November 26, 2011
Scott Criscuolo & Justin Rozzero

Cyber Sunday 2006
November 5, 2006
US Bank Arena
Cincinnati, OH
Attendance: 7,000
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

Dark Match
Super Crazy (Francisco Rueda) defeats Rob Conway

Pay Per View

1) Umaga (Edward Fatu) defeats Kane (Glen Jacobs) with the Samoan Spike at 8:39

Fans choose Umaga’s opponent

Voting Results:
Kane: 49%; Sandman: 28%; Chris Benoit: 23%

Fun Fact: On 9/18, Kane and Umaga squared off once again. Umaga would win by DQ when Kane bashed him in the head three times with a chair. Kane would drag Armando Estrada backstage, but Umaga saved his manager from Kane. The next week, Kane challenged IC Champion Johnny Nitro. A minute into the match, Umaga, who had been banned from ringside, interfered and whacked Kane with a chair. After the bell, Estrada held Kane’s head across the bottom rope and Kane smashed him in the skull with the chair. Two weeks later, Kane and Umaga faced off in a Loser Leaves Raw match, which Umaga won after an assist from Estrada and a wooden board. With that loss, Kane was banished to Smackdown. A couple weeks later, it was announced that Umaga would have a match on the PPV and the fans would determine his opponent.

Scott: I think I voted for Benoit, just because it would have been cool to see the big Samoan take all those stiff chops and kicks and see Benoit attempt the Crossface on the big man. But since Umaga and Kane were feuding the rest of the fans probably wanted to see some closure to the storyline that started in September and raged on over the weeks since. I love Armando Estrada, the last of the old time managers. He worked well with the quiet Samoan Bulldozer. I also liked Maria’s unzipped bra sticking out of her top outfit. Their match at Unforgiven was a decent power match. Since that match Kane was sent to Smackdown after losing the “Loser Leaves Raw” match to Umaga, so the fans wanted the Big Red Machine to get some payback. This match wasn’t much different, as Umaga dictated most of the tempo with strikes and kicks. Kane never takes a power move flush, he always drops his knee. I just noticed that as Umaga hit a facebuster. Kane always dropped a knee on Triple H’s Pedigrees too. Anyway, the Cincinnati crowd is pretty hot early, as this is their first ever PPV. Kane was working on a big comeback after missing a Samoan Spike, but then the Bulldozer ducked Kane’s top rope clothesline, then hit the Spike and won the match. I have been enjoying Umaga in this stretch, probably because of Estrada, but he stays undefeated. Grade: 2.5

Justin: For the first time since this PPV concept’s inception, we are in a Sunday night timeslot as opposed to the ill-fated Tuesday slot it had been in. Our opener is a continuation of one of Raw’s hottest feuds. We thought this one had ended a few weeks back when Kane was shipped to Smackdown, but the fans bring these two back together once again. I was hoping to see Chris Benoit get the match here, but with the way the booking had been going, it wasn’t a shock that the fans were steered this way. It also helped that Kane was pretty damn over at this point. Umaga is still unbeaten at this point, having wreaked havoc each week since his debut. The match started off as an early slugfest with neither monster gaining advantage. Umaga would finally take over, really starting to pick Kane apart with his non-stop assault. They would tumble out to the floor and things turned back around when Umaga spiked the ring post when Kane dodged him. Kane really had Umaga rocking and looked like he may finally beat him until Estrada ran interference as usual. That brief distraction allowed Umaga to hit the spike and finish off Kane once again. This was another solid hoss battle between these two and Umaga continues to look strong with another big win. Grade: 2

2) Cryme Tyme defeats Highlanders, Cade & Murdoch and Viscera & Charlie Haas in a Texas Tornado match when JTG (Jayson Paul) pinned Robbie McAllister (Derek Graham-Couch) after Cade & Murdoch hit the High/Low at 4:38

