July 10, 2010
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition vs. WWF Tag Team Champions the Brainbusters
Wheeling, VA - 10/2/89 (aired 11/4/89 - Superstars)

Vic: We are nearing the end and this is the final chapter in the Brainbusters/Demolition feud. But its also the first step in Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson being run out of town on a rail. I remember as a kid, Demos winning the belts back felt sudden.

Match starts with Arn and Smash. Arn knees Smash in the gut and puts him in the Busters coner. Now the Brainbusters are clubbering Smash. Smash fights out of it. Since this match is shorter than the other match, Brainbusters are getting much more offense than normal.

Ax comes in and all four men are brawling. Busters are knocked out of the ring by back elbows. Tully comes back in too soon and takes a double back elbow. Smash charges Tully and catches a nice looking knee to the gut. Tully leaps off the top and Smash catches him carries him over to the Demos corner and gets clubbered across the turnbuckle.

This brings in Arn and all four are in the ring fighting again. Ax chucks Tully over the top leaving Arn and Smash. Arn elbows Smash in the back of the head.

Smash goes for a suplex and Tully clips his knee. Tully is tagged in drives Smash's face into the mat and he starts punching Smash in the back of the head. Now we just have good, smart solid tag team wrestling. Smash is kept in the Busters corner and worked over.

Arn hits the spinebuster sits there for a moment then pins Smash. Finally closure on this running thread of Arn not pinning guys after the spinebuster. Ax comes in and breaks it up anyway.

Tully sneaks in and attempts to suplex Smash but its reversed. Mentioned this in the Rougeaus write up but I love when a suplex reversal looks like a struggle. Smash tags in Ax and Ax cleans house. Taking on both Busters til Smash can come back in. Smash hits the stun gun on Arn. While Ax sets up Tully for the Demo Decapitator. Its over and Demos are tag champions for the second time.

This was a great series with a satisfying conclusion. Only thing that could of made this better was it happening at Wrestlemania VI like it was suppose to.

Matt D: Obviously I wish that Arn and Tully had stayed so that this feud could have gotten blown off at Mania. I'm not entirely sure what they would have done with Demolition at Survivor Series and over the next few months, mind you but it would have been interesting whatever it was. Granted, we would have lost the December Colossal Connection MSG match and that would have been a shame since I think it's an honestly important match. Anyways, this is a Superstars match, so obviously it's got no time at all. It's just amazing, however, what they manage to do with the time they do have. It's a hell of a sprint.

Arn seems professional and almost jolly, shaking hands with Heenan and showing off before the match, even though he's about to get steamrolled and run out of town. Arn takes the fight RIGHT to Smash, trying desperately to get him and keep him in the Busters corner. Smash just as desperately fights out. This is serious business and it's obvious from the opening moments. A moment later, Ax comes in to counter the potential double-team and Demos clear the ring. Tully makes it right back in and eats a double-back-elbow for his trouble. Smash whips him into the corner and charges in. Tully gets a foot up and quickly tries a second rope double ax-handle. Smash catches him beautifully in a bearhug and walks him over to the Demos corner. Typical Busters/Demos fare here. Busters try EVERYTHING and Demos stand up to it making both teams look like a million bucks. I suppose it makes the Busters look like a million bucks and the Demos look like a force of nature.

Corner turnbuckle double-clubber (they sure did like doing that to Tully). Neither here nor there but I heard an interview from Darsow where he blamed Tully for not protecting him at all in the chairshot at the SNME title change and doing that on purpose, causing a serious injury. I'm not sure those feelings come through in the work at all. Anyway, Arn comes in here and Tully gets thrown anyway, making AA the de facto legal man. He tries to hit a knee drop on Smash, but Smash catches it and hits the bit atomic drop into Demos corner and Ax's foot, but not until Arn does some awesome stooging like only he can. Smash picks him up for a suplex but Tully zooms in from off camera with a chop block and takes out Smash's leg. Nice looking spot.

Tully tags in quickly and face plants Smash before going and pummeling the back of his head, where he had clobbered him with the chair in the title change. Ouch. At this point, the Busters do their best to keep on top of Smash, keeping him in their corner and choking and kneeing and going after the head and throat best they can. Tully goes for a pin and gets knocked off all the way to Demos corner where Ax almost tags his skull. Tully's reaction is great. Smash reverses an irish whip so that Tully ends up into Arn's outstretched knee, but this is a Demos match so that's just a hope spot and not the hot tag. Arn comes in quickly and hits the spinebuster, but takes too long to pin (though at least he does. Heenan's yelling at him here). Ax breaks it up. Tully sneaks in but Smash reverses a suplex and we get a hot tag. This was only a couple of minutes, but the pace is so quick that it feels like a longer heat period.

Great camera angle on the hot tag. Ax comes in and clears house. Smash gets the hotshot on Arn which puts him out of commission and Tully eats a decapitation. Demos win the title and the crowd is SHOCKED since you don't go to a Superstars taping expecting a title change. Great six minute match. All it could have used was a little more Heenan since he was such a big part of the feud. All he did here was shake Arn's hand and complain after the match.

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