February 14, 2005
Justin Lijoi

Championship Wrestling
8/23/86- Hosted by Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show and run down the matches.

Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Mike Sharpe & the Gladiator :
Mike Sharpe has brought to the ring his very own “Canada’s Greatest Athlete” sign. Out come the Bulldogs with Albano, who is taking his pants off. Sharpe starts off with Davey Boy Smith. They lock up and Sharpe puts on a headlock and they crisscross!! Smith ducks his head, Sharpe leap frogs him, and goes for a dropkick but Smith moves, and hits an atomic drop, locks on an arm bar and tags Dynamite Kid in. Kid to the arm also and tags Smith who comes of the top with an axe handle to the arm and back to the arm bar. Sharpe tags Gladiator in and he gets arm bared. The Dream Team cuts a promo up in the corner saying they will regain the titles. Dynamite gets tagged back in and headbutts Gladiator gives him a snap suplex and tags out. Smith in with a snap mare and he tries to take the mask off Gladiator. Gladiator gets away and tags out. Sharpe goes to the eyes Smith ducks a clothesline and gets crossbodied by Smith for a two. Tag back to Gladiator who comes in and gets hit with the running powerslam for the 3 count in 3.26. For some reason Vince can’t believe it. Dynamite looks kind of mad, I’m assuming it’s because he didn’t get to beat the crap out of someone.
Winners: Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs

Update with Gene Okerlund: Bobby Heenan is upset about the Machines coming to the WWF. Footage from TNT is shown.

Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby Heenan) vs. Tony Garea & Jimmy Jackson:
Studd starts with Garea who attempts a bodyslam and then a sunset flip. Studd obviously blocks both. Studd tags Bundy who misses an elbow drop. Garea tags in Jackson who hits a few dropkicks which have no effect. Bundy starts pounding on Jackson and makes the tag to Studd. Studd rams Jackson into the buckle and throws on an arm bar. Tag to Bundy and he hits the avalanche followed by a splash for the FIVE! count at 2.44.
Winners: Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy

Ken Reznic interviews: Captain Lou Albano talks about making special appearances for raising money for MS. George Steele comes out and talks about it in his gimmick but gets sidetracked and starts talking about Elizabeth.

Jacques & Raymond Rougeau vs. Mr. X & Les Thornton:
Raymond starts with Mr. X. X with a corner whip but Ray jumps to the second rope hits a crossbody for 2 followed by a dropkick. Tag to Thornton and he gets arm dragged and Ray tags out whips Thornton in punches him in the gut and Jacques enters the ring with a sunset flip for 2. Thornton attempts a back body drop but Jacques flips over and jumps on Thornton’s shoulders with a victory roll which was broken up by X. X tagged in and he takes over with double teaming in the corner. Jacques attempts the same crossbody that Ray did earlier but X ducks and tags in Thornton. Thornton with a backbreaker for 2 and tags back in X. X with a knee to the gut and attempts a springboard splash but Jacques gets the knees up and makes the tag to Ray. Ray comes in House O Fire and hits a spinning back kick and a powerslam and tags in Jacques who goes up top and hits a flipping senton for the 3 at 3.34
Winners: Jacques & Raymond Rougeau

Ken Reznic interviews: Ricky Steamboat has not settled his feud with Jake Roberts. Ricky is very upset over Paul Orndorff turning on Hogan.

Roddy Piper vs. A.J. Petrucci:
A.J. slaps Piper twice to start off, good job jackass. Piper puts one hand into the back of his trunks and starts beating on A.J. with one hand he even snapmares him. HUGE “Roddy” chant as A.J. goes outside and Piper follows him and throws him into a table. Back in and Piper beats the crap out of him some more with stiff knees to the head and a very loud chop. Irish whip and Piper takes his hand out to hit a polish hammer and get the pin at 2.25
Winner: Roddy Piper

Flower Shop hosted by Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart & Bob Orton: Fred Blassie, Slick, Nikolai Volkoff and Iron Sheik are the guests. Piper goes to the Flower Shop and makes fun of Slick’s lips!! and leaves. Slick is pissed as he should be after Piper just made fun of his race.

Pedro Morales & Tito Santana vs. The Moondogs:
Vince says this will be a good match I would have to disagree. Pedro starts of with Rex. Pedro hits a punch to the gut and back body drop and tags in Tito. Spot grabs Tito and Rex charges but Tito moves hits a dropkick and tags out. Rex goes to the eyes of Pedro and tags out to Spot. Spot does some punching and tags Rex. Rex with an Irish whip and ducks his head but Pedro hits a swinging neckbreaker and tags Tito. Tito locks on the figure four leglock but Spot breaks it up. All 4 men in now Moondogs go to whip Tito and Pedro into each other. Pedro reverses Rex and Tito gets throw by Spot and hits the flying forearm on Rex for the 3 count at 3.06.
Winners: Pedro Morales & Tito Santana

Don Muraco (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. Bob Bradley:
Bradley with a headlock to start, Muraco brings up a knee to break out gives him a back elbow to the face, knee lift and throws him to the outside. Back in Muraco hits a swinging neckbreaker and knee drop. Muraco snap mares Bradley hangs onto the head and floats over, the Mr. Perfect thing. Muraco hits a dropkick and bring Bradley to the ropes, Muraco goes up top puts his knee in Bradley’s face and drives him to the mat with his knee there, ouch. Raven does a move similar only he puts his knee in the back of the guys head instead of his face. Leg drop by Muraco but Bradley is out at 2. Muraco with a shoulder breaker, clothesline and the rams the back of Bradley’s head into the buckle. Muraco comes out of the corner with a powerslam and picks Bradley up before the 3 count. Muraco finishes Bradley off at 4.52 with the cradle tombstone.
Winner: Don Muraco

Ken Reznic interviews: The Dream Team analyze the top tag teams that are contending for the tag titles held by the British Bulldogs. Greg Valentine can’t remember all the tag teams because they’re so many good ones. But the main team is The Dream Team. Brutus Beefcake talks about Johnny V and how he helps the team out. They’re tired of being a whipping post and want the belts back.

Vince and Bruno close out the show and talk about next week's.

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