Fans choose stipulation

Voting Results:
Texas Tornado: 50%; Tag Team Turmoil: 35%; Fatal Four Way: 15%

Fun Fact: Cryme Tyme was a team comprised of Jayson Paul, known as JTG, and Shad Gaspard. Gaspard began training as a fighter at a young age and by sixteen he was competing in MMA, boxing and tough-man competitions. After hanging up the gloves, he took a job as a bodyguard for various celebrities. He would eventually tryout for the second season of Tough Enough but was eliminated after failing a physical. Despite that, he impressed WWE brass and was eventually signed to a developmental deal and assigned to OVW. After competing as a singles star, he was eventually teamed up with JTG under the team name the Gang Stars. They would hold the OVW tag titles but would drop them later in 2006 before being brought up to the main roster under the updated name of Cryme Tyme. On 9/4, WWE aired the first Cryme Tyme vignette, with a disclaimer that the team was to be a parody of racial stereotypes that finds itself in a mess of comical situations. The vignettes would continue, playing out like a series of SNL skits. They would make their in-ring debut on 10/16, defeating Johnny & Mikey of the Spirit Squad.

Fun Fact II: On 6/5, Charlie Haas was warming up for a match and started to run the ropes. Unfortunately for all involved, Lillian Garcia was still standing on the apron and was thrown to the floor as Haas hit the ropes, spraining her wrist as a result. They incident was turned into a storyline as a contrite Haas found himself at odds with Viscera, Lillian’s old flame. The two would battle over her week after week until Lillian put an end to all by telling them both she just wanted to be friends. An angry Haas gave Vis an eye rake and the blinded monster accidentally grabbed Lillian and dropped her with a Samoan Drop. The two men looked at each other and just started to laugh about the assault, bringing them together as a bizarre heel team.

Scott: I didn’t think they could even find four natural tag teams to put in this match, but they've done it. Cryme Tyme were the new kids on the block, so they were probably destined to win this match anyway. Either them or Cade & Murdoch. Cade & Murdoch were one of the better teams in 2005 but were temporarily separated. Reunited they look to galvanize Raw’s tag division. The match was an undisciplined clusterfuck but with Tornado rules I guess that’s what we should expect. I honestly can’t remember the last Tornado match before this one. I remember a great one from the mid 80’s with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton vs. Jimmy Snuka and Junkyard Dog. With all these guys and all this talent I was surprised they were given only four and a half minutes. Cryme Tyme wins after stealing Cade & Murdoch’s pin after they hit their finisher. The match was ok and a good time filler. Grade: 2

Justin: This is a weird little amalgamation of team here in our next match. The Highlanders were still looking good, but they are no longer the new hot team on Raw with Cryme Tyme in the mix. I enjoyed Shad & JTG and they had a unique look and it was always good to see another true tag team in the fold. We talked about it over the last two reviews, but it is clear that WWE is starting to put focus on really revamping their tag division for the first time in a while. A big brawl triggered off the bell and things never really slowed down from there. The Highlanders were quite over with the fans and were made to look strong, dominating the action in the ring with some unique teamwork. There really isn’t much else going on here, honestly. The match is quick but solid and was a wild brawl from start to finish. Each team has its pros and cons in there but it was just nice to see some depth in the division. Cryme Tyme gets the win and starts it’s WWE PPV career off on the right foot. Grade: 1.5

3) Jeff Hardy defeats Carlito (Carly Colon) to retain WWE Intercontinental Title with a Swanton Bomb at 13:24

Fans choose Hardy’s opponent

Voting Results:
Carlito: 62%; Shelton Benjamin: 25%; Johnny Nitro: 13%

Fun Fact: On 10/2, Jeff Hardy regained the IC title when he knocked off his nemesis Johnny Nitro to win the gold. On 10/23, it was announced that the fans would choose Hardy’s PPV title contender for the show. That night, Carlito & Hardy lost a tag match to Chris Masters & Shelton Benjamin and would proceed to argue after the defeat. The next week, Carlito defeated Nitro and Benjamin in a triple threat match and had a staredown with Hardy to end the segment.

