August 23, 2009
Matt Peddycord

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko & Chavo Guerrero Jr. – WCW Nitro (2/9/98)
Such a missed opportunity for WCW with a team like Eddie and Jericho. This match basically transitions the feuds around. Eddie/Dean would change over to Jericho/Dean for the cruiserweight belt, while Chavo/Eddie would get into their heated family rivalry that would last through the summer. We’re in Eddie’s hometown (and Chavo’s too, by the way) of El Paso in case you’re wondering what all the “Eddie” chants are about. Eddie dumps Chavo at the bell, but Chavo’s the one sending Eddie into the guardrail. Back in they go, they trade some serious chops. Chavo delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and dropkicks Eddie to the point where he’s got to tag out to Jericho. Jericho’s still wearing the CW belt, but that’s just silly. You can’t wrestle with a belt on! “Jericho sucks!” Chavo snaps off a headscissors and connects with a springboard face slam before he tags in Malenko. What a face pop for Dean. He nails Jericho with the running shin kick and forearms Eddie off the apron to the guardrail! Malenko catches Jericho coming off the middle-rope and turns him over for the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! But Dean, Eddie’s on the top and he’s going to missile dropkick you from behind. Bam. Down goes Dean. Eddie tags as the chants go up. He nails Dean with a back elbow and then applies an ab stretch while getting a little leverage help from “the paragon of virtue” Chris Jericho. Malenko armdrags out, but gets run down with a clothesline. Jericho tags and together he and Eddie run Malenko down again this time with a double shoulderblock. That gets two. Jericho hits the suplex-YEAH BABY cover. That’s followed by a Hilo from Eddie and a slingshot splash from Jericho for two. Malenko comes back with knee strikes to the face and a suplex. That offensive flurry took a lot out of Dean, allowing Eddie to hit him with a slingshot legdrop out of nowhere. Awesome. Eddie tags as the heels make-a-wish on Malenko. Dean gets a burst of energy and desperately launches Eddie throat-first on the top-rope before he hits a quick back suplex. Jericho cuts off the hot tag and then taunts Chavo. Double-underhook backbreaker gets 1-2-NO! Lionsault misses, and Chavo gets the hot tag. He goes DROPKICK CRAZY on the heels until he misses one and then he gets stomped big time. Malenko catches Eddie in the back with a knee from the apron while Chavo hits a release German suplex on Jericho. Eddie knocks Dean off the apron and then shoves Chavo off the top-rope to the mat. He’s easy pickings for the LIONTAMER. Tappity tap tap. It’s over. (9:04) Motivation was on their side in this one. Everything was crisp and the heat segment couldn’t have been done better. ****

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