

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