Scott: This was an interesting combination, as Carlito was the only babyface on the ballot. That pretty much means the bookers wanted the fans to pick Carlito and have this match. Hardy won the title from Nitro and their feud over the title would continue, so this would be a diversion to give the fans a couple of fan favorites to cheer for. The flow was a little choppy early on as both guys were trying to feel their way around the ring. This crowd started off pretty hot but these last two matches they flattened out and sat on their hands for a bit. I can tell because when you can clearly hear hecklers close to the mikes around the ring, which means it’s a little too quiet. The pace really was slow and grinding as both guys used wear down holds instead of more highflying strikes, and what’s even funnier is that both JR and King made that point during the match. It finally picks up when Jeff goes for his first Swanton and Carlito lifts the knees for the reversal. Once they go back to grappling though the crowd silences again. Then as usual, they pop for the spots, as Carlito misses a Hurricanrana and Jeff goes for the Swanton and this time hits it for the three count. The match was alright but the flow was choppy and the crowd seemed to not be feeling it. Grade: 2.5

Justin: Even though the booking was clearly nudging the vote towards Carlito, I still thought it was pretty impressive that he dominated the polling like he did and won so decisively. The live crowd was pretty split here with both men being true fan favorites at this point. Carlito is coming off the tough feud with Randy Orton, where he came up on the short end of the purse money but helped show he could play with the big boys. I loved the aggressive start to the match, with Carlito knowing this was a golden opportunity to win the title. He immediately targeted Jeff’s leg right off the bell, trying to keep him grounded. Carlito would slow the pace down, showing good strategy, and did a good job off killing off and countering any of Hardy’s chances to come back into the match. The story told through commentary was also quite good as they really put over how Carlito was prepared for this match but there was no way Hardy could have been completely prepared. What helped push that story along was that Carlito really dominated the majority of the bout. Carlito would eventually start to work Hardy’s abs as well and the pace slowed even more, taking the crowd out of the equation. He started to get some good near falls, but Hardy kept hanging in and it looked he was on his way to a successful defense when he went up for the Swanton. However, Carlito kept his cool and got his knees up as Hardy crashed into him. It was then that Carlito really could smell a win and he brought the aggressiveness back into his offense. The crowd really got hot for the home stretch here as well. Hardy was able to turn things just briefly enough to finally hit that elusive Swanton and retain his title. This was a very good match and Carlito looked great and was booked strong even in losing. Hardy survives this war and lives to defend another day. Grade: 3

4) Edge (Adam Copeland) & Randy Orton defeat Triple H (Paul Levesque) & Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) when Orton pinned Triple H with a steel chair at 18:09

Fans choose guest referee

Voting Results:
Eric Bischoff: 60%; Jonathan Coachman: 20%; Vince McMahon: 20%

Fun Fact: On 9/25, DX decided to prove their dominance and eviscerated the majority of the tag division in a gauntlet match that stirred up a lot of controversy and ill will amongst Internet fans. Things got worse the next week, when they defeated all of the teams again, this time in a quick Texas Tornado match. After the match, they chased GM Jonathan Coachman to the back, tossed him in a dumpster and decided to take over control of Raw. It was at this point that DX was experiencing it’s peak level of vitriol from the Internet. Later that night, John Cena was defending his WWE Title against Edge inside a steel cage. When Cade & Murdoch got involved, DX did as well, helping Cena retain his gold. The next week, Edge had Randy Orton on the Cutting Edge as a guest. Edge showed footage of Triple H turning on Orton in 2004 and proposed that they should team up to eliminate DX. Orton agreed and a new union was born. On 10/16, Orton & Edge came out dressed as DX, parodying them and then cutting a promo on them as well. DX came out and showed pictures of Edge’s live sex celebration, mocking the size of his genitalia, and then pictures of a scantily clad Randy Orton to show his popularity in the homosexual community. As a joke, Hunter also snuck in a picture of Shawn’s old Playgirl pictorial. Orton challenged Hunter to a match and the teams brawled to end the segment. Triple H would win the match after using a steel chair that Orton had brought into the ring. The next week, Orton got revenge by defeating Hunter after also using a chair. However, this time it was Eric Bischoff, at ringside with Coach, that slid the chair in the ring. It was announced that the teams would face off on PPV and the fans would determine the guest referee. On 10/30, Edge & Orton hosted the Cutting Edge and had the three referee options on as guests: Bischoff, Coachman and Vince McMahon. Each man plead his case and Vince then revealed that Shawn Michaels was not in the arena and that Orton would take on Hunter and Edge would be the referee. Hunter would take out Edge before the match so he couldn’t referee and then win the match by DQ after Edge interfered. Orton & Edge assaulted Hunter, but Hunter was able to grab his sledgehammer and fight both men off.

