November 6, 2005
Robert Hawkins

Championship Wrestling (2/18/84)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mean Gene Okerlund

It should be noted that the tapes I have (from a friend who got them off Ebay) do not have any title sequence. Email me at if you know of one and can describe it to me. Tape quality is fairly lousy throughout but given the age that is understandable. Also these shows came from the LA area as all the interviews refer to LA matches. Likewise if you’re interested I have every episode of this show from December of 83-December of 84. I am looking for all SNME episodes except 2 and 3, as well as Royal Rumble 96, and any Prime Times from 87-92. I am sure we could work something out.

The Iron Sheik (with Fred Blassie) vs. Ken Jugan

For some reason the Sheik was my favorite wrestler from when I started watching the WWF cartoon (and yes I mean the actual animated series “Hulk Hogan’s Rock and Wrestling”) to his departure in 1987. Week in and week out the LJN Sheik would defeat the Hulkster in my matches (generally with an elbow drop as that was about the only move the Sheik’s toy could do). I also liked Cobra and Skeletor too as a kid so maybe there’s a pattern there.. I’m not trying to directly compare pro wrestling to a cartoon but I do think Vince McMahon got some kids into wrestling with similar ideas, I know I didn’t become a HUGE WWF fan until most of the other shows I loved went off the air or into endless repeats. Anyway back to the event.

Both men are already in the ring as Sgt. Slaughter comes down to ringside. The crowd erupts as Slaughter enters the ring and stares down the Sheik. Sheik goes to hit the Sarge who offers him a free shot at the chin (lol). Sheik declines and the ref forces Slaughter out of the ring, but he remains near the wrestlers’ entrance to watch the match.

Match is a VERY quick squash (as opposed to the 2-3 minute squashes of the late 80’s/early 90’s I grew up with) as Sheik uses a fireman’s carry, a boot to the head, a slam and then finishes Ken off with a BEAUTIFUL belly to belly suplex (almost a Tazzplex) for the win).

Winner: The Iron Sheik

As Sheik celebrates Mean Gene asks the Sarge what’s he’s doing out there. Sarge replies that he has called many people maggots but the traitor Blassie and the Sheik are the biggest maggots he’s ever seen. Slaughter explains that every week he reads about his boys, another Marine, being killed and now it’s not just soldiers, its American citizens being killed. And so he wants the Sheik next week in the ring!

Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff (with Roddy Piper) vs. Steve Lombardi

Lombardi is introduced as from Brooklyn and has on a Pedro Morales style pink jacket. The Fink does a voice over announcing Adrian Adonis vs. Jimmy Snuka as Orndorff stomps away. A Mr. Wonderful clothesline levels Steve and Orndorff goes for the pin but puts the future Brooklyn Brawler’s leg on the ropes to force a break. Paul finishes Lombardi off with the jumping piledriver and puts his knee on Steve’s chest for the easy 3-count.

Winner: Paul Orndorff

Andre the Giant and Ivan Putski vs. Mr. Fuji and Tiger Chung Lee

A pretty decent main event, although by this point Fuji was basically a jobber and Lee was the same. Lee is introduced as from “Korea” so apparently the WWF was unaware of the results of the Korean War thirty years prior to this match.

Putski starts off with Lee and blocks a chop before giving Lee a back bodydrop (sadly not called BAAAAAAACKKKK bodydrop from Vince). Lee comes back with a chop and a nerve hold. Ivan punches his way out but gets grabbed in the corner by Fuji and double teamed by the heels. Twice Andre comes in and tries to even the odds but the referee (who I am pretty sure was in Rocky III but I could be wrong) stops him until Andre’s had enough and comes in a third time, giving the heels a double noggin knocker, backdropping Lee and punching him out of the ring. The bad guys say “to heck with this” and flee to get counted out.

Winners: Andre the Giant and Ivan Putski

Interview Segments with Mean Gene.
All interviews refer to the Feb 25th card at the Olympic Auditorium
IC Champion Tito Santana – talks about his Texas Death match with Don Muraco, Masked Superstar who talks about his match with Hogan, and then the Hulkster talks about the Superstar. Also Lou Albano rants but the sound quality and Albano’s rapid delivery make it hard to hear.

Greg “the Hammer” Valentine (with Lou Albano) vs. Rudy Diamond

This will probably irritate old-school fans, but I can’t stand Albano. He was just not fun to look at except as Super Mario. Anyway Valentine starts off with an inverse atomic drop before giving Rudy a backbreaker. The Hammer drops some knees, then goes amateur style with a front facelock converted into a drop toehold converted into a leg submission move. A back suplex is followed by the figure four leglock and that’s all she wrote for Mr. Diamond.

Winner: Greg Valentine

Piper’s Pit with Dr. D David Schultz
I am going to guess Dr. D does not break the Rowdy One’s nose here. Piper was managing Dr. D at the time as well. Piper mentions Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas faking injuries to get out of fighting Dr. D. (was this setting up house show matches between the two teams?)

Tito Santana vs. Israel Matia

Matia looks a bit like Bad News Brown and is wearing Bundy style tights. Tito does not have the IC belt with him at this time (this was taped before he beat Muraco in the Garden, a card my Dad attended with friends, I was too young to stay up that late). Tito with a headlock, then a shoulderblock and an armdrag. Back to the headlock but Matia pushes Santana into the corner and gets in two shots. A whip to the corner gets reversed and Tito catches Israel with a hiptoss followed by an armdrag, dropkick, slam, two knees and the flying forearm.

Winner: Tito Santana

Roddy Piper and Dr. D vs. Frankie Williams and John Callahan

This was Piper’s first TV match (and maybe his first ever match) with the WWF. Frankie of course was the jobber beaten down by the Hot Scot in an early edition of the Pit. Piper goes berserk on Callahan to start, nailing with rights and headbutts before attacking Frankie as well. Dr. D is tagged in as Piper whips Callahan into the ropes for a REALLY bad looking double chop to the head from Dr. D. I mean seriously even Mr. Perfect wouldn’t have sold that one. Piper comes back in with a kick to the gut, followed by a gutwrench suplex that gets two (with Piper pulling John up just like Wonderful did Steve earlier, a nice bit of continuity). Dr. D is tagged back in, nails John with some shots and then tags Piper in who gets the sleeper for the victory. Was the Rowdy One scared of Frankie Williams?

Winners: Roddy Piper and Dr. D

Salvatore Bellamo vs. Paul Vachon

Vachon is way past his prime here, looking quite old. Bellamo was a jobber with a small push, getting a cooking segment on TNT for one episode.

Some mat wrestling goes nowhere and Vachon headlocks Salvatore before nailing him with a punch. Some choking with his boot and three back rakes follow before Salvatore punches back and snapmares Paul. A dropkick follows but more brawling from Vachon lets him come back. A backdrop nearly finishes Sal but a double mule kick gets Bellamo the victory.

Winner: Salvatore Bellamo

Not to go off on a rant but one thing I will give the WWF credit for is slowing phasing out the aging out of shape guys from top spots. Neither Bellamo nor Vachon looked like an athlete at all.

All in all a decent show that had started the Sheik/Sarge feud but also had a two-minute main event that went nowhere. Both Santana and Valentine looked good in their matches, you can see why they were put against each other. I will be back sometime in the week with 2/25 show.

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