January 3, 2009
Alexander Settee

Championship Wrestling, August 27, 1983
Taped August 23, 1983, Agricultural Hall, Allentown, PA
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson

Joe McHugh starts us off by introducing all the officials, which is one of those real life touches they did back when they were trying to convince people wrestling was a real sport.

Opening Match: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. Paul “Butcher” Vachon

Snuka is pretty popular here tonight. Vachon attacks from behind and puts the boots to him. And that’s all he does, hitting literally 15-20 stomps before Snuka fires back with punches and a headbutt. Backbreaker sets up the top rope splash which gets 3 at 0:51. DUD

Tito Santana vs. John Callahan

They lockup and Santana nails him with a forearm, and then takes him down with a side headlock. Back up, Santana gets fired off the ropes, but he blocks a hiptoss and gets one of his own. Back down with the headlock, then up again and sent off the ropes, Santana nails a shoulderblock. Once more to the mat with the side headlock and Callahan actually rolls him up for 1. To their feet and they make the ropes for a clean break. Go behind rollup by Santana gets nothing as they’re right in the ropes. Back to the side headlock and they makes the ropes again, but this time Callahan knees him on the break. He rams Santana’s head to the buckle, but Santana just shakes it off and fires back with a dropkick. Bodyslam, followed by Santana going to the 2nd rope and nailing a forearm from there to finish at 3:07. Watchable match, with some actual wrestling involved makes this a decent squash. ½*

Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee (w/Lou Albano) vs. Tony Garea & Bob Clement

Lee and Garea start with a lockup. Garea controls, taking him down with an armdrag into an armbar. Lee sends him off the roes and gets shoulderblocked. Again off the ropes and Garea leapfrogs him and nails a dropkick. Back to the armbar which he briefly holds until Lee makes it to his feet and fires him off the ropes, but Garea gets a sunset flip which Lee immediately escapes. Armbar again, until Garea is sent off the ropes where he nails a shoulderblock. Back off the ropes again, but this time Fuji trips him from the apron. Tag to Fuji who nails some karate shots before making the tag right back to Lee. Lee uses a nerve hold and hammers him down. Corner whip is reversed and Garea charges, but Lee avoids it and Garea hits the buckle. Lee tries an elbow smash, but Garea moves and makes the tag to Clement. Clement immediately gets nailed and sent to the buckle. Tag to Fuji who hits a chop to the throat. Lee is tagged once more and he sends Clement off the ropes and nails an ensiguiri to get the pin at 4:20. Garea looked better than both of the guys they were pushing, and Fuji did as close to nothing as you can out there. ¼*

The Masked Superstar (w/The Grand Wizard) vs. Eddie Gilbert

Gilbert is getting a small push as the protégé of Bob Backlund. He was recently in a legit car crash that caused him to miss a lot of time with a neck injury, but just made his comeback last week. Lockup and Superstar sends him off the ropes, but Gilbert uses speed to avoid him. Second try and again Gilbert is too fast for Superstar, even nailing a bodypress for 2, followed by two dropkicks. Superstar backs off to regroup. Lockup and Gilbert is sent off the ropes, but this time Superstar catches him with a shoulderblock, and then gets a high knee. He hammers the injured neck. Gilbert fires back, but comes off the ropes and gets caught with a clothesline. Swinging neckbreaker, followed by a second one for good measure finish off Gilbert at 2:58. Gilbert is selling that the neck is hurt bad, but that’s not enough for Superstar as he hits another neckbreaker on the floor to put Gilbert out cold. Dr. George Zahorian takes time away from his lucrative backstage “business”, shall we say, to attend to Gilbert. ½* for the good story being told here.

Buddy Rogers Corner, with special guest Sgt. Slaughter is up now, as we also see that Bob Backlund has made his way to ringside to check on Gilbert. Pretty much a nothing segment as Rogers plugs the current Victory Magazine and Slaughter mocks Gilbert for what just happened to him.

Sgt. Slaughter (w/The Grand Wizard) vs. Dick Tessier

The match is going to happen while they continue attending to Gilbert at ringside. After taunting Gilbert some more, Slaughter dispatches Tessier in short order with, in succession, a knee, elbow, clothesline, and cobra clutch for the submission at 1:07. DUD

Back from commercial, the ambulance has finally arrived. They move Gilbert slowly on to the stretcher and wheel him out. Good segment to play up the severity of the injury. Today they’d have hauled him out in a minute as opposed to three segments because no one believes in injury angles anymore anyways, but as it was this was well done.

Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson vs. Don Kernodle & Bob Bradley

Johnson and Bradley start out with Bradley hooking a wristlock, but Johnson flips out and kicks him off. Armdrag by Johnson followed by a backdrop. Tag to Atlas who uses a wristlock and then sends Bradley off the ropes, nailing him in the gut followed by tagging Johnson who sunset flips in for 3 at 1:39. McMahon is building them up as likely to be future champions. DUD

Not a bad show overall. The big angle was executed pretty well, and the in ring was acceptable for a bunch of squashes. Thumbs up.

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