Fun Fact II: Eric Bischoff made his return to Raw on 9/25, his first appearance since Vince McMahon tossed him in a garbage truck the previous December. Bischoff was there to promote his new book and proclaimed that Raw wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for him and WCW. He would make several appearances, both taped and live, to help promote his book, as well as take part in storylines on Raw.

Scott: So I figured after they stuck Mr. McMahon’s head up Big Show’s ass at Unforgiven, that DX had run its course and our neon heroes would go back to their normal lives. Alas there was too much merchandise being sold, and hell there was no room, believe it or not, for them at the main even level for the moment. So shit, might as well keep them going and take on new comers. So this time DX faces two young lions who are a little pissed off. Orton’s pretty much coasted through 2006 with not much to show for it. Edge lost his WWE Title at Unforgiven and then lost his rematch in a steel cage on Raw thanks to Shawn Michaels. Edge and Michaels don’t have any real history, they fought at New Year’s Revolution 2005 and that’s pretty much it. Of course Triple H and Orton have a long and detailed history, both as allies and adversaries, and that feud reignites here. The pacing was pretty brisk as both teams went back and forth and no one had any real long heat segments. I wonder if this match was booked differently based on who won the vote. Since Coach and Vince has obvious history with DX if it would have been handled differently. Of course we go back to the whole theory of whether these votes are legitimate. I think in 2004 and 2005 they were legit, for why would they let a clearly injured Shawn Michaels face Triple H for the World Title in 2004? I’d like to think the WWE would legitimately let the fans vote and they have to book it based on what happens. Edge and Orton do take some control midway through, so I amend my earlier comment and there was a long heat segment. Michaels was turning into a pretty good face-in-peril when he tagged with Hunter. If you remember he was also the FIP when he was a Rocker and Marty Jannetty would get the hot tag. At one point Edge goes for a spear but Shawn moves and Edge spears Bischoff. So then the unknown begins as both men look for tags with no referee. There was a nice spot where Michaels dived onto Edge outside the ring, but after that Orton RKO’d Triple H, but another ref came out and Triple H kicked out. Eventually Bischoff comes to, clearly sees Orton smash Triple H with a steel chair and counts the pin anyway. A nice win for Edge and Orton, who needed the win to avoid being buried. I thought Bischoff would stick around after this, but he doesn’t. Orton’s year picks up with a tag team win and getting the pin on his former mentor. Grade: 3

Justin: I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I was really excited at the birth of Rated RKO, the team name coined by Edge after this match, as well as the return of Eric Bischoff. However, I was not as thrilled with shenanigans being pulled by DX within the tag division. Over these last three reviews, we have talked about how WWE was really focusing on rebuilding their tag division, and now these two egomaniacs go and wreck it across a three-week span. I really have no idea just what they were trying to accomplish by wiping out all of those teams multiple times. It didn’t help anybody and DX certainly didn’t need the rub at all. It was nice to see them out of the main event picture, but this was a bit much. Regardless, the live crowd is into them and they get their usual bug pop for their entrance. Bischoff would dominate the vote, which wasn’t too surprising as he had been gone for a while and was once again a fresh heel that was easy to root against. Coach was doing a fine job on Raw, but it was hard to really hate the guy. And Vince had already been involved with DX enough this year. When you look at these four guys lined up in the ring, you realize that this is a pretty big match and a fresh, unique one as well. Bischoff called it down the middle early on as DX dominated the action with precision. RKO would turn things around by crotching Michaels on the ring post outside the ring. Despite being a new team, RKO showed some great teamwork and chemistry and worked a very good heat segment, focusing on Shawn’s back. After a long assault, in one last act of desperation, Shawn was able to dodge an Edge spear. However, Bischoff happened to be standing behind him and Edge crunched the referee instead. The match would roll on and Orton would eventually hit an RKO on Hunter. A new ref slid in the ring and we got a great near fall out of it. DX battled their way back and eventually had the win in hand, but the recovered Bischoff refused to count, screwing DX over. That distraction was enough to allow Edge to grab a chair and bash Shawn with it. Both Orton and Edge would proceed to use the chair in front of Eric, who ignored everything. Orton then covered Hunter and Eric now counted to give RKO the huge win. This was a solid match and featured some really nice heel work with RKO and Bischoff. It is obvious now, though, that this feud is far from over. Grade: 3

5) Lita (Amy Dumas) defeats Mickie James to win vacant WWE Women’s Title with a DDT at 8:09

Fans choose stipulation

Voting Results:
Lumberjill: 46%; No DQ: 40%; Submission: 14%

Fun Fact: On 9/25, a tournament kicked off to decide a new WWE Women’s Champion after Trish Stratus had retired while holding the belt. That night, Lita pinned Candice Michelle in an opening round match. The next week, Mickie James defeated Victoria. A week later, Melina defeated Torrie Wilson to advance. On 10/16, Maria moved on by beating Torrie, Candice Michelle and Victoria in a Bra & Panties match. The next week, Mickie moved on to the finals, beating Melina. And on 10/30, Lita defeated Maria, setting up a showdown with Mickie to crown a new champion. It was then announced that the fans would vote on the stipulation for the bout.

Scott: With Trish retiring, the Women’s Title was put up in a tournament, and Lita was in the final against the babyface Mickie James. You knew the Lumberjill choice was going to win since all the Divas came to the ring before the voting announcement was made. Looking at all these 2006 Divas I’m amazed at how many of these women there were, like Ariel. She was hot, fangs and all. Lita was probably never scheduled to lose the title, but they figured that they could get one more good pop in Toronto for Trish, so Lita dropped the title and now this was the bookers’ way of getting the back on her. The match was ok, but again the crowd seemed a bit gassed after the previous match so they took a powder here and probably got a beer or went to the bathroom. Mickie cranked a nice cross armbreaker but Lita got to the ropes. The lumberjills do get their licks in on each competitor but the crowd again, really didn’t care. I didn’t either, frankly. Mickie goes for something, blows it near the ropes and JR goes “What the hell was that?” I laughed out loud when he did that. Lita eventually hits a DDT and wins back the title she lost to Trish at Unforgiven. Grade: 1.5

Justin: With the great Trish Stratus sitting at home in retirement, it was time to award the gold to a new Diva. After a six-week tournament, it all came down to former champion Lita and fan favorite Mickie James. The rest of the Divas come to ringside and the voting results were announced, revealing that the title would be decided in a Lumberjill match. They would waste no time in getting involved, immediately brawling with Mickie at ringside. Inside the ring, the match was the basic Diva brawling and offense. Lita would control the pace and as you’d expect the match was sloppy, ugly and stiff. After a big brawl on the floor, Lita would take advantage of a distraction to hit a DDT and win her belt back. This was fine and got all the Divas on the show. I am surprised that they didn’t do their usual T&A segment as they had the previous two years. Either way, Lita is back in control of the division but Mickie still has her eyes on the gold. Grade: 1.5

6) Ric Flair (Richard Fleihr) & Roddy Piper (Roderick Toombs) defeat Spirit Squad to win WWE Tag Team Titles when Ric Flair forced Mikey (Mike Brendli) to submit to the Figure Four at 6:57

Fans choose Ric Flair’s partner

Voting Results:
Roddy Piper: 46%; Dusty Rhodes: 35%; Sgt. Slaughter: 19%

Fun Fact: On 9/18, Ric Flair defeated Johnny in a singles match after Johnny had predicted a win that he dedicated to Flair. Flair continued to roll the next week, defeating Mikey in a match. On 10/2, DX was in charge and forced Nicky to face Sgt. Slaughter in a match. After some DX distractions, Sarge picked up the win. The following week, Flair was set for a match with Mitch but this time he brought back up in the form of WWE Legends Roddy Piper, IRS, Ted DiBiase and Arn Anderson. Flair would win the bout once again. On 10/23, it was announced that Flair and a partner of the fans’ choosing would challenge for the titles on the PPV. Later that night, Mikey & Nicky lost a non-title match to Cryme Tyme. After the bout, Kenny hit a top rope legdrop on Mikey and proclaimed that he was tired of the Squad losing to Flair and that he would end that streak tonight. Kenny would prove his words true by stealing the match from Flair, who again had some fellow legends at ringside. Finally, the next week, Flair had Sarge, Dusty and Piper all cut promos as to why they should be voted in.

Scott: I was terribly disappointed in this vote. I’m as big a fan of the Hot Rod as the next person, but I kind of thought it would be cool if Flair and Big Dust, mortal enemies in the 1980’s NWA, would team together and be tag team champions. Piper was looking kind of plump here; he probably should have kept his shirt on. How old is Slaughter, close to 70? Could he have even wrestled in this match? I guess he could have or he wouldn’t have been one of the choices. I had a feeling the legends would win, as the bickering between Spirit Squad members makes it seem like a break-up was imminent and Kenny was going out on his own. The Squad dictated most of the tempo, probably because they were in game shape, and only half of Flair’s team pretty much was. Of course this was a blessing in disguise for Piper, because staying in wrestling shape would find a severe health problem that may not have been found out if he hadn’t gotten the vote. Dusty’s music would play and we’re shaking and baking. Yeeaahh!! Grade: 2

Justin: There is no surprise here as Roddy Piper wins the fan voting. I thought maybe Dusty had a chance since he hadn’t really been on TV much since returning to the company, but I knew Sarge didn’t really stand a chance at all. Piper gets a huge pop, but as Scott said he was not looking good at all. He was really pale and bloated and had packed on quite the gut during his retirement. Of course, as Scott also mentioned, this comeback would end up saving Piper’s life a few weeks later. Despite losing the vote, Dusty and Sarge come out to support Flair & Piper at ringside. They would work all their classic spots in early before the Squad would take over and double-team the legends. The announcers were clearly pushing the agenda that Kenny was positioning himself to usurp control of the group as he had been playing the Alpha Dog role over the past couple of weeks. The Squad worked some good offense during their heat segment on Piper. If you looked past the goofy gimmick, the Squad really was a solid group of great athletes that could work in the ring. The crowd continued to be into Piper, despite how awful he looked out there. Even after Kenny hit a really nice top rope legdrop, Flair & Piper rebounded and Flair hooked in the figure four to take home the titles in a great upset win. After the bell, the Legends cleaned house and had a memorable celebration with the straps in the ring. This was a really fun nostalgia trip and the crowd was digging it as well. The match itself was good enough for what it needed to be. The Squad’s long reign has ended and Piper wins WWE gold for just the second time in his career. Grade: 2

7) King Booker (Booker Huffman) defeats John Cena and Big Show (Paul Wight) to retain World Heavyweight title after hitting Cena with the belt at 21:08

Fans choose which title was on the line

Voting Results:
World Heavyweight Title: 67%; ECW Title: 21%; WWE Title: 12%

Fun Fact: On 10/9, John Cena was cutting a promo in the ring but was interrupted by King Booker. Booker proclaimed that Cena may be a champion, but Booker was the champion that mattered. As they were about to come to blows, Big Show came out and joined the argument. The three champions argued over which of their movie ventures were most successful before getting into a brawl. Backstage, the three GMs of WWE, Coachman, Long and Heyman were all arguing about what had happened in the ring. Mr. McMahon came in and proposed that the three Champions all face off at Cyber Sunday to determine who was the Champion of Champions. Later in the show the three men got into another fight. This time Cena came out on top, trapping Show in the STFU and dropping Booker with the FU. The next week, Johnny Nitro & Melina decided to bring in a friend from Hollywood: Kevin Federline. K-Fed would praise his friends but was interrupted by Cena, who cut a rap promo on him. Booker, Show and McMahon then came out and Vince announced that the fans would decide which title would be up for grabs on PPV. After they left, Federline said he hoped Cena’s title would be on the line and Cena retaliated by dropping K-Fed with the FU. The next show opened with all three champions and K-Fed dueling on the mic again, with K-Fed vowing revenge on Cena. After Cena defeated Nitro in a match, K-Fed baited Cena up the ramp and into an attack from Booker and Show. Show would chokeslam Cena but Booker would be the last standing, dropping Show with a Book End. That week on Smackdown, Cena & Batista teamed up to defeat Show & Booker. Late in the match, Show walked out on his partner and left Booker to be pinned. On 10/30, Vince decided to let the fans vote on John Cena’s opponent for that night’s show: Big Show, King Booker or Jonathan Coachman. Coach was voted in and Cena easily beat him, but before the match, Show and Booker beat Cena down.

Fun Fact II: Kevin Federline grew up a dancer and after dropping out of high school, he eventually caught on as a backup dancer for many well-known acts. In July 2004, after three months of dating, Federline announced his engagement to pop mega-star Britney Spears. They would wed in September and eventually have two children together. In November 2006, they filed for divorce and would eventually separate in 2007. Federline reached an agreement with WWE in late 2006 to make some appearances to help promote his new CD. Backstage reports state that Federline carried himself very well in WWE locker rooms and that WWE management and talent were impressed with Federline and he has an open invitation to return in the future.

Scott: This match was put together simply to get all three champions on the show. It seemed obvious that no one was going to lose their respective title. It was a question of which guy was going to actually retain his championship. The ten year old girls weren’t going to allow Cena’s title to be on the line, and no one really cared about the ECW Title. Plus Booker was one of the hottest heels in the company, probably next to Edge. So the equation adds up to a World Heavyweight Championship match. Booker’s fresh off his Fatal Four Way win at No Mercy, so he’s pretty comfortable in these multi-wrestler situations. Yes I’m going to repeat myself: Big Show looks like death. His eyes are all sunken in and swollen and overall he just looks bloated and out of shape. His eyes are bugging out and he constantly look out of breath. All the superstars got their respective heat segments. There were some cool individual spots, such as Show suplexing Cena and Booker at the same time. Cena’s hatred from men started to percolate. Again the women and children overwhelmed the boos. Cena would hook Booker in the STFU but the ref was too worried about Queen Sharmell to check it out. The match overall was ok, nothing really earth shattering, until the stunning K-Fed appearance! Justin’s favorite celeb Kevin Federline comes in to disrupt the match, and Cena takes the bait, walking into a King Booker belt shot and the King retains his title. Big Show is outside the ring and not in the equation. So really this match was meant to get K-Fed on the show and boost the Raw ratings for the feud with John Cena. It would have been cool to see Britney involved, but oh well. Booker retains his title and ends a pretty standard PPV. Grade: 2.5

Justin: After a solid month of buildup, the three top dogs in WWE square off here, with King Booker’s title on the line. And speaking of Booker, his over the top ring entrance was really a thing of beauty. As usual, the crowd was pretty split on Cena, but the issue is they didn’t really have anyone else in the match to get behind. The announcers and the structure of the early part of the match really put Show over as a monster. Honestly, at this point, this was the best booking Show had received since joining the promotion in 1999. Unfortunately, by the time he has finally gotten that push he is physically falling apart. He looks as bad as ever here, eye sunken in, face and body heavily bloated and instantly out of breath. Despite not really having an overwhelming favorite in there, the crowd was buzzing throughout the match, which helped add to the excitement. It also helped the feeling of importance this match had. With the three champions in the ring and the crowd amped up, this honestly felt like it could be headlining a big time show. Show dominated early, but Booker and Cena eventually teamed up to knock him from the ring and out of the bout. That would allow Cena and Booker to have a pretty solid match on their own, which isn’t surprising given them chemistry between the two that we have seen in the past. Booker really controlled that portion with Cena surviving his assault. Show was down and out for quite a while here and when he did return, we got some solid three-man spots. Again, despite not having a favorite, the crowd really stayed into things, which helps the match quality. When Show was involved, he really looked like a beast in there, ripping through both men. In a cool spot, Cena was able to kick a steel chair back into Show’s face to take him down again. Queen Sharmell would then get involved, but Cena shook her off and dropped her with an FU to a monster pop. Cena would then lock in the STFU, but to the shock of the crowd and to Cena himself, the great Kevin Federline ran into the ring and popped Cena with the belt. Booker took advantage, hit Cena with the belt for a second time and covered him to retain his title. Federline’s appearance was a great moment and a genuine surprise. I really enjoyed K-Fed’s run here as he was easy to hate, played an old school heel and was free and easy in the environment. I really hoped he was going to stick around for a while because he was pretty damn entertaining. The match as a whole was solid and everyone really worked hard. I can’t say it was a classic, but it was fine for what it was and it was boosted up by the fans and booking as well. The finish was well booked and helped put more heat on Booker, who survives with his title once again. Grade: 3

Final Grade:
Scott: C
Justin: C-

MVP: King Booker
Runner Up: Rated RKO
Non MVP: Spirit Squad
Runner Up: Kane

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